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it's memes from the skyrim intro

2023.05.29 05:29 fantomknight1 Sniper Elite 5 is such a buggy POS

I LOVED Sniper Elite 4. However, Sniper Elite 5 is soooooo broken that I can't get through 1 mission without cursing it out. I have an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, 64 GB RAM, and a Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 SSD. My computer is fully up to date and my drivers are fully up to date. The game has been set to medium settings because it's so poorly made.
I'm at a loss of what to do. I can't continue the campaign as I can't skip the cutscenes that keep crashing the game. In addition the sheer quantity of performance issues is astounding to me.
Has anyone else been able to get around these issues? Is there a particular setting that's breaking everything?
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2023.05.29 05:29 allisont215 Bolide (?) Dress(es)?

Bolide (?) Dress(es)?
Okay, so I am in search of a dress I fell in love with. I think its a dress, but it may have had shorts built into it?? I am not sure. I asked her what the tag was cause she got it off depop, and it said BOLIDE (inserted pic above) The second pic is the most similar thing I could find, except the neckline is not the same and there weren’t any buttons. The dress was light blue with green and yellow flowers, they were very small. The sides of the dress came up higher than the front and back. Even if someone could just tell me where I can find this brand!!! Please let me know!!
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2023.05.29 05:28 Mukz_14 Live near Mira road, can someone help me score greens?

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2023.05.29 05:28 bigtjayy Koi h place ke sath near Borivali sath me muth marenge

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2023.05.29 05:28 God_Sharan Downfall

For the seniors who are in college or are preparing for one Have u ever hit rock bottom like when u failed to even one competitive exam where no matter how hard u worked hard for u still failed how did u bounced back from it how do u deal with it and the pain it causes I have hit my absolute rock bottom in life I failed to clear any competitive engineering exam Had my comedk exam today attempted 150 q only as time got over before I could attempt more (not sure out of 150 how many are correct and if they would guarantee my seat in good college) I have also given srm vit amrita manipal upes ugee jee mains obv (out of which I got in manipal upes and vit tho in vit I got pathetic rank) although srm vit manipal ugee amrita exams I messed up because I couldn't focus because of boards exam result stress I dreaded failing in pcm I passed with ovr 75.4 perc I k its not grt I worked hard for comedk although maybe not enough it seems I am mentally exhausted at this point I know I am capable of cracking atleast 5/6 exam I k I'm not dumb but somehow it seems my brain not work anymore it freezes no matter hard I try can't retain anything I don't wanna change stream as I love this stream no one forced me to take it up my parents are extremely supportive and they are always there for me but nowdays they are telling me that I should do clat granted it's less competitive and easy as compared to jee and all but it's not where my interest lie cse is my interest but ig I shluld just give up on it as I failed to produce any good result so far What should I do I do wanna prove ppl I can do it but I'm honestly scared now what if I fail again I can't go on wasting my parents hard earned money?
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2023.05.29 05:28 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk Program (Here)

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2023.05.29 05:27 QtK_Dash Opinions on which ring!

Opinions on which ring!
My partner and I have been discussing rings. He’s happy with either but I wanted peoples opinions of who got a classic ring vs. those who went for something more modern (the one with marquise stones). I’m not sure which direction to go so I thought I’d ask those went one way or the other and have thoughts after a few months/years.
I personally love both rings and cannot decide! Wedding band is undecided since I travel a lot so I wouldn’t want to take an expensive engagement ring with me.
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2023.05.29 05:27 Royal_Good3877 It's just me, or Charlie's YT content became stale?

I've been watching Charlie for years now. I remember, everytime when he releases videos everyday, I immediately watch it. His witty commentaries on different topics using highfalutin words gets me everytime. I consumed it for a long time. But now, it's just him complaining about things that I don't even care about. I mean, after a long tiring day in work, I came to YouTube to be entertained not be updated on some bullshit drama that has no direct effect on my life.
Don't get me wrong. I know Charlie is growing and he's just making whatever content he wants.
I know that every now and then he still talks about goofy entertaining topics like why the new hunger games movie is ruined because he's not one of the cast. But still most of the content he produces are leaning towards about talking internet dramas. It's just hit or miss.
I still love Charlie though.
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2023.05.29 05:27 PoisonedMedicine Started the game a few days ago, having a blast soloing stuff so far and here is my story so far

Started the game a few days ago, having a blast soloing stuff so far and here is my story so far
So as title says, I've started a few days ago and been enjoying the game solo. Feel free to hit me up in game if somebody wanna level together and such.
And if you're interested to read, here is my silly story in the game so far:
I'm a big batman fan but one of my favorite characters in DC is Raven and I read that I get to have her style the fastest if I go for a magic villain start
and indeed I started as a magic villain (would've preferred tech for Joker but whatever) and went with mental powers and blasters since that's the closest to what Raven generally uses.
However, I didn't want to make clones of DC characters but rather a more my own unique style type of character since the game has a wide range of customization options. I thought I'd theme my villain around a Jiangshi (you know the chinese undead that hop around) but starter options were not perfect for a jiangshi theme specially interms of helmets so I tried to pick something close enough.
Since this was my first character and I LOVE to explore overworld in RPGs so I thought flight would be perfect for exploration eventhough acrobat would fit the theme better. Indeed, flight was excellent for that as one of the first things I did once I finished tutorial is flying up to the big Brainiac ship high in the sky of Metropolis to see if I can enter or find anything special but yea, I was met with invisible walls which was to be expected anyway, still was fun.
It was quite a surprise for me to see that even The Batman Who Laughs was included in this game and we get to find him so early.
Currently building my villain as a skill damage build and I'm not sure but I'm thinking to make my main weapon martial arts and secondary blast later on since the martial arts claws and combo moves with blast would fit the character theme better.
I played my villain up to like level 16 but then the batman fan within me started to itch and I wanted to see how the story on the batman side goes and I was also curious to check how acrobat is.
(Yes, from the videos I watched, I noticed super speed seemed to be meta but while I do try not to stray way too far from meta so I won't be completely irrelevant end game, I play mostly for fun and for the RP)
So yea, next, I decided to make a hero. Went for gadgets powers because, now now we don't wanna be too op lorewise for Gotham's run and gun villains and I picked Acrobat and ofc, Bats as mentor.
Tried to make my hero character look a bit more like a casual gangster. (ended up looking like freaking subway surfers..heh)
My head cannon for her was that she used to be a leader of a small gang with her sister and then they got into some complications with the Penguin which ended up with the death of her sister so she has some sort of revenge arc then a redemption arc thanks to Batman to make Gotham clean again so what happened to her sister won't happen again.
Yea yea, cringe storytelling I know but I thought an ally Batman would need most would be someone who is more streetwise or someone who used to belong to Gotham's underworld in the past since that's what Batman mostly fights against.
I was inspired in making my hero by Casey Jones from TMNT.
Went for a 2 handed weapon with the baseball bat (pun probably intended) since she's a gangster and the bats don't kill so no guns. Planning on making her a weapon damage focused build with main 2h, secondary martial arts. (that bats teaches her later on :D)
Picked flirty pose for her since I picked powerful for my villain and it felt way too supermanish, tbh, comical looked way too goofy for the theme and serious pose just looked way too much pre puberty red hood while the personality for the character while bitter and vengeful, she doesn't show it all the time with constant anger issues.
Gotta admit though, so far, acrobat is the most fun traversal method to use for me. Double jumping and grappling around buildings and stuff. Good stuff.
However, I was a little bit disappointed by the Gotham early story lines. They were not horrible but they felt way too meeeeh for me. Enjoyed the Circe villain missions a bit more.
Excuse my ramblings, I was just excited to share my experience with the game so far. :D
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2023.05.29 05:27 Fit_Dog_123 How to accept I will never be loved or wanted

I'm 30. I've never been loved by a family, a friend, or a partner. Nobody wants to touch me. I'm constantly rejected. I can't even even find a quick hookup. Prostitutes and strippers rip me off. (Not being funny.) They try anything they can to avoid having to touch me whole still getting the money. When I send my pics on hookup apps, I get ignored if not blocked immediately. I always though someday I would find somebody. For everyone i try to love, it's one way. They don't want me in return.
So how do i go the rest of my life with the most likely scenario of being alone, friendless, without a family or significant others? How can I love this repulsive thing I am? I am utterly repulsive and undesirable in every way? How can I be happy being lonely?
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2023.05.29 05:27 AWonderLuster Looking for some help with this ol' girl in NJ

Looking for some help with this ol' girl in NJ
My dad passed away in 2005, but he was able to restore this car from a frame throughout my childhood. As I got older my mom decided she wanted to sell it which I of course would not allow and so she gave it to me. Now the problem is that car was sitting for so long. As you can see above it does run now. I'm having an issue with the brakes locking up on the passenger side front. But it's only intermittently. I don't think it's the caliper because you can see the actions happening when have somebody press the brake pedal. Also I'm not sure if this is related but the brake lights only come on sometimes. Not every time.
Also I think there's another gasket that I'm missing that I didn't replace because the car smokes a lot when it starts up. I thought I replaced all the gaskets but I clearly missed something.
My car doesn't like to go in drive. It tries to die every time but if I put it in overdrive it works but there's something wrong with the transmission where it's not going through all the gears so it burns gas worse than it should.
I'd also like to get QQ plates but the DMV won't let me because they say the car is modified.
I also had somebody else tune the carburetor for me but I have no idea how to do it and I'd love to learn.
Also I would love to know more about some of these parts because I have no clue what some of them are. It's been a lot of guesswork with the car.
Anyone know of anybody who can help with this? Whether it be a shop or a person. Please keep it in NJ or relatively closed to NJ (Like PA, NY, CT)
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2023.05.29 05:26 Kimball_Stone How to improve "content suggesting this video" to get my videos in front of the right audience?

I'm a vanlifer (and lately a surfer) and I make kitschy, Wes Anderson-esque travel content about it. I just put out a video, and for two days, the only video suggesting my content (per Youtube Studio, anyway) was "How to get rid of love handles (no bullsh*t guide)." The only reason I can think of for that much of a mismatch was because I made a quip in my video about being leaner and healthier than I was before I got myself "stuck" at a certain beach for a few months. The video did well compared to my other stuff, and had like 400 something views when I went to bed last night. When I woke up this morning, it had over four THOUSAND views, my other videos were climbing, and my sub count had doubled. I looked, and the bulk of the "content suggesting this video" traffic was coming from another vanlife channel. Then the traffic plateaued, and I checked again, and the vanlife channel had lost ground back to the love handles video, and another one called "Meeting my Filipina GF for the first time." Cool.
So how can I help guide the algo into putting my stuff in front of the right audience? I try to sprinkle a few clutch keywords into my title and description. Do I need to double down on that? Do I need to keep whatever AI they're using to parse and label content in mind while I write my scripts? I know why this video was doing better for me in the first place, but if I can keep that up AND make sure it's getting suggested to the right audience, that'd be a huge help. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 05:26 SlightlyCalming I’m nowhere near diamond but it places me in diamond lobby with a bunch of diamond players smurfing. Ranked is continues to be bad because of the matchmaking….

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2023.05.29 05:26 nicenoahnya A bard, a cleric, and a rogue walk into a bar...

Sorry, but this isn't a joke.
I am starting this campaign with a few online friends. We are all relatively new to DnD, but were all trying to learn how to DM, and I want to run this for my friends at home, so I chose this to practice and see how it will go.
The thing is, someone dropped out of our online group, so now we have me the DM, and three other players. We had our session 0 last week and are starting this week, no dragon heist, new 5th level characters.
We have a human swashbuckler rogue, a dwarf forge cleric, and a dragonborn lore bard.
I am a bit nervous about encounter balance and whatnot. Will this party be able to make it through much of the dungeon by themselves?
Also, any tips on starting this campaign without playing Dragon Heist? I dont exactly love the idea of just starting in the bar, meeting, and deciding to go down willy nilly, so any advice on that front is welcome as well.
A bard, a cleric, and a rogue walk into a bar...
The cleric grabs a drink, the rogue ducks, the bard sings.
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2023.05.29 05:26 pumpmymanhole A smoking fetish

Oh the feeling from taking a dice deep drag as I pinch my tits, the head rush as I let the smoke roll out as I insert my dildo. I love smoking while playing with my cock or getting fucked. I feel so sexy when I pull out a menthol Virginia slim and some handsome gentlemen at the bar offers to give me a light.
I especially love it when a man let's me smoke his cock, nothing I love more than lighting a cigarette and pulling out his meat, taking a drag and watching the smoke roll past his balls as he begins to push into my mouth.
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2023.05.29 05:26 Atoraxic This is a cornerstone of the foundation of V2K Thought Reform And The Psychology Of Totalism.

Hey fucktards you just crashed the internet on my phone.. if you incompetent idiots were even close to mind control I wouldn't have to deal with your cowardly torture and hacking weakness. Top secret "mind control" is a tragic farce.

Chinese Thought Reform or "Brain Washing"The Psychological Steps​Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism A Study Of Brainwashing in China is a book written by Robert Jay Lifton MD about mechanisms of Chinese thought and behavior modification, the experience of being indoctrinated and effects victims reported when interviewed.
Chinese brainwashing and thought reform is still being used and advanced. It was a substantial and easily recognized portion of the crimes that I'm a victim of.
After a brief and gentle week long induction onto the brain computer interface I was abruptly hurled into the unfathomable agony of computerized thought reform or automated Chinese brain washing. I clearly remember what it said to me right before it unleashed Hell.. "your not answering my questions.. your not answering my questions.. WE TOLD YOU NOT TO TRUST US.. and then it went red line sadistic, utterly psychotic, deafeningly loud and proceeded to tortured the everliving fuck outa me.
In life up till that point I had never encountered anything like this; Nothing even close. It's the worst thing in the world and you can't fight it, destroy it, shoot it, run from it, hide from it, bribe or reason with it. I remember sitting in a shower on day five thinking over and over that I can't believe this is happening.. who in the fuck does this to someone.. it it will end soon. It's has to end soon. I can't go on much longer. Nothing lasts forever."
Well six plus years later and this fucking psychotic, sadistic, psychopathic, torturous insane mind control chat bot is still running her fucking mouth and torturing me.
They started me with the Chinese approach and that nightmare lasted over a year. They likely vary the stimuluses order, presentation and distinguishing content from victim to victim so that their experiences and any resultant accounts or reports wont share easily correlated details. Other victims may have started with a more Kubrick approach, psychic driving, memory removal, personal identity destruction or others.
A very clear indication your in the Chinese stage is your accused incessantly with a Manny vile crimes you never committed, are interrogated for hours and days and for months. Your accused of having millions of felonies, sins, violations, charges, offenses, crimes. You are constantly threatened with arrest, police contact, crimes against you, civil court cases, long prison sentences, criminal court cases, violence by cops, violence by criminals, theft, murder, rape of you or your loved ones, kidnapping.. etc etc etc.
There are never-ending charges and mock court cases where you are forced to endlessly defend yourself, case after case, day after day, month after month answering for crimes you never committed.
Then you go on trial for everything you actually have done. This is done before the victims experience shows them that Alice is in fact a BCI interface that can read minds and has been the whole time. It's terrifying when it suddenly starts charging you with all your secret sins, the things you have never told anyone, the taking it to the grave shit. This is a huge gaslight as well as a victim is utterly at a loss as to how it can possibly know these things. It got them by asking by asking questions designed to draw out memory of your sins and then harvesting all the dirt and details as you thought about them. If you think you can learn to control your thoughts enough to not think of an answer when prompted with question,, good luck. Sure you can resist once or twice maybe, but then Alice just waits until you are distracted down the road and quick pops the question again. She can also just be set to an interrogation mode where you are just bombarded with a endless stream and loop of questions that doesn't end until they are all answered. Thats how they do the initial profile. Weeks of looped questions and they already have most of your life story, personality profile, strengths, weaknesses, fears, loves, hates, lovers, enemies, goals and dreams.
In the very end of the Chinese mind control or false confusion never ending legal nightmare YOU end up being put on trial.. not for anything you did.. but YOU are put on trial. You have to defend yourself against all the charges and defend yourself for all your flaws, defend all your physical shortcomings, your perversions, all your lies, your brazen selfishness, every character flaws, times you fucked people over on purpose, everything thats ugly and there is no place to hide a single fucking shred of secret. Its one hell of an experience and your not in the best shape mentally or physically as by this time I had been tortured continuously for over two years, very large doses psychological manipulation and sleep deprivation, constantly bombarded with extreme stress repeatedly slammed with fear and pain. Have had every one of my significant relationships attacked repeatedly with destructive psychology and some of the most important were also attacked with stalking techniques and technology.
The trials go on forever.. you will be enduring some other torture and a new trial will suddenly begin. Sometimes its a new charge, but mostly you go on trial over and over for the same charges and you have to defend yourself over and over. The more times your tried for the same crime the worse the trial and outcomes become until eventually during the late trials your utterly humiliated, abused and in the end are forced to confess to everyone of the charges.
Just when you think its finally over then you have to defend yourself to family members of your supposed victim and the only way through that is to confess guilt to them and ask for forgiveness as they abuse you.
After you make your confession to the 10,000 felonies they have been broadcasting you have been charged with for years without offering any explanation. Then you are judged, independently, by everyone significant that was a part of your life when the attack started, everyone who filed a charge against you from your past, all your significant relatives, all your enemies, everyone that feel you have ever fucked them over, everyone you have stood up for, went out on a limb for, saved. Fetuses you have aborted. Everyone gets to pass judgment on you and gets their time to say what they want to you or about you. This of course is all coming from the interface, but all the characters it plays are real people from your real life and the real "felonies" you were charged with are real things you did.
Don't forget also that this is the Chinese thought reform portion of the MK nightmare and personal identity obliteration, false confession, channeling of guilt and relentlessly pounding the victim to their complete and utter absolute breaking point is its algorithm. So did you actually do these things and if so are they and the real life people being represented founded in reality or are you just getting psychologically destroyed by Alice ?
Finally in conclusion through dramatization you get a taste of what being bused off to prison after your sentenced. Your walked through the whole experience of arriving at prison.. the interface keeps asking you how old your kids going to be when your released, if you think you woman of wife is already fucking someone else, what are you going to to survive in this shit hole. it ends with the prison falling off to sleep with lights out and suddenly it gets quiet and you realize thats the first and only five minutes you have not been tortured and had any break from constant 24/7 noise abuse and torture in about a year. After five minutes it all returns, but you are onto the next phase.
So here are some segments from the book. I little background, a link to a free e copy and the psychological steps to Chinese brain washing. I didn't read it until after I was already through that horrible never-ending misery. I easily recognized all the psychological steps from my experience.
Thought Reform and the Psychology of TotalismA STUDY OF "BRAINWASHING" IN CHINARobert Jay Lifton, M.D.The University of North Carolina Press Chapel Hill and LondonCONTENTSPreface to the University of North Carolina Press Edition viiPreface xi PART ONEThe Problem
  1. What Is "Brainwashing"? 3
  2. Research in Hong Kong 8PART TWOPrison Thought Reform of Westerners
  3. Re-education: Dr. Vincent 19
  4. Father Luca: The False Confession 38
  5. Psychological Steps 65
  6. Varieties of Response: The Obviously Confused 86
  7. Varieties of Response: Apparent Converts 117
  8. Varieties of Response: Apparent Resisters 133
  9. Group Reform: Double-edged Leadership 152
  10. Follow-up Visits 185
  11. Father Simon: The Converted Jesuit 207
  12. Recovery and Renewal: A Summing Up 222
vVI CONTENTSPART THREEThought Reform of Chinese Intellectuals
  1. The Encounter 243
  2. The Revolutionary University: Mr. Hu 253
  3. A Chinese Odyssey 274
  4. The Older Generation: Robert Chao 301
  5. George Chen: The Conversions of Youth 313
  6. Grace Wu: Music and Reform 338
  7. Cultural Perspectives: The Fate of Filial Piety 359
  8. Cultural Perspectives: Origins 388
  9. Cultural Perspectives: Impact 399
  10. PART FOURTotalism and Its Alternatives
  11. Ideological Totalism 419
  12. Approachesto Re-education 438
  13. "Open" Personal Change 462
Appendix: A Confession Document 473 Notes 485 Index 505
PREFACEThis study began as a psychiatric evaluation of Chi-nese Communist "thought reform," or "brainwash- ing," It is still primarily this; but it has also, inevitably, become a psychological study of extremism or totalism—and even more broadly, a study of the "closed" versus the "open" approaches to human change.It is based upon research which I conducted in Hong Kong in 1954-55. It then evolved over four years of additional research and teaching in the United States. My work with Western and Chinese subjects—piecing together emotional details that were both poig- nant and extreme—and the psychological, moral, and historical challenge of the material have made this study an exceptionally ab- sorbing personal and professional experience.A book about extremism calls for a special measure of objectivity. This does not mean that its author can claim complete personal or moral detachment. The assumption of such detachment in psy- chological (or any other) work is at best self-deception, and at worst a source of harmful distortion. And who during this era can pretend to be uninvolved in the issues of psychological coercion, of identity, and of ideology? Certainly not one who has felt impelled to study them at such length.
Instead, I have attempted to be both reasonably dispassionate and responsibly committed: dispassionate in my efforts to stand away from the material far enough to probe the nature of the process, its effects upon people exposed to it, and some of the in- fluences affecting its practitioners; committed to my own analysesxi
Xii THOUGHT REFORMand judgments within the limitations and the bias of my knowl- edge.Much in this book is highly critical of the particular aspect of Chinese Communism which it examines, but I have made no at- tempt to render a definitive verdict on this far-reaching revolution- ary movement. I am critical of thought reform's psychological tactics, not because they are Communist (or Chinese Communist), but because of their specific nature. In the last section of this book, these tactics are compared with practices within our own culture, which also receive critical treatment insofar as they resemble the ideological totalism of thought reform. Instead of contrasting the "good we" and the "bad they/' rather, I have attempted to identify and understand a particular psychological phenomenon.In the pursuit of this understanding, I have recorded all that seemed relevant, including the details of whatever psychological and physical abuse my subjects encountered. I believe that this comprehensive approach offers the best means of contributing to general knowledge, and to the clarification of an emotionally loaded subject; and I hope that this study will thereby ultimately contribute to the resolution, rather than to the intensification, of cold war pas- sions. It is in fact one of the tragedies of the cold war that moral criticism of either side is immediately exploited by the other side in an exaggerated, one-dimensional fashion. One can never prevent this from happening; but one can at least express the spirit in which a work has been written.Such an approach requires that I inform the reader about my bias in both psychiatric and political matters. Psychiatrically, I have been strongly influenced by both neo-Freudian and Freudian cur- rents: the former through an association with the Washington School of Psychiatry during and immediately after the research study itself, and the latter through a subsequent candidacy in the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute. Both influences were also present in my earlier psychiatric residency training at the State University Medical Center of New York. I have found the theoretical writings of Erik Erikson, especially those relating to questions of personal identity and ideology, particularly relevant for this study. At the same time, I have constantly groped for new ways to bring psychological insights to bear upon historical forces, and do so with a humanistic focus. Thus, I have made extensive use of my subjects' biographical
PREF ACE X l l lmaterial, and have attempted to include in these presentations a flesh-and-bones description of their life histories in relationship to pertinent social historical currents, as well as a rigorous psychological analysis of their responses to thought reform. This seemed to me the best way to deal with the inseparable relationship between stress and response, and (in William James' phrase) to "convey truth."
My political philosophical bias is toward a liberalism strongly critical of itself; and toward the kind of antitotalitarian (in the psy- chological terms of this study, antitotalistic), historically-minded questioning of the order of things expressed by Albert Camus in his brilliant philosophical essay, The Rebel. No one understood better than Camus the human issues involved in this book.
I should like to mention a few of the many people whose direct personal assistance was indispensable to the completion of this study. David McK. Rioch lent initial support when support was most needed, and always continued to enrich the work through his urbane eclecticism, his provocative criticism, and his personal kindness. Erik Erikson, during many memorable talks at Stock- bridge and Cambridge, made stimulating and enlarging suggestions, both about specific case histories and problems of presentation. During the latter stages of the work, David Riesrnan offered gener- ously of his extraordinaryintellectual breadth and his unique per sonal capacity to evoke what is most creative within one. Carl Binger has been sage and always helpful in his advice. All four made thoughtful criticisms of the manuscript, as did Kenneth Keniston and F. C. Redlich. Others in psychiatry and related fields to whom I am indebted are Leslie Farber, Erich Lindemann, Margaret Mead, and Beata Rank. In the perilous subtleties of Chinese cultural, intellectual, and political history, I was constantly counseled by Benjamin Schwartz and by John Fairbank, both of whom read parts of the manuscript; and earlier in the work by Lu Pao-tung, MaMeng, Howard Boorman, Conrad Brandt, and A. Doak Barnett The literary advice and loving sustenance of my wife, Betty Jean Lifton, can hardly be documented. My father, Harold A. Lifton, also did much to encourage this study. The Hong Kong research was sponsored for the first seven months
XIV THOUGHT REFORMby the Asia Foundation, and for the remaining year by the Wash- ington School of Psychiatry. The manuscript was completed under grants from the Ford Foundation and the Foundation's Fund for Research in Psychiatry, both administered through Harvard Uni- versity,Finally, I must acknowledge my debt to the forty research sub- jects, Chinese and Western, whose personal thought reform ex- periences are the basis for this study. The extent of their intelligent collaboration in this work is apparent in the biographical chapters. In these, I have altered certain details in order to protect the sub- jects' anonymity; but none of these alterations affect the essential psychological patterns.
There is a basic similarity in what both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca experienced during Communist imprisonment. Although they were held in separate prisons far re- moved from each other, and although they differed very much in their responses to reform, they were both subjected to the same general sequence of psychological pressures. This sequence was es- sentially the same despite the fact that these men were very dif- ferent from each other, with different personal and professional life styles. Nor was this thought reform pattern common to just these two: it was experienced by all twenty-five of the Westerners whom I interviewed.
to renounce the people, the organizations, and the standards of behavior which had formed the matrix of their previous existence. They were being forced to betray—not so much their friends and colleagues, as a vital core of themselves.
This self-betrayal was extended through the pressures to "accept help" and in turn 'lielp" others. Within the bizarre morality of the prison environment, the prisoner finds himself—almost without realizing it—violating many of his most sacred personal ethics and behavioral standards. The degree of violation is expanded, very early in the game, through the mechanism of shared betrayal, as another priest described: The cell chief kept asking information about Church activities. He wanted me to denounce others, and I didn't want to do this. . . . A Chinese Father was transferred into the cell, and he said to me, "You cannot help it. You must make some denunciations. The things which the Communists know about any of your Church activities you must come out with." . . . Much later I was put in another cell to bring a French priest to confession. He had been stubborn, and had been in solitary for a few months. He was very fearful and looked like a wild animal. . . . I took care of him, washed his clothes for him, helped him to rest. I advised him that what they might know he might as well confess.
Although there is a continuing tension between holding on and letting go, some degree of self-betrayal is quickly seen as a way to survival. But the more of one's self one is led to betray, the greater is one's involvement with his captors; for by these means they make contact with whatever similar tendencies already exist within the prisoner himself—with the doubts, antagonisms, and ambivalences which each of us carries beneath the surface of his loyalties. This bond of betrayal between prisoner and environment may develop to the point where it seems to him to be all he has to grasp; turning back becomes ever more difficult.
thought reform differently, nor did anyone respond completely to all these steps; at the same time, the experiences had such magnitude that they affected every prisoner in some measure, no matter what his background and character.
From the beginning, Dr. Vincent was told he was not really a doctor, that all of what he considered himself to be was merely a cloak under which he hid what he really was. And Father Luca was told the same thing, especially about the area which he held most precious—his religion. Backing up this assertion were all of the physical and emotional assaults of early imprisonment: the confusing but incriminating interrogations, the humiliating "strug- gles," the painful and constricting chains, and the more direct phys- ical brutality. Dr. Vincent and Father Luca each began to lose his bearings on who and what he was, and where he stood in relation- ship to his fellows. Each felt his sense of self become amorphous and impotent and fall more and more under the control of its would-be remolders. Each was at one point willing to say (and to be) whatever his captors demanded.
Each was reduced to something not fully human and yet not quite animal, no longer the adult and yet not quite the child; instead, an adult human was placed in the position of an infant or a sub-human animal, helplessly being manipulated by larger and stronger "adults" or "trainers." Placed in this regressive stance, each felt himself deprived of the power, mastery, and selfhood of adult existence. In both, an intense struggle began between the adult man and the child-animal which had been created, a struggle against regres- sion and dehumanization. But each attempt on the part of the prisoner to reassert his adult human identity and to express his own will ("I am not a spy. I am a doctor"; or "This must be a mistake. I am a priest, I am telling the truth") was considered a show of re- sistance and of "insincerity," and called forth new assaults.
Dr. Vincent and Father Luca found themselves unanimously condemned by an "infallible" environment. The message of guilt which they received was both existential (you are guilty!) and psy- chologically demanding (you must learn to feel guilty!). As this individual guilt potential was tapped, both men had no choice but to experience—first unconsciously and then consciously—a sense of evil. Both became so permeated by the atmosphere of guilt that external criminal accusations became merged with subjective feelings of sinfulness—of having done wrong. Feelings of resent- ment, which in such a situation could have been a source of strength, were shortlived; they gave way to the gradual feeling that the punish- ment was deserved, that more was to be expected. In making their early false confessions, Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were beginning to accept the guilty role of the criminal. Gradually, a voice within them was made to say, ever more loudly: "It is my sinfulness, and not their injustice, which causes me to suffer—although I do not yet know the full measure of my guilt." At this point their guilt was still diffuse, a vague and yet per- vasive set of feelings which we may call a free-floating sense of guilt.4 Another prisoner expressed this clearly: What they tried to impress on you is a complex of guilt. The complex I had was that I was guilty. . . . I was a criminal—that was my feel- ing, day and night.
The series of denunciations of friends and colleagues which both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were required to make had special significance. Not only did making these accusations increase their feelings of guilt and shame, it put them in the position of subvert- ing the structures of their own lives. They were, in effect, being made
The common pattern becomes especially important in evaluating the stories these Westerners told me. Each was attempting to describe, in most instances as accurately as possible, the details of an ordeal from which he had just emerged. But what each reported was also inevitably influenced by his immediate life situation—his psychological transition between the two worlds, his personal struggles for both integrity and integration, his feelings about suc- coring and threatening colleagues and strangers in Hong Kong, his view of me as an American, a physician, a psychiatrist, and a person. All of these circumstances could affect his account, and especially its emotional tone. Therefore, both during the inter- views and in the later study of my notes, I had to sift out what was
Not every prisoner was treated as severely as were Dr. Vincent and Father Luca, but each experienced similar external assaults leading to some form of inner surrender—a surrender of personal autonomy. This assault upon autonomy and identity even extended to the level of consciousness, so that men began to exist on a level
continued in the link.. like that shit wartards?
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2023.05.29 05:25 EmbarrasingQuestionU Non-consensual stuff in romance media?

First let me start by saying I dont include BDSM in this category, since BDSM is supposed to be consensual and safe. And second that I'm not trying to shame anyone.
My question is Why do women enjoy romance that has rape in it? Im talking about heterosexual romances here. I think men may have different reasons to consume stuff that feature rape, when the male figure is not gonna be the victim but the perpetrator. But why would women consume media that portrays them this way?
I just cant read that stuff and I cant phantom how other women could read it and enjoy it, simply because when I do it gives me chills. So many times I will be reading a book or watching a TV show and BAM theprotagonist is SAed by her love interest and it justliterally gives me chills. It just takes me back to the times I didnt want to be touched and I was and whatever enjoyment I had while reading the book is automatically gone.
So please explain to me. Is it a thing about experiencing that under your own terms or something?
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2023.05.29 05:25 9Gmagoo 27 [M4F] California/Online - Calling all night owls and night shift workers

Hi there! I'm a 27 year old guy from California. I've been feeling lately like my life has become pretty mundane. I think I may have focused on life a bit too much and forgot to enjoy it too. It's been a long time since there has been someone in my life that has made me feel excited about talking to them. I'm not even looking for anything in particular. Maybe we hit it off as great friends. Maybe we hit it off as more down the road. Who knows? I'm excited to find out.
Some of my hobbies are vegetable gardening and relaxing video games. I am currently working my way through every episode of Criminal Minds. Vikings is my favorite TV show. I am introverted at first but I open up quickly. I absolutely love taking late night drives while listening to my favorite genre of music for how I'm feeling. It's even better when it's a warm night and you can have your window down. I also love long late night talks where you talk about everything you can think of. Voice calls work too. If you wish to see a picture of me, all you have to do is ask.
Hope to hear from you soon 🙂
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2023.05.29 05:25 9Gmagoo 27 [M4F] Calling all night owls and night shift workers

Hi there! I'm a 27 year old guy from California. I've been feeling lately like my life has become pretty mundane. I think I may have focused on life a bit too much and forgot to enjoy it too. It's been a long time since there has been someone in my life that has made me feel excited about talking to them. I'm not even looking for anything in particular. Maybe we hit it off as great friends. Maybe we hit it off as more down the road. Who knows? I'm excited to find out.
Some of my hobbies are vegetable gardening and relaxing video games. I am currently working my way through every episode of Criminal Minds. Vikings is my favorite TV show. I am introverted at first but I open up quickly. I absolutely love taking late night drives while listening to my favorite genre of music for how I'm feeling. It's even better when it's a warm night and you can have your window down. I also love long late night talks where you talk about everything you can think of. Voice calls work too. If you wish to see a picture of me, all you have to do is ask.
Hope to hear from you soon 🙂
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2023.05.29 05:25 Last_Psychology_8250 I’m still angry with myself because of my ex

Some days I just get randomly really angry about this so I thought I’d share:
When I was in high school, my boyfriend played on the basketball team. At one particular game, the players were given little bags of candy to throw into the crowd. Some of the guys would just run up to their girlfriends and hand it to them, or to their mom or some thing. Well, my boyfriend ran up to a cheerleader and handed it to her. I am assuming that all of our friends saw. After the game, his aunt asked me “who is that cheerleader that [boyfriend] is always talking to?”
I don’t remember the rest of the night exactly, but I think I played it off like it was nothing. I am certain I never brought it up to him.
I have no feelings for this guy anymore. It was at least six years ago, but it makes me furious to think about. I cannot stand that I would let something like that slide. It’s not like it was evil, but I felt so embarrassed by it. For me, the worst thing you can do to me is embarrass me. I’d literally rather you cheat on me and no one but me find out than you flirt with someone else in front of others that I know. I hate the fact that I let it slide and that I would let myself be treated like that. I must have had very little respect for myself.
I am so angry with myself for not standing up for myself that night and for not breaking up with him. He flirted with girls all the time, but I guess I just wanted to be loved and in a relationship.
If there is one thing that I am thankful for, it’s that I would never let myself be treated like that again.
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2023.05.29 05:25 ImTheCrocHere I think GTA VI should be closer to GTA V/San Andreas/Vice City than GTA IV

I know a lot of people love the "realism" and gritty nature of GTA IV and not many like the arcadeyness of the 3D era or GTA V which a lot of people seem to think it's a game that came from the very depths of hell, but I disagree.
I see a lot of people suggesting ideas for GTA VI that it should be a lot more realistic, serious, and less arcadey, and I can't understand this because the arcadeyness and outlandish and colorful tone and atmosphere is what made the GTA series great in the first place and V leaning a lot more to that direction was a great decision.
Of course a bit more of realism isn't really bad, but when you put realism over the very identity of the series then we have a big problem and the fact that a lot of people in the fanbase support this idea is something I will never understand no matter how I try, specially when you consider GTA VI Will take place in Vice City, a location from a previous GTA game that was known for it's dreamy and vibrant atmosphere as well as being filled with references to Scarface and being quite outlandish.
Some people didn't like the driving of the leaks because it was pretty much the same as GTA V and a lot of people think it should be a lot more "realistic" like IV. First of all, GTA IV isn't more realistic or realistic at all, it has a very loose suspension and slippery ties, cars in real life don't bounce like that and just because "it takes skill to master it" doesn't make it better than even San Andreas, it has a boaty feeling that just doesn't feel as good as it's sequel. GTA V nailed driving although it isn't perfect, it's more arcadey but has a bit of physics involved without making it uncomfortable. Not to say it was perfect, but it was a great base that they could improve in VI, going back to IV's or just making fully realistic driving won't benefit the game in any way.
Ragdolls also weren't realistic either, very impressive for a 2008 game but not ideal either, there's barely any friction between the ragdoll and the road, Niko feels weightless and bumping and peds are too heavy there's not that much of a reaction when bumping into one. Now, V isn't perfect either and definitely needs room for improvement but it isn't this PS2 knockoff a lot of people think. Michael actually has some weight and there's friction between the road and ragdoll you lose a significant amount of speed when hitting the ground, loosing a lot more health or even killing you if the impact is very hard. That makes a lot more sense and benefits the gameplay in a good way, IV's ragdolls were funnier but felt uncomfortable at times because of the lack of weight, while V's were stiffer and more comfortable, and NPCs actually fall to the ground or lose some balance when bumping into them, it's still not perfect but there's a reason why RDR2 followed V's footsteps and that game has a much better ragdoll than both IV and V.
Which leads me to the impact of bullets against ragdolls, IV's ragdolls, when getting shot, just stand there, stumbling around and holding their injured parts, even when getting shot in the torso several times, while in V the ragdoll displays the damage you caused to them and they actually fall to the ground after getting shot and die after a few seconds or, if they survive, they shoot at the players from the ground. Again, not perfect, and RDR2 did this 10x better, which makes sense since it's a game that uses a more advanced tech, so if anything, they should follow this path.
Car damage is something that I think should strike more of a balance but leaning more to 5. 4 cars get deformed much easier than 5, sometimes feeling like they're made of plastic instead, while 5 still had pretty good car damage but collisions felt a bit weak at times, and new gen nerfing roof damage and online downgrading the damage of cars did not help, although online is a different game (despite what many believe) so it doesn't count. So the collisions could be made a bit stronger, but not to the point where cars get damaged easily.
Gunplay is another aspect that I want to see closer to GTA V and San Andreas. More responsive control and cover like V, gun customization and variety as well as a skill level for each weapon and general shooting and unique abilities for each characters. IV did gunplay very good, but it felt lacking in your selections.
Other things that I want to see in VI is a lot of variety in activities like hunting, golf, tenis, taxi missions, vigilante missions, paramedic missions, burglar missions, dating, etc. IV had some pretty cool activities that even V lacked but, compared to that game and it's predecessor, you didn't have as much things to do as in those games.
It's why I want GTA VI to be more like those games I mentioned, bring back things like jetpacks, chainsaws, gyms, expand on the things from 5, etc. I love GTA 4 and it's a great game, but I don't want them to return to that direction which also had a tone and atmosphere that would clash with Vice City, and the core gameplay (driving, shooting, etc) should take more inspiration from 6's predecessor. Not saying they should completely ditch everything IV stands for, there are things from that game like the amount of interiors that would be nice to see again, but in general, it should be closer to V/SA/VC, which were pretty arcadey and fun.
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2023.05.29 05:24 melouis 5/31 Service Industry Workers Outing - Cold Spring Hike

For those who are working this Memorial Day weekend, like I am cas I work in the service industry, I’m planning an outing on Wednesday (I will sleep Tuesday after having worked straight from Thursday-Monday).
I love nature and enjoy the outdoors. I’m thinking of doing a popular fun hike (it won’t be crowded on a Wed tho!) in Cold Spring.
It’s easily accessible via Metro North from Grand Central and the trail ends with an old ruins site.
Details on The Bull Hill Full Loop hike:
This hike will be a nice cardio and leg workout for the initial 1/3 portion but is a pleasant going downhill after.
The terrain is not technical and does not require hiking boots. Good sneakers can be used on this hike.
Train: Hudson Line, Poughkeepsie, 9:43 am departure from Grand Central, arriving at Cold Spring at 11:04 am.
Weather forecast so far is Sunny and high of 80.
2 1L bottles minimum.
Have light snacks for trail.
Have breakfast (tho not a big heavy meal) before hiking. You’ll burn calories.
Post hike hunger game … plan is grabbing food in the town of Cold Spring.
About me: I work in tourism/hospitality and I can’t wait to catch a breather, fresh air and greenery!
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