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2023.06.10 20:05 Reasonable-Ad-630 Gestione Terreno Agricolo

Salve a tutti,
Sono un ragazzo di 28 anni. Un po’ di contesto : - Reddito dipendente di circa 2.8k netti + bonus mensile. Diciamo nei mesi che vanno mediamente male raggiungo i 3.5k , quelli mediamente positivi si sale sui 4.2k. - mutuo di 900 euro per casa di proprietà , tra 2 anni scenderà a 300 euro e finirò di pagarlo nel 2030
Potrei prendere ad un prezzo vantaggioso da parenti un terreno di circa 5.5 ettari in provincia di Lecce. Vorrei capire, non avendo nessuna conoscenza nel settore, è un investimento che mi converrebbe fare? A quale prezzo indicativamente?
Per spiegarmi meglio, dato il lavoro mi andrebbe benissimo anche solo una piccola integrazione allo stipendio senza avere troppi impegni. Ma così come una formula high risk-high reward (sempre senza impiegare troppo delle mie giornate).
Le idee che mi sono state proposte/venute in mente sono state : - coltivare grano per rendimento di circa 3/4K annuali - pioppeto per fare legna - pannelli solari - agriturismo o b&b
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2023.06.10 20:05 tony54143fcdd Well I left. Too much to cope with I can't be a mom and dad with her and her dad making it worse all the time

My now ex girl that was diagnosed with shizophrenia and was SAd. I hate it then and hate it now. No offense to anyone suffering from it, but I sometimes stay in denial because like I told her ive already had a hard life and on top of all of it instead of moving on and becoming a dad and grandpa eventually I am stuck with a woman who if her diagnosis is true and in fact valid then I have to cope with it. I dealt with her and her mom and dad for the pas 4 years (before we were living in another state when we met). The meds must be doing their job. I have never seen her have a psychotic break or “schizo episode” except for the one that she had when we first found out about her schizo diag. I recently left her, again, and feel bad of course but like I said my hard life and her now hard life just won’t mesh. I thought I had moved on and wanted to start a family and get marry etc but I feel all ive learned is fun times from here except for the sleeping in and “lazy” behavior. Its hard for me sometimes as I forget its schizophrenia depression etc.. and I start thinking she doesn’t want to be with me for my attitude (i was diagd with bpd2 and schizoaffective but I keep saying its because things aren’t the way they should be at home (i won’t take meds, can’t afford therapy)). It has been a hard road for me since my son was born but I have had to accept it and now i am having to move on as my anger and hurt is just too much with our 4 year old daughter as well. Her parents won’t allow us to grow together and she refuses to accept who I am and only wants things her way. I am done I am tired of dealing with it. Its best if her mom and brother (who abused her) take care of her. They make it worse for me but she doesn’t mind and I have to always take a backseat which just makes it worse for me. I know i will get laughed and negativity will spew but this is the truth from my side. I am having to start over and it so far it hasn’t been easy. I haven’t spoken to my kids and i feel im giving them a bad vibe. Thankfully the younger one doesn’t understand, but im so angry that the same dude who SAd her is there at home at any moment can come over and do something not only to my daughter but to her and I imagine her fawning over and letting it happen. From this point though it isn’t my fault or my problem and I need to move on. I should be enjoying my life not being cautious because she needs to sleep all day and I am going to be a dad and mom while she is heavily sedated and does what she wants because of her excuses starting with the schizo diag and SAd that happened to her and of course my frustration and anger boiling over. Its basically her whole family against just me. I just needed to vent. I am going through something alone and have no one to turn to.
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2023.06.10 20:05 Playful-Pie-6341 well happy saturday 🤩🤩

well happy saturday 🤩🤩
came home for a smoke break to reup on my happy stuff but the batches were 👌🏼 this morning. the average batches around me in bridgeport are usually $10 lol so this definitely made me happy. a quick little $139 and i still have the rest of the day left :)
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
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2023.06.10 20:04 two_pounds Two bedrooms in my (F35) fiance's (M36) house are used exclusively by me. He wants a roommate for $1,000/mo and I said no. How much should I pay him in rent?

My fiance owns a home. Market rent to rent out the whole house would be about $4,000/mo.
It's a 4 bedroom house. 2 of the bedrooms are strictly for my use. One is a studio and the other is an office/storage for my businesses.
His mortgage is $1250/mo. I've been paying $600/mo.
My income- $150k/yr
His income- $80k/yr.
He wants to rent out the 4th bedroom for $1k/mo, but I don't want a roommate.
How much rent should I pay him, not including utilities?
Someday we'll likely live in a home I own and he'll pay me rent as well.
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2023.06.10 20:04 Gone247365 Doc raised COViD response concerns in 2020, was fired, now refuses $2m settlement in wrongful termination case. Straight baller move.

Background: committed and respected ED Physician Dr. Ming Lin was fired in 2020 after vocalizing his concerns about his hospital Administration's response to the pandemic. He was quickly fired.
Now, in 2023, he is refusing to accept a 2 million dollar settlement because his, "silence is not for sale."
This dude is a legit bad ass.
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2023.06.10 20:04 Aran909 My Telus Nightmare

This is a cautionary tale. The evening of May 5, 2023 I was contacted by a Telus sales rep for what was a pretty good offer, so I made the decision switch from Shaw. Install date was set for May 24. May 23 I get notified that the drilling for the fibre optic line can't be completed because they can't get locators and my install will be delayed to June 9. Drillers show up the next day and install the fibre drop. Come June 8, I receive an email that my appointment has been moved yet again to June 11. I have many many calls to very unhelpful people telling me that the fibre drop has not been completed. I know the company that does the drilling for the fibre drops and is a personal freind of mine and my father in law, and he assured me that it's been done. Finally the last person I spoke to on June 9 admitted that the technicians are over booked and can't make it. Now today not 10 minutes ago, I received a call from someone at Telus again insisting the fibre drop is not complete and the appointment must now be moved to July 3.
I want to know, how is this acceptable business practice?
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2023.06.10 20:04 iliketocampsowhat I(25) need some help options for my father(51), what do I do

Long story short my father(I have presumed to have NPD based on his behavior over the span of my lifetime) has started stalking and coming up with delusions over my mother figure. He is saying she's a porn star on onlyfans, sleeping with the fire department and other off the wall things. He showed up to the fire department asking them questions about her amd he almost got his ass kicked by like 20 of them because he wouldn't listen when they said they didn't know her. He's following her everywhere. He is also following those weird Google people search pages and showing up to homes of people that show up as "related to" her in any way. This is NOT in her character at all and I feel like my dad has completely lost it. He cannot provide any proof and just keeps saying his lawyers are compiling the proof and calling me stupid because I'm not blindly believing him. He is completely obsessing.
My father doesn't believe in therapy or any kind of mental illness, but he needs some serious help and idk how to get it for him. He has been cruel and cold my entire life and will not respond well to forced help. What are my options here?
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2023.06.10 20:04 confused1937 We put down our 16 year old lab yesterday. Did we make the right decision?

Hey everyone. So I’m 25 and my family got our yellow lab Jessie when I was 9. She turned 16 in April.
After a few months of rescheduling the appointment, my mom finally made the decision to put her down. She has had laryngeal paralysis for several years and got a surgery on her throat about 3 years ago that made her able to breathe normally again, although she wasn’t able to bark or make any noise after that.
I live a few states away from my mom and have since I was 18 but visit home several times a year. Although my parents are divorced my mom and Jessie still lived in my childhood home. I can’t imagine coming home and not being greeted by a puppy. This hurts so much, but for my mom it’s even worse.
My mother is absolutely devastated. It has just been her and Jessie for the past 7 years. But the past few months have been so bad. Jessie could hardly walk and couldn’t control her bowel movements. My mom returned home from work several times to find her lying in her own feces because she couldn’t get up, which just breaks my heart.
I’ve been talking to my mom all day and she’s hysterical and thinks she made the wrong decision because we don’t know for sure if she was in pain. But she has been waking up the past few weeks in the middle of the night to pace around and pant, which makes me think she was in pain.
I know that my mom did the right thing in putting her down and honestly it was probably long overdue. Does anyone have any words of encouragement that I can pass along to my mom? She’s in so much pain and I want her to know that it gets better, or at least that she made the right decision.
Sorry this post is all over the place, I’ve been crying all day and am so drained. I miss my puppy already :(
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2023.06.10 20:03 RealAd1811 Tips for my resume?

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2023.06.10 20:03 Rat_Terrier_Cultist Found Dog South of Grotto in NE

Found Dog South of Grotto in NE
Hey all, my family member found this dog wandering around south of the Grotto in NE Portland. Male, not neutered. No collar and it followed them home, currently hanging out in their backyard safe. They are in the process of checking for a chip as well. Let me know if you recognize him!
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2023.06.10 20:03 SaucerfulOfMeddle My Journey with “The Tourist”

For starters, I just came around to Radiohead as a whole a few months ago. The past year and a half has brought out numerous changes to my life. My dad passed away at home suddenly last January, my girlfriend of almost 3 years broke up with me at the start of this year, and I moved to an entirely different state with not a single connection in March.
While trying to process all of this grief and anger, I became infatuated with this band, serving almost as a comfort blanket. OK Computer in particular, has had me in a chokehold for the better part of a month. As I was listening to it this morning, “The Tourist” finally rolled around. This is a song that hadn’t really resonated with me before, until today.
I stopped what I was doing and listened to Thom nearly pleading “hey man, slow down”. Something about that stopped me in my tracks. I lost it. Every emotion I’ve been trying to push past and work through just hit me like a ton of bricks. A song has never made me an emotional wreck like this one.
Sometimes music is the best therapy at our lowest points. I love this stupid fucking band.
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2023.06.10 20:03 cheeriosandmilk12 I think our advisory board provides little to no real value.

I’m most likely coming into a startup because I like and trust the founder, and I think the product has a lot of potential. This is my first time attempting a startup, but I have some small business experience, being contracted to build MVPs, and doing freelance. My only concern is about the advisory board.
First of all, I’m not convinced an advisory board is necessary. It feels like one of those things that everyone says you should do and everyone does because everyone else does it. I’d rather create a board out of necessity than “just because we’re told to”. Second, ours seems crowded and ineffective.
The current makeup of the board is this:
They all look amazing on paper, but I’m not seeing a lot of actual results.
Most of the web suggests to have a max of 5 advisory members, where I’d prefer 1-3. Shouldn’t the board members know there’s too many people and advise of this?
From what I can find, Investors don’t like large advisory boards because of dilution, and too many people make decisions harder and slower. ChatGPT says it demonstrates the founders lack expertise.
Also, it seems like things that should be advised of haven’t been handled to the degree I’d expect from a quality advisory board.
The pitch deck didn’t give me a clear understanding of the problem. I had to read through a lot of documents, imagery, and go back and forth with the founder to understand the problem and solution. Reading through it a second time I see it more clearly, but I feel like a quality advisory board would have advised it be redone until it quickly, clearly explains the problem to anyone who’s not an expert in that field. Right now it feels like only an industry expert would understand in a short time. Even then, it's lots of words and difficult to consume quickly.
In the small business world there’s a concept of the 30 second elevator pitch, where you can explain your business to anyone, and it took me hours to figure out what was being solved. It’s a complex topic, but I still feel like it’s possible, and extremely important to condense it into a quick, digestible sales pitch.
The pitch deck also didn’t give any industry growth numbers, no how much money we’ll make, no competition listed or anything financial, no plan on how they're going to acquire customers, so I had to do my own research on that, which is when I got excited about the product.
When I met them they didn’t have a pricing model that they were set on trying. I think they had some ideas, but they’re really driving down the “get funding” route, so you’d think a variety of pricing models would have been clearly defined since they want to pitch investors.
Also it took them about 5-6 months to find a tech cofounder (me). I’m pretty excited about the potential. I think it’s a huge opportunity, and anyone who understands the solution would want in, so I’m surprised it took 6 months to get someone fully committed.
Why hasn’t anyone recommended the cofounder matching platform? Anyone in the startup world should know about it. There’s also a bunch of tech meetups they could have gone to to mingle with developers. With how many "job boards" and "restaurant app", "sport app" and 'social media' ideas are out there, this was a breath of fresh air, guaranteed to capture interest.
Did anyone advise them that hiring a dev shop is a horrible idea? They were close to pulling the trigger before I showed up, and with how complicated the problem domain is, I imagine it would have been a nightmare working with an agency.
I also think four “industry specific” professionals on the board is too much. Rather than give equity I think a referral program would be much cheaper and more successful.
I’m undecided on the idea of having HR on the board, or possibly attorneys. I think these types of things we should at least consider paying fair market value, as they have a good chunk of savings and income.
Anyways, are these red flags? It just seems like a quality advisory board would have these things buttoned up better than they are. Maybe they’re serving other roles.
There’s been no commitment yet to give any specific amount of equity to any board members, so I think I am going to tell the founder we need to take a step back and consider what each board member brings to the table, or switch to a cash payout instead.
The founder has been very successful in the industry, and is extremely easy to work with. Our values align and I really think we have a great working relationship so far. All of my orange and red flags revolve around the advisors….
I’m not afraid to talk over this with the founder, but I am afraid of going into the conversation unprepared. So I’m hoping you can share your thoughts. It’s possible I’m just making bad excuses to cut people out because I don't want to share the equity, but it also doesn't feel like they're providing value worth giving equity for. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
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2023.06.10 20:03 Comfortable_Bell9539 An analysis of Mikan Tsumiki

I already made a 2-part analysis about Mukuro Ikusaba as a character and my opinion on her once ; I think it's time that I analyzed another beloved character of mine : Mikan Tsumiki, the Ultimate Nurse. Yes, there's probably many analysis about her, but I'll still share my views on her, because I find her complex and fascinating. First of all, let's recapitulate some things about this character. Yeah, I know, it's boring, but still necessary.
I) Who is Mikan ?
Mikan Tsumiki is one of the cast members of SDR2. Like the others, she is actually a Remnant of Despair, that was plunged in a virtual world by Makoto Naegi, who wanted to free them from the brainwashing they all received at the end of the DR3 anime and since the very beginning, she's depicted as a...strange person.
Case in point : During her introduction, she seems to want to interact with Hajime, but she's so nervous that she ends up creeping him a bit, because she's just staring at him without a word. Then, she reveals that she memorized 5,000 different topics to discuss. A bit later, she says this before sobbing :
Mikan : I'll do anything you say...Just...please don't hate me !
Mikan is initially considered a meek, weak-willed individual, who burst in tears at any moment. This is why she is often picked on by the other characters, like Fuyuhiko who threatens her, or, of course, her greatest bully : Hiyoko Saionji.
During the Chapter 3, however, Mikan reveals another side to her : Having been infected by the Despair Disease, she murders Ibuki Mioda, takind advantage of her gullibility, and kills Hiyoko too. She elaborates a very clever plan, and when she is finally exposed, she goes batshit crazy, alternating between giggling like a mentally disturbed little girl and shouting in fury, hoping her classmates will forgive her. Everyone is understandably disturbed by this sudden change in her attitude, including Hajime who literally refuses (at first) to believe she's the culprit. Mikan then accuses everyone of being bullies, and she dies in what can only be called a hyper-sexualized execution that makes no sense.
II) Understanding Mikan Tsumiki's mentality :
However, as it is often the case in Danganronpa, there's more to the character than meets the eye. In the Island Mode, we can discuss with her. And the things she reveals are, objectively speaking, horrifying :
Mikan : I would get beaten up at school and at home a lot...Since nobody wanted to treat me when I was hurt, I just did it myself and eventually, I got good at it.
She also says that "for fun, I tried eating strange bugs, and I let them [her bullies] use my body when there wasn't anything else to write on. Also, I had to be responsible for debts, and be the target for dart games, so...Hmhmhm, I'm pretty useful, you know".
She tries to rationalize her abuse this way : "Obviously, I don't want to do that stuff at all. But...if it makes everyone not hate me and smile at me, then it's much better...".
Mikan Tsumiki was abused in horrific ways during her childhood. The other kids drew at her, mocked her, made her responsible for their own actions (in that case, their debts), and even made her eat bugs. It is interesting that she says "I tried eating strange bugs", and not "my bullies made me eat bugs". It's like she's instinctively taking the responsibility for the bullies' acts. In order to keep her sanity, she made herself believe that she could be useful by letting people hurt her in every way possible.
As a coping mechanism, her brain forces her to believe that the abuse she suffered is, somewhere, a proof of twisted "respect". If people mock her and use her, that means that, in a sense, they acknowledge her status as a human being : People accept to talk to her, to interact with her, like she is worthy of being talked to. You don't speak with an insect, right ? Well, it's the same logic for Mikan : In her mind, if people bully her, they acknowledge that she exists, that she is more than an insect that we can forget. That is why she always trips and falls, to get this attention.
The one thing Mikan's abuse taught her to hate is people not caring about her. During her FTEs, she has this exchange with Hajime :
Mikan : Just please don't look at me like that ! (For context, Hajime was creeped out by her words and her behavior)
Hajime : Ah...S-sorry...F-for now...let's talk again later. You need to calm down...
Mikan : I-I'm sorry...I'm terribly sorry...I'll make sure to get it right...I'll make sure I get it right next time...So please talk to me again ! Eeek ! I beg of you !
These quotes show how much Mikan is afraid of not "being enough". She constantly thinks that she's not enough and that she must "prove her worth" to people by degrading herself, in any way possible. And I mean in ANY way possible.
At one point in her FTEs, she worries about making Hajime upset somehow. Her reaction ? Telling the boy if he wants to see her naked :
Mikan : Wh-what should I do ? Um...would it make you happier if I took my clothes off ?"
When Hajime answers that no, she shouldn't do this, Mikan says : "you're don't want to see me naked, right ?". We could interpret this as her saying : "Of course you don't want me to be naked...I'm too ugly, right ?". Then, she asks if Hajime wants her money.
This interaction implies that Mikan is a survivor of sexual assault. It is not natural to ask people if you should get naked because they want to. If she had to strip to satisfy her abusers...well, you know what ? I don't even want to finish this phrase.
Anyways, she was either assaulted at school or at home. But either way, her parents probably didn't care ; she says that nobody wanted to treat her, which implies that, at first, she must have asked for an adult's help, right ? But said adult (probably her parents) told her to fuck off (I wouldn't be surprised if Mikan's parents literally told her, when she was younger : "Fuck off, nobody cares about your problems"). Like some abuse victims do sometimes, Mikan tries to deny the abuser's fault, saying it is her fault instead : "Did I do something wrong again ?".
However, she seems to realize on some level that what she suffered was wrong. She says in the FTEs :
"There are areas that aren't fatal but still very painful, such as the shoulder and back...You can punch and kick those areas, or even put a cigarette out on them. Repeatedly...over and over...But right now, at this very moment...nobody is trying to do that to me. Because of that...this place is like heaven to me".
The mention of cigarettes is what makes me believe that her parents actively mistreated her. I mean, the bullies at her school were probably too young to have cigarettes on them - and even if they did, it would have been because they stole one or something. But she mentions cigarettes (among other things) being put on her back repeatedly. Mikan's parents used her as an ashtray.
Also, Mikan mentions this in Island Mode, when you go to the movie theater : " nice (...). A-And the really mean characters always die first...". She probably is angry, on a subconscious level, at everyone who ever mistreated her, and whishes to take revenge on them. However, she can't, because of years of conditionment and abuse.
However, she shows more clearly her hatred when she contracts the Despair Disease. During her case, she murdered Hiyoko, who happened to walk on her after Mikan killed Ibuki. Mikan murdered Hiyoko not because she was a mean bully to her, but because she saw everything and because Mikan was under the Despair Disease, so she would have done the same thing to anybody. But there is something else : She specifically tied Hiyoko's obi on backwards, which, in Japanese culture, is how prostitutes dressed. This has nothing to do with killing someone because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time : Mikan deliberately called Hiyoko a slut post-mortem, as a way to get revenge for all her insults.
Finally, during the 3rd trial, Mikan accuses the rest of the case of being bullies, who let her being mistreated and verbally abused without ever doing anything to defend her. Even though she's not in her normal state then, it makes sense for her to act like this, because all her life, nobody ever came to her rescue (that's even why she became a nurse in the first place).
Conclusion : She could have been one of the best characters of Danganronpa, but Kodaka visibly doesn't know how to write sexual trauma (Kotoko and Akane, for example). However, Mikan still has some realistic aspects : She harbors a somewhat sexualized attitude because she was sexually abused, like some victims do in real life (well, the true reason is fanservice, but let's pretend it's not the case, shall we ?). Despite her genuine niceness and timid personality, she has a darker, more unstable side to her. Mikan Tsumiki is an example of what happens when bullying goes too far : You end up with a mentally broken person, incapable of living healthily, depending on how others view her. Personally, I always found tragic that the Ultimate Nurse had such an unhealthy mindset.
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2023.06.10 20:03 T_house92 Not even Provincetown is accepting of trans people

I’ve been thinking about this all week, and am so upset with how a recent vacation went down. My wife and I booked a week long trip in Provincetown for this past week, but ended up leaving and being back home within 24 hours because it was such a disaster. We had issues with food reservations me made months in advance, we had issues with our hotel, we had issues with activities we booked, but what was most hurtful on the trip was the issues we had around transphobia in the city.
All I’ve heard for years is how kind, queer and accepting Provincetown is. I was told you’ll go there and it’ll be great. There will be tons of gay men, lesbians, and gender diverse people and it’s a great space to just be unapologetically trans and yourself. That’s not what we got. What we saw in the 24 hours there were a majority of groups of gay men and straight couples which at face value was totally fine. However, both my wife and I noticed separately that a ton of people were staring at us our first night in town and got weird vibes like we were some kind of spectacle or zoo animal from them. The next day (after some non trans disasters the night before) we decided to give it the old college try and enjoy ourselves. There was a bakery with killer reviews on like every food list so I put on some makeup, my nice dress, grabbed my purse and went out to get us treats. On my way there, I noticed the same stares, got aggressively sired by the person at the bakery twice, had a rude encounter with a group of straight couples that cut me in front of the employee who was aggressively siring me (and did nothing) then on my way back with treats noticed a man pointing at me and laughing to his group who then all looked at me and laughed.
Ultimately, after the worst tasting breakfast of my life, we packed up and drove home cutting our vacation short by 4 days and cried while watching Twilight.
Fuck Provincetown and fuck transphobia. I’m just so sick of this bullshit. I just want so be myself and I want that to be ok.
Oh, and I did not see a single trans person.
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2023.06.10 20:03 PenguinTyc00n [H] Shiny Pogo Mew, gen 6-9 events, shiny galar birds, vivillons [W] PayPal (£)

[Svirtual] Hey guys, wanting to buy a couple games so getting rid of some events! I have one ultraball backpack code. Looking to part with it for $20 + fees (payment in gbp).
Unclaimed Shiny Mew from the 151 PoGo event, currently on step 3/4. If custom OT isn't a hard task, I can do that.
I also have some events! All self redeemed, no clones, WC proof available. Happy to send more pokemon info before we confirm a sale if requested!
Pokemon Event OT ID
Articuno Crown 220218
Zapdos Wild 220311
Moltres Armor 220415
Victini Victory 220818
Shiny Zamazenta Arthur 211022
HOME stamp Melmetal HOME 808809
Shiny Zeraora (shield stamp, no WC proof but HOME mystery gift) HOME 200630
Articuno Aldora 03116
Shiny Tapu Koko Melemele 170428
Diancie NOV2014 11064
Pumpkaboo Spooky2014 10014
Magikarp Lunar 170128
Meowth Happy 08196
Torchic XY 10123
Volcanion Helen 10016
Amoongus 백종윤 200809
Porygon2 VGC20 200822
Gastrodon カ・エール 200822
Genesect ゲッチャレ 201120
Marshadow ゲッチャレ 201120
Volcanion ゲッチャレ 201120
Zarude Jungle 201225
Pikachu KIBO 210101
Torkoal クララ 210718
Shiny Toxtricity Rock Star 210219
Pikachu GF 210227
Eternatus Galar 221118
Volcanion Mythical22 220909
Marshadow Mythical22 220909
Genesect Mythical22 220909
Sirfetch'd サトシ 200705
Lucario サトシ 200412
Gengar サトシ 200308
Dragonite サトシ 200126
Clefairy おつきみ22 220910
Victini Victory 220818
Dracovish サトシ 210108
Gastrodon Eric 220624
Clefairy Jirawiwat 220618
Dracovish Marco 220422
Shiny Zacian Lancer 211022
Coalossal Wolfe 210813
Chansey ミスド 201204
Charizard 지우 200930
I also have these events but their dates do not match WCs as I wasn't intending on parting with them so didn't care if the dates matched or i do not have redemption proof (for older ones) as I have changed mobile device in recent years and was unable to transfer media. For more questions or to see pokemon info, just ask!
Pokemon Event OT ID
Tapu Lele Akala 181130
Tapu bulu Ula'ula 190222
Tapu Fini Poni 190524
Zarude Jungle 201113
Palkia アラモス 070714
Ash pikachu's Ash 201023
3x original, partner, hoenn and sinnoh 1x the other 4
Unsure of prices on any of these things so show me an offer or link me to other deals you've seen!
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2023.06.10 20:03 Bronze_Age_472 (Spoilers extended) Changelings in ASOIAF

Changelings are mythical creatures, they are common in the myths of Britain/Ireland. They also exist elsewhere such as the Baltic countries etc.
You may be familiar with the concept. If you are not, changelings are imposters swapped by fairies.
For example, if you healthy baby that one day becomes very sickly... the people who believed these myths would say the fairies stole the healthy baby and replaced it with a sickly one.
The myth is fairly broad, it does not stop with children. Women can also be swapped by fairies. A woman would be said to be most vulnerable at liminal ("in between") stages of her life such as; Early marriage (new bride) or when she becomes pregnant for the first time (new mother).
It is my belief that GRRM was influenced by these myths and has weaved them into his stories.
Not only that, GRRM has made these concepts into a core part of his stories.

Common characteristics of a "Changeling"
-Baby swapping (one baby is swapped for another)
-the baby is small in size for the baby's age (smaller than normal)
-the child is sickly (unhealthy)
-The child/character has uncanny insight
-Women in liminal states: new brides/new mothers (they are vulnerable to fairies swapping them)

Wards as symbolic "changelings"
The taking of wards in ASOIAF is a big deal. We know the reason why families send their children to be wards. So we know there are benefits to this practice.
But our author also shows us that it's not without tradeoffs.
The wards of our story, like Theon Greyjoy, become (effectively) changelings. They get taken from their home. They are raised by someone else other than their true parents. And our author drives this idea home for us by sending Theon back to the Iron Islands. When he returns he is viewed as a stranger. His own father does not trust him or even view him as a proper son. When he says the Starks/greenlanders have made Theon theirs, he is essentially saying his "real son" has been swapped for an imposter.
We see Theon struggle with this issue. He has been gone from the islands so long he does not really recognizes anyone, not even his own sister. His father even chastises him for wearing gold for which he did not pay the "iron price".
As we can clearly see with Theon, being a ward changes the person. Their identity becomes a battleground. On the one hand, they come from one place and on the other they grew up at another.
Wards in ASOIAF are symbolically changelings. They are "swapped" children, taken away from their family and placed into another.
Brood Parasitism
"Changelings" natually occur in nature. It's nothing magical. It takes a lot of effort and resources to raise offspring. If you can "trick" another to do that for you? That'd be ideal. And certain animals try very hard to get others to raise their offspring for them. The issue is so serious, that it's caused an evolutionary arm's race between the two groups. Some species will even abandon all their offspring if they suspect one of them isn't their offspring.
The most famous example of this is the cuckoo bird, from which we derive the word "cuckold" (someone with an unfaithful partner).
I bring this up because there is a character who takes as his symbol the mockingbird (the bird the cowbird tricks to raise its children). Littlefinger.
Littlefinger is associated with "changelings" in more ways than one.
-He was a ward to Hoster Tully (a swapped child).
-His symbol is the mockingbird (associated with brood parasitism).
-He kidnaps Catelyn's daughter (Tyrion's new bride.... new brides are also considered vulnerable to being swapped as changelings)
-He was front and center at the decision to block Jon Arryn sending Jon Arryn's heir away to be Stannis or Tywin Lannister's ward.

I have listed below candidates who may be considered to "Changelings" based on certain characteristics. Some characters have multiple reasons for being considered to be changelings symbolically.
List of candidates that are symbolically "Changelings"
-Sweet Robin (sickly)**
-Tyrion* (small size, uncanny insight)**
-Theon (Ward)
-Sansa (new bride )
-Gilly/MonsteMance's son Aemon (new motheswapped child)
-Sandor Clegane (physical abuse by Fire... people would commonly mistreat children they thought were changelings with fire)
-Jon Snow (child "stealer" and, himself a stolen child)
-Ned Stark (Ward)
-Craster's sons (abducted children)
-Myrcella/Rosamund (child swap)
-Petyr Baelish (Ward)
-Samwell (not considered by Lord Tarly to be his son)

*Changelings are associated with eggshells and, the only reference in the books to eggshells is in a Tyrion chapter.
**Doubtful paternity, brood parasitism
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2023.06.10 20:02 OpaSeed Do I regret having children?

This question popped up in my email from Reddit so I answered it and then the whole topic disappeared! I love spending an hour of my life creating a post to have it vanish! It's so rewarding! Here is the post...
In my late teens and early twenties I believed that I possibly was infertile. I had been active for six years with a few partners and had not conceived and made little or no effort to avoid it (reckless, I know), was born 3 months premature, had surgery when very young, and had vericose veins that I believed possibly inhibited fertility (a ‘sack of worms’). For the first two years with the woman that would be my wife we also never conceived. Then it happened. When I was twenty-two I had my first child, a daughter, who was very special to me. My wife and I fell in love very deeply when we were first together and I felt that we would have a long future together and that there was something very special about our relationship. When we had our first baby I loved her very much. She was a very difficult child, though. She screamed constantly and never slept. I know I suffered from sleep deprivation for the first year with her. After her we had six more children. The second, another daughter, was quite the polar opposite and was a very happy and playful baby. The third, another girl, was also happy but quiet and very sweet and kind. My fourth child was my first son who was a very happy, playful, and active baby. Time passed and my first batch of four began growing and doing well in school and in life. They were all high-ability students and were very, very creative. I stayed at home and raised the kids and watched the house while my wife went to school and worked part-time eventually becoming a teacher. She would come home for lunch and spent all of her time with us when she wasn’t at work so we were a tight-knit family. Eventually we had her IUD removed and had more children. First another girl, then a boy, then another girl. The third girl was adopted by my wife’s sister, who had a very difficult first pregnancy with her son and could not have more children. A couple of years ago, though, my wife and I had a falling out after 23 years together. Having been assured by her laboriously that she would “…never stop loving you no matter what.”, “…never give up on you.”, “…never leave you, ever!”, “It would be impossible.”, and “You don’t have anything to worry about.” a thousand times over, she stopped loving me, gave up on me, left me, and I have worries. I gave up on the outside world over sixteen years ago to focus on our children while she became a professional so I don’t have any way to take care of myself. Her grandmother gave us a house as she loved our family and she “Wanted the house to be for one family again.”, as it had been divided into two apartments and one half rented out. Now my wife has decided that It’s not my home, her mother having put her name on the deed and with her grandmother dead there is no one to contest this. I refused to divorce her and still stay home watching my children every day, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, putting them in bed, playing catch, riding bikes, going on walks, playing games, etc.. She gave up on teaching, started drinking heavily, started vaping, and is rarely ever here, often coming home insanely drunk having driven home, even falling down on the front porch in full view of the children while crawling through the front door. She got arrested a few days ago for driving drunk and committing serious bodily harm to a ‘Police official’ which is a level 6 felony and will be going to court soon. In closing, do I regret having children? NEVER! I love every one of my children, even though the first batch are gown up now and I almost never see them and they pretty much hate me. My two young children that I raise are my best friends and are two of the best people I’ve ever known. They are one of the only sources of joy or purpose in my life. Do I regret marrying a narcissist who mirrored me for years before degrading me, devaluing me, and finally discarding me? YES!
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