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A Sub to Plan and Execute a Boycott of Major Donors to The Republican Party

2023.05.20 23:49 graneflatsis A Sub to Plan and Execute a Boycott of Major Donors to The Republican Party

How do you create public pressure on lawmakers? Boycotts are a great way to speak with your money and create the pressure needed for change. Tell major donors that the current Republican Party is so off the railway your money is going elsewhere.

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Этот сабреддит - место для бывших пользователей российского новостного агрегатора, который прекратил свою работу 10 сентября 2022 г. после давления со стороны правительства России. Мы обсуждаем актуальные новости и делимся своими мнениями. This subreddit is a place for ex-users of the Russian news aggregator, which went out of service on September 10, 2022 following pressure from the Russian government. We discuss current news and share our opinions.

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2023.06.10 05:36 Titterbelle Am I overreacting?

Hey y'all, I'm currently 20+4 with baby #3 and had a preventative cerclage placed at 14w. My cervix has measured great and my last measurement (last Saturday) showed I had gained cervical length. For the last 3 days I have had intense pelvic pressure, so uncomfortable that I can't sleep. It's accompanied by back pain and my siatic nerve is acting up pretty bad. It feels as though I'm sitting on a ball, like inside? My entire pelvic area hurts so much. The last time I felt this pain I was in preterm labor with my son.
I went to the emergency room last night, they took me to L&D and hooked me up to monitors to see if I was contracting. Baby's heartbeat was great. They monitored me for a few hours, said I didn't have contractions, sent my urine for a culture and gave me a shot of antibiotics in case I did have a UTI. They did not do an ultrasound at all or check my cervical length even when I asked if they were going to. The Drs response was "there is no evidence that suggests a cervical length check would prevent the stitch from working".
I had an appointment with my midwife this morning because of the pelvic pressure/pain. She came in and said she had talked to the Dr that saw me the night before and said I was fine and told me to keep my appointment for the 13th. She sent me on my way with some antibiotics for the supposed UTI. They were all very sure it's just a UTI. I feel like my pain and discomfort are not being taken seriously and I'm worried it is something more nefarious.
I'm curious if anyone has experienced intense pelvic pressure/pain and it was just regular pregnancy progression or the presence of a UTI? Am I just being a big whiney baby about regular pregnancy pain?
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2023.06.10 05:28 wonderwoman095 I have a masters degree in a field I'm not sure I can sustainably be in until I retire. Do I make a career change, or do I try to stick it out?

I thought I would come here because I've been having a bit of a crisis, and I don't know what to do.
I have a masters degree (and over $100,000 in student loan debt) in a field I don't think I can keep doing for the next few decades. I'm a school counselor, I graduated just last year with my masters degree. I got a job in the field and honestly I'm at my wits end with it. It might just be the school that I'm in, but it's a constant drain on my mental health. I have angry, yelling parents directing anger at me for mistakes that I have nothing to do with, and I don't have the time for the most part to actually talk to the kids. I love working with and helping kids which is why I went into the career, but not being able to do that as often as I like along with having to deal with irate parents is a drain on my mental health. When I am able to do the work I thought I was going to to I'm told that I'm good at it, but being good at it and being able to handle the pressures associated with it are two different things. There have been days where I just cry after work, this just isn't sustainable. When I was in undergrad I got my degree in social work, and while I like helping people even then I was worried that the field would be a drain on my mental health. Counseling and social work both are very heavy in emotional labor. I went with it anyways, hoping it would get better with time and therapy.
I had wanted to major in history since I love to research and I study it in my spare time just for fun. I was told back then that it wasn't a good major to have because "what would you even do with a history degree anyways, all you could do is teach." I would love to work in historical preservation, genealogy, or public history. I keep going back to it and wondering if maybe I should make a career change, see if working in history would be better for me. The issue is that I have a bachelors and a masters in something totally unrelated, I don't know that anyone would actually hire me. Or at least, if they did it probably wouldn't be at a salary high enough I could pay my loans, because it would be an entry level job since I don't have a history degree. I would have to go back to school, and add more debt that I will never get out of.
I just don't know what to do, I feel like my current career isn't sustainable for me, but the career I wish I had gone to probably wouldn't take me. Do I go back to school and add that debt or do I try to stick it out in my current career? Everyone around me keep encouraging me to stick with it, but I don't want to end up as someone who is eventually hates my job so much I'm not actually helping kids that need help. I don't want to be that mean, old school counselor that no one likes.
I know that no one can tell me for sure what to do, but does anyone have any insight? Information on going back to school or changing your career to something totally different? Or maybe some advice on how to stick with a career you're not sure is a good fit for your personal life?
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2023.06.10 05:23 adrocz I'm a father and husband struggling daily with the will to live.

My life similar to many others, has been pretty shit. Filled with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I could go into all the detail but it wouldn't matter. I once attempted to end my life back in college of 2005 when a fraternity brother with asthma decided to find me in the dead of winter in the middle of the woods just as I was attempting to end it all.
Fast forward to 2017, I've been through my marriage where my ex-wife basically used me for providing and only being intimate with me when we wanted to conceive a child. For a few years I was a single father (having full custody) not wanting to get back into the dating scene feeling like I deserved it.
I questioned why shit always went downhill for me, regardless of my effort, changes, growth, etc, I always felt used, and in return I always felt punished for wanting to have more intimacy, whether physical or emotional. My marriage lasted nine long years, and in those nine years I didn't cheat, didn't physically abuse, didn't emotionally abuse. Yet, the moment I showed any sign of weakness or vulnerablity I was belitted, made fun of, and it was used against me.
I was blamed for the destruction of our marriage even though I was cheated on, the moment I lost a job I was told I had better get one or we'd get divorced (regardless of the fact that my wife had barely worked more than a few months in those nine years). It just always felt like everything was riding on my shoulders and that the moment I budged or strained, everything was my fault.
My relationship after that was about a year or so later, here we go, I'm freaking out because my relationship with my fiance is growing into yet again another problem because of me. I'm weak, I need some help, I was dealing with PTSD from the previous marriage and I'm a man who needs to have his shit together for his kids and his future wife. It doesn't matter what I've done or said or would do for her in regards to being a good and supportive partner because no matter how many times my therapist tells me that not everything was my fault and that I am a genuinely good person, the people I love seem to think otherwise.
If we yell, I'm yelling not her, if I fucked up, I'm reminded of it, but if they fucked up, it never happened. If I am crying about something, I need to grow a pair and be stronger, but if they do, I better be a supportive person and allow them all the time they need. She left me just after a friend passed and I lost my job and I wanted to talk to someone who I thought would listen, but I was told she needed space...
Now I am married to my current wife, it's 2023 and it's almost my third anniversary. This year has been the hardest of my life. We've both had a lot of shit happen. However this time, I've done everything in my power to keep the pressure off, getting medication, going to therapy, etc etc and yet, no matter how quick I am to change or do whatever to endure, or how much I take care of her, her kids (I call them mine but we're a blended family) and my children and better myself I'm still fucking it all up because I am weak and vulnerable.
My wife broke my trust last year, and then this year she broke it again, she told me, "When you're weak and vulnerable, I've wanted you less, I'm attracted to you less."
My world shattered. She told me I could open up, be honest, talk about my feelings, communicate and yet.... all it did was made us more distant. All it did was give me confirmation of the entire time of not feeling like I was wanted in the last year or so. It still feels like it, its hard to even talk to my therapist who is a women because I don't know if I am just sounding like a bitch.
Everyday, I just hate existing, because I feel my existence isn't worth it unless I am useful. I take care of my wife and her needs and the children because I love then and give them my all, and yet, my needs aren't met, needs that I can't fulfill on my own because I just want to be wanted, be thought of, be appreciated for me, not for what I do and provide. Those things are natural to me for the people I love. I feel like a used tool, that isn't wanted, it's just sitting in the shed for when it's needed and put back in it's place and charged every once in a while so it can continue to be useful. I don't want to live like this anymore.
There is so much more to tell but this is everything without being a full fucking novel.
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2023.06.10 05:16 Picassoslovechild First appointment with a proper gyno 21 years - advice?

At 15, I was diagnosed with PCOS, experiencing teenage hirsutism and extremely painful periods. At 18, I started taking Yasmin (or Dianette, Yasminelle, etc.), which has helped control my PCOS symptoms, such as maintaining a healthy BMI, reducing hair growth, stabilizing moods, and regulating my monthly periods. However, the pill has significantly impacted my libido, and with my wedding approaching in a month, I would like to address this before our honeymoon. I also have high blood pressure which I think is due to the pill and currently take beta-blockers to manage it.
I decided I'll stop taking the pill after my wedding and explore other methods of contraception since we do not plan on having children. As I have moved between countries since the age of 21, my healthcare has been inconsistent, but I now have private health insurance in the US and have scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist. For reference, I'm 36.
In addition to my PCOS, I have noticed other potentially related disorders or issues, including difficulty standing for long periods (which causes nausea), feeling faint after consuming too much sugar, ADHD, anxiety, and depression (when not controlled with other medication), undefined waistline and fat on flanks, brittle hair and nails, chronic sinus inflammation, and tendonitis in my hamstrings, calves, and feet.
During my appointment with the gynecologist, I plan to discuss all of these symptoms and concerns. However, I'd appreciate any advice on what I should mention, look for, or be aware of. I know my last doctor tried to put me on the coil which I know would have been a lot of pain for something that would not have agreed with my hormonal balance. My new gynecologist does not specialize in PCOS so any tips or suggestions regarding specific questions to ask or important information to communicate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

TLDR: I have PCOS and have been taking Yasmin on and off since I was 18 to manage it. I think it's affected my libido, so I plan to stop taking it after my wedding next month. I haven't been to a gyno in 18 years. What questions do I need to bring to my first gynecologist meeting?
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2023.06.10 04:34 Trance-Lucent Extreme Physiological and psychological changes after fully engaging hyoid for the first time

Hello, I have a complex case of severe TMD, and every day for the past three years has been defined by that fact. I am 27 now, and was a life long mouth breather since an infant (due to sinus infections). All my life, I have been described as lethargic, quiet, depressed, sickly looking, and ugly. I knew at the age of 12 that I had chronic fatigue, and my doctor brushed it off as nothing. Well turns out I had severe sleep apnea this whole time and my parents thought it was just extreme snoring. When I was aged 5 one of my earliest memories is complaining to my dad that I could not sleep because my right rib is poking me, and this sensation LITERALLY prevents me from sleeping on my back to this day. Now, I have been mewing every single day without fail for the past three years, and recently the "momentum" started to pick up. Parts of my face that were paralyzed and atrophied slowly became liberated and mobile, over months and years I watched this happen slowly and my ability to tongue swallow improved drastically over the past few months. My maxilla has expanded 6mm over the past three years, all documented with in depth airway CT scans.
  Now, four days ago, I was focusing on ONLY engaging the hyoid, and I realized that it wants to go even further, and so I really pushed on it, and I just so happened to inhale deeply as I did so; and suddenly the following things happened very suddenly: My chest puffed out DRAMATICALLY (as a male, I can now not where light fabric t shirts because my nipples are very obviously showing through all my shirts. I am not fat for the record). I know this sounds strange but please do not dismiss it, there is a medical anomaly happening to me at this moment and I would appreciate any feedback from someone familiar with these topics. In the same motion as my chest puffed out, my shoulders went all the way back, and this caused me to look like I have a huge arch in my lower back). During this moment I felt muscles in my body being innervated that I had never felt before in my life. I felt muscles inside my armpits contracting, I have no way to describe it other than it felt like all my muscles were connected and activated suddenly. I IMMEDIATELY felt the miraculous miracle breakthrough in my jaw. In this new position, I could speak in a totally different way, such that there was ZERO pressure on my jaw. I also tried chewing food, and for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE chewing felt good, I could masticate straight up and down along the midline with ease.
I realized my posture was the culprit for the severe unbearable TMJ, but now I have a new issue that sprung up from this. In the new posture, my spine was obviously compensating before and now the spinal issue has been revealed. My back was arched severely but my jaw was PERFECT, so from there I tried to correct the back arch while maintaining the deep hyoid tongue posture. I had no success until I accidentally flexed my abs (presumably as a result of feeling all the muscles in my body being innervated as I engaged the hyoid, and doing this actually fixed the spinal issue (I felt a ton of pressure on my lower back as I flexed my abs), and it looks like I have perfectly straight posture (and my face looks completely different, permanent hollow cheeks on both sides, classic unbelievable mewing transformation when you see someone on youtube do a deep tongue swallow and go from cave troll to brad pitt), but this position was difficult to maintain and required a lot of effort from my body in ways that I had never experienced.
I immediately realized that breathing in this new posture was very different, it feels like my rib cage is pressing against my lungs (for the record, I think my ribs grew in a weird way since childhood, probably causing this) and preventing me from breathing using anything other than my diaphragm. I had to breath by expanding my lower belly, I guess i was using my lungs before. I noticed I was breathing much more frequently and it felt like despite the shallowness of the breaths, I was breathing in a totally new way. I felt alive for the first time in my life. This happened literally IMMEDIATELY within seconds. It felt like my heart heart rate increased, my blood pressure, it kind of felt like my sympathetic nervous system was activated. I have never had an adams apple, and in this new posture I suddenly revealed my adams apple (this is not exaggeration) and I can feel the brand new sensation of my adams apple bobbing up and down as I tongue swallow (hallelujah). My hands IMMEDIATELY started sweating, my body started generating heat as a direct result of all these muscles being activated, I stood up and started pacing. I have been pacing a lot since then. I felt like and still feel like I could run up and down a wall, fight a tree, I just feel like doing push-ups 24/7 of that makes sense (I have never felt this way in my life). This energy is coming through in the way I am typing this message, I dont usually write in this manner. I dont know if its related, but in the shower on two occasions in the past four days, I have felt a burning sensation in my testacles, I thought I got some type of chemical on it but I looked at them and they just felt very warm (hot) but it wasnt very uncomfortable. I find myself pacing around, I can't sit still, it feels like I am about to jump out of my skin with energy. I have gotten more done in the past four days than I have done in the past year.
I know I had a metabolic disorder causing me severe fatigue, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect THIS to happen. I have called every doctor in my network of 5 specialists im currently seeing, and trying to get in as soon as possible, because even though I feel BETTER THAN IVE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE BY FAR, I am also overheating, my hands are POURING out sweat, my hands are radiating heat, and I'm having this new issue with my spine and ribcage that is uncomfortable, but 100x better than having severe TMD. This will also probably sound crazy but food and flavor tastes completely different now. I cant even finish my drink, it tastes so strongly, and I used to love the flavor of these sour patch kids energy drinks. It is SO strange. Something about the diaphragmatic breathing definitely shifted something major in my metabolic function, I am certain of that, but I guess what I'm thinking now is that perhaps my thyroid was somehow being constricted by the larynx/adams apple and was dysfunctional, and getting the hyoid out of the way gave the thyroid room to breathe? I am at a loss, I can not find any examples of this in any literature. Please do not think I am exaggerating, every word is true. The life I had before I do not even consider to be called living, I would NEVER go back to the old posture despite all the discomfort I'm feeling, I feel alive and awake for the first time in my entire 27 years of being on this earth. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcomed.
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2023.06.10 04:16 gothwyrm I am newly determined to find community and let my spirit and soul flourish through Christianity

I am 29. I have lived and loved through a very hard life, mostly alone in my beliefs, or at least unable to recognize my beliefs also being held by others. I'm tired of being alone and unsaved, and I've recognized through the analyzation of so many different sciences, especially social and biological, and through the comparing and contrasting between undeniable truths and all modern and classical philosophy, and historical and current cultures...That I can no longer deny the call to other followers of God, and those who believe in the teachings of Jesus and understand the importance of what happened to him.
I have done a lot of work throughout my life to control myself and be as in touch as I can with the workings of all my inner systems. I am no slave to my body. But I am getting old, and where I have found myself in life...I dont know who I can trust anymore. My relationships are with people determined to live sinful lives, and as I dont have the fortitude anymore to change their lives and help them understand the greater perspectives on the lives they have worked hard to attain in pursuit of their happiness and stability, especially since they are my only serial social connections...I am at the mercy of their influence. I used to excuse sin, and commit it lassez faire with hopes to use it to close distance between myself and others living that way to introduce hope and peace and understanding and truth to thier lives and also mine...but at some point I fell all the way into the depths, and hit the bottom. I dont want to go down that slope again, and I want armor to stop from being pulled down, and from pulling others ever again.
Perhaps I've spoken too much. My true intent with this post is to ask for help; I've never belonged to a church, or a religious community outside some extended family and some people who took me in at some point in my past, and I'd like to know where I belong. There are so many denominations...and so many sources of religious wisdom, from people with different readings. I feel jumping in somewhere is unwise. Is there some way I can determine where I would be suited to best? Someone such as me, who is unaware of the differences in the organization of churches and its posts between denominations...Theres so much I dont know. But I know the things I believe. I'd like some way to find out soon, as the pressure to waver from even my decision to come here comes in waves. I dont want to forget my beliefs anymore.
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2023.06.10 04:10 richi-carmen Reliable diameter and compression ratio of wood pellet mill

Reliable diameter and compression ratio of wood pellet mill
Exactly how to distinguish the efficient diameter and also compression proportion of wood pellet mill?
Now numerous consumers can not properly identify the two ideas of effective diameter and compression proportion when they evaluate the wood granulator, as well as also some customers that have actually acquired the sawdust timber pellet mill tools still do not recognize. Today, the editor will clarify to you exactly how to distinguish the efficient size as well as compression proportion of the wood pellet mill.
Most of us recognize that various products call for various compression ratios. In order to distinguish the compression ratio and efficient diameter of sawdust wood pellet mill, the secret is to comprehend the principle of compression ratio and also effective size.
Typically speaking, the effective diameter of the sawdust timber pellet mill is the effective diameter of the sawdust pellet mill device die. despite the fact that. The size of the die size of the pellet device is particular, but not the whole size of the die size is utilized to push the product, only the middle part of the die diameter can press the product, and also both ends are release holes.
The compression ratio is just the effective diameter of the die divided by the diameter of the die hole. As an example, for an 8mm size die, if its efficient size is 45mm, the compression ratio is 5.63; if the efficient diameter is 30, the compression proportion is 3.75; if the effective diameter is 55mm, the compression proportion is 6.87.
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Currently everybody needs to recognize the difference in between the compression ratio and the reliable diameter. I wish that when customers evaluate the sawdust wood pellet mill, they will certainly ask the manufacturer just how huge the mold is for the test device, and you will certainly know whether the maker is discussing the efficient diameter or the compression ratio.
Richi Machinery is a biomass gas timber pellet devices supplier specializing in the wood pellet mills offer for sale, if you have an interest in our wood pellet mill tasks and also solutions, please leave your requirements as well as e-mail, WhatsApp as well as various other call info, our sales personnel will certainly supply professional solutions and corresponding product images, video clips as well as quotations.
1. Improve the manufacturing effectiveness of timber pellet mill.
( 1) Choose wood pellet mill that works with your very own production ability. If your real outcome is 1-2 tons, attempt not to pick a pellet machine that generates 2-3 tons to stay clear of unnecessary waste.
( 2) Suppliers should pick the ideal mold and mildew aperture according to their real demands, because if the aperture is as well small, it will certainly cause reduced result and no material, which will seriously impact the production effectiveness of the timber pellet mill.
( 3) Control the gap in between the die of the sawdust timber pellet mill and also the pressing wheel. After the material is grown at heat, it is pushed and developed by the pressing wheel, to make sure that the resulting pellets have great density as well as are strong and beautiful.
( 4) During the production process of the sawdust timber pellet mill, the feeding needs to be consistent, so regarding make certain the smooth procedure of the device without product obstruction, consistent granulation, as well as enhance the manufacturing performance and the service life of the tools.
( 5) Routine maintenance of timber pellet mill. Long-term rubbing between the mold and mildew as well as the pressure roller will certainly damage the mold. Normal oil injection and also cleansing can not only ensure the sanitation of the mold, yet also minimize the rubbing between the two, minimize costs, as well as enhance manufacturing efficiency.
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2. How to keep the biomass timber pellet mill.
The biomass wood pellet mill can make corn stalks, rice husks, forage turf, branches, tree stalks, bark, cotton stalks and other basic materials right into gas or feed. It is the preferred equipment for safeguarding non-renewable energy as well as producing new environmentally friendly energy. It has actually appeared in all elements of our life and also has shown its very own special feature. Nonetheless, whatever equipment requires to be maintained, the biomass pellet mill maker likewise needs maintenance when it is functioning. What needs to be done currently?
( 1) Once a month, routinely inspect the accessories of the biomass wood pellet press equipment, including screws, bearings as well as other moving parts of the worm gear, worm, lubricating block, etc for adaptable turning and wear. If defects are discovered, they ought to be quit and repaired in time;.
( 2) The biomass pellet maker ought to be utilized in a dry and also clean room, as well as it ought to not be made use of in places where the ambience consists of acids or various other gases that are corrosive to the body;.
( 3) After the biomass timber pellet mill is made use of, the drum ought to be obtained for cleansing, and afterwards set up to prepare for the next use;.
( 4) When the drum return and also forth throughout job, please adjust the M10 screw on the front bearing to the appropriate setting. If the gear shaft moves, please readjust the M10 screw behind the bearing structure to the ideal placement, change the clearance to ensure that the bearing does not make sounds, transform the wheel by hand, as well as the tightness is appropriate. Also tight or too loose can create damage to the timber pellet mill;.
( 5) If the biomass wood pellet mill runs out use for a long period of time, the whole body of the maker need to be wiped clean, as well as the smooth surface area of the equipment parts must be coated with anti-rust oil as well as covered with a fabric.
3. Benefits of sawdust wood pellet mill.
In the energy industry, typical energy sources such as coal as well as gas are limited and not eco-friendly, while biomass power not just has a variety of raw materials, however likewise can be recycled. Agricultural waste, forestry waste, house waste, etc can be made use of as basic materials, and the burned ash can also be utilized as potash plant food to supplement plants, which is very " encouraging".
The sawdust wood pellet granulator has a wide flexibility to the wetness content of the raw products. As a result, most raw materials can be straight made use of for granulation without drying out, and the temperature surge after molding is only 10-15 ℃. The drying and also cooling operations are eliminated, the overall system energy usage is greatly decreased, as well as the devices damage is likewise greatly decreased. The biomass pellet fuel generated by this wood pellet mill machine has a large percentage, high calorific value, and also is immune to burning, which can change typical energy.
Along with normal household usage, biomass energy can additionally be extensively utilized in business as well as commercial areas. my country's sawdust timber granulator devices suppliers have actually progressively changed from price competitors to competition in item efficiency, quality and service quality. In order to attain suitable power generation outcome and also lasting revenue, sawdust wood pellet mills producers have likewise begun to pay even more attention to engineering construction quality and power plant procedure and maintenance management. When we utilize it, we should inspect whether the power supply of the timber pellet mill remains in great get in touch with. This is not just for the sawdust pellet maker itself, but likewise to make certain the individual security of the operator, so we should pay fantastic attention to it.
RICHI MACHINERY has actually been established for greater than 25 years, specializing in wood pellet mill to buy, as well as the growth and also production of single/complete pellet assembly line such as animal feed, biomass fuel, timber waste, grass, straw, organic fertilizer, etc, as well as offer layout and services for EPC/Turnkey tasks!
If you want to know more regarding wood pellet mill up for sale Romania, timber pellet mill available USA, wood pellet mill to buy South Korea, timber pellet mill up for sale Indonesia, wood pellet mill up for sale Japan, timber pellet mill up for sale Thailand, wood pellet mill to buy Netherlands, please get in touch with Richi Equipment for information.

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2023.06.10 04:08 richi-carmen Aspects influencing the outcome of timber pellet mill

Aspects influencing the outcome of timber pellet mill
Wood pellet mill is an important tools in manufacturing, so in the manufacturing process, what variables can influence the result of wood pellet mill devices?
1. Several elements influencing the result of timber pellet device
In the adhering to, Richi Device will present to you several major elements that affect the result of sawdust wood pellet mill:
( 1) Grease. Add 0.5% to 1% of oil, which is beneficial to reduce the wear of timber pellet device parts, as well as make the pellets conveniently travel through the die holes and boost the outcome. Keep in mind, however, that when the boost in oil goes beyond 2%, it will make the pellets challenging to form. As a result, when including grease, 30% of the overall quantity should be added at the mixer, and also 70% of the complete quantity should be sprayed at the wood pellet mill.
( 2) Starch. Grains have a high starch web content as well as are very easy to granulate at heat and high dampness. Consequently, the appeased and solidified dampness is in between 16% and 18%, the temperature level is above 80 ℃, and the outcome of the pellet maker is likewise high. If the grain is currently grown before conditioning (eg drying corn), the output of the wood pellet mill will certainly be lowered.
( 3) Thermal sensitivity. The thickness of lactose as well as whey powder in the material boosts after home heating, which helps to boost the output. However, if the temperature level exceeds 60 ℃, it is easy to appear coking, which will block the die hole and affect the outcome.
( 4) Crude fiber. Ideal unrefined fiber ( web content 3% ~ 5%) contributes to the bonding of pellets and enhances the granulation output, but when the content of unrefined fiber goes beyond 10%, the cohesiveness of the product will certainly become worse, impacting the hardness of the pellets and creating price, while boosting mechanical wear and decreasing wood pellet mill output.
( 5) Product moisture. When the humidity of the product is too high, it is hard to solidify the material and also it is simple to create the product to slip between the internal wall of the ring die and the pressing roller, leading to the clog of the ring die hole. Usually speaking, the moisture material of the product should be listed below 13% before conditioning.
( 6) Minerals. Not natural products have almost no communication and poor granulation efficiency. For that reason, when the inorganic web content in the material is too high, a percentage of binder is usually contributed to the product to improve the granulation feature as well as boost the outcome of the wood pellet mill.
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The above are the significant factors that affect the result of timber pellet mill, I hope it can be useful to everybody! Richi Equipment is a biomass straw rice husk timber pellet plant tools maker concentrating on the wood pellet mills offer for sale, if you want our biomass and also wood pellet mill jobs and options, please leave your needs and e-mail, WhatsApp and various other call details, our sales personnel will give expert solutions and equivalent product pictures, video clips and quotations.
2. The process of biomass gas:
Biomass fuel is based on farming and forestry residues as the major basic material. After assembly line equipment such as slicers, pulverizers, clothes dryers, timber pellet mill, coolers, balers, etc, it is finally made into shaped eco-friendly fuels with high calorific worth and also adequate burning. It is a clean and also low-carbon renewable energy.
As a fuel for biomass burning equipment such as biomass heaters as well as biomass boilers, it has a lengthy burning time, improved burning, high heating system temperature, and is economical as well as environmentally friendly. It is a top quality environmentally friendly fuel to change standard fossil power.
3. The growth of wood pellet machine constantly adheres to the plan
Biomass pellet fuel, a new item developed by wood pellet mill maker manufacturers, is a renewable new power source with absolutely no carbon emissions, so my nation strongly sustains the promo of biomass fuel pellets. Managers who can see through the marketplace have actually switched over to the biomass pellet machine industry. The advancement of timber pellet mill has actually constantly adhered to the plan.
Just recently, the biomass wood pellet mill device market has actually continued to be popular. It is estimated that the size of the biomass fuel pellet market will remain to boost in the future. The continual boost in the biomass fuel pellet market is primarily based upon the following factors :.
( 1) As a result of the liberalization of energy-saving as well as environmental protection policies, the number of users who switched to the wood pellet mill sector has actually enhanced, causing the expansion of the market scale.
( 2) Because of the substantial use of biomass timber pellet mill, it is in line with my country's brand-new environmental protection and also power saving plan, and has no demands for the choice of resources. It is beneficial to plants such as corn straw, wheat straw, rice husk straw, bean husk straw as well as various other waste. As a resources, the cost of resources is reasonably low.
What brings in new individuals is that biomass fuel pellets can change some non-renewable energy sources. With an increasing number of customers, the market size of biomass timber pellet mill will certainly continue to increase.
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4. The market prospect of biomass wood pellet mill machine.
Recently, the state has actually strongly advocated and also supported the growth and also usage of bioenergy. With the worldwide power scarcity and also the environmental protection needs of power preservation as well as emission reduction, the marketplace need and revenue margins of biomass renewable energy will certainly be immeasurable.
( 1) What is biofuel?
Biomass gas is a kind of strong waste utilizing plant straw and other products, such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, straw, peanut covering, corn cobs, branches, bark, sawdust as well as furfural deposit, edible fungi residue, typical Chinese medicine deposit, etc, a new sort of renewable resource made after crushing, pressurizing and also densifying.
( 2) Attributes.
Biomass gas is little in size, large in specific gravity, resistant to burning, as well as has a calorific value of 3500-5500 kcal, which is convenient for storage and also transportation, and also is a very convenient strong fuel.
( 3) Scope of application.
Biomass gas can totally change firewood, raw coal, dissolved gas, and so on, as well as is widely made use of in living cooktops, home heating furnaces, warm water central heating boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, and so on( 4) Market need.
Biomass gas is clean as well as environmentally friendly, fairly reduced in price, and has a wide variety of applications. It can be made use of in urban home heating, home heating, resorts, bathing and also various other industries.
It is anticipated that the reserves of underground oil, natural gas and coal are just sufficient for around 60 years according to the present exploitation as well as use price. Consequently, biomass power is an important development direction of renewable energy in the future.
Richi Machinery specializes in the design, advancement and also sales of biomass pellet mill devices, timber pellet mill, straw pellet mill devices, and so on. It is among the fastest growing suppliers in China's biomass pellet machine market, with strong production experience and technical stamina. The firm is devoted to advertising wood pellet mill, securing resources, and also opening a new path for boosting our living setting, enhancing air quality, as well as solving the scarcity of coal and also gas in industry as well as farming.
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2023.06.10 04:06 spicy_cowboy Hospitalized for Gallstones

On Tuesday morning, I had my first prenatal exam at 8w+2d. Everything looked good with baby, but the NP said she saw an abnormal growth on my cervix that bled when she touched it and there was a cyst on my left ovary. She said the cyst is more than likely from the egg, which is what happened in my first pregnancy, and the growth on the cervix didn’t look concerning but she would have the doctor review it in 4 weeks to make sure it either resolved itself or determine what the next steps would be. Ok, cool. I get it, my body’s not perfect, but it carried a healthy baby boy to full term just over 2 years ago with an ovarian cyst (was gone after a few weeks) and a SCH that didn’t resolve until 3rd trimester. I know I’m in good care and things will work out.
However, around 4pm that night, I started having these horrible bloat pains out of nowhere. I was nauseous and felt like my insides were going to explode. I laid in bed for a while, tried sitting on the toilet to pass gas or poop, nothing was working. I finally threw up at 6:30pm and 2 more time after, but the pain kept persisting. It was the equivalent of a labor contraction that never stopped. I was being squeezed by an imaginary rubber band around my entire midsection and couldn’t find any relief so I went to the ER. They ran 3 ultrasounds on me - on baby, on my appendix, and on my upper right abdomen. The ended up finding “multiple gallstones” in my gallbladder and the doctor explained gallstones can actually be common in pregnancy due to the rapid increase in hormones while the organs are shifting. I had never heard of that before, but what did I know? So he informed me that the normal medication for gallstones would damage my baby and explained since my gallbladder was not inflamed or infected, they would send me home with morphine in my system to make it through the night then prescribe me norco and zofran. He also said to alert my OB so they can set up a surgical consult for when I’m in the 2nd trimester and surgery is safer.
I went home, got a little sleep, and my husband picked up my prescription at noon. The entire morning I was feeling crappy, but it felt like normal bloat discomfort. I took my norco and zofran as prescribed at 1pm and took a nap. I woke up at 3pm with a small appetite so I was going to eat some fruits, but I ended up not getting any because I jar fell out of our fridge and I needed to clean it up (my husband was repairing a gas line in the garage). About 10 minutes later I rush to the bathroom to throw up again. I do that 2 more times and then we head to a different ER the doctor from the night before suggested because this one had an emergency obstetrics unit and surgical unit that work together with the main ER.
I wait 2-1/2 hours in the waiting room by myself because I told my husband to go home because my toddler didn’t understand and was being loud in the waiting room. I didn’t want to bug others with a child who didn’t even need to be there. I’m crying in the waiting room, about to pass out from the pain and I finally get called back. They gave me something better than morphine and an IV, took some blood, had me do 2 more ultrasounds, and left me in a chair for about 3 more hours before I moved to a bed to be admitted.
Once I was finally admitted they explained to me that my white blood cell count increased from 18k the night before, to 19k and my gallbladder was inflamed and showing signs of infect AND it was now packed with gallstones. The doctor said they’re going to run me through antibiotics and see if they can get the infection under control. If they can, from my understanding, I get to go home and continue the antibiotic treatments until my 2nd trimester surgical consult with my OB and surgeon and then schedule the surgery. If it’s not successful, they’ll need to perform surgery right away which has a very high chance of me losing the baby.
I’m currently on my 7th round of antibiotics, received a white blood cell count of 14k yesterday, and who knows how much morphine I’ve had. I’m at peace with things if I lose this baby - I hope I don’t - but I understand the reality. Im at the point where I’m putting pressure on the doctors to give me an ultrasound to see if this baby is even still alive (I haven’t heard the heartbeat in 2 days) and if it’s not, then I’m done with the torturing pain and want the surgery now. If baby is somehow still going strong, I don’t know how I’m gonna make it another ~4 weeks like this.
Not sure what the point of this post was, I guess just to finally tell someone besides my husband what I’m dealing with. Maybe this can be a helpful warning to others if they have similar symptoms. To be clear, I had bloat and nausea before all this, but never threw up or experience similar pain at any point in this pregnancy or my last one.
I’ll update once I receive some answers.
[TLDR: my gallbladder is packed with stones because of pregnancy hormones and now I’m being pumped full of antibiotics to avoid surgery and potential loss]
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2023.06.10 04:05 riverkaylee How my kids therapist speaks to me is harming my calm, is this right?

This might need trigger warnings. My poor baby has had a tough run, he's gone through phases of self harm. Please avoid if this is a trigger for you.
Is this therapist helping or is this a bad approach?
People in the scenario: me (46f, Probs adhd no diagnosis) my wonderful son (15tm asd level 2, pda). The basics are, he won't go to school, this has been going on since gr 6 (currently gr 9) when serious and long term bullying occurred, which I continually asked the school to deal with, in great detail, but nothing happened and it kept going until my kid just couldn't any more. Took him to a different school (about 6 months time frame) from the bullies. The new school is lovely, but he still isn't going. (This has relevance to the therapists attitude / approach.)
Here's the heavy stuff, he's had three suicide attempts since 2018, and was at times self harming to cope with overwhelm and melt downs, he also got into a pattern of just habit and liked it, drawing designs on himself.
I have tried everything (that the internet has available to read), tried different approaches, I don't know if I could list them all, this has been going on so long. But I've been there, talking to him, trying to help him through the things, trying to help him find other outlets, talking about the importance of school, finding ways to make it easier. That's a huge simplification.
I think I need to learn how to approach pda better. I try to phrase things well, but I don't think I'm on the mark with this one. If anyone has any good book or resource suggestions, I would be super grateful! So that's one thing I can identify I can do better and work on.
I feel like I'm probably too much of a push over as a parent, I had a very abusive and traumatic childhood, so I had to read everything available on the internet to learn how it's supposed to be done, and make sure I wasn't taking any of the toxic stuff I lived through into my household. I'm very very overwhelmed too, because for the last 2.5 years I've had my grandson here in my custody, he's very high needs and definitely autistic (I don't know how to phrase that properly, please correct me if I'm off track there) yet another reason I really re-examined my parenting, my eldest (now 29f) really went off the rails, drugs and abuse and dangerous impulsive behaviour. I'm now starting to feel like she's maybe similarly personality disordered as her father.
So I'm dealing with her and her manic episodes which are terrifying, my 2.5yo asd grandson, my 15 masd, who they tell me likely has a cluster b disorder as well, and then there's my 11f who I try to get to as much as possible. She spent no time around her father and is trauma free. (my kids father was very abusive, I kept as much distance as possible and always tried to keep the kids from ever seeing the worst stuff, but I didn't know some of the other stuff was abuse, too, cut ties with him, essentially, before my last baby was born, when I started learning about other types of abuse). It's a lot, and I'm spread thin. Even on days when I'm not coping, I still have to put my Mary poppins persona on and keep on trucking (doing as minimal as possible) because I have no help or support, not even anyone to vent to, really. I suppose that's probably why I'm here.
Oh and to top it all of, I've encumbered myself with 4 cats, because I was doing fostering for the located cat sanctuary, but I'm super bad at it, and fell in love with and adopted 4 of the cats I had been fostering. I probably fostered about 20 odd.
The actual problem is, we're engaged with a government mental health agency. Which I was ecstatic about because omfg I love all these people, but their support needs are way above my capacity and knowledge. But the therapist involved (I don't know what her qualifications are, she told me she used to be a speech therapist) her whole approach is to put pressure on me, and act like she's saving my kid from me. She constantly puts pressure on me to be doing more or be harder on my son, but I've tried a harder approach and it's just traumatic for him. She says I should be saying "because I care for you..." and then just forcing him to school, or something, she just implies the next bit. She constantly asks me to prove myself over and over. "what we need to know is if you're committed to this program, we aren't going to waste a spot on someone who isn't committed" and makes us go through a check list that seems written from someone in primary school, what are the pros and cons of being here. And painstakingly makes us list all the pros and cons of about 4 different questions. (this is for an upcoming dbt workshop she's said would be helpful). I've tried to give her an example of my parenting and knowledge, because I know the cases these people deal with, it's usually the parents, so I tried to explain through conversation, as things came up, my attitude and approaches (I try and read everything on parenting and psychology to keep up with the best approaches to things) but she doesn't listen. I realised she probably has some hard headed parents who speak similarly, but they're reluctant to change, so they would need a hard hitting approach. And maybe it would burn you out to assess the level of approach each parent needed. I have demonstrated I'm always rethinking my strategies and approaches. I just really can't cope with it. I can't cope with the way she's speaking to me. She speak in very slow pc say it nicely ways, but if she asked once if we were committed, fine, no problem, she's gone through that same check list with us 5 times now. It takes an hour each time. She tells me I need to push harder, when I know that's just going to cause my kid meltdowns and set us back further. She asks me every time (condescendingly) if I've locked up the medication and sharps. I had done that before being engaged with them. I was sick af, and turned last appointment into a video call, she berated me about calling to get my 15yo on ndis. I said I couldn't today, it was 4:30 before she got off the phone with me for a 2.5hr dragging. And I had a bad flu. (I should have done this sooner, I know, I've been engaging my grandsons ndis and talking with coordinators and service providers and figuring out the system for him, he has many many appointments, I have zero time in a day and I get no sleep, 2 to 5 hours a night, time has gotten away from me, it's been on the top of my to do list for a month) she sighed exasperatedly at me for saying I couldn't tonight. It was right before their closing time. And my head was exploding. And I still had to hold it together to make tea and sort every one's, everything, with a sick 2yo. I have been so stressed, I can't sleep and getting less sleep than I already do, is heading into serious danger for me. I needed this to be a service that supported me, not added more straws to my already overloaded camel.
How do I say to her her approach is harming me. And I can't cope with more overload. She thinks she's helping, her colleague thinks she tells it straight. I feel she's completely misread this situation. Am I wrong? Should I just push my kid harder? There's nothing I could say, I'm very good at motivational speeches, I'm intelligent, nothing I say can motivate him. He won't go. I can't physically force him, and I would never do that. She seems to think I can just say, I care about you, so I'm going to make you go, and that would somehow end with him at school! Like I haven't said anything similar 10,000 times. How do I get through to her that her approach isn't helping and it's adding more weight to me. I need to keep as much pressure off myself so I can be present for these kids. I don't want to feel maxed out and bad about myself, then my temper will be short and I'll snap at the kids, instead of being calm in hard situations, which are multiple daily things.
I don't know how to say to her she's being a jerk and causing me stress and her ideas are stupid. But nicely. Or maybe I am doing everything wrong. I don't even know. What do I do? Many many thanks for reading all of this waffle and many more thanks if you have any insight, I'm drowning. Sending love to every one.
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2023.06.10 03:43 SnowySaint This is our last, and best, chance to stand up to Greed Inc.

Reddit Inc is trying to manipulate the app space by squashing competitors. They want to have complete control, and that's not cool. We need to defend the diversity and vibrancy that competition brings. Reddit Inc is clearly jealous of certain third-party apps, but instead of bringing their own product up to par (and beyond) they've opted to remove the alternatives. We need to protect the existing mod tools, and the future ones, that help us fill the gap in our workflow when Reddit inevitability falls short with their native stuff.
Why this is our "last and best chance" to make a difference? When Reddit Inc goes public the people at the top will probably have a fiduciary responsibility to NOT allow its own platform to host "mass protests", especially about "deeply unfavorable policies" that happen to be very lucrative for the company. They will not allow mass expression of discontent.
We need to protest longer, the 48-hour thing won't cut it. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure Reddit Inc can't ignore us. By extending our protest, we show them that we're serious and that users, devs, and mods, deserve to be treated with respect and gratitude. A month, or indefinite, would be better, much better. That would force the Admins to stop the shenanigans or start replacing us with themselves and actually do some of the work that we've so tirelessly been doing for so long.
I'm a mod of 30+ subreddits and have been a mod for 6+ years. I've been on subs that have had 1m+ users and I've taken subreddits from nothing to much more. A typical month for me includes somewhere around 20,000 moderator actions. Been to 3 of the Mod summits, hell I even used the whole year of Duo Lingo+ that Reddit gave me. I've been on "Team Reddit" for a while, never getting caught up in any of the drama caused by Reddit Inc's self-inflicted wounds. Team Reddit, until I saw how badly they were mistreating the community, the devs, and the mods this time. The mistreatment is abundantly apparent and well documented here and elsewhere. Currently, they are actively working against the heart and soul of their user base.
I fully expect retribution from them, and shamefully that was one of the things that kept me in line before. I'm done being worried about that and I'm done making excuses for them. This is our last chance to try and keep Reddit from repeating history.
TLDR: Reddit Inc. is trying to eliminate competition, they are killing third-party apps instead of improving their own. We need to protect mod tools that fill the gaps in Reddit's native features. This is our last chance to make a difference before Reddit Inc. goes public and restricts protests. We should protest longer than 48 hours to show our seriousness and demand respect. As a longtime mod, I've witnessed the many blunders by Reddit Inc., and now we must take a stand to prevent history from repeating itself.
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2023.06.10 03:43 -White_Lightning- Loud clunk, Tow truck, No start, maybe Fuel Pump?

1997 cherokee XJ 4.0L.
So a few weeks ago on my drive into work, I was speeding up to get onto the highway when there was a loud clunk from the rear of my xj. I lost all power to accelerate and i pulled over and shut it off. While waiting for the tow truck I looked around and there was no obvious damage. No leaks, no broken pieces, no smoke. Nothing.
Once home I checked all of the fluids and they were full and clean. I looked under the jeep and didn't find anything broken, as well as nothing broken under the hood (that I can tell). I checked all of the spark plugs and they are worn, but not damaged or by a piston head or anything.
Right now I simply can't get it to start back up. It'll crank and sputter but I get nothing. I'll give it some gas and it seems to sputter a little more, like it's right on the cusp of turning over, but still nothing.
I bought a fuel injection pressure tester and found out that when I turn the jeep on it'll pressurize up to 45psi, but begin dropping very quickly (down to 20psi in 10 seconds or less). So I'm thinking fuel pump perhaps? Maybe fuel filter is also a factor?
One other thing, I was draining some fuel from the fuel rail using the same tester, and I bypassed the fuel pump to do so. With it bypassed the pressure would be steady at 45psi, and steady at 20psi when draining. Not sure if this helps.
Any ideas would be great.
Edit: there are no codes being thrown currently.
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2023.06.10 03:21 EasyLee Ulduar changes will increase the divide between casual and meta players

The current situation in Ulduar is that your entire raid team have to be playing strictly to the meta, bringing only the most effective builds and using the most effective strategies, to have a reasonable shot at full clearing. The gap between the strongest and weakest raid dps, healers, and tanks is pretty massive when the content is tuned like it is.
As such, this already creates a situation where, if you want gear and your guild isn't already clearing everything, you're pressured to leave your guild and go to another one. Change servers if you have to. That's what everyone tells you to do, and that's the fastest way to "progress" on the content. Literally leave behind your "shit" guild and go to another one. Gone is the feeling of actual progression and getting better week to week. If your guild doesn't full clear within the first few weeks of new content dropping then it's a shit guild and you need to find another. That's the culture.
Post change, guilds that are already clearing everything will get five fragments guaranteed in an hour or less, plus additional fragments if they full clear. Guilds that are still progressing will get maybe one extra fragment per week, and that only if they're at the point that they can do yogg1.
Therefore, if you want gear and especially if you want Val, you'd better leave your shit guild right fucking now and join a better one. Else you'll be so far behind that you have no chance to catch up. Ergo the coming "catch-up" phase is going to be more like a BiS top guilds the fuck out phase while casual guilds will still be trying to assemble their second Val.
Changes like this only ensure that the rich get richer and everyone else falls further behind. No idea why people are praising these changes when, in reality, it's only going to further polarize the community. Eventually, there won't be any casual players left. Maybe that's what people want.
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2023.06.10 03:09 Knight-112 This is why you should be using the Flapjack Rifle

So we all know the new season came with some new weapons. I’m gonna do a full review of the lootpool and the meta sometime soon, but for now I wanted to focus on one in particular, the Flapjack Rifle
There’s a few key points but first I’m gonna give the stats (common-mythic)
Damage: 25/27/28/29/31/32
Headshot Damage: 41/44/46/47/51/51
Structure damage: 30/31/33/35/36/38
Fire rate: 6.2
Magazine size: 45
Reload time: 3.85/3.67/3.5/3.33/3.15/2.97
The flapjack rifle is an LMG in real life (the Lewis gun), but in game it’s an assault rifle. That means that Rifle augments work with the flapjack!
The current rifle augments are:
Medium Ammo Required (not only rifles but works for the flapjack)
First Assault
Reckless Rifle Reload
These three make the flapjack SO much better as you’ll always have ammo (it burns through ammo pretty quick), have more damage on first shot, and faster reload for an empty pan
Speaking of, I wanted to remind you all that two or three people with a flapjack rifle is absolutely insane. One person spraying your builds with it is already pretty op, but two or three?
Let’s take just the structure damage of the Rare one (33) and multiply that by 2 (so if you are spraying with your duo at the same time) that’s 66 structure damage. 66x45 is 2,970
That’s 2,970 possible structure damage if you and your duo spam both full mags. Than with said augments, you can bypass the moderately long reload time and keep pressuring people
Don’t forget that’s 1,485 structure damage for one pan. So it’s still insane in solos. I’d even say a little too strong in the structure damage department (at least it’s not as bad as the EvoChrome 😟)
The flapjack is an actual strong rifle. And it’s gonna be meta in competitive/tournaments. Not only that, but it’s pretty accurate as well!
I feel like a way to better balance it is to make it an LMG (so the two rifle augments don’t work on it) and to reduce the structure damage by a little bit
So in conclusion: the pancake rifle is insane and you should be using it. Especially in team modes
Fun fact: the flapjack rifle is probably named Flapjack due to the pan magazine (Pan. Pancake. Flapjack. Get it? )
Now if only the Havoc AR was useful 😐
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2023.06.10 03:03 END146 Anal gland help

Both my doggos have anal gland issues. One currently has a hot spot above his anus from licking. I read that it could be anal glands so decided to try expressing them myself. Vet does it every appointment theyve had so I know it works on them. Watched a few how to videos and tried it. With a glove on and lubed up finger, I applied gentle pressure but nothing. I could feel them but when I'd squeeze nothing would come out but idk how hard you have to squeeze. They both started getting super pissed off with my finger in their rectum so I stopped. They are always releasing them on the couch and I'd like to learn how to deal with it routinely myself to help them and also stop the couch stench but not sure what I'm doing wrong. Does it take quite a bit of pressure? Help
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2023.06.10 02:59 TheRealHomieTylerJ Transfer window (Valencia CF storyline RTG)

Transfer window (Valencia CF storyline RTG)
Doing as realistic as possible RTG for Valencia CF. Currently two weeks out of the Jan 2023 window and I need ideas for some realistic transfers (don’t know too much about soccer, la liga, or Valencia CF)
So far as an American Manager taking over Valencia CF, my first move was to get a leader that I could trust and knew the system I wanted to implement, in comes Christian Pulisic (coached him as an assistant Team USA coach) we also added Harvey Elliot as our big splash with Pulisic.
This window we have pressure from the board to make a big move and use the ENTIRE budget. We are selling Paulista to open up the budget to $62M. Ideally we need a strong replacement for paulista (I run a 4-3-3 relying on a strong back line and a midfield than can keep possession.) and to fill out the squad for the end of season push. Currently sitting in 4th place (12 points back from the top)
So let me know who some good targets would be, also who I should think about selling as well.
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2023.06.10 02:34 aziko123 28M Persistent Headaches for 2 Months with MRI and Findings: Need Advice

Hello, everyone. I, a 28-year-old white male, have been experiencing persistent headaches for the past 2 months, and I'm seeking some advice. On two occasions, I woke up at night with a sensation of pressure in my head. I am a smoker who vapes and currently weight 170 lbs at a height of 6ft. I have no history of any other medical condition, although I used to get headaches for a couple of days before. Upon consulting my doctor, they recommended an MRI and Xray, and the results are as follows:
Xray results:
MRI Result:
Result Picture
-Normal non-contrast MRI of the brain.
-5 mm left maxillary sinus mucous retention cyst versus polyp with mild bilateral ethmoid sinus mucoperiosteal thickening.
I'm wondering if these MRI and Xray findings could be the cause of my ongoing headaches. I don't understand whats going on here. If anyone has a good understanding of these conditions, I would greatly appreciate your insights. My main complaint is headache. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 02:24 dishsoapalmighty Alien society crashes onto an underwater planet and is forced to adapt

Excerpt from a written reading I had recently- super fascinating past life as an alien
This place is almost entirely covered in water with bits of stone peaking out into the surface. Under the surface there were intricate natural structures to be found.
Many years ago your people crash landed here. Their home world had been invaded by a force they could not match, and so many evacuated with hope they could return one day. There were several pods of people. Two of the pods fell out of the proper orbital pattern and into a different stream, which brought you here.
I hear that as they crashed they went through a molecular change to adapt to their new environment. It was something their species was very capable of doing. Where a human would take an incredibly long time to evolve, these people could do it almost instantly. Except they couldn’t do so over and over again. So when they adapted to this place, they knew it meant that they were there to stay.
You were the first birth on this planet. Your mother was in the early stages of pregnancy while on the ship.
They crashed into the water, and as they did they grew gills, webbed feet and hands. Some struggled in the change and lost their voice, others adapted too far and their brain changed too much to remember their people, and they basically became large fish. It apparently wasn’t a perfect process.
Since you were the first birth, you had a more natural ability to exist on this planet. You seemed to know how to find foods and materials for building. From a very young age you guided your people through the ropes. You could feel what to do, like a strong urge or an impulse. You had this ability to hear the planet, and you always wondered why no one else could or why everyone else seemed in awe that it came so simply to you.
After a few years, your group found the other pod. They had adapted similarly. Their speech patterns were slightly different from your groups. There was this huge sense of relief, like finding your long lost brother, when the pods became one.
Previously there wasn’t a whole lot of intelligence in life here. Lots of small critters and bugs. Some large swimming beings, but they were all simple minded. There were lots of elements and materials, but no intelligent minds to bring something out of it like art and inventions.
By trial and error you all learned how to live here. The previous home was very structure based, there were intricate cities, buildings and transportations. None of that came easily here. The people’s core nature was to have a safe structure to live in, and not having it caused anxiety in the group.
First they made these egg-like structures out of vines and seaweed. They weren’t cozy and the current would often sweep them away.
One day you heard the planet's whispers again, and you swam down into an abandoned mining rig, next to a cave system. Unsure of what it was you brought the group down, and they were shocked. They came to the conclusion that there were alien visitors sent here to mine at some point, but never made it out. Your people took the remains of technology and crafted it into useful trinkets. While they focused on the metals, you were drawn to the caves.
Inside there was a blue glow from an algae that stuck to the walls. The algae would even grow on snails and would move around. It was comforting here and nicely lit. You didn’t know how, but you knew this would be your home.
In one of the caves there was a black hole that went downwards. It was terrifying to look at, but you kept being drawn to it over and over again. Logically going into the hole was a terrible idea. When you dropped some of the glowing algae into it it would sink for a few feet and then the light would disappear. But each day you heard this calling to go into the hole. Your mother forbade you from it so you tried to resist, but day after day the whispers brought you there, and at night you dreamed of the black hole.
One day you couldn’t take it anymore. You watched your mother’s sadness as she picked at a clam, and could feel the weight of everyone’s homesickness. Again you feel the hole beckoning you.
So you sneak off and approach it, and you dive in. It’s very cold, and the farther down you go the colder it gets. It’s pitch black. Then you feel the slimy cave walls brushing against your belly as you swim down. You start to get nervous, but you hear in your head “keep going, keep going”. The tunnel suddenly veers out to the side instead of down, you follow it, your nerves kicking in. The cold makes breathing harder here. It narrows and narrows, when suddenly you swim into a warm open space. You reach your hand upward and feel air.
Your head bobbles up above the water, totally disoriented. You don’t know how to register the pressure difference. You gasp and feel this weak pull of oxygen through you and you are surprised that you can breathe the air at all.
As you orient yourself the next surprise hits you - sunshine. It makes it hard to see. Many of your tribe mates would float to the surface to breathe and bask in sunshine, but it never appealed to you.
Above your head is a large sloping rock. Very high up, at the top is a round-ish hole that lets the sun in. In front of you the water reaches a stone shore, and there’s a wide, flat space ahead. Ahead you can see a hole in the wall, a tubular structure that curves out of view.
You move to the stone. Breathing feels very weird and you crave the water. You worm your way onto the surface, you do not know how to use your legs so you kinda crawl. You don’t have strength built up enough to walk properly either. You make it to the edge and see etchings in the wall, carvings of a tall and slender figure with angular features.
You crawl to one of the tunnels and see another huge cavern through it, this one had small puddles (or probably like really deep pits of water) amidst the floor.
You knew you had found it, home. Before exploring more you head back into the darkness to inform your group.
You found your mom scavenging with the others. You announced that you had found something that would change this world for the better for all of them. They all turn to look at you with a serious expression on, they had learned to listen to you a long time ago.
You bring them to the cave and take the ones who will fit down (more entrances will be found later for the larger ones). You emerge into the air once again, and hear the people start to come up. Your mother gasps, and you look as she places a hand on her mouth and her eyes glaze over (I think this is how they cry). Some of the men move to the surface and attempt to stand with shaky legs. The atmosphere changes from glum to pure joy.
They were able to create lasting structures, weave baskets, hang fish, and develop their society. As they grew, they expanded and found more caves and tunnels to live in. One became a sacred site, others became more like city living. You watched as your people began to blossom.
You could only stay out of the water for so long before an overwhelming need to dive in came over you. Some of the people were okay only breathing air, most needed to go into the water now and again to keep healthy, you more than most.
The water no longer felt like a prison to people, it was now a place of exploration and fun. They had their structures, their home, and then they used the water for food finding, farming even. But also sports were developed, race tracks created. The society grew and bloomed.
You had this odd relationship with it. The old generation bonded over the memories of their previous world. The new generation only knew life in the caves and got to grow with the development. You were somewhere in between and felt more like an outsider, or a guide standing on the edge of everything.
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2023.06.10 02:24 Nervous_Ad5440 KTM EXC f 2017

KTM EXC f 2017
This is the screw hole for the oil pressure spring, a spring and ball go in here, I took it out before and the spring and ball came out, I put it back in, am currently doing a top end re build took the screw out again to do an oil drain (the oil change screw was stripped) However, this time the spring and ball didn't come out, havnt been able to find it laying around anywhere either. The only thing I can think is maybe it fell In that hole I marked. I don't think that hole in the threads should be there either, tho maybe it is I don't know.
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2023.06.10 02:20 catsthemeowiscal Fraysexuality - possible word vomit

(apologies if incorrect flair)
Content warning: mentions of sex
An accidentally long lost ahead! TLDR: I really don't think I have any sexual feelings for my long term partner anymore and want to explore my sexuality (or lack of, who knows). Partner doesn't understand how I might want sex with others when I don't want it with them. I'm just seeking comfort/support I guess?
I'm in my late 20s and (think) I'm finally ready to start exploring my sexuality, which has always been very ambiguous. I'm currently in a long-term relationship with an allosexual, but I've always been very clear that I have little interest for sex and that it's highly likely I won't want it for long periods of time, if at all (this has always been normal for me).
In the early stages of the relationship we had sex more and I felt the same about it as I have every time I've been sexually intimate with anyone ('this is fine! But I could also hang the laundry out or have a shower'). As I expected, my interest in sex with my partner faded the longer we've been together, which I definitely feel has strained things. It could just be internalised pressure/stress as my partner says it's not an issue.
HOWEVER ~~~ I still feel attracted to other people that I don't know/just met. I'm unsure if it's in a way that I would genuinely want to have sex with them, but there's that element of excitement of a new person. I came across fraysexuality and feel like maybe this label could fit. I know labels aren't important to everyone but at the moment they are for me as I try to navigate and discuss this with someone that has little knowledge of queer identities.
I brought fraysexuality up and tried to explain that it might be something I identify with and didn't get the most positive response. Maybe I explained it badly or maybe there's a different way to explain it (partner has ADHD and possible autism so communication is a struggle sometimes). I brought it up because I just wanted to be open about how I was feeling and what was going on for me. Partner said they felt like it 'came out of nowhere'. We've previously discussed the option of an open relationship so they can have their needs met and I can maybe explore my sexuality more, but after mentioning fraysexuality this seems firmly off the table. Partner says that if I'm not having sex with them but having it with other people then it makes them feel not valued/cared foloved. Basically, if I'm not having sex with my partner I shouldn't be doing it with anyone else (not their words but generally summed up).
Our relationship works really well in all other aspects and i genuinely think we could have a positive future together, if we can work through this. I want to be with them, but they don't feel that I do if I want sexual encounters with others. I'm not even sure I WOULD want sex with these other people, I mostly want to explore a same-sex situation and see if I would feel differently about it. I was very isolated as a teen and through my 20s so never had an experimental phase and I kind of just want to experience that? I think I'm somewhere on the aromantic spectrum as well so there's possibly thoughts that aren't even occuring to me about this that could be causing my partner harm.
I'm really concerned that me and my partner aren't compatible in this area and it'll determine the outcome of our relationship and that scares me. I know there's more people in the world and I'm young etc. but we have a whole life and future plans together. I don't want to not be with them, but I also don't know if I can push away my curiosity about myself any more.
I guess what I'm looking for from this post is some sort of comfort or advice. Any thoughts about how I might proceed will be appreciated but please be gentle. Thank you ❤️
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2023.06.10 02:17 Axiem13 32 m [chat] [friendship] not sure what I'm looking for...

Not sure what I'm looking for. Kind of just lost and lonely a bit. No pressure to be best friends. I'm really into fitness and weight lifting as well as some gaming and sports. I'm currently playing Zelda and really enjoying it! Hope to hear from some people!
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2023.06.10 02:13 aeron_danphair A little rant

A little rant
I wrote this in spanish on another platform, discussing the way we perceived the current state of the game and it's flaws. I mention Dheya a lot, and i thought about posting it here to see what's your take on current GI, given the info in the picture
Note that english is not my first lenguage so i may have made a lot of mistakes(but like that legendary screnshot says: "...don't correct me, i have no respect for this lenguage" lol)
Just remember that Hoyoverse has the resources to fix a lot of things that are wrong with the game or bugs or mechanics that only penalize the player. From 3.5 patch i feel GI has been severely neglected: poorly developed characters(Dehya), cuestionable banner desitions (pushing Eula off a cliff favoring Ayaka who had a dedicated event with a skin two or three patches before 3.5), no new 4star supports coming even close to be as good to starter characters (Bennet, Xingqiu and xianglin), more characters heavely depending on their c6 (Faruzan, Dehya), terrible communication with the customers/playerbase, recicled events, awfully generic NPCs designs(remember the Yokai kids from Inazuma?), the same skinny body types for males, adults, teenagers and or kids, Geo as a whole completely forgotten, no Geo and no inazuma 5star in standard banner(i can kinda understand no inazuma in standard given the region can't be easily reached from the start of the game for new players, but three years in the game and nothing, feels more like neglect or obliviousness), the signature weapons of recently 5star characters added to standard in Sumeru(Thignari, Dehya) have been banished to the shadow realm untill hoyoverse decides they need more money, and let's not forget about things like keqing's CA costing more stamina since the start of the game when Mika's CA cost was lower on launch but it was fixed in a single server reset, claymore wielding characters missing hits since the beggining of the game, more and more weekly bosses and no enhancement or change in the resin system, no plans to introduce any kind of end game content besides abyss, they aren't listening to beta testers, if they were, there's no way Dehya would have leave development with such a shitty kit, and the worst thing is that a lot of the things that are wrong with the game all merged into the Dehya situation, making all this things even more noticeable because of the way she was build, starting with her unsynergistic kit, low numbers, split scalings, timers and limitations and then she misses normal attacks, the autotarget fucks up the burst, her excesive dependence in high cons levels, etc.
I'm not saying the game is bad. If something was made clear after Dehya's story quest, is that the teams in charge of character backstory/lore takes really good care about their thing. The people that study cultural references and real world historical themes and figures to bring into the game's context, really do their homework (Sumeru and it's desert civilizations, even Dehya's clothes and jewelry and ornaments for example) the OST and character design, are all things Hoyoverse's Genshin Impact team really cares about. But letting them as developers get away with things they need to fix since 1.1 doesn't put any pressure on them and future releases, and in the meantime, there they are, giving all their love and affection to HSR, putting all the QOL upgrades we've been asking in other titles instead, all while Arlecchino gets the Dehya treatment in Fontain
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