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A subreddit dedicated to the League of Legends champion Nautilus, also known as the "Titan of the Depths".

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A community for links to products that are on sale at various websites. Monitors, cables, processors, video cards, fans, cooling, cases, accessories, anything for a PC build.

2014.07.21 04:46 "nerfs"

A domicile for those fond of shanking foes in the popular cyber environment, DotA 3.5, otherwise known as League of Faker. Produced by Blizzard, this game has an extensive roster of over 6 characters to choose from. Of which, the best character, Talon Du Couteau, is the main topic of this subreddit. Upon entry, you may find yourself wondering why you have yet to sacrifice your support so you may bask in the glory of Talon's assassinations. This is normal. I mean ranked. What were we talkin bout?

2023.05.29 23:01 Stunning_Physics_726 What is the most versatile champion in your opinion?

Hi, im kinda new to ranked i’ve been playing league since 2012 on and off most of the times arams and normals sometimes the champions i’ve played for most of my “career” in normals are diana veigar and ahri so my pool is pretty small and since i wanna start playing ranked i was wondering which champion can either build ap,ad or tank or go more than 2 lanes imo diana kinda fits cuz tank,assassin and on-hit diana has been successful for me in normals this patch in top,mid and jungle. (Excuse me for the messy writing english is my second language)
TL;DR: which champion can do the most stuff in general
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2023.05.29 22:21 Recent-Tangerine4409 New Update? (Opinion Post)

If you don't like my opinion that's okay, all I ask is just respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.
I'm a support main (I main Seraphine and Ashe). I've notice that ADC role has become pretty op due to the new items, I'm seeing a pattern of Jinx mid (Which I really don't understand, since shes so squishy). Or I just see constant Draven or Jhin on the other team (I had like 5 games where in a row of the other team having Draven). Or I just see ADC characters in every role, I get the new items are op, but I'd prefer if everyone played the correct Champs for each role.
Kinda difficult to win, I've lost like 6 games in a row now. I try to help my ADC so much, but it seems common that people just run into death. It is a little frustrating, but I'm not one to get really ragey mad at games. However, it isn't going to make me quit the game, it's a new patch and I see they're trying new things, I'm sure a few of the new items will be nerfed. Plus, I do like some of the changes in the patch, I do enjoy faster gameplay, the game becoming more fast pace is fun, since I don't normally like sitting in a match for like 30 minutes, cause it gets boring and feels like nothing is happening. Also, the new dragon I find really cool, I do like how it changes the rift, I find it really beautiful.
I'm just finding it a little difficult to win games as of late, since round 10 minutes everyone goes mid, I don't know why everyone goes mid, then it's like I'm playing ARAM. I sometimes just feel useless as a support, cause if the ADC decides to build all the new items I legit get 2 shot even if I'm round the same level and I also have my build done (I find myself to be a pretty decent support main, I really don't die much, I usually die 0-4 times, depending how we play as a team, but sometimes I do also have my off games). I don't want it to seem like I'm complaining however, it may seem like I am since I'm on a 6 loosing streak. But, I still find enjoyment in the game, it's just it's ADC paradise right now haha. Though, I won't touch ADC as of right now, even though I use to main Jinx, I will admit I'm not the greatest at ADC.
Anywho, thank you for reading my ramble, I notice there is a lot of negativity right now due to the new patch. I hope this post isn't that negative. I'm just really passionate about games I play and I'm pretty patient with games, since I know sometimes when trying new things they don't work out as some wanted it too. Even though sometimes I don't like certain aspects of games I play, it doesn't take away the aspects I like in a game. I'm also open for discussion if you'd like too. I also apologize if somethings I say are confusing, I'm not much of a talker so my wording sucks, so I'm really sorry.
Have a wonderful day.
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2023.05.29 19:52 Competitive-Edge-685 Nautilus Chain, why am I excited?

I'm excited about Nautilus Chain, the existing parallel EVM rollup in Web3. It offers seamless interoperability with other chains and full EVM compatibility, making it easy for developers like me to build on. With its parallel processing capabilities, Nautilus Chain is set to revolutionize Web3 development. I can't wait to explore its potential and create innovative and high-performing dApps.
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2023.05.29 19:52 Competitive-Edge-685 Boundless Hack with limitless options by Nautilus.

Boundless Hack by Nautilus Chain, co-hosted by Zebec Protocol, Rootz Lab, and Stanford Blockchain Accelerator is currently something to look for if you want to create something in web3. As the name suggests we can apply with projects that are built on any chain. For now the team has decided that we can choose five tracks which includes DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Infra and others which are basically boundless. I am sharing this with a fellow developer to make sure every developer who’s looking to build something on blockchain gets to know about ongoing events which benefits developers. Check it out, don’t miss the opportunity.
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2023.05.29 19:45 ApprehensiveJacket84 I´m ashamed of myself for the penta but it was cool trying a duskblade build in aram

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2023.05.29 17:47 AMAIKnowEverything It's too easy to get pentas in aram even with troll builds and no conqueror.

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2023.05.29 17:10 PositiveConcept1895 Yasuo in ARAM. SIGN

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2023.05.29 16:35 Manos132 Swain's gameplay design feedback / analysis

Hello everyone,
I'd like to (once again) write some more of my personal opinions regarding Swain's gameplay design currently, which I think even though it's pretty good, he still needs, I'd say a few more changes for him to satisfy the dedicated players' expectations of the champion. I am a high diamond - master Swain OTP, I've been playing him for the past 3 years, witnessed 2 of his mini reworks. I "fell in love" with Swain because of his lore / voice lines and his design overall, alongside that amazing feeling of playing him during his R. I am really devoted to Swain and this is why I'm going through this, because I think he could be further tweaked to reach his maximum gameplay potential which would make me very happy. I've been posting reworks and ideas for long, but in this post I'm going to focus on the problems and not the solutions, having in mind my experience, and the... honestly, infinite amounts of texting with fellow Swain mains about his gameplay state. Brace yourselves, and let's dive in.
First of all a quick definition of Swain's fantasy. What should Swain's role be? Most of us would agree here, Swain is a frontline DPS Mage, or a battlemage.
With that in mind, the champion has some "feels bad" aspects that don't fit with that fantasy. While reading these I want you to understand how each of these problems connect with each other. I'd also like to note that the problems are not sorted in importance order. They're all equally important.
First. His full AoE kit. Having a full AoE kit means a lot of "ambient" damage. Low single target damage means bad late game, where bursting down a squishy ADC matters the most, AoE abilities have bad AP ratios, and in Swain's Q case, it sort of has "single target", ratio, but it requires the Swain to be in melee range which is pretty hard to do on priority targets like ADCs in late game. Look at Vladimir and Anivia, who have similar AoE levels with Swain in their kits but also have a strong single target spell that maintains their agency throughout the entire game.
This problem is further messed up with R2. R2 provides some amount of burst in a teamfight so Swain can have some good priority target burst damage in the late game (R2 is almost always used to burst down squishies with a single combo). But R2 is AoE, so it's gatekeeped behind high base damage and a relatively low ratio so its snowballing potential in mid-game is balanced. But apart from that, with how R2 is right now, Swain's playstyle throughout the game shifts from wanting to fight as long as possible ... to.... go in, use R2, and hope you do enough for your team to clean up. This obviously relates with his E design, which I'll explore later.
Pre-VGU Swain kept a great balance between single target and AoE, with his ultimate being his best AoE damage tool. This brings us to the next problem
For Swain to be a relevant frontliner in all stages of the game, he doesn't need good healing ratio. He needs good AoE damage. The healing, although satisfying in early-mid game, is very easily countered and makes Swain feel useless in later stages of the game, especially in teamfights (ignites are more common/ one person uses GW), where Swain is supposed to excel at.
Look at fiddlesticks. He has one insanely good AoE spell and guess what? That enforces Fiddlesticks players to drop in the middle of the enemy team and destroy everyone. Fiddlesticks doesn't rely on his healing and prayers to succeed in a teamfight, but he relies on decision making and positioning which are things that remain relevant in all elos.
With pre-VGU Swain, we see that his R1 drain had twice the AP ratio of current R1. This means Swain players are further enforced to frontline by doing a lot of AoE to 2,3 + targets. AoE damage and not healing is what makes a DPS mage want to frontline.
Another problem is the unreliability in his E and W abilities, mainly focusing on E.
Don't get me wrong, his E is a very, very strong spell. Perhaps a bit too good, and this is what I'm trying to explain.
The power his E pull has is insane in every stage of the game and one could argue that his pull's agency is what remains high, even in late game. However, a pull / hook is best in a support champion, let's face it. There's a reason every good pull champion is in support. You might not see where I'm going with this yet but hold on. A pull ability has its maximum value when you have more than one person attacking the pulled target, thus why pull champions are always in support. However, those champions that have powerful CC hooks come with a trade off: they do very low amounts of damage.
Swain is trying to be balanced, or more correctly, designed, across both support and mid lane. Even though he has a mediocre or a bad hook, it's obvious, just by seeing how Swain's playerbase is distributed, that it's still very powerful when it's followed up by ADC damage or other teammates. So, in the end, both Swain support and mid/top are hurt by this. Swain's ratios are lowered, thus impacting solo lanes, and supports are provided with a mediocre hook, alongside low scaling damage, making him, as stats verify, a good pick in low elo and a very bad pick in higher elos, where supports are very crucial and important.
Compare Swain's current E with his Pre-VGU counterpart, his old W. His old W was not a pull but a AoE similar to current W, but in the end, it rooted instead of slowing. So just by not having a pull Swain's solo lane potential was more favoured, by having higher damage ratios across his entire kit. Furthermore, his W ability was perfect for Swain's role in the game as a frontline battlemage: It was perfect for when people were close to Swain, and it was also perfect as a follow-up from let's say a Zac E or Nautilus Q, followed up with Swain's R , Q , E etc.
About Swain's W. Swain's W alone is a very good spell. It's perfectly designed. However, it further enhances Swain's utility for his teammates and not his own potential. And I think enough power budget is spent in utility, in his E. I think wild rift, keeping in mind the limitations in gameplay because of touch screen and smaller map, it still IMO made a good choice to lower Swain's W range and make its damage scale further if paired with his E.
Next up is the passive. Swain's HP stacking passive favours support a TON. It provides a stat that isn't relying on gold but on hitting an ability (that is easier to hit on a duo lane). That alone helps you understand.
For solo lane Swain the passive makes 0 sense. It made sense for a while after the mid scope... That is, until RoA got back in the game. You see, the only use solo lane Swain has for the passive is early game survivability. 12 HP matter most when you have low max HP. Swain needed this early game survivability because he had no HP from any items until his 3rd item (the core build was Liandrys > Zhonyas back then). This change was not reverted when RoA was re-introduced, so we're stuck with a version of Swain that has low AP damage ratios and high HP, thus not benefitting a lot from RoA, and AP overall, so Swain's build paths slowly evolved into Liandrys > Rylais > (Ocassional) oblivion orb > Tank items. Tank items, although they keep Swain relevant in later stages of the game, still don't make him feel as he should, like in pre-VGU versions of him, and don't really help him stay alive much longer because his R healing scales off of AP.
This leads us to our next problem: low need for AP.
All of the above issues (Avengers, Assemble.) like too much AoE, low AP ratios (which relates with the too much AoE problem), relatively long R cooldown (because of R2), make him be reliant not on AP, but on... spell effects. That's not how a mage should work. Even though these problems are often complained about by Swain players, with band-aid fixes like remove the ability of R to apply spell effects, they are not the core issues. Swain feeling like he "abuses" spell effects is the result of all the above issues listed, combined. It's not the problem itself. His R being a big AoE isn't the problem that makes him feel bad/ feel like he abuses spell effects and nothing else.
And... bad AP itemization.
Swain is an AP juggernaut, but, apart from HP, AP items lack the tankiness he needs. This connects with his passive problem (remember, I told you to try and understand how these problems connect with each other), since now with RoA back, champions like Swain, who need to be able to be in the frontlines, have that needed HP. Swain, either in his kit (passive?) or his items, needs real anti-burst solutions. Swain would love an AP version of Death's Dance. We see that after Liandrys > Rylais, and maybe Zhonyas added to the build, Swain literally has no good AP options for his playstyle. Thankfully, with abyssal mask's rework, Swain is now one of the best users of it, and it's good for magic resistance, but in the case of physical damage, Zhonyas is simply not enough to prevent Swain from getting bursted. However, this might not be needed if all the above problems are fixed. If Swain gains good single target damage, he shouldn't also be unkillable in the late game.
If you're still reading, I want to thank you and conclude with my final point. After all this, try to understand how well designed Swain's pre-VGU kit was. Yes, maybe it felt clunky, yes , the visuals were outdated, but the core kit design which includes stuff like: Q = Single target DoT damage, W = AoE root, E = single target damage multiplier, R = big AoE damage and healing, overall it had a perfect balance between everything. In my opinion pre-VGU Swain could be ASU'ed instead of VGU'ed (maybe with some more number or tiny mechanical touches) and he would be perfectly fine, and Swain's popularity would certainly rise.
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2023.05.29 16:05 Amateraszu_ [EUW] supp main lf consistent duo for drafts :)

hi there
as the title says.. im looking for a consistent duo to play and build a friendship with. been playing league on and off since 2016, but don't have many people to play it with as of now. i don't mind playing arams, but i only enjoy a few games of it and im not interested in ranked.
pls don't be extremely toxic and or homophobic.
in that case feel free to add me on either discord or league (only if you'd actually play with me)
discord: Amateraszu#6344
league: bratty eboy
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2023.05.29 03:39 Mykhavunish Why are League of Legends Players so mean?

In my general experience as a six months solo queue player, the League of Legends Community is quite rude and mean to anyone who steps out of line with what is defined as "Meta", or to anyone who has any criticism of the game or even the multi-billion dollar company behind it.

In Game

In the game itself people will always flame at you. Even for the little mistakes, they will be unforgivable. If you as a support end up dying for a "stupid" reason (mistakes happen) your adc will throw the game. if your jungler dies in an invade, he will throw the game. If the toplaner dont receive the gank that he wants, he will also throw the game. People will just grief for the most stupid reasons. And the chat itself is a high level of toxicity (the in game one, the champion select one, and sometimes the post game one too).
Everyone there gets stressed easily, everyone has an overcompetitive mentality. The game revolves around the ranked system, where it is socially "unacceptable" for you to be a "lower elo". But this mentality carries over to unranked, so even in lighter game modes like ARAM or Normals, if you make a little mistake, people will flame at you.

The Off-Meta Problem

The situation gets worse if you try some build or play a champion in a role that he is not used to. Despite the game having 150+ champions, socially you can only choose those that the community finds acceptable. So, if you try to go something like Alistar Top, there will be a great chance that your team will report in champion select and during the game, that one of them will decide to do everything for you to lose. Simply because you took a champion in a non-traditional lane.
The same goes for items, runes and spells. If you don't get a common spell for that champion (get barrier instead of flash, for example) chances are this will happen. Or if you decide to make a non-meta build, or even test a new one, people will flame, will report you, and that maybe enough to they decide to lose the game.
So, although the game is a game, it's made to have fun, and it gives you a lot of freedom, players end up limiting and even spoiling someone's fun, simply because they didn't think it was "meta".
And it all comes down to the game's toxic competitive mindset. Players don't accept that others play for fun, everyone has to be in the same boat: Getting addicted to the ranked system, and if a teammate plays in a way you don't like, you have a pass to humiliate him.

Outside of the game

You might think that people would only keep all this negative when they are playing games. But you are wrong. Even here on Reddit, and many other online forums and discords, that mentality persists. An example of this was a post in one of the League Reddit's by a guy who now had a job and was having trouble making time to play. And he rant about how he wanted the game to have shorter matches. (For about 50% of players, those in "low elo", a match lasts between 30-40 minutes. A long time indeed!)
The comment session was just disgusting. People were saying things like, "If you don't have 40 minutes for a match, then you should not be here!" or "If you complain about 40 minutes, you can't imagine how it used to be with a 1 hour match". People were just being rude and mean for no reason, after all here was a fan of the game with a reasonable desire.
Toxicity remains on the internet, who knew?
I've been trashed a lot online for simply complaining about Riot, the game's company, maintaining various money-grab practices, how game content currently revolves around skins, or even complaining about bugs. One of the support role items, the ward stone, is simply unavailable for purchase, and is an important end-game item, it allows you to store wards you place for vision. But in the last patch it got bugged so they disabled it, and players accepted that.
But it's not surprising. Riot has already removed other game modes (with other maps) and players accepted it. So currently you only have two maps, one for normal/ranked play mode and one for ARAM. Which makes it a little boring sometimes.


If you work or go to college, or both, I don't recommend this game. There are other mobas that are more casual and light, and that are also more fun: Heroes of the Storm and Pokémon Unite. Or just play occasionally and with a group of friends.
At the end of the day the game is not fun. Its addicting. Losing makes you feel like crap and winning is unrewarding. But you keep trying again and again hoping something different will happen. You think it's your mechanics, or your misunderstanding of the "macro". And yes, you can get "good" at the game, but from what I've seen, that's after a year or two of dedicating a lot of time, and time is what ordinary people have the least to spend freely on something like League of Legends.
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2023.05.28 16:19 KugioMC Playing ARAM vs Asol is just unfun.

There is a problem in ARAM and Asol: His E. Since we only get 1 wave to push turrets with and he gets to oneshot said wave for the majority of the game without putting himself in danger, it creates an unfun experience where even if you are ahead you can't push with ur lead ever, leading to a stalemate until he eventually outscales you. Ofc there are counters to Asol, but ur playing aram, you don't get to pick whatever you want nor know if they have one.
I don't really have the magical solution, but it needs to be adressed soon - It's just unfun.
Edit: Guys I’m not talking about which champs are annoying or not to fight or special aram builds, I’m talking about the fact that Asol removes the possibility of progressing the game by making pushing minions under tower impossible due to his E stopping th in their tracks
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2023.05.28 15:10 DreadedL1GHT Thoughts on this build? Worked pretty well for me, but tbh I had a good Nautilus support so anything Kai'sa works with that lmao

Thoughts on this build? Worked pretty well for me, but tbh I had a good Nautilus support so anything Kai'sa works with that lmao submitted by DreadedL1GHT to kaisamains [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 14:17 JugonQuinto Aram Maokai S13: Con esta build tanqueo y pego duro (Garras del inmortal...

Aram Maokai S13: Con esta build tanqueo y pego duro (Garras del inmortal... submitted by JugonQuinto to u/JugonQuinto [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:05 dblsundae Jungle 4.2 thoughts

Been Master the last few season, so not a pro not a noob. Trying to figure things out myself, so gimme ya tips.
ADC’s are dominant as hell. I’ve started just playing babysitter. After first buff and camp, I’ve been staying whichever side duo is till after the first dragon. 🤷‍♂️ Not sure what else to do. If the enemies adc gets ahead it’s usually over.
Early game junglers are great. It’s a shame, I really like playing Ekko. Anyone that can disrupt the backline seems good. Vi, Pantheon, Ammu and Nautilus (I think he’s going to be super good this patch). Warwick has been fun.
I really enjoy brawlers. Diana seems like she could still be okay. Although not sure what to build. Max damage? Wukong seems like he should be good, but I struggled a bit with him. Are brawlers in general going to struggle, unless you have a decent surprise angle?
Everyone seems to just aram. 5 man is strong as. Then the fights last two seconds with a Kai’sa blowing up your whole team…
Also, I’m trying to live out my power fantasy as Aatrox jng. It’s hard 😮‍💨.
Not sure how to take all the changes. Lots to get used to. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 09:00 Shnuge [US-PA] [H] Ungodly Design Luna HHKB and Launchpad, Kindlestar Orion 87 built with GMK Yuru, Keychron Q6 built with GMK Nautilus 2, Drop Alt Orange built with GMK Thai Tea, Drop Alt Barebones, Tokyo 60 HHKB built with Cherry Sand, GMK Godspeed Colombia [W] Paypal

I am selling these keyboards as built. I would be willing to separate pieces from these bundles for the right price. The GMK sets have plastic aftermarket trays except for Thai Tea.
All prices are Shipped CONUS and OBO
Ungodly Design Luna HHKB & Launchpad in Navy $315 Shipped OBO
Good shape, some minor weamarks. Hotswap, and I honestly never built them. NOTE: The silicone gaskets are not the same color, the Luna has Yellow, and the Launchpad has white.
Kindlestar Orion87 in Burgundy $460 Shipped OBO
Built once with Drop Holy Panda X's and GMK Yuru. Will come with the GMK Yuru Hiragana Base set, and will include the switches and the staebies stabs. GMK Yuru is missing the "Home" key unfortunately.

Keychron Q6 in Navy $300 Shipped OBO
This is built with Zealios Zilents. However, I removed the dampening that made them zilent. This comes with GMK Nautilus 2 base set, a carrying case, and a wrist rest.

Drop Alt HP Orange $380 Shipped OBO
This is built with Drop Holy Panda X's. The orange color is only available if you purchase the Drop X Skiidata prebuilt. This comes built with GMK Thai Tea base set, spacebar set, and also includes the stock MT3 Skiidata keycaps (they're a bit dirty), and a drop carrying case with an orange inside.

GMK Godspeed Colombia Base kit $90 Shipped OBO
New, never used. Only opened to move into the plastic tray.

Drop Alt HP Ceramic Black Barebones Kit $110 Shipped OBO
I wanted to build this board, but lost interest in RGB. This includes the Ceramic Black case, acrylic diffuser, and an Alt PCB. All new and unused, opened just for the pictures.
Tokyo 60 in Coyote $95 Shipped OBO
This is built with Cherry Sand and Box Pale Blues. It also has the box and the acrylic diffuser.
I have trades on AVexchange
Comment before PM
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2023.05.28 08:30 w1owi0 22m would like to make some friends

hello everybody! i recentlyish moved to a new city after graduating college for work and have been struggling to really find anyone irl here to be friends with so i thought i’d at least give this a shot!
i enjoy video games especially league (i mostly play ARAM now) and apex but i am very open minded to try new games. i also listen to korean music and am into pc building somewhat. if any of those things sound interesting or you just wanna talk then please hmu! :)
thanks for reading! im in the PST time zone
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2023.05.28 03:49 Timelessfactory [WTS] Black Rose Gold Seiko Mod Nautilus Build!

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2023.05.28 03:16 Timelessfactory [WTS] Black Skeleton NH70 Seiko Nautilus Build!

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2023.05.28 02:35 Electronic-Spend4790 Yes I use this subreddit to vent and cope 💅

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2023.05.27 22:34 SenpaiSaidNo OP ARAM Build: Liandry’s Torment

OP ARAM Build: Liandry’s Torment
This has been overpowered (in ARAM mostly) ever since her buff to her Q Damage a millenia ago. After Liandry’s rush Deathcap to boost your passive healing threshhold. With how annoying the tank meta is in ARAM this’ll be your saving grace.
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2023.05.27 19:07 Competitive-Edge-685 Web3 Potential with Nautilus Chain: Developer POV

As a Web3 developer, Nautilus Chain has completely transformed my approach to building decentralized applications. This modular and parallel EVM chain, built on Eigenlayer, offers unparalleled scalability and empowers developers like me to unleash the full potential of our projects. With Nautilus Chain, I can handle high transaction volumes while maintaining speed and performance. It's not just a blockchain; it's a community of innovative developers pushing the boundaries of Web3. tStill there's a lot to explore the limitless possibilities of the Nautilus Chain and shaping the future of decentralized applications.
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2023.05.27 18:53 METAWillou Thoughts on Grasp instead of fleet for support Senna?

Context. I'm a returning player and have had my first experiences with Senna in Aram. I really enjoy the idea of being more durable and all since you don't do damage when you're dead. I played her a couple of times in Aram (5-10) and grasp felt really good since it is easy to proc on that map.
Now that I hit 30 and started played ranked games I have a much harder time farming those procs, but when I do it feels incredible. I have not tested the fleet runes yet but I'd like to hear your opinions on both of these builds to have a better idea what to expect.
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