Carotid artery disease icd 10

for people with too many mast cells in their gut

2022.10.25 22:40 Mastgoboom for people with too many mast cells in their gut

Mastocytic enterocolitis is a newly recognised disease where excess mast cells in the gut cause symptoms of functional dyspepsia and IBS. One day we'll have an ICD10 code.

2023.06.05 06:02 noxyrew Doctor isn’t concerned about my blood work, but I am

I (32F) recently had blood work done, mainly as a preventative check up. My doctor said everything looked great, other than my A1C of 6.0, placing me in the pre-diabetes range.
However, I’m a bit concerned by my numbers. Much of it seems either borderline high or borderline low, with some falling outside of normal range. I’m particularly concerned about:
Chloride mmol/L—112; Anon Gap mmol/L—5; Total Protein g/dL—8.3; Albumin g/dL—3.5; Globulin, calculated g/dL—4.8; A/G Ratio g/g—0.7; Alkaline Phosphatase U/L—158; AST-SGOT U/L—10;
Should I be getting a second opinion? Could some of this be explained by the pre-diabetes diagnosis? Or, am I overreacting?
Google has given me kidney disease, liver disease, dehydration, or Multiple myeloma as possible explanations.
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2023.06.05 05:29 AnaWolfbay1412 Republicans are mentally ill

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2023.06.05 05:11 Lesaly When to say “when”?! Extreme cramping/spasm pains

I have been screaming, sweating, writhing for several hours now with horrific abdominal/bowel? cramps & spasms. I have not had this continue for so long at such a severe level without being able to fully relieve myself (in the bathroom). My (now former) Gastroenterologist has left the office, and is only working in hospitals now I believe. My first (and last) appointment was at the end of August 2022 and she ran blood test panels (all normal/negative save for a couple of elevated inflammatory marker levels, but I have had several Chronic Pain conditions for years, so those tests being high out of range wasn’t exactly a shock to any of my doctors). I also had an abdominal x-ray done, which was unremarkable except for “mild-moderate stool burden” which “may indicate possible constipation” (I was feeling pretty asymptomatic at that point in time, plus when I got home I had a large (“normal”/non-painful) BM. She prescribed me Bentyl (Dicyclomine) & then she let me try Levsin (Hyoscyamine), the latter of which my Insurance doesn’t cover & it didn’t seem to be as effective for the extreme cramping pains vs. Bentyl anyway…so switched back to Bentyl. At first, Bentyl seemed to help me significantly @ 10-20 mg. per dose (PRN). It doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore (if at all?) even if I take 30 mg. at time. For instance, this evening I took 20 mg. prior to eating dinner & then another 10 mg. right after I ate. She also prescribed me Miralax to take as needed. I also started on Low-FODMAP diet about 2 weeks prior to that appointment. Previous to seeing her, in January of 2022, my PCP had me get an abdominal & pelvic CT scan (with contrast). Results came back basically unremarkable; the scan showed “small area/signs(?) indicative of Fatty Liver. I do not drink alcohol (I rarely drank alcohol in years prior even). I am not overweight (may be a tad bit underweight though?) & blood sugar levels have tested within normal range. My doctors seemed to agree that the fatty liver thing was from my being on multiple other medications for many years (due to aforementioned Chronic pain issues + Chronic Intractable Migraine Disease + long-time Psychiatric medications due to ADHD-C & Anxiety). Anyway, multiple GI specialists in my network are totally booked out & do not have any openings until at least July/August or later. I am on a wait list for the Gastroenterologist I wanted to see and they even put me down as an established GI patient already in this network (because I am), but no calls yet whatsoever and I have REALLY been going through it lately. I have no “official” diagnosis here yet, but IBS-M is highly suspected and it’s been hypothesized after all of the testing thus far. This evening after eating a small dinner around 7:30/8 pm, I began experiencing agonizing cramping/spasmodic type pain in my abdomen shortly thereafter and was sweating, screaming, losing my breath on the toilet for about 30 minutes. I had to push myself to have a bowel movement, and it did “appear” quite normal…which is odd for me because I normally have Diarrhea episodes when this type of pain occurs. Two hours later, I am still having severe cramping spasms in my abdomen—Idk how I even wrote this much amidst writhing & hollering out in pain, but I am desperate. It can be extremely difficult to discern what would constitute as having “bad enough pain” to go to the ER anymore, since I have been living with other forms of severe/debilitating at times Chronic Pain for years. When do you guys feel it is likely time to go to the ER if necessary? When is enough pain & suffering truly “enough” to give in and go??
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2023.06.05 05:09 notlikethatglue What do I know about glue

Yo glue. You don't use this place so you'll never hear this but I got to tell someone and I'm not going to send it to you and sound even crazier I don't want you thinking I'm some kind of psychopathic stalker and I want you to feel comfortable and respected with your boundaries. So let's get down to brass tacks.
Girl when I think about you and all this s*** that went on and I think about me. It reminds me of when in pulp fiction Bruce Willis is popping Marcellus Wallace (Ving rhames) in the face saying "you feel that?" That's your pride f****** with you or some s*** like that.
Man glue how the hell are my feelings going to be hurt and how can I be so selfish as to even think that I deserve to be respected or put any expectations on you I'm not going to go into huge detail. Reason being is because the rest of the world will hear it but you probably won't but at least out there in the void I'm going to make it to where the respect you deserve this voiced from me and that you're honored for the things that you've done selflessly. Being thet our sister birthday was yesterday and she's no longer with us I think she would smile from above knowing that I finally said something like this.
Hey let me say thank you for real. Thank you for shutting my ass down and thank you for this list I'm about to go through which I will go into detail at a later time.
I'm going to write a story about our lives. I'm telling you it's going to happen. I started three separate writings and I'm ready to scrap them all to tell our story. I'm going to focus on that in my writings anyways on to the summary of what glue means to me or what I acknowledge about glue.
What you were up against.
When we met. You a teenage girl. Abandoned by one parent in a very vile way. The other parent was raising you. We were running around, you got sick, and you were in the hospital for weeks with some very serious troubles. Towards the end of the hospital stay cuz I was in there with you the whole time. The other parent came said that they won't going to deal with you and for you to figure it out a young girl in the hospital. The crazy part is you had done nothing wrong. That was my first real dose of surrealism in people next to some childhood stuff from one of my mother's boyfriends. And shortly after you were told you didn't have a home to come back to as a teenage girl in the hospital the doctors came in and said you would never be able to get pregnant or bare children. You moved in with us me my mom and my sister. And after all that you have been through you would think that you'll be nervous or anxious or things will be awkward. No. You stepped into the home and you immediately brought light into it that it was missing. You immediately were a part of the family and you were a part that was missing the whole time that no one ever knew about. You became a daughter to my mother a sister to my sister and more important things than my words can express right now to me. You kept a strong mentality and glue you were always the caretaker. You dealt with me a young pig-headed man very much in love with you with the drug addiction you catered to me. But not like a slave you catered to my soul there is never someone that I can ever dream of to treat me the way you did. You were loyal man you were my everything. I was yours. None of this is going to be an order but I've traveled with you across the country. We moved to Louisiana. I got a job on the tugboats. You were in the middle of a new scary town. And here I was gone 30 days at a time. But you held on. That was a really stressful time when I look back and that was a time when even though it was an experience I regret that decision because being gone that long from you at that young seemed okay then but even though my buddy's family was around I should have been there. But we did it the best we could. Eventually that didn't work out I'll never forget two cats in a 1984 Ford escort and all our s*** driving all the way to the East Coast. That escort could do some runs now. Anyways we moved to the beach. Being close to home my drug addiction was still an active Factor at all times you held on every time you could. When we move to the beach we decided we were going to do other things we came back to the city. That's what my sister move to the beach with her friend and we were in the city and got to call she had been in a car wreck.
We fly down to the beach before that even cut my sister out of the car we made a 2-hour drive in about 45 minutes. They will my sister in you were right by her side by my side you were there fam you were going through it with me, with her, with the parents. The wheel her in she said she couldn't feel her legs. Boom paralyzed never going to walk again. Thank God she lived and thank God she has such an amazing sister beside her during it all.
After rehabilitation the situation that it happened put my mom into a absolute mental tailspin. So we stuck around as my mother could barely function to tend to my sister.. to your sister. So you a young young woman who had been s*** on by her family. Took over my mother's role and began caretaking for my sister, all the while taking care of my mom with her mental episodes and and down time, and taking care of a loving man with an addiction that had selfish tendencies and you filled the role of all three caretakers and still manage to love me and show me affection with a smile on your face. You took care of the whole house. You took care of the animals. I'm not talking about any of the good really that I did or anybody else did I just want you to be recognized here.
We decided to move to Florida after a long time of you taking care of my paralyzed sister and helping her acclimate until she started lighting it up. What she took off and became president the Honor society went back to school started doing fundraisers was in the Miss wheelchair state runnings eyeballing Ms wheelchair America..once she got in her groove... We went on to Florida.
In Florida you dealt with a man that had just found the purest cocaine he had done in a long time for dirt cheap prices. Through pretty much the whole stay we were there the years we were there. But I wasn't completely a lost cause so in Florida you became a business partner, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a teammate, a valuable asset, Chief cornerstone that all things business relied on between us and my buddy that we went into business with. Your pragmatic approach and abilities dominated with mine. The things I fell short in you could put into place... I don't want to say my inventiveness and idealism was the exact complimentary opposite to that where you lacked. But I'm going to be straight up with you you were just as inventive, sellable, full of ideas, practical enough to make it happen, and able to execute. So you were still at a young age early twenties the most amazing business partner I could ever ask for. Not to mention the fun in the sun the palm trees the tacky gold the new cars living on the beach man I was built for that s*** and I know you were. Eventually when the big collapse of the towers came, and us with our lack of savings which was a big part my fault. After September 11th the market just crashed and we didn't do business and s*** started going backwards and we sold our debt for what a couple thousand bucks? To watch my friend hold on to that business and buy us out of all that debt until it finally bankrupted was insane he really held on to that dream.
Anyways by the time we get back to our hometown not only is my sister been in a wheelchair now my sister develops a tumor on her pituitary gland Cushing's disease. My drug addiction is full force when we pull back into town. You jump right into action taking care of her everyone and by this time your family had got back in your life your parents. And you forgave them and let them in boy I'll never forget to work it took for you to get over that I remember the days that I sit with you and helped you work through that stuff. But you forgave you opened your heart and you opened your arms and embrace family. And you took care of everyone.
We get married. I get you pregnant the first child. I'm so far in addiction now that we're back home ground zero for those old habits. You're neglected, I'm high, selfish,I'm ashamed so basically I either don't come home because I've been up all night High s*** spending all of our money. And I mean all of it taking right out of my pregnant wife's and the baby's mouth to serve my f****** addiction. and you just held on. Remainder Rock still taking care of my sister. Still being there for my mom. And absolutely the polar opposite of what the doctor said when we first met about not being able to have kids. So after neglecting you constantly pawning off tons of responsibilities on you and spending every penny we had and expecting you to take care of the kids and never being home and being unavailable because I had a disgusting ratchet ass bottom of the barrel love affair that started with cocaine but once I tried to sling and learn how to cook cocaine became Crack to be exact. I traded you, businesses, vehicles, Mom Dad the kids, stability love, God, futures, anything everything I traded for that nasty b**** crack. Mind body Spirit trade it at all.
And what did you do you kept managing with what you we had you kept trying to hold it together and you held on for dear life.
Now you had already become a daughter to my mother and you were a sister to my sister so my part to play in that has nothing to do with y'all's relationship at this point. There's a very painful thing that I'm even scared to talk about maybe one day. Anyways finally you said you couldn't do it anymore I had driven us in the dirt I had literally turned us into basically homeless people with kids and I just could not stop when I would get to the bottom I'd bring a jackhammer and I'd find a new bottom. And you finally took your eyes off of me and you looked at what was the most important our child and you said it's time to separate you had to do it. Our separation you still tried to work with me as I got off the drug short-term and you came back and that's when I got you pregnant. That's what I want to talk to you about one day when we have time. But that has nothing to do with the honor you deserve because you are always were and not a doubt my mind always will be a loyal honorable commendable Royal woman a true virtuous woman.
Anyways when we started talking again during the separation I got you pregnant again. We got back together to try to make it work for both our kids now. But I wasn't going to give up crack for you all the families all the religion all the money and all the happiness in the world. I was that f****** stupid. God is good because I didn't 12 step my s*** out of there with that God come down and put a disgust and a chill in my bones about that s*** and made it disappear overnight. Maybe another time because it was way too late when it happened. Anyways I got you to raise two kids stole all of our money stole all of our food stole everything we didn't even have gas half the time. You hold on. You held one. I still have the claw marks in my soul from where you didn't want to let me go because you were that committed and that good of a woman. That in tune with family.
You went on to raise the kids by yourself you hooked up with another dude he got you pregnant then you dealt with him abusing you physically. Torturing that household. I know he's changed but I know some of this s*** that he did to my kids because I could see it in their eyes every time I would drop a fork. Thank God they healed from that. Whether they healed fully especially one of them I don't know. But then the question would have to be raised does the pain in the issues they go through revolve around him or revolve around the traumas from me. Cuz a dad supposed to be there. You basically dealt with him terrorizing y'all raising hell you've told me some of the things that he used to do to you I don't see how you can still talk to me like he needs you and you've got to be there for him but that's on you and I respect it but the way that you explain some of the things that he did to you to me it makes me sick to my stomach because I could just never see myself like harming you physically over and over and over again and doing things to you in other forms of physical abuse and getting pleasure or control out of it. But I can see taking you everything you ever owned and never given our kids a chance or anybody else and giving it all to crack can I so I don't know there. I just know it blows my mind. But I think it comes a lot from the fact I left us so bottom of the barrel out back from my addiction that as long as somebody was providing you felt some form of security over top of what I left you with which was complete insecurity. Maybe that's why you stuck around for the abuse and still justifiy it over top of the things I've done to this day.
You raised his kid, you raised my kids, you were the one true parent you were two dads you were one mom. You were a counselor, a provider a mediator a caretaker a teacher a protector a shelter a guide a mentor a motivator a problem solver you were a parent and you played the role of three parents. Plus you worked plus you were there for my family whenever they needed you. You were there for my sister all through her Cushing's disease. And there's so much more because you were building towards the future on your own establishing financial security vision for yourself holding the fort down getting damn near no financial help from me none 00.
I incurred 135,000 child support debt with you. How's that for deadbeat dead? See this isn't about the arrogant narcissistic guy you think I am this is about who you are. Let's just fast forward so we getting locked up for child support even though you had already told me you weren't working on getting all of that got rid of. And yes you may not believe this but my whole f****** inheritance is going to you not one red cent goes to me because you earned that. Yo you earned like 50,000 times that times a hundred times 50. All of the money in the world in my opinion is still not enough compensation if it was given all to you for the things you've done.
Now fast forward to my sister dying she's on her deathbed she's checking out. you stay and active part of her life and you check on her and you stay by her side and you are there with her as a friend you coming you become her caretaker in the end you help my mother you stand by my family side we see my sister into the Afterlife and we live the lives we live.
I come to the city out of the blue I'll come to find out there was a warrant out I get arrested. With some help from another family member if y'all bond me out with $13,000 cash. A week later I'm called by the courts they said we didn't have to show the decision could be made without us there and when we pop up they walk out and they say here here's your piece of paper sir. You owe $14.75. I'll look at the piece of paper it says Mr so and so your debt with child support enforcement has been cleared in full please pay us these $14 processing fees and your case is closed. You smiled me a smile at you.
And you said the most horrific thing I've ever heard in my life from someone. I'm being cynical here because it was really the most amazing thing but I hate the term because I'm a basket case. You looked at me and said be better do better.
Fast forward after that I started trying to get my s*** together started trying to help you with vehicles and stuff around the house and somehow... Some f****** way... I had the audacity to get offended by the way you were treating me. And I had a nervous breakdown. And I begin saying things to you the absolutely weren't true that I absolutely didn't mean and I f****** flaked.
You with no contact to protect yourself.
Look at what you have done how could I have done that?
Anyways I've seen my mom turn on you with her words. I've seen your parents turn on you, I've turned on you, seen your friends turn on you, I've seen a world I've seen your ex's turn on you, but you know what I've never seen you turn on the people that you give your ability and your honor to and your bonds to I've never seen you turn on them ever.
You didn't turn on me you were protecting yourself.
Glue you were the strongest f****** woman I've ever met and you are worthy of an award that his world renowned and recognized because there are so many things that I haven't said here.
You are The Rock, you are the glue, you are the ties that bind... You are the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 versus 10 to 31 is the description of who You are. Even to the point of where our kids were raised by you to place the dwelling now that you're at. You have taken in so many other people's kids you're like a parent to everyone. You excel at every job that you do. Vital asset to every team that you join. Highly efficient highly intelligent. Insanely gorgeous. Smart funny. God your sense of humor is so f****** awesome.
I'll see things in pictures my brain sees things in pictures and I just see pictures of you sometimes where always if we were around somebody that was down you would do the goofiest s*** you had to do to get them to smile because that's what you do. Just like sis did and this is her birthday gift from me because she told me several times to think about how hard you have worked. And she begged me to draw that picture before she died I got it toward the day before she died it was so important to her that picture is me holding her hand and her grabbing a star and her feet rooted to the ground and the roots coming into my feet and it says my brother taught me to reach for the stars my sister taught me to remain grounded.
And it's weird because I look at that and I think about how much of a icon and how much of a aura and presence glue was see y'all were glue one and two. And I'll go get that picture that she had me draw and it brings these overwhelming senses of things because I miss her so much but it brings you into the picture too because you always kept me grounded and I could envision anything anything on vision and you could take it for what it was and you could be like okay it's not that practical but it can be done and you would make the systems that made it happen no matter what it was I could create anything with you. You are after all Earth. I'm air. Reach for the Stars grounded etc.
Do you have so many amazing qualities and you have done so many honorable things. And for my sister's birthday I honor you her sister because the things that she said really ring true now. If you never talk to me again I respect it, if you want us to try to have some kind of working amicable relation I respect it but I have to have communication, you are so much of everything good and honestly I still love you so much thatI fall apart in your presence. But forget me man for real f*** me. Glue I want you to be happy you deserve happiness and if I take away from that then I need to shut my f****** mouth and I need to take that s*** so I went down and I need to smile because I know that you're happier. I truly know what it's like to want something so bad because I have for years but I never got healthy I'm just now getting around to taking care of myself. But I have for years wanted you and when I couldn't have you that's when you became Bruce Willis and you was popping my ass in the face saying you feel that boy that's your pride f****** with you.
Will glue I'm swallowing my pride. I want you to be happy no matter what I want you to be honored. If you ever do decide you want me in your life in any form please give me the communication I need to approach it healthily if not I'll f*** it up. I'm not even going to ask you what you want I'm not going to bug you but if by some chance in hell you ever find this letter just know at any point anytime you can reach out to me and ask for anything. I have taken and taken and taken and you have given and given and given it's time for me to sit the f*** down shut the f****** and love you the way you're supposed to be loved. And that means unconditionally loving you for who you are not loving you for me loving you because I absolutely adore who You are and I want to see the best life you can have happen.
You probably can't see your value and priceless coming out of my mouth or anyone else still does not do it justice.
Going to write a story about us glue.
And I promise to never promise again and just show you by allowing you the power dynamic you deserve to make your own choices and get the happiest healthiest life you can without me interjecting you've done it well this far better than me. Have made myself look like a total helpless loser in this but we both know what I'm capable of and what I'm about. If you need a roll for me just communicate it. I'll give it my all even if giving it my all means standing outside the box looking in but never burdening you with the fact that I am anymore.
And I'm not going to bring it up. Man I hope one day you get all the things you deserve.
You're admired appreciated loved and honored. By many. You are the Chief cornerstone woman. You are woman all woman.
I love you always will. Have my power dynamics take what you need and should you ever need me to flex my power because we both know all you got to do is make the call and I'll flex on whatever the hell you need me to as hard as you need me to and I'll scoop my ass right on out the way if that's what you need after it's done
Thank you glue
Buy some odd chance should you ever want me to be the one to try to love you communicate with me and point me in the direction I'm so f***** up out here I need direction and I know that they could be poisonous to you so you being The logical thinker that you are take that for what you will.
I've never been able to fully give myself to anyone else because I truly feel that to this day I will take my love for you to the grave.
You're that special.
Should I ever get a chance to love you and stand by your side of your man again you're going to have to let me die and and come out of the death of at least once because I'll die of happiness and wake up I just I wouldn't know how to handle it.
To me it's like imagine somebody said hey here's this egg but it doesn't have a shell that's just made of the rubber stuff that holds the shell together and you've got to run this egg 3 MI of mountain terrain in 20 minutes or the whole world ends.
Well I would just take the f****** egg and throw it on the ground. That's how I've been treating things. That's what I'm relearning everything.
It could be a detriment to you you know the sign of this always protect yourself and do what's best for your happiness but if I could love you again and be your man the things I would do I can't tell you because that would be the same old same old and honestly I just don't know.
I just know I love you you've always been everything to me and there will never be anyone that compares and there never has been.
Thank you for who you are
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2023.06.05 04:55 yournailsupplier NAIL TREATMENT FOR PSORIASIS

Because the nails may be brittle and discolored, it can occasionally be mistaken for a fungus. However, certain symptoms allow for the identification of nail psoriasis. For instance, a rash is frequently present when psoriasis flares up in a person's nails.
When will nail psoriasis disappear? Symptoms acrylic powder wholesale near me can go into remission at times, although this isn't always the case. Treatment for psoriasis nails aids in controlling flare-ups.
Let's discuss psoriasis nail treatment.


There are several drugs that can treat psoriasis nails. Because psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, many of them weaken the immune system.
First, the doctor can advise using a twice-daily corticosteroid lotion or nail paint. To see a difference, it can take four months or longer.
A person with nail psoriasis may receive what type of nail polish lasts the longest injections in the area surrounding the nails if things aren't getting better. Immunosuppressants like adalimunab are among them.
In addition, oral immunosuppressants such methotrexate can treat nail psoriasis.
However, there are substitutes available, like psoralen and laser therapy.


The nail bed may change color in the case of psoriasis nails, which may be the first sign of the condition. It may change from a healthy pink to brown or yellow.
Small holes and horizontal grooves may form on the nail's surface. The nail could then begin to flake and peel. The nail is more vulnerable to a fungal infection as a result of all this damage


A psoriasis flare can happen if your immune system overreacts to stimulus. Hormonal changes, trauma, sunburn, stress, or disease are examples of triggers. Unfortunately, if you already have psoriatic arthritis or psoriasis skin conditions, you may get psoriasis nails.


The absence of nail psoriasis is not guaranteed by any lifestyle choice, no matter how healthy. It frequently comes and goes. To help manage it at home, there are certain things you can do.


The signs of nail psoriasis can be lessened by soaking for ten minutes at a time in warm water with Dead Sea salt. It might also help to apply aloe vera gel to the area around the nails and to the nails themselves. In essence, managing flares involves using natural products with anti-inflammatory qualities.
Additionally, keep in mind that even if the nails are already broken, they will grow back!
Care for them in the interim:
To avoid infections, keep your hands and nails clean with soap and water.
Trim your nails regularly, and carefully remove hangnails. For this, cuticle nippers come very handy.)
Utilize hand cream and cuticle oil to moisturize the skin and nails.
When doing the dishes or working outside, put on gloves.
Use nail paint with a hardener to strengthen the nails. (See underneath.)
Use a buffer block and nail polish to give the nails a finer appearance if desired.
Here are some at-home remedies for nail psoriasis since so many people have asked about them.


Owning your own manicure kit will help you avoid illness. Give the tools a 10-minute soak in rubbing alcohol to clean and sterilize them. By doing this, nail psoriasis won't develop into a fungus

Traveling manicure kit

This adorable little kit is jam-packed with manicure supplies. It includes tweezers, a nail file, clippers, cuticle nippers, scissors, a cuticle pusher, and much more. Even the storage case's color is up for selection.
Keep your hands and nails moisturized after having your nails cut. If you have the necessary tools, it's not difficult to accomplish.
Dry, brittle, and flaky nail conditions are common in psoriasis. With 24-karat gold, aromatic oils, and hyaluronic acid, moisturize them and the skin around them. This brand of cuticle oil absorbs quickly to prevent greasy hands, unlike other brands. The result is stronger, smoother, and brighter skin and nails.

Collagen gloves with argan oil from Voesh

Give your skin and nails a thorough massage with these collagen gloves if they are very dry. They include argan oil, a naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It relieves swelling, redness, and itching. Wearing them for just fifteen minutes can produce noticeable results.

Critical Repair Cream by BCL

Because hairstylists work with shampoo and water all day, this great hand cream was created specifically for them. However, the moisturizer swiftly gained popularity among those in other professions as well as those who had dry skin and psoriasis.
The cream is excellent since it soothes the fissures and eliminates the itching without leaving the skin feeling oily. Additionally, it is brimming with antioxidants for quick recovery.
We explained that the appropriate nail polish can strengthen psoriatic nails. For those interested in gels, acrylics, and nail polish, we suggest the following:


LDS Gel Stabilizer

This strengthener lacquer, which was created especially for weak nails and gel manicures, gives support and improves the adhesion of topcoat polish. It works with every brand of gel polish. After the base coat or color gel, apply it.
For sensitive nails, use a gentle nail primer.
This slightly acidic primer is kinder than other alternatives if you work with acrylics.

Nail Envy Lacquer by OPI

During a psoriasis flare, lacquer could be acetone nail polish remover preferable to gels or acrylics. A clear coat lacquer called Nail Envy can be used either by itself or as a base coat for colored polish.
Make sure to use it as directed while using it to harden your nails.
Apply two coats at first before using it to harden your nails. After that, follow this procedure every other day for a week.
Repeat the method for an additional week after removing the lacquer with a soft polish remover after the first week.


Try to be patient while receiving therapy for your psoriasis nails. To notice a difference, it may take weeks or even months. You may do a number of which nail polish lasts the longest things to take good care of your nails and improve their appearance in the interim. Maintain their trim, hydration, and defense with a polish with a stronger formula. Keep going and having fun; you can still have a lovely manicure!
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2023.06.05 04:40 TrifleExtension1671 Rivonq vs Stelara

Howdy. I officially failed Entivyio and am being offered the two drugs in the title.
I stopped taking Remicade after 5 years ( the side effects) and failed Himuria before that.
I’m leaning towards Rivonoq. A pill vs an infusion, it is purportedly the more potent of the two. So says my doc.
In the last 6 months the disease went from mild to severe. Been in and out of a flare since I started Entivyio. I feel like I want to hit this disease as hard as I can.
Anybody have thoughts to share with me?
I missed both of my kids bday parties these last few weeks. It’s too hard to be a person during a flare.
I’m so done with this shit. Will be entering year 9 or 10 since diagnosis. Was probably already sick 5-10 years before diagnosis.
I am really hopeful Rivonoq can get me into long term remission again. But I want to dot all my lower case j’s here.
Anybody pro stelara anybody anti-rivonoq?
I’m probably making the decision tomorrow. had the colonoscopy on Thursday. Had what turned out to be my last infusion a week before that. It’s about to be the hot girl summer of george or whatever the kids are saying these days and I would like to enjoy and experience my life again.
the end…?
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2023.06.05 04:30 EarthAngelHalo Rescued a horse in Central America

Rescued a horse in Central America
I was in Nicaragua looking at buying a house, but ended up buying a horse. When I drove my motorbike past the skinniest horse in the world. She let me approach her after about 10 minutes. Her back was oozing from her owners putting a wooden saddle on her to carry water buckets. According to locals, she’d walk alone for hours to and from her home to graze along the Highway. The first evening she let me pull hundreds of ticks from her ears, mane, between teats, and around anus. She let me do this every day for a few days until I couldn’t find any more ticks. Day 2 a vet cleaned her wounds and took blood samples to test her for a type of equine disease (forget the name but If positive he’d euthanize her bc it was contagious to other horses). I started calling her Winnie bc she would call to me in excitement each day I’d visit her along the Highway. (I’d bring horse feed, bananas, watermelon etc). I finally spoke to a local who knew where her owners lived. I walked a sandy path for 2 hours and found a little “house” with walls of plastic sheets tied to tree posts. This family happily sold their horse to me for $60usd. A local let me keep her in their field for a month until I found a place for her long term and I gave them money to pay a caregiver each day. I bought a trailer for her and moved her off the island of Ometepe and onto a horse farm in Limón. Two months after I rescued Winnie, the farm owner texted me the news that I was a grandma! My skeletal horse was pregnant when I first met her. Isn’t that wild and so sad? Anyway, the farm owners named her Julia because she was born in July. After two years, I told the farm to keep Win and Jules since it was too costly to import both to the US. I have an open invitation to visit them and I’m hoping to make the trip soon.
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2023.06.05 04:27 External_Lab_7383 Republicans are mentally ill

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2023.06.05 04:20 SpecificMain5235 Created a Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences Discord server for current and potential graduate students! Would love it if people joined!

Hey everyone, I am an incoming Bioengineering PhD student, Fall '23. I have created a server for current and potential graduate students in the US but also around the world to join.
Channels within the server and topics of interest/discussion within the server would range from:
1) Hot topics in Bio research 2) Graduate Student Fellowships 3) Papers in Biology 4) Interdisciplinary discussions 5) PhD admissions 6) Masters admissions 7) Applicant experiences for Grad school 8) Day-to-day research experiences 9) Grad student struggles 10) Selection of advisors 11) Cell/Tissue Engineering 12) Biomaterials research 13) Therapeutics 14) Bioinspired Robotics 15) Biomechanics 16) Biological Imaging 17) Computational Modeling 18) Nanoengineering 19) Drug delivery 20) Molecular Biology 21) Biophysics 22) Biochemistry 23) Carcinogenesis 24) Infectious Diseases 25) Neurobiology 26) Microbiology 27) Omics 28) Systems Biology 29) Transport Phenomena 30) Cardiovascular Research 31) Genetic Engineering 32) Human Machine Interfaces 33) Synthetic Biology 34) Orthopedics 35) Networking for jobs in academia and industry
I would really like it if people joined and shared their inputs. This will be a moderated server and spamming will not be allowed.
See you on the server!
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2023.06.05 04:09 SpecificMain5235 Created a Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences current and potential graduate students group! Would love it if people joined!

Hey everyone, I am an incoming Bioengineering PhD student, Fall '23. I have created a server for current and potential graduate students in the US but also around the world to join.
Channels within the server and topics of interest/discussion within the server would range from:
1) Hot topics in Bio research 2) Graduate Student Fellowships 3) Papers in Biology 4) Interdisciplinary discussions 5) PhD admissions 6) Masters admissions 7) Applicant experiences for Grad school 8) Day-to-day research experiences 9) Grad student struggles 10) Selection of advisors 11) Cell/Tissue Engineering 12) Biomaterials research 13) Therapeutics 14) Bioinspired Robotics 15) Biomechanics 16) Biological Imaging 17) Computational Modeling 18) Nanoengineering 19) Drug delivery 20) Molecular Biology 21) Biophysics 22) Biochemistry 23) Carcinogenesis 24) Infectious Diseases 25) Neurobiology 26) Microbiology 27) Omics 28) Systems Biology 29) Transport Phenomena 30) Cardiovascular Research 31) Genetic Engineering 32) Human Machine Interfaces 33) Synthetic Biology 34) Orthopedics 35) Networking for jobs in academia and industry
I would really like it if people joined and shared their inputs. This will be a moderated server and spamming will not be allowed.
See you on the server!
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2023.06.05 04:04 cjayGOTTHIS Stomach pain after feeding

Hi everyone,
My (24m) mom (55f) recently started having a lot of stomach pain right after her PEG feedings. It started after her dietitian decided to order Peptamen AF for her because Diabetisource was on back-order. The first few days of Peptamen AF she immediately started having stomach pain after feeding. We spaced out the feedings, which sort of lessened her pain, but it was still there. So we switched to a box of Kate's Farm 1.2 Glucose support. For a few days her pain right after feeding was gone. But since yesterday, after her feedings she experienced mild pain (she says a 5 out of 10) and now she says that her pain has increased (7 or 8 out of 10). I'm following correct procedure as to how to feed her, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her PEG tube itself (no discharge/bleeding/etc) so I got no idea what's going on, although my suspicion is that her chronic kidney disease could be causing her to not respond well to the protein content of the Peptamen, and now I guess the Kate's Farms. We contacted her dietitian a few days ago, and we expect the Diabetisource to arrive hopefully Monday. I've been giving her Tylenol and Pepcid, as well as gently massaging her stomach area with White Flower oil/Tiger balm, which she says has relieved some of the pain, but I'm still confused as to why she is suddenly having pain. She did not previously have stomach pain for her Kate's Farms/Diabetisource/Glucerna that she has used in the past since March of this year.

Is there anything else that I can do to help alleviate her stomach pain after feeding?
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2023.06.05 04:04 alexwarren221 I need help. ; trigger ; ftm

I need help. I got banned from suicide watch a while ago and made a new account to post there, yet got suspended for 3 days. So, I genuinely have no other place to go. I want to take that fucking knife and stab my most valuable artery. I can’t take this and everybody thinks I’m just some confused FEMALE. Female! It’s always female. I’m always a female. Why, why can’t I just exist without people that I love so much and cherish fucking hating my guts thinking it’s a disease and I should be put down like a rabid dog! I want to cut them off. I want them off of me. I NEED them off of me! I want to so badly, then slit my stomach and pull that stupid fucking organ out of me! I don’t know what my problem is, they’re already numb from the binding and the torture. Maybe I’ll do it. But I’m scared that if it fails, I can’t get surgery. But fuck it, I could have my surgery by now, but no, those fucking stupid doctors wanted to touch me! I can’t even think about that. It makes me sick and I want to kms over that in itself. I’m too tired to type more. Goodnight or goodbye, we’ll see.
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2023.06.05 03:58 sadkid91 Ares Calling

I have posted before but I think my post got removed. Anywho...
I've been feeling very drawn to Ares. I have never worked with a deity before and my connection to the craft is minimal.
I was having dreams with what I now know to be Ares imagery.
Just yesterday, I was diagnosed with heart disease. And in addition to that I have many other internal battles I am fighting (mental illness). I have felt his call even stronger since.
How do I go about working with a deity? I'm lowkey scared because I have bad (and scary) experiences with religion and have considered myself a hardcore atheist for the last 10 years. So I'm like... why now am I feeling called?
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.05 03:54 Better-Routine6022 Republicans are mentally ill

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2023.06.05 03:42 SuchCombination2721 Republicans are mentally ill

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2023.06.05 03:40 BlackAvocado6969 Debunking LGBTQ+ Myths (with cited sources)

Debunking LGBTQ+ Myths (with cited sources)
Since it is Pride Month and there has been a lot more controversy surrounding the topic this year, particularly in schools, I thought it was good to debunk some myths. If you have any specific questions about Pride and what happens in schools, I can also answer that as I am a teacher in Ontario. I feel there has been a wide spread hysteria/misunderstanding about what is going on and I am happy to clear it up for anyone.
Myth 1: Being LGBTQ+ is a choice.
Debunked: Sexual orientation and gender identity are not choices but deeply ingrained aspects of a person's identity. Numerous scientific studies support the understanding that being LGBTQ+ is not a voluntary decision, but rather a natural variation of human diversity. This understanding is supported by major medical and mental health organizations, including the American Psychological Association (APA) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).
Reference: American Psychological Association: Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality:
Myth 2: Being LGBTQ+ is a mental disorder.
Debunked: The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1973, affirming that it is not a mental disorder. The World Health Organization (WHO) removed it from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) in 1990. However, LGBTQ+ individuals may experience mental health challenges due to societal stigma and discrimination they face.
References: American Psychiatric Association: Position Statement on Homosexuality:
World Health Organization: ICD-10, Chapter V, F66.0:
Myth 3: LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to be pedophiles.
Debunked: There is no scientific evidence to support a link between being LGBTQ+ and being a pedophile. Pedophilia is a distinct and universally condemned sexual attraction to minors. It is unrelated to sexual orientation, which involves consensual adult relationships. The American Psychological Association and various studies confirm that sexual orientation is unrelated to pedophilia.
References: American Psychological Association: Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation:
National Association of Social Workers: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Interpersonal Violence:
Myth 4: All transgender people undergo surgery.
Debunked: Not all transgender individuals pursue medical interventions, such as hormone replacement therapy or gender-affirming surgeries. Transitioning is a personal journey, and different individuals have different needs and preferences. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) emphasizes that not all transgender people desire or require surgical interventions. Gender identity is about how a person feels internally, rather than physical changes.
Reference: World Professional Association for Transgender Health: Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, Version 8:
Myth 5: LGBTQ+ individuals are a threat to traditional marriages or families.
Debunked: Research consistently shows that same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ parenting have no negative effects on traditional marriages or children's well-being. Love and commitment are universal values, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The American Psychological Association and various studies support the positive outcomes of LGBTQ+ families.
References: American Psychological Association: Lesbian & Gay Parenting:
Williams Institute: Sexual Orientation of Parents and their Children: Findings from the New Family Structures Study:
Myth 6: LGBTQ+ individuals can be "converted" or "cured."
Debunked: Conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy, which aims to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, has been widely discredited and denounced by professional medical and mental health organizations. These include the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Psychological Association, which condemn these practices as ineffective and harmful.
References: American Psychiatric Association: Position Statement on Therapies Focused on Attempts to Change Sexual Orientation (Reparative or Conversion Therapies):
American Psychological Association: Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation:
Myth 7: LGBTQ+ rights are a threat to religious freedom.
LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedom are not mutually exclusive. Many religious denominations and faith communities fully accept and embrace LGBTQ+ individuals. Laws protecting LGBTQ+ rights seek to ensure equal treatment and prevent discrimination, without infringing on religious freedoms.
References: Movement Advancement Project: LGBTQ-Inclusive Religious Liberty:
The Trevor Project: Faith in LGBTQ Youth: A Resource Guide:
Remember that the field of LGBTQ+ studies is vast, and there are numerous studies, reports, and resources available for further exploration and learning.
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2023.06.05 03:38 No-Move4723 Republicans are mentally ill

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2023.06.05 03:34 Massive_Level_7127 Can Bone Conduction Earphones Damage Hearing?

Can Bone Conduction Earphones Damage Hearing?
Bone conduction earphones are becoming more and more popular among sports enthusiasts. Driven by them, more and more people are interested in this new type of headphones. To help you better understand them, here are some facts about this type of headphones.
1. Bone conduction earphones are new headphones developed using bone conduction technology, which transmits sound through bones;

2. They do not cover the ears, nor do they need to be inserted into the ears;
3. They will not damage the ears, they are the healthiest headphones for the ears. Because their sound transmission does not require the use of the eardrum, damage to the eardrum and auditory hair cells is minimal.
4. Bone conduction earphones are not noise-canceling headphones. They don't sound as perfect as traditional noise-canceling headphones. But if you're using them for normal music listening, their sound quality is perfectly fine.
5. Bone conduction is a mature technology, bone conduction headphone is a new application of this mature technology, and you can use it with confidence;
6. Bone conduction earphones are not headphones with external speakers. It relies on the vibration unit to generate mechanical vibrations, and the sound is transmitted to the inner ear to make people hear the sound.
7. Bluetooth bone conduction earphones generally have better waterproof performance. Their sound generation and sound transmission methods make them not need to reserve holes in the fuselage, and the entire headphone can be integrated.
  1. They will have a slight sound leakage problem. But some better products handle sound leakage better.

Can bone conduction earphones damage hearing?

bone conduction earphones are usually less harmful to the ears, but if used for a long time and at excessive volume, hearing damage can occur.
Since bone conduction earphones do not need to be plugged into the ear canal when worn, they will not cause damage to the ear due to wearing them. They transmit sound without passing through the ear canal and eardrum, which avoids eardrum damage caused by vibrating the eardrum.
When the bone conduction earphones are used, the ear canal is kept open, which is important for the hygiene of the ear. And they will not cause the ear canal to be wet and stuffy to breed bacteria due to sweat depositing caused by long-term exercise, thereby avoiding the damage to the ear by diseases such as otitis media.
In addition to small damage to the ear canal and eardrum, bone conduction earphones also have very little damage to the inner ear. Due to the relatively gentle and stable vibrating waves of the headphones, they have little damage to the cochlea. Moreover, the electromagnetic waves of them are very small, and their impact on the auditory nerve and brain nerve is also very small.

Therefore, bone conduction earphones will not damage hearing, they protect hearing completely, from the ear canal, eardrum, cochlea to auditory nerves, etc..They are the healthiest kind of headphones.
For hearing protection, when using bone conduction earphones, remember not to use high volumes for a long time, which can cause damage to hearing. In fact, no matter what kind of headphones you wear, long-term use at high volume will definitely cause damage to hearing. It is generally recommended that after using headphones for 2-3 hours, you should rest for 10-15 minutes.
In addition to very little damage to the ears, bone conduction earphones are also very safe. They allow you to listen to music when you can also hear the surrounding environment sounds, which avoids outdoor sports encounters danger. And they are also very comfortable to wear. These advantages are determined by their working principles.

The working principle of bone conduction earphones

Bone conduction is actually a very mature technology. The famous pianist Beethoven used bone conduction technology to compose music as early as the eighteenth century. He was deaf in both ears and could not hear music with his ears, which was a fatal blow to his music composition. Later, perhaps it was God's will, he found a magical method, that is, biting a stick connected to the piano while playing, so as to hear the music from the jawbone, which is the principle of bone conduction. Generally speaking, the principle of bone conduction is that sound waves transmit the sound to the inner ear through the vibration of the head bones such as the skull and jaw, and finally allow the wearer to hear the sound.

Bone conduction earphones are a new type of headphones made with bone conduction technology. Compared with common headphones, they do not need to be worn in the ear. Their main principle is to convert sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and transmit them through the human skull->bone labyrinth->inner ear lymph fluid->spiral organ->auditory center. Compared with traditional headphones, the sound transmission path of them is shorter, and it no longer needs to transmit sound through air and eardrum vibration, but directly transmits sound to the inner ear through bone vibration. This also makes bone conduction earphones one of the healthiest headphones, and they have become popular this year.
When your understand how bone conduction earphones work,You may know that they are a healthiest earphones.If you are interested in them, here are 5 excellent products for you.

1, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction earphones

Reason for recommendation:
Wissonly bone conduction earphones are the first brand I started to contact. When they recommended it on the online crowdfunding platform, I noticed it, after saw that many people were recommending, and I bought it. This Hi runner I used for a few months, and the overall performance was better than I expected.
Some bone conduction earphones leak sound, and you know that I take privacy very seriously, so I'm very concerned about anti-sound-leakage technology. Wissonly Hi Runner does a very good job in the field. Its body is sealed, and through structural optimization and algorithm adjustment, its sound leakage is minimized. The official claim they can eliminate 90% of sound leakage. I do not have professional equipment to test, but I have tried and found that at 60%-70% volume, the sound is completely inaudible at a distance of 1.5 meters, which makes me very satisfied. I have actually compared it with other bone conduction earphones, and the Wissonly Hi Runner has currently the best sound leakage reduction solution in bone conduction earphones.
The Wissonly Hi Runner is also particularly comfortable in the wearing experience. Because the material of the whole machine is high-tech hypoallergenic silicone, and it is coupled with the ergonomic design that conforms to the structure of the human ear, so that users will not bring any burden to the ear under long-term wear.
Sound quality as the core performance is undoubtedly worth mentioning. Wissonly Hi Runner uses a large-sized vibration unit, the sound range is wider, the sound is more three-dimensional and deeper, so the sound quality is undoubtedly very good. And it is also equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the connection is more stable. And it will not be disconnected when used, which is a good experience. The Wissonly Hi Runner also comes with 32GB of built-in storage that can store 5,000 songs, so you can use it completely as an MP3 player to enjoy music without your phone when you go out for a run.

2.Philips A7607 bone conduction earphones

Reason for recommendation:
The sounding unit of the 7607 bone conduction headphone use a 17mm vibrator, which makes its sound have good penetrating power. What makes me even more surprised is that Philips A7607 is equipped with LED night run lamp at the rear of the its body, which has three kinds of brightness that can be switched. It is suitable for wearing at night, which can make people around you perceive their own position and further increase the safety factor. The waterproof performance of IPX6 grade is fully qualified for waterproof work in daily life, and even can withstand a small amount of rain intrusion.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO bone conduction earphones

Reason for recommendation:
Openrun Pro bone conduction earphones are worn in an ear-hanging structure with both ears. The body frame is made of titanium alloy, which makes the weight of the headphones very light, only 26g, and there is no sense of weight when wearing them. The body is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which also makes it more comfortable to wear. As the body is integrated, this also makes Openrun Pro inherently has a good waterproof performance. Its waterproof rating reaches IP67, and there is no problem in sweating and getting wet in the rain. However, it is not professional waterproof after all. Therefore, it can't be used when swimming.

4.earsopen SS900 bone conduction earphones

Reason for recommendation:
The fuselage is equipped with BoCo's bone conduction vibrator technology, with AVV's precise vertical vibration transmission technology. It has good lower potential and a wide sound range in low-frequency performance. The Bluetooth version of 5.2 helps it to maintain the stability of the connection within 10m. The weight of the body is 8g,it is light when clipping to the ear, but the wear method of the ear clip is not suitable for long-term wear.

5. vidonn F3 bone conduction earphones

Reason for recommendation:
The weight of this bone conduction headphone is only 29g, and there is comfortable when it is used, whether it is hanging on the neck or hanging on the ear for a long time. The charging port of F3 headphones is a universal standard MICRO-USB interface. The charging port is waterproof with a soft rubber plug, which is not connected to the body, so there is a risk of loss. The disadvantage is that the sound quality is average, and the sound leakage is serious.
Among the above five bone conduction headphones, my favorite ones are Wissonly and Philips. These two brands have the strongest technology, and the sound quality and sound leakage reduction of the products are very good. Wissonly's product parameters are better and cost-effective, so you can buy without hesitation.
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2023.06.05 03:19 ActorWriter24 This came in this morning from pathology at HSS. Can anyone translate this to non medical terms ha.

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2023.06.05 03:19 Putrid-Current-9646 Republicans are mentally ill

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