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2023.06.05 04:57 No_Selection3035 Exploring IPTV: Is IPTV Legal or Illegal 2023

Exploring IPTV: Is IPTV Legal or Illegal 2023
In today’s digital age, the way we consume television content has drastically evolved. One such revolution in the realm of entertainment is IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. IPTV allows users to stream live television channels and on-demand content through the internet, bypassing traditional broadcast methods. As the popularity of IPTV subscriptions continues to rise, the question of its legality remains a subject of debate. In this article, we will delve into the legal landscape of IPTV in 2023, exploring the key aspects surrounding IPTV subscriptions.

Is IPTV Legal or Illegal
What is IPTV? How does it work?
IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a system that delivers TV content and video streams over the Internet. It allows users to watch live TV channels and on-demand videos on various devices connected to the internet.
Here’s a simplified explanation of how IPTV works:
  1. Content Preparation: TV channels and videos are converted into a digital format suitable for streaming over the Internet.
  2. Content Storage: The encoded content is stored on servers or data centers.
  3. Content Delivery: When a user requests a specific channel or video, the IPTV system retrieves the corresponding stream from the storage servers and sends it over the internet.
  4. User Device Reception: The user’s device receives the data packets and plays the video stream.
IPTV utilizes existing internet infrastructure to provide TV content, making it accessible on devices like smart TVs, smartphones, and computers. It offers users the flexibility to watch live TV or access on-demand videos through an internet connection.

For details: Is it Legal or Illegal.

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2023.06.05 04:53 CreamyShrimpGnocchi Is this bump near my dog’s spay tattoo normal?

Is this bump near my dog’s spay tattoo normal?
Note: I am calling the vet to schedule an appointment first thing in the morning. I just want to know if anyone else has seen this or has good news so I can maybe sleep well tonight.
We adopted our dog 6 months ago and at that time she had a very small bump next to her spay tattoo. I didn’t think anything of it but petting her today it’s suddenly way bigger than it was before. She gets daily belly rubs so this had to have happened very recently.
I had assumed the small bump was just a scar from the incision but now that’s it’s so much bigger I’m worried. Has anyone seen this before? It does not seem to bother her at all to have it touched, even with moderate pressure and she is acting normally.
More information in case it’s relevant:
Age: 6 years old
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: Female
Weight: 53 lb
Puppies: She kinda had “mom nipples” but we do not know for sure if she’s had puppies or when she was spayed.
Medical history: Had a growth removed from her hip while at the animal shelter. We were told that the shelter “didn’t 100% know what it was but had it removed before it could become an issue.”
I know nobody here can replace vet advice, but I’m not going to be able to rest tongiht until they open and just want some reassurance if it exists.
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2023.06.05 04:53 NightMareChia Work place bullsh*t

Hello! I am a employee of a non corporate Starbucks that is inside a Target shopping center. So I technically work for target and get Target benefits. However a bunch of things have been happening since I was hired 11 months ago.
So my main team lead for Starbucks (we can call her bossy), doesn’t know how to do her job. That’s right, she has worked at the SAME position for 25+ years and doesn’t know how to do her job (that’s not even the worse part). Just today she clocked out of her shift 20 mins early without telling ANYONE! Then she went to sit with her friends as I am now by myself struggling to make and take orders with a long line with about a 20 min wait time. Bossy and her friends just WATCHED me struggle with the orders. She never told me why she clocked out early even, she was NO WHERE NEAR overtime for the week. Besides that, she left us alone off and on four times for a total of 3ish hours. Didn’t have a reason but “emails”. My other team leads said it only takes 20 mins PER WEEK to work on emails, she takes 2+ hours PER DAY, and she won’t say when she is leaving to do it. If I ask where she was, she just says emails and not to worry.
She also doesn’t give us barista’s free drinks or food, yet claims to her Starbucks bosses that she does. Since I’ve been hired, I’ve never gotten a free drink from her, she is supposed to be doing it more often, but doesn’t. Even worse though, us baristas are NOT allowed to have water on hand. By state law we are supposed to have a designated area for water to go. We do not have one, we brought this up to her and Bossy ignored us. So we are LUCKY if we get to drink ANYTHING between breaks (about 4 hours), and our Target isn’t cooling off fast enough to beat the heat, so it’s humid and hot inside the store. We brought this up to a higher team lead and they also ignored us. Hell, even HR ignored me!
Now the team lead above bossy and is the front of the store team lead who is responsible for scheduling (let’s call him EL for entitled leader), has refused me to be trained in other parts of the store. I’ve been BEGGING for 2 months to be trained in ANY position and no longer work Starbucks, and that I don’t care where and I won’t complain. Plus we are in dire need of staff however the store refuses to hire new people and instead burns out it’s own employees. He moved me to lanes 2 times, other then that I’ve only been in Starbucks. I tried asking again and he ignored me. There is 3 team lead positions opening up within the next 2 weeks and I feel like if I ask they won’t allow me to apply just because. ALSO EL hates giving vacation time or days of, even though your not available that day for whatever reason, he will still put you on the schedule. I requested a weekend off 2 months in advance, and he kept denying it for no reason.
I wish there were other jobs near by that paid as much or better then Target, but none of them come close, and as a person finishing high school, I prefer a higher paying job. However the management at Target, in the part of the store where I work, is so bad I want to quit.
ALSO!!!! Almost all of the baristas are DRAMA! And I’ve been so mistreated over my mental and physical health that I can’t take it. As a person who gets triggered and can easily get panic attacks I did warn them that if I run to the back randomly I just need a min. One time I did that after a miserable week, I ran to the back struggling to breathe. One barista that was about to clock out for lunch turned around, looked at me, and said, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?!” I slowly said panic attack through gasps and shaking and all she said was “Well get back to work then, it’s not that bad.” HUH!? I’m barely able to stand in front of you, wdym?
There is another barista that makes fun of me because I can’t spell names for the life of me. So I often ask customers to spell it for me and I always hear behind me, then spelling it super slow interrupting the customer as they are making drinks.
Now, is this normal and I’m frustrated over nothing, or are my feelings accurate. Cause to me it’s EXTREMELY infuriating.
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2023.06.05 04:51 Special-Grapefruit-8 Hours increasing??

I checked my schedule today, in three weeks I’m scheduled to work five days a week again. I’m fearful that it was just filled automatically within the system. Are hours increasing?
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2023.06.05 04:49 Tashyd046 Adopted “Steve” today and the conditions of him and (mainly) his enclosure have me quite upset.

Adopted “Steve” today and the conditions of him and (mainly) his enclosure have me quite upset.
I’m not even sure what kind of advice I’m looking for, or if this is more of a vent. My friend recently posted on Snapchat that her boyfriend was rehoming his Python due to busy schedule. Since my Cornsnake recently passed, I jumped on the opportunity.
I picked him up today and… wow. It STINKS. I’m not sure if the enclosure has ever even been cleaned- there’s shed all over and mold below the water dish. The enclosure is too small, and there’s not enough substrate for burrowing. The hide is made of duct tape and cardboard, which I’m not too knowledgeable regarding the safety of but seems iffy with the humidity. I know I avoid it with my spiders.
The snake himself seems very anxious and dehydrated; still has shed pieces on him here and there.
Now, I’ve never owned a Ball Python specifically, but I know my fair share about snakes in general (and, of course, researched thoroughly before adopting) and this isn’t right.
I’m currently setting up a larger enclosure with clean substrate, water, and enrichment. Tomorrow, he’s going to the vet.
Anything else I might be spacing on or don’t know about? What can I do to make him less anxious, or acclimate better? I’ve never adopted older than a juvenile.
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2023.06.05 04:48 Legitimate-Syrup-894 Family Guy Intro

It seems today that all you see Is violence in movies and sex on TV But where are those good old-fashioned values On which we used to rely?! Lucky there's a family guy! Lucky there's a man who Positively can do All the things that make us Laugh and cry! He's our Family Guy!
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2023.06.05 04:36 pinktm909 Refurbished Cable Box

My secondary cable box died the other day so a tech came out and replaced it today. I was going through my scheduled recordings for the next couple weeks and noticed some unfamiliar recordings set (Veggie Tales, for example). As I now understand, Xfinity will refurbish working devices to send back out. But do they not wipe the devices first before re-issuing them?
Also, I’m sure I’ll end up receiving a bill for having a technician come out. Is there a way to avoid this if the new box dies? Can I go to a retail store to swap it out, or do they have to send a tech out to verify it’s not user error?
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2023.06.05 04:34 Mean-Classic-7739 Something in the blizzard pt.1

This file comes from accounts of the [REDACTED] incident that took place [REDACTED].
The memories of [REDACTED] were successfully acquired for the best possible retelling.
The account:
Weather reports are saying a massive blizzard from the northernmost parts of Alaska will begin making its way down the west coast. Most are saying that the storm will hit us next week. People are calling it the storm of the decade, so sorry folks it looks like spring hasn’t sprung just yet.
The reporter continued but I stopped listening as my dad sputtered out: “Why in the heck do they expect me to believe that? This is bull crap I’m telling you complete bull crap. Blizzards don’t happen in April!”
Part of me wanted to stop and explain to him why the newsman was probably right but I knew my dad wouldn’t believe me. You see, in his old age, my dad had become quite well crazy. He didn’t trust anyone or anything and had gotten really into conspiracy theories.
“Dad, you can’t just dismiss facts and science like that,” My sister Gretchen said.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about. They don’t know what they’re talking about, if you had only seen…” My dad was yelling before I cut him off, “Shut up!”
“Why the heck do you think you can talk to your daughter like that!” I screamed at him.
“What the heck, you’re talking like she wasn’t the one who was trying to tell me what to do!” He yelled again, and at this point, I gave up and left the room.
I found Gretchen. She stood in front of the mirror in the hall I stood next to her and looked into the reflection despite me and Gretchen being 9 years apart and having different moms we almost looked like twins. We both had short straight black hair, dark brown eyes, pale complections, and stood nearly the same height.
“I miss how he used to be,” She said somberly.
“I know me too sis,” I said leaning in and hugging her.
“Let's go,” She said softly.
I nodded and we both left, not bothering to say goodbye. I drove the short 20-minute drive to our house.
When Gretchen was 8 her mom died and my dad remarried a year later and they had me. They bought a small 1 story house in a nice rural neighborhood, then two years later they divorced and my mother got authority over us kids. Me and Gretchen never really moved out, because well the house was big. Despite being one story it was quite spacious and oddly built. It was much longer than it was wide. One long hallway ran the whole interior from the fireplace on one end of the house. To the fireplace on the other end of the house. It had a small kitchen, dining room, and four bedrooms along with a tiny library. In addition, it had a basement. The basement was like a large studio apartment with a kitchen/dining room, 2 bedrooms, and a large hang-out area.
Me and Gretchen walked inside and were immediately greeted by May, Moore, and Herman, our three dogs. May and Moore were both Australian shepherds, and Herman was an absolutely massive Saint Bernard.
Herman jumped up onto me, almost making me topple to the ground.
“Woah, easy boy,” I exclaimed, giving the big dog a pat on the head as I pushed him off.
“Hi sweeties,” I heard our mom say from the kitchen.
I stepped into the kitchen and saw Mom busy making dinner. Our mom was short with long brown hair and bright blue eyes
“Hi Mom,” I greeted, stepping over and giving her a huge hug.
“Where’s Chloe?” I asked quickly.
“And where’s the kids?” Gretchen asked after also hugging Mom.
“Chloe's downstairs playing with the kids,” Mom explained.
We both hurried down the hall and then down the stairs into the lounge. A mess of legos was on the floor and playing in this mess was Gretchen's sons.
Her first son was named Alby. He is 8 and is rather quiet, he usually has his head in a book and the only thing that consistently gets him outside is the dogs, or going fishing with his dad. Like his mom, he has straight black hair. He wears rectangular glasses and has hazel eyes.
The Second is Alan. Alan is 5 and is always wanting to play having a seemingly endless amount of energy. He had dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes and is fairly tall and stocky for his age.
Third and last is Aaron. Aaron is 3, and he doesn’t talk much. He is almost like Alan's shadow following him along and doing the same thing as Alan. He is tiny with blonde hair and dark brown eyes.
Alan and Aaron were seemingly having a war with Lego dinosaurs, Alby seemed to be constructing a car, and sitting on the couch behind them was Chloe.
Chloe is very pretty with light silky blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders, icy blue eyes that seemed almost impossible to look away from, pale skin, and an adorable smile.
The moment me and Gretchen were down those stairs Alan and Aaron had run up and hugged her.
“Mommy mommy!” They both yelled in excitement.
Chloe perked up and gave me a huge smile.
“Hi babe, didn’t know you’d be back so soon.” She exclaimed as she got up and hugged me.
“My dad yelled at Gretchen,” I said simply and we left it at that.
The blizzard people are now calling snowmageddon should hit us tomorrow and will likely cause a complete loss of power, and the government is mandating that by tomorrow no one is allowed to exit or leave town. They did not try to better explain this…
Chloe clicked off the tv. The storm was already making her nervous enough and she wanted to hear nothing more about it.
“Are you sure we have enough firewood?” Chloe asked, looking at me worried.
“We’ve got enough firewood to last three winters, babe,” I exaggerated.
“What about food, do we have enough food?” She asked, my words not getting to her.
“We could use a few more things, but I’m going to…” I was saying before Chloe interrupted: “Let's go now I want to make sure we have everything we need.”
“Ok babe, I’ll go get my jacket,” I said standing up from the couch and walking over to the bedroom.
I grabbed my jacket and shoes and met Chloe upstairs by the front door. She seemed excited that she wasn’t sitting around worrying and I think that’s why she wanted to go so bad.
“Hey Mom, Gretchen, we are going to the store, do you guys need anything?” I asked them both who were sitting in the kitchen.
“We need batteries, Joey.” My mom responded simply.
“Ok, batteries, anything else?”
“Nope,” They both said quickly.
Me and Chloe stepped outside the house and walked over to my jeep and got in. I pulled out of the driveway and looked around, our neighborhood had a very interesting layout. The houses were spaced out but not an extraordinary amount, just more than you’d see in the average neighborhood. Each house was probably 400 feet apart from each other. Our neighborhood also had a lot of trees, so many in fact that it was hard to see your neighbor's house through them. I could vaguely make out the Marley's house to the right, and to the left, I saw the Richardson's house. Both were older couples that had far much more than they needed.
But the more important thing I observed was that it seemed everyone was packing up. Multiple cars were out in their driveways with people hurriedly rushing in and out of the house with things. I pulled up next to the Richardsons' car and rolled down the window.
“Hey Greg, y'all leaving?” I asked, giving him a polite smile.
Greg Richardson looked over from the back of his van: “Yep, some people are saying the mountains are going to slow down the storm and that it could be here for a few days, so we’re leaving to be on the safe side.” He explained.
“I haven’t heard anything about that,” I exclaimed, a little more concerned about the blizzard now.
“Yeah, well y’all be safe,” He said, giving us a smile and a wave.
“You too,” I said, giving him a wave and then continuing our journey toward the store.
“Wow, there’s a lot of people leaving,” Chloe exclaimed with a slight shock and fear in her voice.
I let my eyes wander while trying to keep my eyes on the road. She was right, almost everyone was leaving town.
“Do you think we should leave?” Chloe asked me, eyeing the packed cars.
“No point, even if we wanted to, the storm would probably catch us in traffic because of all the people leaving,” I said and noticed her momentary worries dissipate.
After a couple of minutes, we pulled in front of the store. It was old, still styled like a store in the 80s. It was very busy today and me and Chloe had to park on the street. As we walked toward the store I felt a chill in the air. I could tell Chloe felt it too because she wrapped one arm around me and cuddled next to me as we walked.
We entered the store and it looked like a tornado had gone through it. Things were lying on the floor and almost everything was gone. There was a long line in front of the counter where the cashier sat. I knew the cashier, her name was Lacy, she was 17 and the daughter of the owner. Just then the owner Carl appeared from around the corner.
Carl was a very short guy with round glasses, dark brown hair, and a very poor attempt at a comb-over.
“Hey Joey and Chloe,” He greeted a large smile etched on his face.
We both smiled back, “How are you doing Carl?” Chloe asked.
“Doing the best I can, basically everyone who’s staying in town has come to stock up.” He explained, “You two staying in town?” He then asked.
“Yeah, just going to hold out,” I grinned a little excited to spend a few days not having to do anything.
“Alright, well if you need anything just give a holler,” He instructed before hurrying off to do something.
Me and Chloe grabbed baskets and split up to get everything we needed.
We met by the register after and waited in line during which I got a call. I pulled my phone out and saw it was from Dad. I thought about not answering but decided I’d better answer.
Before I could even greet him my dad had started on a rant: “Joey you and everybody need to get out of town right now. You gotta get out of there, they’ll escape from the lab and kill you if you don’t… their creatures they’ll kill you…” He tried to continue but I interrupted him, “I don’t know what you're going on about but I’m done.”
I hung up and Chloe gave me a worried look: “Who was it?”
“My dad, going off on his ramblings again,” I told her simply.
She nodded: “Anything I should know?”
“No he’s just being paranoid,” I explained.
We both stood there for a minute watching more people around the store fill their carts with things. One woman behind us had a shopping cart full of toilet paper. Then I noticed Chloe’s head turn toward the window.
“Hey look, it's started,” She exclaimed looking out the window.
I looked out and saw snow slowly beginning to fall to the ground, and I felt a deep sense of dread as it did.
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2023.06.05 04:30 devexche 25F enjoying the remnants of a lazy Sunday and looking for a [chat] or [friendship]!

I’m a teacher on summer break and my sleep schedule is pretty messed up, so I’m up past my normal bedtime just playing Stardew and relaxing a bit :)
I love talking to people and connecting with them about anything and everything, and I’m definitely missing the constant chatter and daily connection of the school year! I’m into reading fantasy and romance, watching TV and movies, playing video games, working out, and cooking. Currently in grad school, as well! Feel free to reach out - but be prepared for long-winded conversation.
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2023.06.05 04:20 gtlosbanos Award for selling the country to China

Award for selling the country to China
Kamiluning Bakery and it's owner are such enthusiastic enablers, 'no?
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2023.06.05 04:16 Shuman2100 Did anyone watching the game today on tv happen to see a kid holding a sign about his birthday? My brother was at the game holding a sign for Bo and the camera was videoing him so if anyone noticed that and can confirm thanks

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2023.06.05 04:16 International_Big126 Batshit crazy SM…

I don’t need advice or anything, already did what I need to do, but I do need to rant to people who get it lol. Because what the actual fuck.
So my SM scheduled me five days back to back after COUNTLESS conversations about me having a disability and not being physically capable of working even three days in a row. I told SM I was absolutely not going to work five in a row. SM said, “why didn’t you disclose your disability upfront?” I said I definitely did, and we’ve had numerous conversations about it too. Then SM had the bold-faced audacity to say, “well if I had known I wouldn’t have hired you.” BABE. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT??? It is so insanely illegal to discriminate based on disability alone wtf looolll.
But also just the fact that SM tried to use that as a tool to gaslight me into working five days back to back is WILDDD.
We also have several HS and college kids that are CSAs and they’re scheduled EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. never have a single weekend off in the 6 months I’ve been at this store. And so of course they call in on weekends. They’ve never all called in on the same day and it’s never that busy on days they do call out so really it’s not that big of a deal but SM freaks out every time they call out. She fired ALL of them today after ONE of them called out (I don’t even think she wrote them up ever) so now we only have 4 employees total to run the entire store.
I texted the HR number to the CSAs and told them to call immediately. Because there’s a process and you can’t just fire everyone for the action of one person. And I’ve also put in my notice and will be leaving asap.
The other 3 employees that haven’t been fired are also currently making alternative arrangements too.
SM also only ever posts our work schedule one week at a time and changes it literally every other day. Sometimes the day of and tries to force us to work the new schedule claiming, “you have to be flexible or you can’t work here.”
I’ve worked a lot of stores in a few different states and had a LOT of SM’s and I’ve never experienced this level of audacity and delulu.
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2023.06.05 04:14 dmg81102 How to handle a situation with a friend who refuses to plan?

I made a post similar to this a while ago and got some good tips, but I've tried them and nothing's really worked. I've told him I need some scheduling involved otherwise my anxiety spikes, but he still has the "we'll just show up whenever and figure it out" attitude. I don't have a problem if he doesn't typically plan things, but he'll even refuse when I offer to plan just for some stability.
A recent example was last night, he wanted to see the new Spider-Man movie and so did I so he said we should watch it today (Sunday) I asked what time and he said "I don't know, I've got stuff that day, I'll let you know when I'm free" I asked if we should schedule another day with more cemented plans and he said "nah, I'll be free that day to do it" I asked if he'd be free for the latest showing of it, he read the text, but just didn't respond. A bit later that night I got asked the same thing by another friend, but they gave me a time, place, a time we'd leave, etc... so I said yes (saw it today and it was awesome) I get a text from my other friend after the movie saying "I'm free, you good to go" I said no, he said "okay what about Monday?" And I haven't really responded.
I know it's a long story so I'm sorry so I'm sorry if you read this far but I thought an example would help, maybe some constructive criticism? How I could've handled it better, or maybe just something I can do next time that I didn't think of this time, but I'd also like help with what to say in response, I'd like to see the movie, but if he'll refuse to make any solid plans then I just don't have it in me to do it. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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2023.06.05 04:11 alphasupremeleader90 are people still supporting the GenY range (better known as the original Millennial range)

since I have friends and coworkers born around the late 70s I could say they are ok and surprisingly we shared many things in common with each other. sure they are older than me despite our huge age differences. but the interests we shared are in the 90s. while I was a kid in the 90s people born in the late 70s were teenagers at that time but we experience almost the same things like Tv shows, Cartoons, Music, games, Movies, etc during that decade and we both remember it very well. I know before Millennials they used to call GenY and it had a very rare range that started in 1977 and ends around the early 90s. still today people sometimes mentioned this range and they do prefer this range rather than the Millennials range (that we know today as 1981-1996) also, some users in the 90s sub especially those born in the late 70s and early 80s (and some in the mid-80s!) still recognize and prefer the original GenY range. and as for myself, I do start to like it as well.
do some of you still recognize and like the GenY range?
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2023.06.05 04:08 MissyMaestro Toddler Constipation Causing Hot Skin but No Fever?

All in the title! My toddler says her butt and stomach hurts and hasn't pooped today. She feels very warm to the touch, but thermometer keeps saying she's just at 98.8 (and seems to get accurate reads on my husband and me). She's clearly got a stomach issue as she doesn't really want to eat or drink much - we did get a cup of apple juice down.
Our schedule has been disrupted and she's been awake and eating at strange hours due to unexpected schedule changes and events the past few days.
Thoughts? Has anyone experienced something similar that turned one way or the other?
We're supposed to go on vacation tomorrow and I have no issue cancelling it for her comfort, but I'm just not a hundred percent sure what I'm dealing with.
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2023.06.05 04:01 Hour-Influence2429 Amazing effects of being more specific with my goals!

So I am doing the Denise Duffield manifesting workshop (it's free if you don't mind giving your email ) and the 2nd day's activity is to get specific about my goals. I had made a list throughout last month of some goals, but they were really vague ("Live in my dream home") or vague tasks I wanted to accomplish ("clean my carpets"). But this challenge was to really nail down the details of what where when and how for my goals to manifest.
I spent a chunk of time today going back over my list and getting very specific about each of my goals. Some of the vague goals I had were to deep clean my bath tub, get a bath bomb, make my own body butter, and take a fancy bath. They were just sprinkled around the list sort of unrelated and with no specifics. But setting dates and times for these goals got me to group them together and create a real plan to make my fancy bath happen!
I picked a date to deep clean the tub and a date for the actual bath and I have until then to get my bath bomb and make my body butter. So these things are already beginning to manifest by becoming plans in my calendar!
Also in getting more specific about my goals "Clean my carpets" became "Use my carpet cleaner once by September 2023". Just by breaking that vague ass goal down into the first step made it seem so much less like a scary that I actually did it! Months ahead of schedule! It might be kind of silly, but just cleaning a small 2X2 foot patch of carpet was such an accomplishment to me.
Anyway, I have really been learning the importance of being very specific about goals so if this helps anybody out there doing LOA and manifesting then I am doubly blessed!
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2023.06.05 04:01 ImCNA Samsung S95B Green Pixels HELP!!

Samsung S95B Green Pixels HELP!!
Anyone know what’s causing this? I came home from work today and found it like this when I would turn it on. This TV is two months old max.
Thank god I got a warranty!
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2023.06.05 03:58 phunky_1 False advertising for NBA finals on ESPN+

ESPN ran this article advertising that all NBA finals games would be broadcast on ESPN+
"All NBA Finals games will air on ABC, ESPN+ and ESPN Radio. Get ESPN+ today!"
Game 1 was broadcast on ESPN+
Game 2 is only on ESPN3.
Support had no explanation.
They said the league dictates where the game can be aired and they had no info on if any of the other games would be on ESPN+
They did issue a refund, just figured I'd pass it along if anyone else is in the same situation.
Sling orange seems to be the cheapest option if all the other games will be on espn3
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2023.06.05 03:57 Practical_River_5435 Dealing with frustrations and disappointment

My fiancé and I are about 19 days out from our wedding and I’m really struggling with some of this. I’m hoping that all of you lovely people on this subreddit can give me some reminders that it will all work out and some ideas for managing stress.
So last summer in June I asked my 3 besties to be my bridesmaids. In September my maid of honor told me that she was expecting (she had a beautiful little girl who is very healthy and happy) but that her due date would be before the wedding so she should still make it. Fast forward to January of this year, she tells me that she’s not going to make the wedding as she is too overwhelmed with just the concept of trying to find a sitter for her older daughter and flying with the baby and doesn’t want to try to organize the trip.
My second bridesmaid messages in March letting me know that her dad is not doing well and that she can’t leave him. Her dad has been very sick for a long time but he took a bad turn then and stopped taking his medication. He’s doing a bit better now that he’s taking his medication again but she still can’t leave him.
My third bridesmaid is the wife of our officiant. We have been going back and forth for months as to whether or not they will be at the wedding. A few weeks ago we were dealing with getting their flights scheduled after a mix up with some gift cards that left us all thinking they wouldn’t be able to be here. Today they notified me that they have been unable to line up child care for the days that they would need to be here for the wedding and it is not looking good for them to make it again. We do thankfully have someone else that can do the ceremony if need be but this is getting very stressful.
On top of that, I have a sister who loves to make everything about her. She tried to hijack my bridal shower but my fiancé stopped her (just one more reason why I love him). She did however manage to hijack the bachelorette party and get everyone that could still attend to go elsewhere and not to the party.
I swear this is the one and only time I’m doing this wedding thing!!! I’m trying very hard not to get wrapped up in all of this but what would you all recommend to help keep the stress at bay while finalizing the last details and still working full time up until 2 days prior to the wedding?
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2023.06.05 03:56 paperlovepaperheart 28 [F4M] - East Coast / Online - Anyone around? Avowing any applicable assertions about amorous attachments. Available adults apply.

This alliteration business is tough, but hey. I’m trying my best here 😅 I also talk in statements that aren’t alliterative, I promise. Whoever wants to probe a little deeper, please, be my guest 😈 I’ve made some solid connections here, but looking for something that sticks!
I’m 28, from the Northeast, work in healthcare. I generally do get along better with people who also work in healthcare, but definitely not a deal breaker. For now, just for anonymity’s sake, this’ll be a bit vague, but I’m obviously down to elaborate more if we click.
Rapid fire bullet point time! Bonus points if you keep up (I’m not sure who that is over there keeping score… they just kinda wandered in here when no one was looking).
Random things I’m looking for: age range of 27-38, ambitious (tell me about your goals! I promise I’ll listen), a little flirty, a little cute. A nice voice and accent are bonuses. Adam DiMarco is one of my more recent celeb crushes, if ya need a benchmark for my type.
I’m looking for someone I feel excited to talk to everyday (and, ideally, you’d be excited to talk to me everyday. Important part of the picture, yeah?). I’d hope we could talk about our days, our lives, our hopes and dreams and everything in between! Plus, we all like banter. If we got it, we’ll know it. I’m mostly looking for something online because of my schedule, but if the stars align…
Hit me with your best shot, babes. See you on the flip side ;)
PS - Totally down to move to Discord with the potential of voice chats and whatnot if we vibe! I just ask for some effort in the first message, I gotta have something to work with. Usually a DM over chat kinda girl. Am down to show pictures pretty quickly if the vibe’s right as physical attraction I’m sure is an important component for both of us :)
tl;dr: alliterations are hard, just message me 🥺
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2023.06.05 03:56 bitterpinhead should I transfer or just quit?

Hi everyone, I been working for hd for almost a year and a half now. Mostly in Rentals. I used to love working, staying an extra hour, helping other depts etc, but recently, I’ve been so unmotivated to even go to work. Work just really sucks now. Our supervisor moved to another state back in august and we haven’t had one since. And our asm has been on leave seen April. I just have no direct help/support anymore. The past month I’ve dealt with two separate situations that involved the customer and I going back and forth. This never has happened to me before and in both situations I was alone. In the first situation, I was put at the service desk to replace a pro associate that had to go home, when the altercation began with the customer the service lead (I don’t know the name of that position) just stood there and listened. The whole time the customer was saying things to me she was just quiet standing by the phone. Once the customer called me a bitch, she picked up the phone and told an asm to come here but the whole time I was on my own. I didn’t even wait for asm to arrive I just cried and went home. In the second situation which happened today involved me calling that same asm that was called to come to rentals. I had a customer who was saying I didn’t know anything and a whole bunch of other stuff. As soon as the asm arrived he said hello to the customer and immediately went to help the customer look for an accessory of the tool he was renting. I refused to continue helping the customer after all he said I didn’t know anything. So when the asm asked me where the accessory was I told him I’m going home. Why would I help them after I was just degraded and then completely disregarded by the asm? Honestly, as I write this I start to cry, yes I’m sensitive yeah I’m a wuss and not strong as other retail workers and so I’m thinking of leaving. In both situations I was alone, and when leadership was there they did nothing helpful. I’m literally just a pt associate and I hate being in confrontations I never wanted those situations to happen. I’m starting to hate to go to work. I have no one to talk to about it. I don’t want to bother my direct asm since she’s had surgery. Another Asm is also on leave. One is overnight and the other asm is the asm that has been in both situations. Our store literally just rotates with the 2 cxm and the daytime asm and overnight asm. We are understaffed most days. To me, Hd has beneficial benefits and are flexible when it comes to scheduling, I even live two block away from a hd ( idont work there). But Like my username, I’m bitter atm because of what just happened at work I’m still upset but will eventually let it go. but do you guys think I should transfer to a store with more leadership like the one that I live close to, transfer to another dpt or look for a new job
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2023.06.05 03:50 Nervous-Ad-265 Is texting every day expected during the initial talking stages?

Matched with a guy a couple of days ago and we had great conversation the first 2 days, throughout the day for the most part and have a date scheduled (not finalized/confirmed) for Tuesday. However, today he sent me a good morning message & responded to what I'd sent the night before around mid-morning but has not responded since.
He's mentioned in earlier conversation that he's in the process of moving into a new apartment and is working on a thesis so maybe he was busy. Idk, could just be excuses.
Am I in the wrong for expecting daily/semi-regular communication or is this dead? (Dead's my personal opinion but it feels off, idk)
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