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2023.06.08 17:37 SourcerBot 'They are destroying us.' People plea to escape flooded Russian-occupied areas

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-07 at 22:30, this article is written by daria shulzhenko and published by the kyiv independent. (6 minutes)
Save 6 minutes of reading with this summary:
The Kyiv Independent spoke with family members of people living under Russian occupation in Oleshky and collected accounts that residents posted on social media from the affected occupied areas. This woman, who did not reveal her name, said the situation in the town is critical, with many children, elderly and disabled people stuck on their roofs for many hours. She said Russian troops set up checkpoints in the less-flooded areas to "prevent" locals from escaping the disaster area or saving others, and she heard of people drowning. Politico reported that Russian forces blocked people who tried to flee immediately after the dam's destruction, forcing them to wait at home for an official list of evacuees that would be bussed out of the area. Only people with Russian passports were being allowed to leave, multiple people confirmed. Tetiana Akhtemenko, a resident of Antonivka, told Ukrainian TV that her family members spoke of a "very bad situation – the water keeps rising, but they're forbidding evacuation, shooting at people's legs. Even Russian volunteers, who arrived to help people from Crimea, were halted at the Russian checkpoints, according to Ukrainian volunteer Andriy Kniga, whose family members are in the disaster area.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: Ukrainska Pravda (2023-06-07 at 19:58) Red Cross should save people in flooded occupied territories − Zelenskyy POLITICO (2023-06-07 at 16:50) Russians shooting at rescuers in flooded areas, Zelenskyy says POLITICO (2023-06-07 at 15:45) As Ukraine evacuates its dam-flooded towns, cries for help go unanswered in Russian-occupied territory
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2023.06.08 17:36 Useful_Passenger2121 JUST ADDED NEW CONTENT and UPDATED MODS! Lethe servers for Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands!! [PC] [PvE] [US Midwest]- custom content, lightly-modded, friendly and collaborative. No Drop on Death!

JUST ADDED NEW CONTENT and UPDATED MODS! Lethe servers for Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands!! [PC] [PvE] [US Midwest]- custom content, lightly-modded, friendly and collaborative. No Drop on Death!
Updated Mods! JUST ADDED Tir-na-Nog and the Underdark of Acheron to the server Mods for Exiled Lands!
Lethe Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands servers are looking for new members to come and play! Plenty of room to build. Light mods, great quality of life improvements. Come join us and build our community! We welcome all, new or experienced, to join us. We have FREE warps to certain areas and short nights. Staggered Server restarts twice per day so you can keep playing if you wish!
Our Exiled Lands server is open and full of custom content!! Completely new lands to build, and all the same perks that we have for Savage Wilds.
New Exiled Lands Content Added!!!
-Added Tir-na-Nog and the Underdark of Acheron to Exiled Lands!
-World Events on both servers including a Thrall Revolt in Seperemu!!
-Added an Ambush quest allowing players to choose their own starter gear from the Fighting Pit where they are taken.
- Sandstorm Arena with NPC Spawners for players to fight Tier 1 fights.
- New Mazes on Exiled Lands with an NPC in Conan's Tavern in Sepermeru that sends you to one of 10 random mazes.
-Marketplaces where players can place vendors to sell their goods.
- Added Crafting Specializations from Mathilda the Crone that teaches you from her new little shop in Sepermeru near the Temporary Market. Mathilda is also found on Savage Wilds in Murun.
Come and check out our Twitch stream with Cel! Twitch drops are enabled, so let the Shenanigans commence!
Cel can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/celosia23
Direct Connect: Savage Wilds:
Direct Connect Exiled Lands:
Discord: https://discord.gg/dhHKQ7eRpk
The server settings are mildly boosted. Current settings (shown above) include:
  • 3x Harvesting
  • 3x XP
  • 3x Crafting
  • 0.5x thirst, hunger, crafting time and spoil rate
  • Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 2.0
  • Unconscious Time: 1,000.0 sec
  • Purge is ON at level 6 (difficult)
  • Durability is dramatically boosted
  • Containers ignore ownership - lock your chests!
  • Building decay is OFF
  • Free Warps to home, and 3 home locations per player with multi-home warp list
We have incredible custom content with more added almost daily! We just added Amunet's Dungeon Assets for more dungeon content, and have initiated World Events on both servers for even more battle fun! There are both beginners and advanced Arenas where you can fight opponents, take thralls and win loot, and custom Mazes giving a little nod to former Foo Fighter's drummer Taylor Hawkins with fantastic prizes for all who complete it. Many custom builds and custom built dungeons to test your skills and get great loot. We have footraces/triathlons in various map areas complete with checkpoints and prizes!
We have a new Battle Pass Arena outside Murun! Use this feature to quickly spawn in creatures you need to complete your Battle Pass Challenges. It is a work in progress, so it may not have all the creatures yet, but admins are quickly updating so you can complete all your challenges!
With the new update to Age of Sorcery, we have an NPC in Murun that teaches you how to make Golems. He can be found in by the Money Changers, right around the corner from Tommy the Dank. You should really stop by and see Tommy and his friend Cheech in Murun. Just follow the haze...
NEW Mod list:
  • Pippi
  • Savage Wilds
  • Better Thralls
  • Unlock Plus
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Emberlight
  • Stacksize Plus
  • Sand and Stone
  • Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench
  • DungeonMasterTools Continued
  • Fashionist
  • Immersive Armor
  • Lexa's Exiled Lands
  • LBPR Additional Features
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Pythagoras Expanded Building
  • Warrior Mutator
  • RA Visual Tweaks
  • RA: Character customization
  • RA: Fantasy Extension
  • Blackthorn Pets and Mounts
  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling – Reloaded (Level 300)
  • Amunet's Dungeon Assets
  • Tier 4 Followers - Mild Increased Spawn (special weekends only)
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2023.06.08 17:36 ahayling [Game Thread] (1) Las Vegas Aces (7-0) vs (2) Connecticut Sun (6-2) ~ June 8th, 2023 7:00PM ET ~ Amazon Prime Video

[Game Thread] (1) Las Vegas Aces (7-0) vs (2) Connecticut Sun (6-2) ~ June 8th, 2023 7:00PM ET ~ Amazon Prime Video

Game Information

Las Vegas Aces vs Connecticut Sun

Game Information

TIME MEDIA Location Broadcast
Eastern: 7:00PM Game Preview WNBA.com Mohegan Sun Arena US: Amazon Prime Video
Central: 6:00PM ESPN Box Score Uncasville, CT Canada: Unknown
Mountain: 5:00PM WNBA League Pass Home Team Broadcast: NBC Sports Boston
Pacific: 4:00PM Road Team Broadcast: KVVU & Silver State Sports & Entertainment Network

Road Team

Las Vegas Aces

Team Homepage Team Roster & Coaching Staff
Social Media Local Television & Broadcast
Twitter Silver State Sports & Entertainment Network
Instagram KVVU

Home Team

Connecticut Sun

Team Homepage Team Roster & Coaching Staff
Social Media Local Television & Broadcast
Twitter NBC Sports Boston
Want to use my 2023 WNBA Templates and help contribute posting game threads for wnba? Download here!. A potential 255 Game Threads for the entire for 1 person is a lot of work. This season I have two more volunteers to help me out!
Read The Flow Chart if you're Watching Games Courtesy of @cwetzel31 on Twitter for those if you're planning to watch the games.
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2023.06.08 17:35 DoodleHades Reopening closed and lost dms via your discord data before it's too late

Hey. I'm currently opening old dms i had closed long ago which i thought were forever lost since i no longer have any way of opening those chats again only by using discord. I myself didn't really have any reason to do this other than curiosity but since apparently all accounts that don't comply to discord's new username system (which includes abandoned/lost accounts) will be deleted i figured this guide could be useful to at least one person since when that happens this guide won't work for opening most DMs because it doesn't work with deleted users.
So here goes: 1. Download your discord data. User Settings > Privacy & Safety > Request all of my data (right at the bottom). Discord will then start preparing all of your data and will send you a download link to your account's e-mail. When that happens, you should click on the indicated spot and a zipped folder containing a lot of other useful/interesting stuff other than all the messages you ever sent will then be downloaded to your computer. Its size can vary depending on how and how much you use discord.
  1. Find your messages folder. First, you need to find the messages folder: Whichever place you chose to put your data file in > package > messages. There, you will find a bunch of folders with a lot of numbers as their name. Each of those is a dm in which you have ever sent a message. Opening any of those, you'll find: A JSON file ("channel") containing the IDs of the channel, your and the other person's accounts; A CSV file ("messages") containing the messages you sent in the referred dm.
  2. Find a way to open JSON files. Apparently JSON files are complicated enough so you might need to install an appropriate program in order to be able to open those files. If you are already able to open them, then you can dismiss this step. If you aren't able to open them, then you need to install any program that allows you to open JSON files. If you're on windows, you can easily find those by searching for them at Microsoft Store. If not, you can easily find those anywhere else. Please do not wander and download from evilish sources. Be safe!
  3. Find the other user's ID. The IDs you are looking for can be found in the JSON file named "channel". When opening such a file, you will find: {"id": "channel ID", "type": 1, "recipients": ["user ID", "user ID"]} All those quoted IDs should be a bunch of numbers. The ID you should look for is one of the two user IDs in the file. Their position can change from file to file so assuming their ID will always be at either position won't work. A good idea is to memorise some of your ID's first or last digits. Copy their ID.
  4. Find the other user's username and tag. In order to find out their actual usernames, you need to insert their IDs at https://id.nerrix.ovh (Unofficial Discord Lookup) or any safe equivalent of your choice. Unless they have deleted their account or something else goes wrong, you should be able to see some of their account's information, and that includes their username and tag. Copy their username and tag.
  5. Send them a friend request and open your DMs! Paste their username and tag in the "Add Friend" tab and send them a friend request. Unless you aren't able to send them a friend request for whatever reason, you should be able to open your DMs with them by right-clicking them and then clicking on "Message". If all went right, you should now have access to that chat! After that, you may cancel the friend request if you wish to the chat will be kept nonetheless.
Although there's lots of details i purposely left out of it, I hope this guide is helpful to someone in some way.
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2023.06.08 17:35 Nihilist-Denialist Language mixing with English by bilingual or multilingual speakers

Language mixing with English is a common practice among bilingual or multilingual speakers, especially in regions where English is widely used as a lingua franca or a second language. However, the exact prevalence and frequency of language mixing with English may vary depending on various factors such as the speaker's proficiency, motivation, attitude, identity, and context. Therefore, it is hard to find reliable statistics on how popular language mixing with English is among the bilingual or multilingual population.
However, based on some sources¹²³, we can get some rough estimates of how many people speak English along with another language, and how often they mix them. For example:
These examples suggest that language mixing with English is a widespread and natural phenomenon among bilingual or multilingual speakers, but it may not be uniform or consistent across different languages, regions, or situations. Language mixing with English may reflect the speaker's linguistic competence, communicative needs, social identity, or cultural preferences. Language mixing with English may also change over time as languages evolve and interact with each other.
(1) Units of Language Mixing: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01719/full Accessed 6/8/2023.
(2) Code-Switching and Language Proficiency in Bilingual Children With and .... https://pubs.asha.org/doi/10.1044/2020_JSLHR-20-00182 Accessed 6/8/2023.
(3) The most spoken languages worldwide 2022 Statista. https://www.statista.com/statistics/266808/the-most-spoken-languages-worldwide/ Accessed 6/8/2023.
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2023.06.08 17:35 No-Ad5163 AIW for keeping my son from his father?

I (26f) recently discovered through my 6 year old son that he had met his father's(40m) girlfriend a few days ago. We had an agreement that we would wait 6 months before introducing our child to anyone we were seeing, and we'd give the other parent a heads up. Not asking permission, just a quick "hey, I'm inviting so and so to this with our son" or whatever.
Background: I discovered he had been cheating on me throughout our entire 6 year relationship last march. After discovering photographic and video evidence, he tried denying it and then blaming me for "forcing him to cheat". We tried to keep it together through the summer, then he kicked me and our son out in the fall and I was forced to live an hour and a half away with my parents. We made the initial agreement back then, because I was seeing somebody new by that time. He tried adding the stipulation that he was to meet this person before he was around our son, to which I refused to agree to. I am still seeing this person and out of respect for his father I have not yet introduced the two, though it is something I've discussed with this person.
In the time we've been separated, my sons father has gone back and forth between going around telling people I'm keeping his child from him, then leaving me on read when I ask if he'd like to spend time with his son. We worked out him having our son overnight 2 days a week, and I've given him multiple opportunities (on his schedule, not mine) to have him extra nights, which he has refused every time. He has asked me multiple times to get our son early from his house on days he has him, or asked to skip nights altogether, all of which I have obliged. All the while continuing to tell people I am keeping his son from him and smearing my name.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a car was parked in his dad's driveway nearly constantly. I would bring him to his father's house to get him on and off the bus each morning, and my son indicated that he was nervous that someone was there and hoped the person wasn't still there when he got home (on a night his father was to get him off the bus and have him overnight). He asked me if he could just come home with me instead that night, and I told him no, and assured him everything was okay. Texted his father and asked him to talk about it with our son, which he did. Then without warning he brings our son to a baseball game with this woman a few days ago, and my son tells me everything the next day when we were heading home.
The reason I am hesitant to allow him to go back to his father stems from a couple other instances, not just this. He took him out of state for 4 days around Christmas to visit family which I was fine with, however when he returned home my son was wearing the same socks I put him in, he says he didn't take a bath the entire time he was there, nor did he take his twice daily medication. He also does not give him a bath or shower on the two nights a week he has him, nor brush his hair which leaves me to untangle the knots every time he comes back home with me. There have been instances where I've picked him up at 4 and 5 pm and he's told me his father didn't give him any lunch and he was hungry. Other times he has left our son alone in his house to go to work, which is only about a block from his house, but still. My son believes it was less than an hour he was gone but this happened twice. And now he is bringing strangers around our son with no warning to him or myself.
I believe that he should be focusing all his attention on his son on the two nights a week he has him, as I do for the other 5 nights a week. I do not have friends over when my son is home with me. We go on outings and have playdates with his friends on the weekends, or visit my parents, but the focus has always been on my son. So, not only has my sons father broken my trust and gone against our agreement which was set in place mainly because he was insecure, but I feel as though he should make his child his top priority and has created a pattern that proves he simply has not.
We have family court at the end of the month to set in stone a custody agreement and establish child support, which I should mention that he has not given me a single penny since he kicked us out and makes almost 3x what I do. Really my plan is to have full custody of my son until then, hopefully meet with a mediator and figure out a way to move forward. I'm not upset that he has a girlfriend or that she met our son, I'm upset he continues to lie to me and go against agreements we've made regarding our sons wellbeing. I'm upset that he neglects him when he is there, he's unable to give our son undivided attention, and his house is an absolute pigsty all the time.
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2023.06.08 17:35 MassiveHampton It all came crashing down Tuesday

Tuesday the 6th of June 2023 my partner went into Labour 39 weeks and 3 days. Our first. 6 hours later a scan revealed no heart beat, after 9 months of perfect scans, perfect growth weight and the little bugger doing ju-jitsu in her belly it was over. It was being induced Saturday.
My last 48 hours has been hell, I’m so heart broken I don’t know what to do with myself.
I can’t talk to anyone as everyone just says how sorry they are, it’s lost all meaning.
I’ve just had to leave my little boy at the hospital so he can be sent for a barrage of tests to see what went wrong and if it’s worth trying again.
The nhs midwives have been superb, the hospital had a private suite ready for this that was set up using donations, a lady came and made casts of his feet, hands and took a load of pictures all for nothing.
I don’t really know what the purpose of this post is but I am really struggling to talk to people I know, who were as excited as we were 2 days ago.
Shit happens and we will build around our grief, but I’m so unhappy I never thought it was possible.
Sonny has brought the sun to the east of England today, I just wish I’d been able to bring him home so he could have seen it.
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2023.06.08 17:34 CenturionElite Getting rid of ESVS is going to be a nightmare

Home Depot said they are finally getting rid of ESVS form the service desk for good in November. Based on how well all of their other programs work I imagine this will be a nightmare. Any of the order up orders still require me to go into ESVS to fix and tasks such as balance due, overdue orders, etc are going to be a problem to find once removed. Not to mention the amount of IT tickets I already have to use on order up a week, I have no faith the transition will be quick and easy.
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2023.06.08 17:34 Regular-Card2188 My parents are after a laptop

My parents are after a laptop
My parents are looking to buy a good laptop which will last a while, I recently bought a second hand thinkpad x280 which I’m surprised how good it is for the price I paid. It’s small but I prefer that as it’s portable and I plug it into a second screen anyway, it’s too small for my parents though so I was thinking a T480. Is it likely the one in the photos will stay fast for a good few years? Cheers
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2023.06.08 17:33 No_Fly6000 The LRT will bankrupt a lot of home owners

The idiot LRT plan into Cambridge needs to be seriously stopped.
Interest hikes are still on the rise and home owners are already being slammed for mortgage renewals.
We don't need to cover a 4.1 billion dollar cost on top of it.
The last LRT cost us a pile of wasted money. (The news article below)
For real. People need to say no to their wasteful and ignorant spend spree. No one uses those damn bike lanes in KW. Hundreds of thousands for the less than 1 percent. Absolute insanity. Make transit free for people instead of that wanton waste.
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2023.06.08 17:32 KaizokuFeet What do you do if you forgot your supplements in the morning?

Good Morning All,
I rushed to work this morning, and neglected to grab my daily supplements (Fish Oil, Cost-Co Mens Daily Multi-Vitamin, and Acetyl L Carnatine 1500 mg)
Normally I take these between 6-8 AM.
I won't be home until approximately 6 PM. Do I take them when I get home, or do I skip a day.
Are they any problems with missing a day, or taking them too close together? I know the Carnatine may be a problem if you take an excessive amount, which I think is over 2000 MG but I don't know how close together.
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2023.06.08 17:31 avantgarde33 Unwarranted financial advice/out of touch upper class

Yesterday I had posted in a separate money sub specifically asking what other moms weekly spending money budget was. I stated I did not want financial advice but offered up my personal income info which was: family of 3, living on $80,000/yr, weekly spending is $200-$250/week, grocery budget is $500/month, gas budget is $200/month and we save $500/month and have no debt. I mentioned we had a rough week last week staying within the weekly spending budget due to a beach trip and preparing for my daughters birthday party where I spent a whopping total of $80 on all the decor and her cake.
The comments were so disgusting and felt so entitled. The women with the most upvotes stated she didn't know it was possible for there to be a stay at home parent in a household earning less than $200,000 but "kudos to me for making it work!" Its just so condescending. In Oregon, the 3-person family middle-class income range is : $53,830 to $160,686. We are hardly struggling?
My family has worked extremely hard to get where we are and we choose for me to stay home until my daughter is in elementary school because it's very important to us that we are home to raise her instead of having her in daycare 5 days a week. In addition the expense of daycare would likely be my entire income going back to work. So, of course our choice for me to stay home comes with a financial sacrifice but we are not hurting or going without so I just don't understand why people were behaving like I said I couldn't afford to eat or pay my bills.
Another person commented "are you able to cancel your cable and switch to a pre-paid phone?" I have no idea why they commented this but I responded I would never switch to a pre-paid phone. This is because I am in a locked in rate family plan on Verizon I've had for 10 years and it's only $100/month for my husband and I with two iPhones and unlimited everything including data - additionally both phones are about to be paid off making our bill $80. Logically, how would it make sense to cancel my locked in rate that will never go up and go buy a disposable phone?? Like in what way would that ever save me money short term or long term. But of course, every time I argued my point it was followed by downvotes and angry people that were mad " I wasn't being kind about "their advice." I also never said we couldn't afford our phone bill which is also why I was so confused.
Then came the comments that I shouldn't have spent $80 on my daughters birthday and that I should have gone to dollar tree and not bought any decor. As if having birthday decor is something only allowed to the children of the ultra rich.
Then there was comments that "I didn't seem frugal enough."
All in all, it just made me realize there are genuinely people who consider $80,000 a year to be poverty and see it as some impossible situation. It just shows how uneducated and out of touch many upper class people are and how they believe no adult making less than 6 figures deserve to have anything nice. I don't understand the expectation of the people who commented like do they not want their to be a middle class? And why is there so much aggression and pushiness toward constantly assuming people NEED more and an income of X couldn't possibly be enough? I explained multiple times we have a paid off car, we don't buy extravagant things, my husband and I rarely travel or buy anything for ourselves in terms of clothing, and our spending money is typically spent on activities and our daughter.
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2023.06.08 17:30 edm28 Anyone else hit a huge milestone and feel anticlimactic?

Hey all,
Not sure where to post this, because I'm not trying to humble brag but I am just... a little disheartened by the feeling... I'm just hoping that this is a pretty common occurrence. and that I'm not alone with that feeling and it'll pass.
So I'm a 35 (almost 36 M) with a 37F patterner and an almost 2 year old. Both Teachers, Both 6 years of university, living LCOL town. We became officially debt free in May, including owning our home outright. Home would likely be worth $350-$400k (not a great market atm and may never be if the town dies). I just... thought it would feel fucking awesome.....
Now perhaps it's because this is also Insurance/Property Tax season where we pay in lump sums (get a discount here to pay in full, plus I use those payments to hit spending bonus on credit cards to get a shit pile of points for travel (See Churning or Churning Canada Subreddits), or the fact that I am currently building a deck ($8500 for materials FML), then patio furniture-(Want to Buy it for life so likely 2k), then a bed for our toddler (going to just jump right to an ENDY and get her her childhood bed from the start ) so $2k.... then we're going to need new appliances (Fridge/Stove/DishwasheWasheDryer).... probably another $12k.... and in 5-10 years we are going to need to look at replacing vehicles...
Both my wife and I are on track for a Canadian pension from our provincial government at 55, and $220k in our TFSA/RRSP. and Debt free is lovely, but it's just, another wall/obstacle.
Again, I'm just ranting a little, but if I were to guess it's not uncommon to feel this way about your process?
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2023.06.08 17:29 Suspicious-Dance-583 It is easy to find affordable items on Temu. I feel like I'm not spending anything. It is hard to believe just how much you can get for just $10. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.

It is easy to find affordable items on Temu. I feel like I'm not spending anything. It is hard to believe just how much you can get for just $10. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store. submitted by Suspicious-Dance-583 to shorthairedwaifus [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:29 sndtrb89 JOEY COWBOY MY BELOVED

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2023.06.08 17:29 NewSkirt4102 Pell refund

Can somebody tell me what Pell refund auto mean . I’m new to this . Our refund dates are June 9 and June 23 . Does that mean my refund will be sent out on the 9th . My first time dealing with financial aid . And how long after post date do you get it
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2023.06.08 17:28 travel_impact Anyone have thoughts on how well homedepot rental trucks maintained? Know people beat on them but have seen quite a few F250 flat beds (former home depot rentals) for sale and wonder if they are worth the risk given the price ($20-24k, ~80k miles, 5-7 yrs old)

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2023.06.08 17:28 JessBeck96 Sickness Of The Sea: Chapter 1&2

Summary: Hiccup is trapped at the bottom of the ocean for much longer than he actually was in Dire Straits. After being saved, Hiccup suffers from an illness that might prove deadly. It's a race against the clock to get him home. Contains Hiccup!Whump

Toothless fired on the diving bell, trying to free his rider. Once he realized his firepower was not strong enough in these depths, he stopped and went to check on Hiccup. The dragon helplessly watched as what was now Hiccup's tomb rapidly filled up with ice-cold water.
Hiccup placed his hand on the Deathsong amber window as Toothless nudged it with his snout. "I know, bud." He turned to look at the water flooding in. "I wouldn't leave you either."
The young rider tilted his head up and took one last deep breath. The water rushed over his head, and he was soon fully immersed. Toothless roared in concern as Hiccup tried to give him a final smile. They both touched the amber window one last time. The Night Fury watched in despair as his human let go of that last breath. He roared in anger as his best friend lost consciousness and floated to the center of the diving bell.
Desperate, he began to fire on the bell again, unaware of the Submaripper swimming up behind him. It wasn't until the Submaripper had already grabbed the bell with his teeth, did Toothless realize what was happening. He quickly followed the Tidal Class dragon to the surface.
The Submaripper broke through the surface and dropped the diving bell onto the deck of the boat that had aided in his rescue.
"We need to get him out of there," Astrid stated, looking through the window.
"How?" Fishlegs asked as Toothless climbed back aboard. "It's dragon-proof."
"We got this!" Tuffnut exclaimed as he plunged a pole into one of the cracks. "Barf! Belch!"
The Zippleback twisted their necks together and used their teeth to clamp down on the pole, pulling it downward until the bell opened enough for someone to reach in and grab their leader.
"Now pull him out. Quickly," Fishlegs urged as Astrid picked Hiccup by the shoulders. Fishlegs quickly assisted by grabbing his legs. Together they set Hiccup down.
Astrid went to feel for a heartbeat but found none. "Oh, no," she cried. "Hiccup! Please, breathe. Please breathe!"
Toothless nudged her out of the way, sniffed his rider, and began licking him. When that did not work, he let out his loudest roar, hoping to scare his rider awake. Behind him, the other humans were starting to cry. He couldn't give up. As a last resort, he pounced with all his might onto Hiccup's chest.
After the third pounce, Hiccup's eyes shot open as he began to cough up the water that had filled his lungs. Toothless took a step back to give his human some space to breathe, crooning happily that he was alive.
Hiccup pushed himself up into a sitting position and reached out to pet Toothless. "I'm okay, bud." He coughed again, dispelling more water. "Thank you, Toothless."
Astrid knelt down by his side once more, placing a hand on his shoulder. Hiccup took hold of her hand and gave her a small smile.
In the distance, the Submaripper roared its thanks. Toothless quickly returned a roar of his own thanks.
With the help of Fishlegs and Astrid, Hiccup managed to stand. He placed one hand on his aching chest and another on Toothless. "What... happened?" he breathed.
"Viggo happened," Snotlout answered angrily.
Hiccup felt a sense of panic and adrenaline fill his weakened body "Viggo. No, no, he can't escape." He tried to climb onto Toothless, only to lose what little balance he had, falling down.
Fishlegs knelt down next to him. "It's okay, Hiccup. I got you. You need to stay here and rest."
Astrid, from on top of Stormfly. "Don't worry. He won't get far."
Without another word, she, Snotlout, and the twins flew off in the direction of Viggo's ship. Fishlegs stayed behind to help Hiccup. "Let's get you into the Captain's Quarters. There's a bed in there you can rest on."
Hiccup tried to sit up on his own once more. "No. They need my help to get Viggo. I can't let him get away."
"He won't get away," Fishlegs promised, helping him sit up. "You've just been through a rather traumatic ordeal. Your body needs time to recover."
Hiccup sat for a moment before responding. "Fine. But no carrying me. Let me keep some of my dignity."
Fishlegs obliged and helped his friend to his feet. Then, with the help of Toothless, the two helped Hiccup walk down below deck to the Captain's Quarters. The husky dragon rider helped his friend remove his wet clothes and get him into the bed. Toothless shot a small plasma blast fire into the room's hearth. After ensuring the room provided significant warmth, Fishlegs left to go get some medical supplies and herbal remedies.
Toothless stayed behind and watched as his human drifted off into a restless sleep. He sat at the foot of the bed, watching the rise and fall of Hiccup's chest.

Chapter 2:

Fishlegs reached the top deck; just the other four Riders were returning.
"Well?" Fishlegs asked.
Astrid jumped down from her Deadly Nadder, shaking her head. "He escaped. He and Ryker were in a dinghy being pulled by Seashockers."
"There's always next time," Fishlegs shrugged.
"How is he?" Astrid asked.
"He's having a hard time breathing, and his skin is warm to the touch despite being submerged in freezing cold water," Fishlegs answered. "We need to get him back to Gothi quickly. But he can't fly. I doubt he's in any condition to be in the air right now. So we'll have to sail back."
"We won't reach Berk until tomorrow morning," Astrid pointed. "Can he hold out that long?"
Fishlegs shook his head. "I don't know. But we have to try."
"What if the dragons pulled the boat?" Astrid suggested. "The boat stays in the water while the dragons fly above, pulling the ropes. We'll get there in about 3 hours."
"Like what you just saw Viggo and Ryker doing to the Seashockers?" Fishlegs pointed out.
"Kinda," Astrid sighed. "And I hate suggesting it. But Hiccup needs urgent care, and the sooner we get him back to Berk, the better off he'll be."
Fishlegs pondered for a few seconds before answering. "Okay. But only this time." The Gronkle lover then walked off to talk to the other Riders.
Astrid walked down below deck to where Hiccup was resting. When she got to where he was, she found him lying in the bed shivering, despite the multiple blanks piled on top of him. Toothless was watching his rider with concern.
Astrid went over to the bed and sat down next to Hiccup's head, brushing his wet locks out of the way. Despite shivering, his skin felt hot to the touch. He was cold and warm at the same time. She placed her hand on his chest and leaned in to listen. His heart was racing, and his breathing sounded raspy and shallow.
"Hang in there, Hiccup," Astrid whispered, taking hold of her friend's hand. "We'll get you back to Berk in no time."
Toothless let out a sorrowful croon as he gently laid his head on Hiccup's chest. The blonde worry gave him a comforting pat before getting up to leave. As she was walking out, Fishlegs came in with more blankets and a medicine bag.
"The dragons are in formation and ready to leave," Fishlegs reported as he set the blankets down on a nearby table.
"Good," Astrid said. "The sooner, the better. He has a fever and is having trouble breathing."
Fishlegs rushed over to the bed, carefully moving Toothless away from Hiccup. He quickly removed the blankets and placed his head on his friend's chest. Listening to each raspy breath Hiccup forced out. "Oh no."
"What?" Astrid asked, worry filling her voice. "What's wrong?"
"Hand me the medicine bag," Fishlegs urged. "One of his lungs has collapsed. We have to reinflate it."
Astrid handed him the bag. "How are we going to do that?"
Fishlegs rummaged through the bag. "By placing a metal tube in his chest." He pulled a small dagger, rags, a roll of bandages, and a metal rob out of the bag.
"And you just so happen to have everything you need?" Astrid pointed out.
"An Ingerman is always prepared," Fishlegs stated. "I need your help holding him down. This requires precision. It's also going to hurt."
Astrid placed one arm across Hiccup's shoulders and the other near his hips, ensuring he couldn't move. "And you know what you're doing, right?"
Fishlegs firmly gripped the dagger in his right hand. "I've watched Gothi and my mom do this quite a few times back during the raids. I've also read Gothi's notes, studying up on it. I've never done it before, though. I was hoping I'd never have to."
Toothless watched as the young humans stood over his best friend, trying to figure out what they were doing. He was sure they were helping him but couldn't figure out how. He sat himself at the foot of the bed, getting out of their way but staying nearby. He wasn't about to leave his human hatchling alone.
Fishlegs carefully used his free hand to count the ribs until he got to the fourth and fifth ones. He placed the tip of the dagger right between the two ribs. "So sorry for this Hiccup," he told his friend, who was thankfully unconscious for this procedure.
He pressed the dagger into the skin, cutting into the muscle that protected the ribcage. Blood flowed freely from the new wound. The young man dropped the dagger and grabbed two rags, placing one on each side of the cut. He then grabbed the thin metal tube and pushed it into the center of the wound. Once he was sure the rod was correctly inserted, he used one hand to apply pressure to the cut and picked up the roll of bandages with the other.
"Now for the tricky part," Fishlegs said, letting out the breath he didn't know he was holding. "Wrapping the bandages around him. We can't sit him up because it could dislodge the tube. So we'll have to lift him enough to get the roll under him. I can hold him up long enough for you to do it. But you have to do it as quickly as possible."
Astrid nodded as she took the roll from Fishlegs hand. "I will be."
Fishlegs took the pressure off the wound and placed his hands under Hiccup. "On the count of three."
Astrid placed one of the bandages near the tube and applied enough pressure to hold it in place. "Ready."
"One. Two. Three," Fishlegs counted and, with relative ease, carefully lifted their injured leader up. Astrid rolled the bandages under Hiccup and reached over to grab it once it reached the other side. She quickly repeated the process until she reached the end of the roll. She stuffed the end down the side she was, securing it.
Fishlegs laid Hiccup back down and placed one of the heavier blankets on his legs, pulling it up enough to keep him warm but not obstructing the tube. "Now we wait and hope this works."
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2023.06.08 17:27 Mister_E_Mahn Purchased at Home Depot

Purchased at Home Depot
I’ve been keeping this guy moist and in low-ish light (a window that gets partial sun but has thin drapes always pulled) and he’s grown like crazy - leaves were no higher than the pot lip when I got it.
Can anyone identify? I think the “Foliera” is the greenhouse it came from.
It’s obviously doing well but I want to find info on when and if I should repot it as well as how big it could get.
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I recently started carrying around two iPhones, for complicated reasons that don’t matter here.
Now my health data is saying I walk like 12 miles a day when I think it’s more realistic that I’m probably walking about 6.
I suspect that the data from the two phones is being added together, which is annoying because I thought it would be smart enough to know which steps were taken at the same time, but apparently not.
Is there a way to fix it and just have the correct health data on both devices?
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