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homesteading, farming, gardening, self sufficiency and country life

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Ponds, barns, livestock, gardens, food preservation, fishing, hunting, tractors, pigs, chickens, cattle, worms, 4H, permaculture, organic, grazing, canning, aquaculture, trees, woodland, farmers, agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, wwoofers, bees, honey, wildcrafting, dairy, goats, nuts, berries, vegetables, sustainability, off grid, wood stoves, chainsaws, wood heat, tools, welding, green woodworking, farmers markets, composting toilets, straw bale homes, cob building...

2008.04.14 12:06 Los Angeles news, meet-ups, events, and more!

The official subreddit of Los Angeles, California! The international epicenter of entertainment and home of the Dodgers, Lakers, Kings, Rams, Giltinis, Sparks, LAFC, Clippers, Galaxy, Angel City FC, and Chargers! We also have wildfires, earthquakes, movie stars, television studios, music, world-class food, beaches, mountains, traffic jams, museums, theme parks, and the most beautiful Redditors of all time. This is LA!

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Intelligence reports from preppers around the world.

2023.06.10 22:31 Puzzled-Bag7210 [NA][ENG] 7th Ranger Regiment

The 7th Rangers is a squad based community but we have branched out to Escape From Tarkov! Is it your first wipe and you have no idea what you are doing? Are you 5 wipes in and an absolute chad? Don't fear not finding a group, we have a wide variety of players from brand-new Timmys to seasoned Tarkov chads, and every skill in between!
We have our very own Sherpa program that consists of our own members who are seasoned Tarkov veterans, who will volunteer their time to help players who are hard stuck on certain tasks, as well as helping out new players improve certain aspects of their gameplay entirely. If you need a sherpa's help, make sure that you read our sherpa info before requesting one.
We have dedicated map and ammo channels so that you can use accurate maps to improve gameplay, and make sure you are using the best ammo to date. We also have a price checker channel to make sure you are making as much in-game money as you can. On top of these channels, our very own Peacekeeper makes weekly, sometimes daily posts about any update that Nikita and BSG make to the game. These posts range from simple ammo, armor, flea market, and trader updates to major wipe changes and new maps, etc. Keep an eye out on the Tarkov announcements channel!
Join the discord and head to # Enlistment-office and react to the guest role, then head over to # read-me and react to our Tarkov role! Like squad, the 7th wants to make Escape From Tarkov a realistic gameplay experience, so make sure that you read into our rules, and be ready to Escape!!
We do not tolerate any Cheating or RMT/Carries in our discord and any advertisement or usage of such will result in being banned from our community. Keep it clean and fair!
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2023.06.10 22:31 Metaphoresy The Gathering [SMP] {Unique} {RPG} {Quests} {Magic} {Roleplay}

Server IP:
Welcome to The Gathering: Evolution
The Gathering is a unique RPG Minecraft experience, designed from the ground up by a dedicated developer. Inspired by the MUDs of old, The Gathering’s extensive set of features are all managed under a single cohesive interface and backend (called the Legends system), improving on the often-seen assortment of commonly used plugins.
Embark on epic quests, discover secret locations, gain attunement to end-game areas, battle powerful world bosses. All without the typical spam, gaudy interface, and disjointed feel of a large multi-plugin server. This is a cohesive experience from top to bottom, following the vision of a very enthusiastic developer, and demonstrating years of channeled inspiration.
Vast, Deep, Simple, Elegant, and Growing.
The Gathering aims to enhance basic minecraft gameplay with a full suite of RPG-focused features and tools:
The world of The Gathering is entirely custom-generated using the Terra system. The map is extensive, with over 120 new biomes, custom trees, structures, caves, and more. To see the complete world map, visit the dynmap at
Hostile monsters are generated with health/damage scaling based on their level. The further you get from the server spawn village, the greater the level of danger.
We've made this for you. We hope you come join us.
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2023.06.10 22:31 Sensitive-Baby6117 Eu acho que fiz besteira no type-0

I farmed xp to be able to do a combat exercise, because in the guide I'm following, it tells me to do a mission, but the mission only released me when I did a combat exercise, so I went to the world map to farm, until I reached the necessary level of the combat exercise, just to inform you that the mission level was 36 and the level of my characters was 22, some were at level 15, so I was farming, when I managed to leave everyone at level 36 or close, I went to save the memory and I took the opportunity to see the necessary level of the mission of the day, I saw that it was 17, now I don't know if I was supposed to be at level 36 or not, detail, I already saved it in memory, so I can't go back, not even by save state . I'm currently on chapter 3 of the game
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2023.06.10 22:31 dracaenaechinecea Career change with a 1 year old?

Maybe I need a pep talk, or a kick in the butt, either way I definitely need a new job.
I have a Bachelors in Social Work, but due to HCOL I have worked the past 5 years as a nanny/caregiver and make 80k. I’m the main earner for our family, and we live in the most expensive city in the US. Needless to say, I need a new job that pays more and can offer benefits. (We are currently paying $1000 on Covered California).
Anyway, I have been trying to expand my job search but after 5 years of caregiving and no real career experience I feel so lost.
For moms who have “started over” at 31 years old, how did you do it, and how did you find the confidence to put on your big girl pants and find a high paying corporate job?
I need at least 100k + benefits to make this work for us.
Additionally, my employer is a millionaire. Is it the smarter route to just ask her to cover my health insurance and provide a COL raise? I’m terrible at asking for raises as it is, but she also gives me a 5% raise annually so I guess sometimes I get in my head about it.
Any words of encouragement and advice are appreciated!
Oh also, my husband works part-time doing gig work so he can have flexibility to stay with our kid, and it works for us so far..much cheaper than 3k a month for childcare.
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2023.06.10 22:31 missyisbored Blow job proof red lipstick ?

I’m tired of googling and reading whole articles on the best blow job proof lipsticks . I’m lazy ok 🫣. So , I’d rather read suggestions from real life people . I feel like I’ve tried so many and none actually stay on . I don’t mind getting it smeared during a sloppy blow job , but sometimes I want it to stay on for the times I want to take videos or pics while I’m doing it and I’d rather it not be smearing all over my face for that . First world problem I know 🙄. Any suggestion that maybe I haven’t tried ?
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2023.06.10 22:30 XxThrowawayheyheyxX Just left an abusive relationship but dealing with feeling of being so alone. In another country, finding another job and starting over.

I took a huge step a few weeks ago and dumped my now ex-girlfriend. The writing was on the wall. She would gaslight, yell and scream, call me hurtful labels, stonewall and use a host of other manipulative and abusive behaviors to isolate me even more than I already felt. Recently, she publicly embarrassed me before a major family event, creating a huge scene over nothing important in the grand scheme. Then, she argued, yelled and screamed at me for inviting her for coffee the following day with family, after we’d “made up”, insinuating that “I don’t really want [you] there.” She wanted me to beg her to come and I refused. Despite our arguing, the only person my family could hear was her screaming at me, ridiculing me, telling me to “fuck myself” and to “stop, stop, stop!”, whenever I expressed just disagreement to her. Ultimately, we never even got that coffee and had to catch a train. I hadn’t seen my family in eight months, the last being for two funerals one day after another. That was my opportunity, despite recent unemployment and other stressors, to see and bond with them—while I was introducing her—and I squandered that chance by entertaining her argument.
Barely a couple months into the relationship, she started doing things like this. We’d argue for literally hours, in a small apartment with roommates. She was the type to make a public scene on the street. She’d do everything from yell, scream and ridicule to bawl and cry, always shifting the topic of argument. She tried to get me to switch my career path, compromise on what I value and completely isolate myself from even platonic relationships with women in my life other than family because she always feared I was “loose” and would cheat, despite admitting to her in confidence that I’d been hurt by my ex-wife, who cheated before my eyes while we were in couples’ therapy together.
The day I broke up with her, my therapist said to me in no uncertain terms that though it’s rare for a mental health professional to give active advice unless the situation were dire, he urged that I leave the relationship as soon as possible. He, like my mother and family that met her, said the same thing, “this is toxic.”
I’m omitting a lot from here on, but the day I broke up with her, a million thoughts raced through my head:
“What if this is a huge mistake?”
“What if I can’t make it myself?”
“Where am I gonna live and what am gonna do?”
“Is this what I really need to do? Have I exhausted every other option before this?”
Then I thought of my mother. She endured abuse for her decades-long marriage to my father, who was an alcoholic. I remember constantly fighting and yelling and clawing and toothing my way through arguments with my dad, who routinely looked for ways to abuse, control and dominate her. I was always the only one who spoke up for her or myself, and I thought then about why she was in this situation in the first place. Why anyone with half a brain would endure something like this voluntarily. Then I remembered, she had no choice. She was born in a different part of the world in a different time with a lack of higher education. With a few kids and a low-paying job, how could she consider leaving?
But then I thought about myself. I remembered that I don’t have to allow this to happen to me. I am educated. I have upward mobility. I may have lost a position, but I can find another. I don’t have to put up with this. She only controls me if I give her the power to.
When I was breaking up with her, I witnessed the weirdest transformation I’ve ever seen from a partner—she suddenly was polite, understanding, soft-spoken and even kind. She implored me to continue our relationship, begging for a couple days to make it work, for her to “show me” that she took the change seriously. She said that I was her soulmate, that I’m the only person she’d ever consider marrying, that we’re meant to be together. She admitted to taking out her anger and frustrations on me because I was an “easy target”. She said that she was conscious of how she was acting and insisted that she’d stop. We’d get a therapist. She even went on to force intimacy and straddled me to force me to look very closely at her, before I shrugged her off. She called her technique of arguing with me and gaslighting me for hours “passion” in an argument that apparently she got from her family, to which I responded that that’s pathological.
Finally, when she realized that I wasn’t going to be persuaded, she did a 180 and said coldly that she thinks it’s the right thing to do, that she thought I was waiting for her to do it to “rip off the bandaid”, that she even agreed with me and that it was for the best. I left the apartment to give her time to pack some of her things and leave.
I just feel so many emotions right now. On the one hand, I am relieved. On the other, in some weird way, I miss having her around to an extent. I’ve always had a fear of being alone. I’m confused because I know I shouldn’t miss this at all, and I have so much to contend with at the moment. I want to start doing things for myself again, because when I do, things really seem to work. My whole life, I’ve always felt lonely. As a kid, my family moved from an area with a lot of emotional support and extended family to the middle of nowhere. I remember the closest family for hours coming by and being awful company, yet I’d cry when they left because I didn’t have anyone else. My siblings were much older, my parents had their own problems and I didn’t have friends.
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2023.06.10 22:30 ElectronicWorry5029 [Real] (06/10/23) Lost in the Mirror

That’s kind of a dramatic title, huh? It’s the title of the book I’m reading and I didn’t really know what to name this entry. It kind of reminds me of “Alice In Wonderland”and “Through the Looking Glass”-Both stories of a girl and her wavering sense of self through various trials. I fckin knew I identified with those stories too much. Go figure. Sigh.
My therapist suggested this book; but she had to suggest it in such a way that I would pick it up from a point of curiosity rather than a place of needing help, otherwise I wouldn’t read it. I fell for the bait. She’s admittedly, pretty good.
You know. I don’t like any of this, for a lot of reasons. Some of the qualities that are used to describe people like me are really scary. “Splitting”?!!! That’s terrifying. “Black and white thinking”?! How incredibly limiting and isolating. “Fragmentation”?!!! Fuck offffffff. I’m not crazy, bro.
Some of it makes me really sad because it’s not a brain chemical thing. It’s an impact thing. I was born a normal, fully functional person…really bad stuff happened and then it kept happening over and over and over again until I became… this monster. I feel sad for little me. I remember what it was like to be little me too. I don’t think she deserved any of that shiz and I feel angry that from the start we didn’t have a chance to succeed. It makes me feel more hopeless.
Once I read about splitting it became a little bit less frightening. As an infant, we see our caregivers as good or evil dependent upon how they care for us and whether they meet our needs. Eventually, as we age, we form a whole picture of our caregivers and can integrate both the good we see in our caregiver and the bad. For someone like me, we continue the “good” and “evil” perceptions in order to protect ourselves. A small example of this is how I saw my father. I’ve always adored him. He is charming, popular, creative, funny, handsome, intelligent and magnetic. He was constantly attracting people to him and I loved that when I was in his good graces, I was his favorite. We talked about words and meanings behind song lyrics, we talked about movies and what they meant, we played puzzles and performed on his radio shows/commercials together. I worshipped him.
However, my dad also scared me. He had a darkness that I didn’t understand. When he was angry he hurt us. He threw things. Drug us out of bed in the middle of the night. I hated myself for loving him so much even when he was being violent. I tried to figure out his algorithm… what could I do to make him happy? Over time I learned that I needed to leave him alone… he would come to me when he wanted me and that’s how it’s been ever since.
I made small connections; the biggest one being that when he wore his glasses, he was angry. Somehow in my mind I believed that the glasses made him evil. When he wore his glasses, I made myself scarce. Having this belief helped me maintain the adoration I had for “good dad”. The book says that we have to make these kinds of “good” and “evil” connections if we are still reliant on caregivers because it helps us rationalize why we can love someone who hurts us so.
My mother’s abuse was more consistent. She was just “evil”. Though in adulthood I have found a great deal of compassion for her. Her childhood years were filled with sexual abuse and neglect. I find myself wondering if she and I are more alike then we realized.
The problem I have with this is that there ARE bad people in the world. I was with a man for a long time who did terrible, unspeakable things to me. He is not good. He is dangerous and I am only now coming to understand the depth of impact his abuse has had on me. My experience is not illegitimate because I have a condition.
My therapist says that acknowledging a disorder and treating it is no different than treating diabetes or high cholesterol. But it’s not really seen that way outside, is it? If you take a gander at support groups even within Reddit you’ll see so much hatred towards people like me. As if any of this was a choice. As if I woke up one day and decided that being an absolute villain would be a barrel of laughs. I saw my own ex questioning the validity and realness of our experience together on one of those sites and it broke my heart. My existence, my love language, my hard work, my investment…. My goodness all in question. And you know it’s funny that these so called normal people talk about us as being all bad because isn’t that why they are frustrated to begin with? Black and white thinking isn’t limited to people with disorders.
One thing that has stood out to me in my readings is the “magical nature” of people like me. The book describes how we are storytellers, whimsical… we can bring fairytales to life. And I like that. I don’t want to change that part of myself. People like me can’t be all bad, right? I started looking up good things about people like me because we just can’t all be evil. I appreciated what I found but the internet is kinda gross because it insinuates that the good things are basically mirages or part of an illusion carefully crafted to manipulate. There’s more of that black and white thinking. I’m Unsure of how I am supposed to tame this beast if I am being told that even my goodness is bad.
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2023.06.10 22:30 TheMonsterXzero54 The Map of the Continent of Flakarya. if you have any suggestions for better names or some names are too cheesy for islands and seas Please let me know (Also this is only about 40% of the whole world)

The Map of the Continent of Flakarya. if you have any suggestions for better names or some names are too cheesy for islands and seas Please let me know (Also this is only about 40% of the whole world) submitted by TheMonsterXzero54 to worldbuilding [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:29 SixBytes [A3][Recruiting][NA/EU/ZA][GMT/CST][Relaxed PvP] Operation Hammer and Sickle

====================== About us ======================
Operation Hammer and Sickle is a relaxed PvP Attack vs Defense unit focused on providing a semi-similar experience to Squad/Project Reality in Arma 3. Our goal is to use the absolute freedom Arma 3 and Ace3 provides to create a unique PvP experience that is both enjoyable by newer players and older veterans alike.
Members have the ability to use a wide variety of vehicular assets, ranging from MBTs to IFVs, Assault Helicopters to RHIBs, to dominate the enemy team in every field.
Members can also make use of the Ace Fortify Framework to build elaborate FOBs, or simple encampments, around the map in an attempt to overwhelm the opposing team.
====================== We Offer ======================
====================== Requirements ======================
====================== Our operating days ======================
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2023.06.10 22:28 Hildebrand_66 Coming for a wedding in the area, what’s the closest beach that I could visit? Any suggestions? How far of a drive? Any advice?

Hey guys,
First time in California. Unfortunately don’t have a crazy amount of time. I’m coming with my parents (I’m 29), and my younger brother. My dads renting a car. The wedding is Thursday/Friday. Arriving super early Wednesday morning. Flying back Saturday.
So not much time but I told them we absolutely have to visit a beach that’s a priority and they agreed. Being from Texas we don’t have beaches that are close by to us or remotely nice.
Does anyone know what the closest beach is to Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area? I’ve heard traffic can be pretty bad at certain times.
Going to the beach would make the trip for us though. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.10 22:28 AutoModerator [Fight!] UFC 289 LIVE [email protected]

UFC 289 Live: UFC 289 Live [email protected], Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana Live Streaming on Crackstreams, Buffstreams, (PPV)(MMA) Fight Card and Main Card Fight Time. UFC 289 the Ultimate Fighting 2023 Live Streams Reddit free Championship that will take place on June 10, Saturday, 2023, at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Watch UFC 289 Live Streaming.

🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴▶️ UFC 289 LIVE [email protected]
🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴▶️ UFC 289 LIVE [email protected]

Irene Aldana looks to become the latest Mexican-born fighter to shock the world and win gold at UFC 289 on June 10. To do so, she must get past the Brazilian double champion Amanda Nunes. Can “Robles” get the job done after being given the opportunity of a lifetime?
UFC 289 is inside Vancouver, British Columbia's Rogers Arena. The first UFC event in Canada since 2019, the event airs on ESPN+ PPV in the U.S.
The UFC has seen Brandon Moreno, Yair Rodriguez, and Alexa Grasso claim gold for their country. Grasso beat Nunes' rival and MMA great Valentina Shevchenko to win the UFC flyweight title at UFC 285. Shevchenko was the -1010 favorite, while Alexa Grasso was the +590 underdog.
Per Bet MGM, Nunes is the -350 favorite, while Aldana is the +275 underdog. Diego Lopes, Aldana's coach who cornered Grasso, believes Aldana can defy the odds.
“Amanda is a tough fight for anyone in the division,” Lopes stated via MMA Fighting’s Trocaçao Franca podcast. “We know she’s the best in the division, but I think our team is used to fighting that, like Alexa did with Valentina. Everybody saw Valentina as unbeatable, and we went there and did our job to win the fight… I think we can surprise Amanda like that. To go in there and show something Amanda hasn’t faced yet, which is the level of boxing Irene has, to surprise her and bring the second [UFC] belt to the team and the fourth to Mexico.”
Nunes beat Shevchenko twice. She was ready to face Julianna Pena, the one woman to end her reign at bantamweight, before Pena had to back out due to broken ribs. Before Pena, Nunes was undefeated in that division for six years. She is ready to start a new streak in Canada.
Here’s all you need to know about UFC 289, from time, channel, and card.
What time is UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana? Date: Saturday, June 10 FIGHT PASS Prelims: 6 p.m. ET 3 p.m. PT Prelims: 8 p.m. ET 5 p.m. PT Main card: 10 p.m. ET 7 p.m. PT Main event: 12:15 a.m. ET 9:15 p.m. PT (approx.)
USA/Canada: UFC 289 takes place on June 10. The early prelims start at 6 p.m. ET, followed by the prelims at 8 p.m. ET. The UFC 289 main card will begin at 10 p.m. ET. Nunes and Aldana should make their way to the octagon around 12:15 a.m. ET, depending on how long the undercard fights last.
UK: The early prelims for UFC 289 start at 11 p.m. BST, with the main card starting at 3 a.m. BST. Nunes vs. Aldana should begin about 5:15 a.m. BST.
Australia: The early prelims begin at 8 a.m. AEST on Sunday, June 11. The main card gets underway at 12 p.m. AEST, and the main event will begin about 2:15 p.m. AEST.
How to watch UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana Country Date Channel + Live Stream (main card) United States Sat. June 10 ESPN+, ESPN PPV Canada Sat. June 10 BELL, Rogers, Shaw, SaskTel, Videotron, Telus, Eastlink, UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass United Kingdom Sun. June 11 BT Sport Australia Sun. June 11 Main Event, Kayo Sports, Fetch TV, UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass
The main card for UFC 289 is available in the U.S. and Mexico on the ESPN+ subscription streaming service for a pay-per-view cost. Earlier fights are viewable live on ESPN+.
In Canada, the main card pay-per-view is available on BELL, Rogers, Shaw, SaskTel, Videotron, Telus, Eastlink, and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass
In the United Kingdom, the main card will be available on BT Sport, with the prelims available on UFC Fight Pass.
In Australia, the main card will be on Main Event, Kayo Sports, Fetch TV, and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass.
Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana PPV price: How much does UFC 289 cost? $79.99 (current ESPN+ subscribers) $124.98 (new subscribers)
In the U.S., the UFC 289 main card is available via pay-per-view on ESPN+, which also requires a subscription. The PPV price for UFC 289 is $79.99 for current subscribers. New subscribers can pay a bundle price of $124.98 for the UFC 289 pay-per-view and an ESPN+ annual subscription, which offers savings of more than 30 percent.
UFC 289 fight card
Main card
Amanda Nunes (c) vs. Irene Aldana for the UFC bantamweight title Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush; Lightweights Mike Malott vs. Adam Fugitt; Welterweights Dan Ige vs. Nate Landwehr; Featherweights Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Eryk Anders; Middleweights
Nassourdine Imavov vs. Chris Curtis; Middleweights Miranda Maverick vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius; Flyweights Aiemann Zahabi vs. Aoriqileng; Bantamweights Kyle Nelson vs. Blake Bilder; Featherweights
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2023.06.10 22:27 pinkandgoldunicorn Why didn’t they test me?

This is just a rant really. I am 48. healthy. Non-smoker. I have had Covid 3 times. Once before the vaccine and 2 times after. All mild cases.
2 weeks ago I started having respiratory symptoms. Coughing, breathing issues etc
I took over the counter medicine and it continued to get worse. After 8 days I went to the walk-in clinic. I live in a Philadelphia suburb btw. So I went in and told them all my symptoms. When I filled out the Covid survey I said that “yes I am experiencing Covid symptoms.”
So they proceeded to tell me there’s no way it’s Covid. They never tested me because they said it was unnecessary. They told me it’s allergies and I should use Flonase and I left.
That was about 5 days ago. My cough has since gotten worse and my chest burns today. I took an OTC Covid test today and it’s very positive.
In the past week I have been in multiple schools attending end of year things with my kids. I took my son to appointments. I visited my elderly parents. I have probably exposed 500 people.
How in the world can we go from “we must shut everything down and stay in our houses” to “I am not even going to test you. Here’s some Flonase.” ?????
I can’t wrap my head around how a reputable clinic in a major city can be so negligent.
Thanks for letting me rant. Hopefully this goes away soon.
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2023.06.10 22:27 depmatters should i fight or leave?

tldr: rough 6 month relationship where we both hurt each other a lot broke me down. have had really bad doubts and wanted to break up 3 times now. bf has shown progress and commitment to making things work and changing from his ways but i’m stuck in a negative mindset and don’t want to fall back into a cycle where i try to break up w him again. should i put aside the past and try to work with him or accept that maybe we just aren’t good for each other?
my boyfriend (26) and i (23) have had a really really rocky relationship (6 months). we both possess a level of care for each other that i’ve never experienced before and he’s made me the most comfortable i have ever felt in any relationship before. for the first 4 months he was really going through it, was reactive, angry, insensitive, manipulative, and so forth. i stayed and was patient and was there for him but as you would expect it came to a point where i broke. sure he was able to improve some things like getting angry and assuming things as well as decreased his reactivity a bit, but the conflicts and misunderstandings were still happening and it broke me more and more each time. i got to a point where i couldn’t give anymore. we had done so much damage to each other through our mistakes and i just felt constantly unhappy.
i mentally checked out around 2 months ago, he noticed and starting trying a lot harder. he improved his communication, he started listening to me more, was more supportive and more enthusiastic to work through things. however, i was at a point where i couldn’t be fully present anymore so the efforts were one sided on his end (the dynamic flipped essentially / roles reversed). we would still argue and misunderstand each other and at one conflict i just broke and couldnt take it any more. i tried to break up with him and we ended up taking a week break where the time alone made me realize that if things didn’t change i would need to leave him for my own well being.
i tried to finalize the breakup but he begged me almost to stay saying that we can try taking it slower and working through problems 1 by 1 instead of suffocating each other. the relationship moved super fast honestly with him asking me to move in like 3 months in, and making plans to go to his home country to meet his family. so he brought up that we should try to spend more time apart, focus on ourselves, and take things a lot slower and focus on having fun instead of being with each other 24/7 and arguing.
this was about 3 weeks ago. for two weeks we tried spending more time apart and honestly it really did make me feel a lot more love towards him and more connected. but i still had the doubts in my head and we still had our arguments and last week we argued pretty bad and i snapped and tried to break up with him again. we took a break from talking each other again as he said we should take a break and heal and then come back to each other and yesterday gave each other our stuff back. i finalized the breakup yesterday during that exchange. we talked for like 5 hours and he tried to convince me we could make things work
the place where i’m conflicted is that our relationship has honestly brought me more pain than joy, but i have also seen progress on his end. he really changed from the person he used to be at the start and of course that gives me hope and i see the level of commitment he has towards me. and based on what he was saying yesterday, he wants to continue to fight and will make whatever changes are necessary to make us work. i really do believe he loves me and is willing to work on things. but i guess i’m just at a point where i lost myself. in a perfect world i would of course have wanted to work things out with him especially because he has made me feel so comfortable being with him and i can really tell he cares about me. that’s a type of love that i am scared to lose. but i feel like i’m just in this mindset where i’m scared to be fully vulnerable with him and give myself to the relationship again because i still see him doing things like guilt tripping, etc which have gotten better but of course they are still there. there’s something way off about the dynamic. i don’t want to go back into this with those doubts and end up breaking up with him again because that is really damaging for him too. i’ve honestly been very unhappy in the relationship and of course we have our good moments but i’ve just felt restricted, insecure, like i’m walking on eggshells, etc.
i don’t want to make the mistake of losing someone that wants to fight for this so hard. but so much damage has been done to each other especially after this series of break ups with him constantly convincing me to stay combined with my mindset and i don’t know if these things are reasonable to try to fix and fight for. i really think this relationship has made me a worse version of myself and has triggered some of my insecurites to come out which i worked on healing. i’ve become more hostile, on edge, anxious etc.
but when someone is fighting for you and a relationship so hard, it’s hard to leave that i guess. it has been unhealthy for sure but i guess i’m just trying to get an opinion on whether his dedication to change and make things good is worth fighting for. he can admit his mistakes and i’ve seen progress but at the same time i’ve been really broken down over the course of the 6 months due to his actions and this relationship. i don’t know if it’s reasonable to risk my mental health for something that made my mental health bad in the first place. i don’t want to lose him because i really do think he cares about me and wants this and i trust he would never do anything to hurt me (cheat and all that and stuff). i don’t know if it’s my own mindset and self sabotage that is making me want to run away and give up but i guess i am really tempted to stay with him because i can see the happiness that i could potentially have. but yeah essentially it’s been rough but he is really willing to work. however i’m at a point where i’m not sure if i could work even if i wanted to. also i feel more peace alone than i do with him. and ALSO he might be manipulating me into thinking we can fix things as he was guilt tripping me and being pretty manipulative during our talk yesterday which is another factor on top of everything. i know this stuff sounds pretty bad and i’m well aware of how unhealthy it is especially for only being a 6 month relationship. i know relationships are hard but probably shouldn’t be this hard and maybe it’s just the case of we aren’t compatible.
but yeah if he’s willing to fight and work to make things better, and i have seen SOME progress, do you think i should push aside my negative mindset and try?
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2023.06.10 22:27 kiltrout On the formation of an International Streamer's Guild for the organization of a Twitch Blackout

In spite of the massive profits and growth at Twitch over the years, we've seen nothing at all for streamers but miserly penny pinching and cost cutting.
The situation has reached a point where even the smallest changes have become absolutely intolerable. Simply making ends meet, even when streaming for countless hours to appreciative and supportive fans, seems farther and farther out of reach.
Streamers are one of the few entertainers who don't negotiate their contracts and simply agree to the first offer from Twitch or other platforms, and as time passes the deals have only become worse. Meanwhile, Twitch spends its resources towards improving its disgusting public image. This situation will never improve on its own.
Even as I write this, the Screen Actor's Guild and the Writer's Guild of America are working together in solidarity to ensure that even the smallest creators are treated fairly in their contracts. This is an example that has a rich history of success in the entertainment industry, and by banding together and forming an international representative body, a Streamer's Guild, we can create a voice to bargain for the kind of contracts we deserve, given the hard work we've put into building this and other platforms. Without entertainers, a platform like Twitch is nothing more than a bit-juggling computer farm, and if we have to remind them where their billions in yearly profits are coming from, so be it. We are owed far more than a seat at the bargaining table for our own livelihood. I suggest we organize a representative body and black Twitch out until we can literally live with our contracts.
Streamers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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2023.06.10 22:27 A1_Saucyy Alex Perez Signature Series Gold Vinyl 1 of 1

Alex Perez Signature Series Gold Vinyl 1 of 1
What’s this worth? Pulled this from a Blaster pack
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2023.06.10 22:27 poopie_darling “different”

sometimes i think back to fond memories from when i was younger, When my whole world consisted off the school playground and my family. When life was simple, Before things changed , before i realised.
At age 5 i remember running up to my mum excited to tell her about my new dream job, i wanted to be a superhero. She put on a smile and told me to go for it!! That i could do whatever i set my mind too, though she and all the other significant adults in my life at that time knew it would change in a matter of a week.. At age seven i was convinced i was going to be the new “hit child actress!!!” Only now do i realise that in a sense this was true.
I was eleven years old when i realised, realised the truth, that i was “too sensitive” i was “nerdy” i was “childish” i was..different. Yes thats the word, different, i’d get dehumanising stares from the “popular girls” when i would cover my ears in a somewhat silent classroom where the teachers footsteps where slightly too loud. A roar of humiliating laughter would echo around the hall when i got called on in assembly and my whole vocabulary would practically fall out of my mouth..So i did what i thought was the only rational answer, i hid, i laughed along and i played by everyone else’s rules. I became…normal, no, typical??? no…i became a hollow version of my true self all for the small taste of safety that popularity granted me.
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2023.06.10 22:26 Hildebrand_66 Coming to the Ontario area for a wedding with my family and don’t have a whole lot of time! What’s the closest beach to Ontario?

Hey guys,
First time in California. Unfortunately don’t have crazy amount of time. I’m coming with my parents (I’m 29), and my younger brother. My dads renting a car. The wedding is Thursday/Friday. Arriving super early Wednesday morning. Flying back Saturday.
So not much time but I told them we absolutely have to visit a beach that’s a priority and they agreed. Being from Texas we don’t have beaches that are close by to us or remotely nice.
Does anyone know what the closest beach is to Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area? I’ve heard traffic can be pretty bad at certain times.
Going to the beach would make the trip for us though. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.10 22:26 theamazingbox2244 To the Invaders of this Game and Subreddit

No seriously I give up for you guys elden ring so far has had the coolest co-op scene I've ever seen. As I've been playing more than a thousand hours now, since about hour 270ish I've been spending my time very seldom in my own world but instead the worlds of our community
My name is Merchant if you play around the 175ish range on PC you may have run into Me by now once or twice with my banished frog helm and ronin chest , and it's been an absolute treat invaders are so much more alive and interactive in this game compared to past titles I've managed quite a few times now as a blue and gold boy to convince the red phantom to leave peacefully through desperate praying at them or offering them runes or other items tbh the way this community interacts in game is weirdly wholesome even a majority of hackers I've even seen have been weirdos who use the ability to cheat to enlarge their head to huge bobble head sizes
Tldr: 10/10 community 10/10 game keep it up soulsborne your ability to grow never ceases to amaze me
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2023.06.10 22:26 Pydras 27 [M4F] BC/Canada/Online - Seeking someone to rule the world with!

Title may be a bit cheesy, but who doesn't want to rule the world? That all aside, hello! I am Pydras, fat cat collector, lessor avatar of chaos, and most boring of all, corporate accountant. I am to find people to potentially connect with and see what develops. Whether that leads to friendship or something more will remain to be seen, but life is short so have to get out there and try!
A little more about me! As stated earlier, I am a corporate accountant, based in interior BC. I am quite fond of cooking, and decent enough at it as well! I would say at least 67% of it would be tolerable to most people. Since my job is basically just sitting around all day, I try and workout at least three or four times a week to stay active and in shape. That being said I do have a sweet tooth that I am quite good at managing, except for my weakness of homemade baked goods. Art wise, I really have no skills in most of those areas except for writing (use to do some RP back in the day). Well, I do make quite the horrible MS Paint masterpiece if the inspiration hits, so that might count. Politically I am quite on the left side, and religion wise I tend to fall more into agnosticism and atheism.
For subject interests, my top three would probably have to be history, geography, and geology. One of my favourite things to do when bored is open Google maps and go to a random area and see what I can learn of those three for it. However, my absolute biggest interest and the one I hold closest to me is music. While I can't really play an instrument (have been trying to relearn piano), I usually have some sort of playlist on if I am not too busy or in a loud environment. I can literally go into paragraphs upon paragraphs about some of my favourite songs. Just about what I like about them, how they make me feel, etc. I am always up for sharing or creating playlists with someone, I truly feel like music is one of the better ways to get to know someone. My usual genres end up to alternative, indie, and math rock, but I will really just listen to anything that I like the sound of.
Hobby wise, it sort of depends on what time of the year it is. If the weather is nice in the spring or summer, I love to go for long walks and hiking. Just being out in nature beings a sense of relaxation and peace you can't get anywhere else. Plus, the views, just all the amazing views and secrets you can come upon. When the weather is not as pleasant or it is winter (so quite a few months here), I am usually found being a homebody. Probably no surprise, but gaming is a major filler of my time when I have nothing else to do. My main game right now is FFXIV, realized today that I have been playing it for over half a decade at this point, how time flies. I do enjoy the Paradox Interactive games as well, especially with all the amazing mods some of them have. Like music, I could spend hours talking about some of my favourite games. Would also love more people to play with, generally not picky about what, as long as you don't mind me potentially sucking. Gaming with people is always such a joy and fun time. I can be quite the reader if a particular book or series catches my attention. Once burned through a trilogy in a week since it captivated me so much. One of the dangers I found with me reading is I'll always go for one more chapter, then suddenly it is 3 am. Don't really have any specific genres in particular, though I am quite the sucker for some good worldbuilding.
I could probably keep rambling about myself, but why take away all the fun? As said before, I am looking for someone to see what kind of connection we can build. Location wise, for something more than friendship, you would likely have to be in Canada or have plans to move here. While I do enjoy all my friends in the US, I have no desire to move there unfortunately. Either way, if I intrigued your interests feel free to send me a DM and we can connect from there!
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2023.06.10 22:26 ShadowZ100 So there's this cringy popular HOI4 fandom of the fictional "Holy Russian Empire"

So there's this cringy popular HOI4 fandom of the fictional

Fictional borders of the \"Holy Russian Empire\"
So for the past month or so, I have stumbled upon couple of videos about this so called "Holy Russian Empire", which it appears to be a fictional country that existed in mid-20th century in the Hearts of Iron 4 game universe mod that someone made. Now of course, it's all just fictional alternative universe lore thingy that people are getting obsessed for no reason. I think the concerning issue I have is, of all Soviet/Russian controlled states there been, why does this "Holy Russian Empire" show complete borders of modern-day Kazakhstan under its control while every other sovereign territory that was conquered in our timeline is excluded in this "fictional universe"? Again, I don't understand the logical reason behind this weirdly popular fandom because to me, it just programs everyone to subconsciously view us "Russian" rather than Kazakh. As far as this whole "loyalty to Russia" goes would be realistically if this fictional country was portrayed as federation or democratic state where all ethnic minorities had greater autonomy (ex. Alash Autonomy), but this is literally portraying an Imperial neo-Russia that of all lands it has its grip specifically on KAZAKHSTAN ONLY while countries in southern Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, Caucasus, Baltics or Finland get to freely remain as "independent" in the map. In the end, we're basically being fictionally portrayed as powerless, defeated, colonized slaves to some fictional Russian monarchy for no realistic historical basis in the pop culture.
Why is that specifically would it be in this unrealistically historical lore? Is it because we're big and close to Russia geographically? Or there's some resentment towards Kazakhstan by person or group of developers that designed this HOI4 mod about "Holy Russian Empire"? Now I may be overreacting or acting "paranoid" here, but in these times where you have modern-day chauvinists and politicians endorsing imperial fashions in invading lands, seeing this whole "Holy Russian Empire" thingy pop constantly doesn't make things any better...
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2023.06.10 22:26 Wrong-Breath4026 I can’t forget about my ex

I apologize in advance for the owl English, because it is not so good. Although i don't think that online relationships are good, i had one half year ago. This girl was literally my exact copy and we got along from the very beginning. Our relationship lasted 4 months, although this is not long but it was best times in my life. We breakup because of lots of arguments (especially related to my jealousy). I mean i am jealous because she is most beautiful girl i ever saw and i think that i am ugly (she used to look at me like i am most handsome person in the whole world, but it didn't rise my opinion about myself. When we started face with arguments almost every day she told me that she doesn't love me anymore, but we didn't stop our relationship and started solving problems together. At one moment after that i started act cold because of stress and pressure due to exams and other problems, she thought that i didn't love her anymore and she asked me "(my name), do you still love me?" my answer was i don't know. This was my most stupid mistake ever because i knew that i love her as much as i possibly can. After this conversation she sent a big text about how much she loves me and described every month with me and at the end she said "you are my first love and i will never forget you, you was only person who i loved more than anything and anyone in my life" Next 3-4 months i cried, remembered her and read our messages again again and again, I still act with other like nothing happened but i was in depression. In summary, even if she hate me now, still love her and wish her happiness and love. She definitely deserves best.
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