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2023.06.10 07:26 Longjumping-Self-214 I think he moved on

I saw a comment on tik tok today of a girl around my age saying something nice about my ex’s video game content he posts…we only broke up 3 weeks ago…I’m so scared and sad if he moved on already when I feel so alone…
we aren’t talking anymore, but today I sent him something that was a good memory of us when I saw it and he seemed so uncomfortable talking to me…it made me so sad.
It feels like I’m never going to find someone that will love me like he once did
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2023.06.10 07:25 terriveja Week in uk

Im flying to london in august. I have seven nights to spend there. Im open to travelling outside of london and even thought about buying the one country railpass to travel around but im still interest in seeing london for atleast two or three days. Any tips on places to visit? I dont have the biggest budget and outside of london I'd like to see nature and im open to hiking :) I wouldnt want to rent a car because the opposite side traffic makes me nervous.
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2023.06.10 07:24 nikkib243 Coworkers feel they deserve cookies for “helping me”

I work for a city. I am in the facilities department. I spent a almost a week pressure washing pavers around a building and went way beyond what my expected “boundary” between facilities area and parks areas of responsibility. I needed to refill the sand between the pavers after pressure washing so I asked the parks guys if they could drop me off a bucket of sand with their tractor. It would have taken them 10 minutes max to do so. It would have taken me a significant amount of time because I have a van as opposed to a truck and the tractor belongs to the parks department so I couldn’t have borrowed it. So the parks guys do me a solid and bring a bucket of sand. It seems totally fair to me considering how much of their area I pressure washed. I go about my business only to receive a call a few days later from a coworker saying that he’s having lunch with a bunch of parks guys and he asks me if I can bake. I said yes but I don’t very often. He said well you should bake cookies for the parks guys as a thank you for them helping you. I was flabbergasted but managed to get out something along the lines of “oh how quickly they forget how I am always doing things to help them.” (With no strings attached) My coworker hangs up and I’m livid. There is no chance that they ever would have done with to a guy. My coworker called me back about 15 minutes later to apologize. I guess he realized how unintentionally misogynistic he was. He said it was a really weird situation and that he will go buy the guys donuts on my behalf. I just said thanks but not to buy them anything on my behalf. I work hard! I am a team player. I go above and beyond always. I don’t own anyone cookies.
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2023.06.10 07:24 AllegedHacke Anon works in grocery store

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2023.06.10 07:24 FinnBalur1 A private high school in Toronto cheated me out of my pay by disputing my online teaching hours. Any idea how to go about this?

I keep getting different advice from so many different people, but in the end this is my life I'm gambling with. One wrong move and I could end up homeless. I signed with this school on May 8th, as a high school English teacher, after quitting a 10-month contract job that I had and that ensured me EI for July and August and even sickdays and holiday. I switched over for a couple dollar hourly wage increase. So, I work this new job, and they paid me less than half of what I'm entitled to get on May 20th. I was shocked. I complained, and so they stalled for weeks and made promises to rectify it on the next payroll period. June 6th comes, and the pay is wrong again. So, I complain again, and at this point they are bouncing me between each other: "go to him," "email her," "do this," "do that." They said I was an independent contractor, not entitled to holiday or sick days, or even paystubs. I am teaching OLC4O to their students, a course the kids need to graduate high school, by the way.
They are saying the reason this is a problem is because I did not record my online teaching using Adobe. The issue is my schedule was really busy, and they didn't train me on it. I expressed to them many times I was having technical difficulties with it. The vice-principal even referred me to a person I can email and their response was "we don't have experience with macs, but here's a [very unhelpful] link." I finally got it to work on my own, outside contract hours, but now I keep asking to get paid for my unpaid work (about 30 hours or so), and i am gettinng the run around. I threatened them with the Ministry of Labour but they don't seem to care, even ignoring my emails. I literally have an email from them saying "we will compensate you on the next paycheque," and a message from my VP with a photo of my timetable. But they don't care, still. I would have quit earlier but I believed them and said "okay, my money will arrive soon" as they stalled for time. I was naive, and now they financially drained me; I am in so much credit card debt, and I've had multiple anxiety attacks, I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I'm late on rent; I can't afford my car payments, nor any of my bills.
I will file a complaint with the ministry of labour, but it might take time to process and it's not guaranteed. An agent on the phone told me they may have misclassified me (as an independent contractor), and that it didn't make sense. A friend who used to work for EI told me to get a sick leave doctor's note for my anxiety and apply to EI, but I think as an independent contractor I may not be entitled to sick leave EI, or even regular teacher EI.
I don't know what options I have at this stage, but I feel so helpless and broken-hearted... All I wanted to do was teach. That was all. And to get paid for it.
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2023.06.10 07:23 wildflowerola I feel so hopeless and unworthy.

I've been preparing for my dream university, but lately I feel so overwhelmed by everything that goes on around me. I have to read and study basically all the time, even though I just got back from school (it ends up at 2 or 4 every day), and I'm not a clever or wealthy child. I needs to persevere harder than the other children around me. The education system in our nation is extremely competitive, irritating, and complicated. Not everyone can attend university, and if you can't get into university, In my country they will considered you as a failure and your future is lost. You are unsuccessful because you are unable to get jobs that will allow you to live your life apart from being poor. Except the fact that, you're already wealthy in the first place. And my thoughts are racing on such things. I'm exhausted and died inside. In this country you have to pay for wanting to study the examination for university??? Yes you have to pay. School can't teach you anything because almost everyone can be a teacher here in my country. Most of them are sucks at doing their jobs. They still physically abuse their children in some school. You can see these things regularly in my country.
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2023.06.10 07:23 Burninthis Crushes suck

I feel like a stupid kid again. I’m a grown ass man who had finally made some kind of peace with being alone. I don’t need this. A women comes into my life with a soft voice and nice behavior while also being super fun and easy to talk to and it just completely screws me up. Feels like a dagger to my chest that slowly leaks into my stomach and makes it roll around.
I don’t like it at all. My heart knows what it craves while my brain tells my heart to quit being so stupid. But no matter how many times I tell my heart all the facts it has decided without my consent. So now I’m just laying on my bed staring at the ceiling basically doing damage control.
This sucks.
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2023.06.10 07:23 BackOrnery Several loose dogs tried to attack me

I delivered to the craziest city ever. Trailer homes and wild dogs. I would literally pull up to a palce and there would be two or three wild large dogs waiting to tear me to pieces. It’s like they live in a mad max film. I had to throw two packs out the window and literally the dogs were nipping at my car and trying to take my car down ! They almost got ran over too. Another one earlier in the night it was totally dark and I did t know a dog was posted at this guys house (no leashe) and barely made it to my car in time. This is ridiculous. Then I had a scheduled block the next day I totally missed and slept thru because I was about traumatized over this experience. Anyone else ever witness wild dogs roaming around ? I drove by a pack of 9 when leaving. Imagine just walking around with no car and running into one of those groups
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2023.06.10 07:23 FuckinFuckableFucker 2nd post...


It has been a couple of days since i made my first post here and it got removed by some fucking spamfilter. BEEP BOOP I AM HUMAN!
Reason might be my nonexistent karma, but i am still going to do this second post. First i wanted to create some kind of a silly gimmick by cursing a lot, but i already got tired of it. I hope that this post stays up and gets 1-2 views, or none.
I feel terrible, sleep deprived and mentally exhausted. I dont even work anymore and my countrys version of welfare did not get trough so i am kinda screwed. My job ended roughly one month ago and i got pretty hefty final paycheck, which would have allowed me to get by until i find another job, but my gambling addiction said otherwise.
I lost it all in like two hours. several thousand euros flushed straight to toilet. This has been a problem since i turned 18 and it has been getting worse. Although my salary was more than enough for me to live comfortably, it got stretched thin because of this. I tried to get help, but it was no use. I have hurt people around me and mostly myself.
Fortunately my debt is small, so it is not impossible for me to turn my life over, but there is no willpower. I am miserable human being and i dont think i can take this much longer. I still have some people around me who (atleast i want to think) care about me, so I'm not pulling the "plug" atleast yet. I'd lie if i said that the thought about it did not cross my mind every once in a while. I have "tried" it previously, but with no success. Those were not even serious attempts, rather cries for help, but all i got was some pills and shoe to my ass.
This is enough for now, but i will probably write here couple of days from now if the damn spam filter stops deleting my posts.

See ya!
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2023.06.10 07:23 denial_falls Finally got Shulk back into Elite Smash… Jesus peace be upon us.

It was quite the roller coaster because the first time I got him in, it was like almost two years ago. People weren’t as good and my roster GSP was super low. Here it was high so the people I got matched with were super cracked, even in the 5 millions.
I’m just proud of myself to do it again while rematching people. I feel like a retired pro returning to dominate the new meta (haha yeah right in my dreams but let me have this!).
So fun thing about Shulk is he makes you learn everyone’s weight class because you need to switch to Smash ASAP to kill (you can use f smash and up smash but they’re a little unreliable cuz of their slowness).
Shulk’s most invaluable move imo is down tilt. Needed for fast spacing, otherwise you’re screwed cuz the aerials, while good, have long startup. Also his back air is super good to space. A little tricky but yeah. If someone could teach me the forward facing back air trick that’d be appreciated.
On another note his shield art is super fun to fuck around with. I’ve barely scraped the surface of using it, but using it with f smash, fair, or especially counter is pretty good. I need more coordination and practice to use it to break out of combos like the pros.
I felt sad and desperate playing Shulk as my GSP had dipped down into the 5 millions. But now that I’m back, maybe I’ll dedicate myself to learning his tech and keep him as a pocket with Aegis.
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2023.06.10 07:22 JinxyRosafi My Boss accidentally triggered me and it sucks

So my boss is a nice guy that can be a bit grumpy but not mean so obviously I don't think he meant to startle me given the situation. We were working the registers together and the line was getting long because technology be technologying and was glitching, freezing, or just moving very slow. So I'm frustrated, he's frustrated, and the customers kinda just waiting patiently. Then all of a sudden he slams his hand down, grabs his phone & says something along the lines of "I can't be near her!" & walked to the other till. (To be clear, I don't know if he was referring to me or not, but given the fact that he didn't avoid me & was joking around with me & saying "good work" afterwards I doubt he was mad at me)
So thing is that my childhood was full of that unpredictable outburst followed by loud slams, hitting, slapping, etc and I froze for a second. Even the customers were confused and asked if I was ok & was concerned because I was literally fighting back tears & trying not to cry. I didn't cry & I still haven't cried but it's the fact that something so small could effect me SO much. It sucks that a normal day can flip & go bad like how it always did when I was young, and it causes so much anxiety.
I feel so weak and pathetic that I was reduced to a scared lil kid all over again over someone who wasn't even talking to me. UGH!
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2023.06.10 07:22 religiousfanatic1 [friendship] 17F Hii im Kut!

Looking for friends around my age or at least someone to stick around. I’m currently having problems with everyone in my life and find it quite lonely lol. (To be clear, I struggle with believing anyone cares about or loves me which causes me to burst with love at one moment and hate them the next lol) I DO NOT TRY TO BE A BAD PERSON AND I AM VERY EASY TO TALK TO. I’m disclosing all this so you are aware of the problems I have but I also do not want to scare anyone away. I am very friendly! ANYHOO enough venting let’s talk lol!!
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2023.06.10 07:22 puremeepo Job selection

I wouldn't mind ce or maintenance. However I've heard there often 12 hr shifts.
Anyone know if there's any jobs that are likely to be 8 hours (unless deployed or whatever) I'm married and would also like to spend some time with my wife.
Also at meps when they told me I was good to go except that I needed a waiver (expected)
They said the only airbone job available was 1a8x1 I've heard that anything with linguist in the name is one of the most challenging enlisted jobs in the airforce. I don't consider my self to be that smart, I scored 86 overall on asvab.
I grew up flying with my dad in his cessna and working around engines.
All the jobs look interesting to me. I'm 25 and have worked in a blue collar environment my whole life. I'm in good physical shape and also worked part time at the airport cleaning cargo planes and taking care of the hanger. I don't mind and of that stuff
Last, can you reclass before your second enlistment without affecting your ability to make rank?
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2023.06.10 07:22 otterpotter5678 Little things my husband does that pisses me off. What can I do?

In a happy marriage but some stuff he does bugs me. Sometimes i wonder do people get divorced over this?
  1. Being quick to label something as haram when its just makruh or mubah.
  2. Confusing culture with religion.
  3. Not having leniency with Islam. Muslims are allowed different opinions according to madhabs and fatwas, but he die die try force me to follow one.
  4. Being hypocritical. He tells me all haram stuff i cannot do (when in fact he cant its only makruh at worst), then he ruins his health and my health my polluting the air, smoking.
  5. Not open to different food from different culture. He just sits there watching me eat when theres nothing he likes. Its so awkward and embarassing and it makes me not want to explore restaurants with him.
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2023.06.10 07:21 PrimedMonster 39 [M4R] US/PNW/Anywhere - In need of a friendly face!

This post is brought to you by the letter B - for "boy, do I wish I knew more fun people around the area - or anywhere really - to hang out or talk with."
Recently moved to around the Portland area so don't have a ton of friends here..
A bit about me; I do web development as well as photography but on the side I have dozens of hobbies that suck up way too much time as well.
Interested in getting to know new people to go have exciting adventures with.
Do tell me how your day is going or something about you as I'm open to chat about whatever.
If you'd like to be friends with a chatty guy I await your message!
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2023.06.10 07:21 Shamon_Yu Do (young and young-ish) Americans generally look older than e.g. Europeans?

For example Anne Hathaway (US) and Emily Blunt (UK) in The Devil Wears Prada. They're both in their early 20s, but to me Anne looks around 30. Emily still has "baby fat" in her face, as you would(?) expect.
Then there's Billie Eilish (US) who looked 25 at 18. Justin Bieber (CA) looked way younger than her at 18.
I'm from northern Europe myself and it's weird that when there is for example a 30-something on firstimpression who looks like a 30-something to me, people (it seems the Americans) comment things like "wow, you look 25".
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2023.06.10 07:20 Nokkusu_ Walked around with a plushie all day

For the past few times ive had a sleep-over at someones house i haven't been able to sleep without my peep plushie. I sleep with it every night.
Since my anxiety of leaving the house is getting more intense, i was thinking of bringing a smaller plushie with me everywhere i go to make me feel more at ease.
I brought my smaller plushie to work with me and in a store when I was shopping for cat food. I had one stop where I didn't bring it inside and I think I did okay but I think I prefer to have It now. It did make me anxious walking around the store with it, i didnt want people to look at me kr kids ask me about it. We'll see how this copping method holds up in the meantime.
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2023.06.10 07:20 keekama Floor ticket for SF show

Hello! I’m selling a floor ticket for Ruel’s SF show at The Warfield! I’m looking to sell it at around $70 but I am willing to negotiate prices! Please help me get the ticket off my hands 😭😭😭
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2023.06.10 07:19 RapturesSaviour1 Looking to move to Surrey

Hello, my name is Jack! Myself (28f) and my partner (31m) and our French bulldog (he is a very good boy I promise) are looking to move from Ontario to BC. I have so many questions. I’ve always wanted to go to BC, and honestly the pricing in Ontario (also the general vibe is…it’s bad. It isn’t good for my mental health- that is, everything is a HUSSLE here) has gotten out of control. I realize it’s also bad in BC, but if both places have such garbage, impossible prices…I’d rather live where I actually WANT to. All that being said, this has proven to be a heck of a task so far and I was hoping for some help maybe. I am on disability, and I know it can be tricky to get on it there in BC…Any tips on that would be excellent. Would it be worth it for me to move there? Is there anyone else that has moved from Ontario to BC here that can tell me if it’s worth it or not? I really do want to, but my main concern at this point is actually finding a place to live. I currently pay $1550, 2 bedroom basement apartment. I am aware that is a pretty good deal (at least, for here 😭). I was wondering if there is anything affordable around? Or is the market just too disastrous..? I ideally wanted to move to Surrey (Vancouver is definitely impossible), and if anyone knows of any places they can suggest/know of or groups I can ask…Seriously, any help would be so appreciated to make this dream feel like a possibility. Is there anywhere near-ish Surrey that may be more affordable? I don’t think I should go any higher than $1550. We would have to find jobs/myself apply for disability while down there after moving, and our income doesn’t look great on paper right now- but I WOULD be able to pay many months up front for cushion room to give us time to get our shit together as I have access to approx 10K of my late father’s estate funds at the moment. I have not missed any rent or had any problems at my current place, so I should have a good landlord reference as well. Anyway, if you read this much…thank you hAH. I really hope there’s something for us out there, I just can’t stand being here anymore. It isn’t the right place for me, I would rather have the nature. I just need some help with all of this, this has been a very difficult thing for me to try and figure out but I truly would do whatever I can to make it happen. And I guess that’s why I’m here 🥺
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2023.06.10 07:19 Ready0208 I feel it's a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway.

Alright. So for a while in the last week, I've been able to shrink my belly fat by eating at a deficit. Yay, it really works (to be honest, I was fearing it wouldn't).
However, I have a clear inquiry on my head. First I'll give some context
Yesterday, I ate a bit more than usual, and that game me a bit of my pouch back. And that made me question the way I tell that it is a pouch. The way I personally do it is... well, I eyeball it; a rare few times, I use measuring tape.
The ways I check my belly are two: in the first one, I'll sit on the bed and look at my belly's profile (only one side, to see how big it is). In the second one, I stand up, get a bit away from the mirror and in front of a backdrop that'll give high visual contrast with my belly, then I say to myself if the silhouette is good enough (it is not bad, but it ain't good either).
On this second method, I purposefully expand my belly as much as I can. My line of thinking is "well, if the pouch dries nicely even on a purposefully expanded belly, I'll probably be looking nice when not expanding it".
From this information, I have some questions.
1— How terrible is my measuring method? By that I mean: is my eyeballing method any useful or efficient (compared to simply not measuring at all)? If not, should I try something else? And if yes, what other method should I use to look at my pouchy friend?
I won't lie to you or myself, I don't like having to make a calculation every time, so I really want something that'll tell me "the pouch is this big. Compared to the healthy reference point, it's fine/not fine".
2— Flowing from question one (and maybe partially answering it): Should I just use more tape (pun intended) to fix the measuring method thing (because measuring with tape is probably ~certainly~ more efficient than just looking and going "I think it shrank from yesterday to today")?
By measuring, I assume I'll get much more able to keep track of the pouch's pouchiness, and therefore determine how well I'm doing in at least keeping it stable (By the way: last time I checked, it had 82cm of circumference at the widest, with a belly fully stretched. I'm around 1,73cm. Is that good or is it a "a'ight, you're dancing on the edge here" situation?).
3— The one that made me write and which I think might sound dumb: should I stretch my belly when measuring it?
Like, you probably get my logic on why I stretch my belly, but you might know something I'm completely oblivious towards which says I should most definitely not stretch my belly when measuring it. So... should I?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 07:19 Brim_The_Magic_Hat An IRL Death Cult Killed My Campaign and Stole My Lifelong Friends.

It has been a few year since this happened, and I've spent that time reflecting on it all and trying to make sense of it. Now it's going up on reddit.
Back in 2015, I began my journey as a new DM. I had never been able to be a player for longer than one or two session since for whatever reason the games I tried to join would just collapse, but I figured running my own game would prevent this - I was excited. Joining me were my two IRL best friends, and one other guy that our friend group hung out with, but with whom I was not particularly close. Let's call these people E., C., and A..
E. and I grew up together. Our parents went to school together when they were kids. We had know each other for decades and had been close friends since high school. E. was the ultimate nerd in our group, but he had a very short attention span. He would go on wild deep dives into obscure things, then get board and never come back to it.
C. and I met in high school. Over a period of a decade he became my closest friend. The lengths I went to just to be a good friend to him seem ridiculous now in hindsight, but he had schizophrenia, so I always tried to cut him some slack since his grasp on reality was tenuous at best.
A. and I had very little in common, but he was/is a genuinely good guy. He's the sort of guy that would give the shirt off his back to a homeless man, and then only feel good about it if nobody saw him do it. A. wasn't here to play D&D, he only wanted to hang out with C., and so began a 5 year long struggle to make him learn his character sheet. But, that's not what this post is about.
Fast forward to 2018. I'm running the game. I've poured my heart and soul into this game, and I've never worked harder on anything ever in my life. Work prevents us from playing every week,yet slowly but surly we are advancing into the higher levels. Weird things have been happening IRL though. Out of game C. has started acting strangely and being distant. C. has demanded to switch out characters about every 3 months, and it's beginning to become impossible to keep up with his countless still living (now NPC) characters with 20 page backstories and 50+ member families that are still impacting the world.E. has started going on weird political rants about racial supremacy (blacks and whites, and others too).I chalked up C.'s behavior to him trying to cope with his mental health issues. As for the weird stuff E. was doing, I just tried to ignore it and hoped he would get board and move on to something else.A. still doesn't know what an attack roll is. I patiently explain it to him almost every week. He's acting normal though, and has actually started trying to role play.
2019 rolls around. I'm still running my campaign - now going on 4 years into the story, but this will take a back seat for now.E. has started his own game, and invited me to be a player. E. is still going on rants about his bizarre racial/cultural cleansing though enslavement and murder nonsense IRL. It has actually gotten a bit worse. I try to talk to him about it to hopefully snap him out of it, but I fail to get through to him. I still end up joining E.'s campaign, figuring I'll have time later to help my friend come back to he senses. He introduces me to a new person, who also happens to be a girl that he likes. She is also a player in his new campaign. She seems nice at first, but as time goes on I notice she keeps making passive aggressive comments about me. The more I try to just ignore it, the more aggressive and the less passive those comments get. After a few weeks, I decide to interrupt one of her snide remarks and ask her what her issue is. She flatly denies everything and says I'm imagining it.A few months pass. By this time I've tried to ignore her, to appease her, and to directly confront her when she calls me a slur, or tells me I don't count as a human being. Nothing stops the behavior, and I'm getting very frustrated and close to dropping out of E.'s game. C. says nothing when this stuff happens and it bothers me. E. refuses to do anything about what's going on. I ask E. repeatedly to put his foot down, but he won't. Privately E. admits that he knows his (now girlfriend) has been lashing out at me and that it's a problem, but he tells me that she has been sucking his dick a lot, and he doesn't want to mess that up. Enraged by this betrayal, I go talk to C.During this whole time (many months), C. has been extremely withdrawn. I've noticed him and E. having secret conversations behind my back, but they're friends too so I didn't pay it very much attention. Now however, as I spill my frustrations to C., he tells me to my utter shock that he doesn't want to take a side, since he has joined E.'s new religion. I ask him what he is talking about, and he tells me about the "religion" that he, E., and E.'s girlfriend are part of. The more C. describes it, the more it sounds like some kind of Jim Jones bullshit. The cult openly preaches and calls for the torture, enslavement, and mass murder of "the bad ethnic groups".I drop out of E.'s game, but tell C. and E. that I will still be friends with them, and I'm not going to give up on changing their mind about all this weird shit they started believing. Internally, I was holding out hope I could snap them out of it.
2020 arrives. I'm still running my campaign with A., C., and E., though only intermittently - perhaps once a month at most. Interpersonal tensions are very high. I've been taking every opportunity out of game to try to convince them that slavery and mass murder is morally wrong (never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would need to). They argue that they would be doing these races a favor, and that it will usher in a global utopia once the cult has purged all those who oppose them. I dedicate all my time and spend months on end trying to break my friends out of the cult.Meanwhile, A. is totally oblivious to what has been going on for the last two years. Instead, he is completely focused on the game. He has not only started role playing his character, but has actually (after 5 years!) learned how his character works. A. has become invested in the game after learning that the reason the government has been hunting his character, is that he is a clone of a super soldier that accidently gained sentience. A.'s character has finally tracked down the secret laboratory of the evil nobleman that destroyed the life of the non cloned version of him. The next session was to be the final boss fight of the story arc.
Unfortunately, that session never came. A few days before the session, C. called me and told me it was time for me to convert. He told me I needed to take poison to prove I was serious about converting to his religion, and if I didn't, he wouldn't be friends with me. I told him "No". He hung up, and I never heard from C. again. The next day E. called me to say we couldn't be friends anymore. I never heard from E. again either. I have no idea what happened to either of them, and I miss them to this day. We had a lot of history before all the bad stuff happened.I offered to do a solo epilogue session for A.'s character, but he was pretty upset when he found out what had happened, and ultimately he decided the game should end for good on the last session's cliff hanger. We still talk every once in a while - I'll call to wish him a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday, that kind of stuff.
Following everything that happened, I vowed to never run a game again. I poured my soul into that game, and it was ripped to shreds by the people I loved. It hurt too much to ever consider running another game. And yet, it's been a few years now. The anger and confusion has slowly subsided. I've discovered a wonderful new group of people online that I play with. We've actually finished a few short campaigns together! They are not the same as IRL friends, but, I feel like they could become it someday. Beyond that, next week a new campaign is starting - and I'm the DM.
Thanks for reading this long story-rant. I've been holding it in for 3 years. I finally feel free.
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2023.06.10 07:19 OldAd3958 Why do boys get super nervous around me, I am pretty average? Tips to overcome this.

Is it me or the guys?
This may sound weird but let’s just say I (19F) have had sexual encounters with a few guys and almost all of them have had a hard time keeping it up during sex. These are all men in their early 20s, it’s same with everyone we would start making out they would be mind-blown by me (I consider myself good looking I have always gotten compliments and many guys) so these guys will shower me with compliments like you’re so pretty, sexy, beautiful etc… Boom! they can’t keep erection and end up doing a mediocre job. It’s just frustrating seeing that I can see they are excited and all but it’s a mood killer. They are often embarrassed too. So I am a bit confused it can’t be that these guys all have ED or something but what makes them so nervous? Any tips on how to overcome this?
Recently, met an amazing guy at a party (22M). He kept on saying how beautiful I looked (I did) and then he was so excited he got a hotel room in city, couldn’t keep it up, came too soon.
Previously, similar experiences, guys will get excited, get a room and get nervous.
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