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The most important role in League of Legends

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Support mains from all kinds of regions and rankings. Share your ideas here!

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A subreddit for those who worship Kyle Barnes

2023.06.08 21:03 sebwritessecrets Introducing Post/User Flairs & User Verification

Hello, ladies and gents. Seb here. I'm rolling out two new features today, Flairs and Verification. These are both geared towards creating a safe, cozy place for ladies who like to contribute their pictures to the subreddit.

Post & User Flairs

You can now flair your submissions based on the kinds of comments you'd like to receive. Feeling friendly? Shy? Flirty? Let users know. You can do the same with your user profile. Is your inbox open? Closed? Do you encourage friendly compliments, or do you want people to fill your inbox with blatant flirting? Flair appropriately. :D
For users who want to be a little naughty, this means you can feel free to tease a little with NSFW posts but still make it clear you only want friendly comments. Or maybe you can post something perfectly harmless, but want to invite creative and dirty replies. Your choice!
If there are other post or user flairs you'd like to see, feel free to suggest them in the comments.

User Verification

Most of you probably know what this is. You contact me, u/sebwritessecrets, through chat with three pictures of yourself, from different angles, holding a piece of paper with your username and the current date written on it. It needs to be clear a digital modification check and return as unedited. After that, you become a verified user.
What's the point? You get a user flair that marks you as verified and real for all to see. It builds trust and reputation, locally in the community and across Reddit as a whole. In the case your images are stolen and reposted, it can be used as evidence to get the images taken down, either here or elsewhere on Reddit. Verified users will also be first on the list to be invited to community experiments and events, which you'll hear about in the near future (e.g. themed picture weeks, subreddit banners, and contests). If those kind of things interest you, verification basically makes you a VIP.
If you have any questions about verification, feel free to send me a chat request or just write them down in the comments below. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.08 21:02 Pinkie_Clone Official NPT Off-Topic Thread

This is a weekly event coinciding (mostly) with NPT; off-topic and meta threads will be staggered so this week's off-topic thread is being submitted now and the meta thread will be posted at midnight Pacific time in 12 hours. Next NPT will be the opposite! We do not ask that all off-topic discussion be kept to this submission; it is merely here as a courtesy and you are free to continue off-topic discussion in the comments of other submissions (off-topic submissions, however, are still a no-no).

How many alarms do you set for yourself? How many times do you hit snooze?

Have Fun Everypony!
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2023.06.08 21:01 AutoModerator Exploring the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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2023.06.08 21:00 legendofrissa One & a Half Day Trip Itinerary

Hey y'all! I'm just a teacher from Texas visiting friends in Sacramento. They have a baby and work so they aren't able to join so I rented a car to check out Yosemite & have an AirBnb in Merced. (Cheapest and most safe as I'm a solo female) I'm an avid backpackehiker so I don't mind the longer hikes. I was planning on driving from Sac to pick up my rental at 4 a.m. then head straight out to Yosemite Valley. Then after hiking all day, head back to self check-in to Airbnb. Next, wake up early before sunrise to head back out, catch a quick couple areas of scenery/nature trails then turn the car back in around Sacramento later that evening. I also have a reservation pass for the times I'm going. I've done a couple of whirlwind trips like this before but what do you recommend? I want to get the most out of my day & a half, even though I know that's nowhere enough time to spend in Yosemite.
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2023.06.08 21:00 iEngineer0 Relationship between me (37M) and my girlfriend (34M) without a future

I'm in a but of a weird place. I have been dating my current girlfriend for about a year. We are from very different backgrounds economically and educationally, although we do get a long fine most of the time. Both of us have a kid. Her daughter (14F) lives with her full time, my three kids (1M, 3M, 6F) live with my ex-wife. The issue is that we don't really have a future. There a many points that we just cannot agree on and have basically just resigned. To name a few:
There are more, but you get the picture. Now despite all of that, I do love her. She has some wonderful traits that are really special. These include:
Still I am contemplating breaking up with her. I have actually broken up with her a few times but she always convinced me that that was a mistake and that things will get better. They did actually get better, but there always seem to be new issues or things that we just cannot overcome.
At the moment I am completely ambivalent. I want to break up with her because I don't see a future. On the other hand I love her and enjoy spending time with her. I feel like I'm bounding between leaving and stying multiple times a day.
I should mention that I really don't have any set goals in life any more at this point. I don't mind living apart indefinitely, I don't want any more kids, and so on.
The situation right now feels like I'm in a holding pattern and I'm just living day by day and not really knowing what I should do. And that is my question to you: What should I do? Stay for the positive things or leave because of the negative things?
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As the title says, I want to create photorealistic images (mainly of woman) but I really suck at it. I learned the basics about models, CFG scale, Sampling steps and so on but my images still suck. I use a cheat sheet of negative prompts, I tested it and it really helps, but my photos still suck (still have anomalies like 2 bodies merged in one, ugly faces, disproportioned bodies and so on) and I would like to know how some people can create such beautiful images using Stable Diffusion. What models (checkpoints) would be best to use, what other options should I apply and what important things should I keep in mind if I want to create realistic images of people.
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2023.06.08 21:00 AutoModerator TREATMENT Community Thread - Thu Jun 08 PM

Our community threads are the heart of our subreddit and operate much like a specialized support group – we share our experiences and strive to collectively support one another on the topic at hand.
Please use this space for sharing and discussing any type of treatment or family building measures. This includes, but is not limited to:
Essentially, if you mention treatment – it goes in this thread.

A few notes:
Above all - Science minded perspective and respect for others is important here. Please treat your fellow peers with compassion.
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2023.06.08 20:59 OGLonelyCoconut A celebration of SDS and a small plea to the devs.

It's fantastic seeing Callisto finally being loved the way it should. As someone who pre-ordered and was happy with the experience despite the performance flaws, it was painful watching SDD and Callisto get shit on by everyone who didn't actually play it, and now, reviews are going up, new players are coming in, it's great! Finally logging in to the subreddit and mostly seeing positive posts is one of the most heartening things.
That said, as a pre-order buyer, I also hot to experience the harder day 1 version, before all the changes to the gameplay that made it easier. Thay day 1 edition was the most fun and challenging version, and it's painful that as someone who loved that version, I can no longer play it without downpatching my game. Please, bring back that Day 1 edition in some capacity. I'm not even begging you to change all the campaign difficulties and eliminate the easier updates, just give those of us who actually did think the day 1 version's difficulty was the best version.
You can see it all over the sub, too. People saying the game is too easy, that all you have to do is waggle the stick and dodge, or that it's easier to kill yourself to end riot mode than to die to the enemies. Day 1 edition would give all players something new to try, and it would be a nice reward to those of us who were here at the start.
I dont know how hard this would be but if you do, please keep it exactly the same, including where enemies used to be placed, let enemies deal full damage from anywhere they hit you, allowing enemies to attack all at once instead of one at a time or at most a small group, have enemies actually attack from behind instead of repositioning you for you, including the harder dodge that can fail, slower reloads, having to swap weapon frames from small to large instead of it being automatic, and of course, the older version of the melee combat that felt heavier. Maybe do it like Resident Evil's professional mode, warn players this is the hardest experience, that dodging will take a bit of skill, and that enemies hlcan attack in groups. Just please, don't fully give up on that version of your game. Callisto was the most fun and unique survival horror experience in some time, and while it's still fun and unique, the day 1 version had a whole other feel to it that just isn't replicated by anything else, even the hard-core or riot modes.
Thanks for your time and have a united day
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2023.06.08 20:59 EmpressOfHyperion When do you feel a worker co-op is fine and when do you think even in a worker co-op there will be problems?

Technically a worker co-op means that the workers all own the means of production. However, even if that's the case, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. Take example, let's say all the workers at the farm collectively own the farm or the workers at a lithium factory collectively own it. Sure no one is exploiting one another there for profit, but it doesn't change the fact that producing food or an important mineral shouldn't be in the hands of a few people. Those absolutely should be nationalized and collectively owned by all, not just those few.

A pizzeria or an escape room I have zero issues being a worker co-op. There's no need to nationalize those places.
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2023.06.08 20:59 Cute-Combination72 Austin Butler's upcoming Projects - Please share your thoughts

Hi Everyone, I recently created this reddit account specifically to discuss about Austin's career. I wanted to share my thoughts and concers with people who like him like I do.

I feel like lately it's been less about his work and more about his personal life but that's for another day. Please share your thoughts. I feel like lately it's been less about his work and more about his personal life but that's for another day. Please share your thoughts.

Dune 2:
Big budget movie, highly anticipated and Austin will get a lot of exposure from this. He's not the main character so I don't expect much screen time(hopefully I'll be surprised) but I have a feeling that this will be the role that will shut up people who have ever doubted him.
I love the look for Fyed to be honest. And this way the focus can be in his acting rather than his looks He was amazing as Tex in OUATIH so much so that I didn't see an ounce of Austin in that character. Fyed will be even more amazing.

The Bikeriders:
This is what I'm most excited about. I have read spoilers for the movie here on reddit, twitter etc and even though I'm bummed hearing that his character doesn't speak much I'm really looking forward to this. Especially since Austin looks absolutely gorgeous as Benny. I have a feeling this will do well with the critics but I'm also hoping for Box office Success.
My concern with this would be his pairing with Jodie. From the reviews that I've seen it seems like people think they're just "fine" as a couple or they lack chemistry. This is probably not the actors fault but the script.
Ultimately I'm just hoping for good reviews for Austin and success of the movie.

Masters of the Air:
Now this is something I'm actually concerned about.
Firstly with all the delays it feels like the excitement is just going down. I really hope they advertise it more because even though this genre has a following of its own it should still reach more audience right? And I'm hope they promote it more especially after spending so much on the production.
Second, Maybe it's just me but my biggest concern for this is Austin himself. Here me out! He literally finished Elvis and went straight to this project in a week (from his own words) He was very much still Elvis at this point and I don't know how it translated on screen because from whatever the little clips I've seen of him, I still see Elvis which is not the case with the other 2 projects and that southern accent is not helping at all LOL. I'm just worried that people are gonna drag him again for his "accent" and which is why I'm in favour of this show coming out after Dune2 and Bikeriders. Atleast by then people would have seen other roles of his.

City of Fire:
What is even happening with this project? No director announcement, no casting announcement other than Austin. I understand that pre production takes atleast a year and WAG strike isn't helping either but no news about this is really making me worry if it's ever gonna happen?
My other genuine concern is will Austin be able to lead a movie on his own ip? Elvis was different since it was obvious about Elvis Presley. Other projects have big names attached to them so they are not dependent on Austin's fanbase alone but this movie might be where we get to know if he's can actually pull audience to the theatres or not.
I think some of my concerns will go away when they start announcing the cast and crew. I'm just holding my breath about this one.

PS: English is not my first language so please excuse me if there's any errors
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2023.06.08 20:59 DrkVixen24 My husband just admitted he doesn't believe non-binary people exist...

I knew he was having a hard time with our 12 yr old coming out as enby. I thought it was because he wanted an in person conversation between just the 2 of them because he's upset all the kids come to me for anything important. Or that 12 is too young. Nope. When our 12yr old send him a msg on FB, asking with no less than 5 "pleases", that their pronouns be resepected, my husband blew the f up on me. Apparently "this is all my fault for not handling it sooner and now he's going to be hated for it". He felt disrespected that our child would dare ask for respect.... I'm just at an absolute loss here... O and he's suddenly concerned it's stressing out my super religious grandmother and I should have at least made them lie to her... like we already lie to her about me not being religious and the fact I refuse to shove religion down their throats...
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2023.06.08 20:59 PoolMindless_ AITA for refusing to drop-off/pickup my sister and her boyfriend from the airport?

My sister (26) went on a pretty expensive trip with her boyfriend overseas. We live on opposite sides of town and the airport is closer to me.
She has asked to drop them off at the airport and I refused since it was during my workday. I proposed they leave the car at my place and I keep it in my parking spot, making it much easier for myself to do the whole pick up/drop off since I don’t have to pass through the town traffic, but they refused. They ended up getting an Uber.
Now she’s asking me to pick them up. They arrive at peak rush hour and it will take me at least 3 hours to do the whole thing. Considering the time they arrive and how bad the traffic is, it will take most of my Saturday. A part from about a quarter tank. An Uber will cost them in the 50-60$ price range. I absolutely do not understand why every single time she travels, she asks me to do the transportation and force me to refuse every single time. I have not asked her once to do the same for me and just took Ubers.
In my head, they make significantly more than I do and if they can spend 10k+ on a trip, surely they can also pay for the Uber there and back. However she gets slightly offended every time I say no.
AITA for refusing to do the airport trips?
TL;DR: I refuse to do airport rides for my sister since it takes me too much time and she gets offended when I say no.
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2023.06.08 20:58 rhundln Room in a 2b/2b available, $1100 total with utilities!

Have a room available for fall!
Hey guys! My roommate will be moving out at the end of July and I’ll be resigning my lease for next year within this month. I’m (25f) in Trailside Gardens right across from Riverwind.
Since I’m close to ucf, I’m down for students so long as you’re responsible. You get your own room with personal patio access, a walk in closet, and your own bathroom. Rent is $1100 a month with utilities depending on usage, but it’s an incredible complex, mostly families.
I do have a cat and it will be two most likely by the end of this year (stray cat I plan to bring in lol). Let me know! I don’t care about gender but I do definitely want to talk about it beforehand regardless.
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2023.06.08 20:58 dieselsmoke438 Work in Tennessee

Good afternoon. I am an apprentice out of Local 7 Boston, and was contemplating moving down south due to a few different reasons. My biggest concern obviously, is work. I’m not familiar with work in other states in general, non the less ironworking. I can only assume work is mostly booming in Nashville and/or Memphis. Are any of you familiar with these areas? Would you recommend it? I’ve come to the conclusion that being an Ironworker is going to be my life from here on out, so that answer has a big impact on my decision. Coming from Boston, I’m sure you all know there is a ton of work. If not Tennessee, please recommend any other states further south. Thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.08 20:58 LooseRain Are the average trans people a programmer + engineer + endocrinologist + medicinal chemist?

I ask because most trans people surrounding me tick at least two boxes in that list and I suppose it makes sense, after all there's a pretty big stereotype about "programmer socks", and the memes about "the IT industry will collapse if this plane crashes (plane full of trans people) and you would expect trans people to know a lot about hormones and HRT, thus endocrinology; and know a lot about the drugs they take thus medicinal chemist Again, most trans people I have met tick at least two boxes so I was wondering if being trans mean you are supposed to be a god programmer and software/hardware engineer, plus being a chemist, plus knowing a lot about hormones and endocrinology
Honestly I just feel pretty bad about myself because I'm trans and I barely understand computers and chemistry lol
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2023.06.08 20:57 Minimalmagician Breathing improvements after jaw surgery?

Breathing improvements after jaw surgery?
Anyone who’s had an MMA, did you notice an improvement in breathing while you’re awake? I’ve been diagnosed with UARS/sleep apnea and because of my narrow airway it looks like an MMA is the most likely option.
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2023.06.08 20:57 XLCroft Can my laptop run TOTK at 30 fps?

I have an GTX 1050, Intel i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz and play on the main yuzu version. At the moment totk is running mostly around 20 fps (can reach 40 fps in empty areas). Are there any settings/mods that can improve my performance?
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2023.06.08 20:57 RemarkableCheek4596 Unsubbed from r/mapporncirclejerk the most boring subreddit in the entire Reddit. This people have literally zero sense of humor. One makes a joke and others just copy it

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2023.06.08 20:57 atomicweapon1 How can I remove the speaker box without access to the back of the drywall? I’d like to replace the in wall speakers, most of the new ones these days have dog ears which do not require a box. The screws holding the box are on the inside of the wall. How do I remove the box?
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2023.06.08 20:57 yungleg If you’re looking for permission to drop pumps and supplement with formula. If you’re looking for permission to switch completely to formula

Here it is. You deserve to be mentally well. You deserve to sleep. You deserve to ENJOY your baby instead of worrying about milk supply and pump schedules. You are not a bad mom. It’s okay to think of your needs too.
The most important thing your baby could have is a happy, healthy, present mom and a full tummy, be that from breastmilk or formula. Your baby is NOT going to get diabetes or cancer just because they had some formula.
Posting because I wish someone had given me permission a long time ago
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2023.06.08 20:56 AutoModerator Exploring the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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2023.06.08 20:56 Rosen_Luft We Individually Stand Together

I thought of this Acronym one day while trying to make sense out of what is going on in our Nation. while so many people like to group together , no matter what the cause is; I find it counter productive to join any organization that stands for a broadband set of rigid agendas. EACH of us has certain personal goals and personal agendas that we are each striving for. This is what makes us individuals in the first place. However; sometimes a group of people may want to destroy rights or freedoms that are equally applied to all, and for that we must band together as a united group in order to vanquish that opposing effort. For what effects one of us, eventually effects us ALL. That is all it takes, just one person to be allowed to be picked on, vilified, dehumanised, targeted...then then like dominoes, we all fall under the boot heel of TYRANNY. These TYRANTS are indeed crafty to first attack the frailest among us; the minority, the fringe. Leading us out one by one into the jaws of attrocity.
As of myself, I see that I have my own views and opinions. I have my own perspectives, as do you : but cannot we agree that we are surrounded by those whom seek to destroy our Rights and Freedoms ?? We each have a target on our backs for what ever reason those targets may be; someone somewhere doesn't "like" you for whatever reason, and most chiefly because we are American National Citizens ( Those born outside of Federal District of Columbia ( United States , PROPER).
Outside agents have worked feverishly to influence our representatives, senators, mayors, teachers, etc that we must be SUBDUED under the TYRANNY of TAXATION, and INFIGHTING STRIFE. This is NOT A NEW TACTIC. The Declaration of Independence speaks of it in the list of grievances by King George. Which by most part; is being REPRISED by the Federal and State Governments we have RIGHT NOW.
If a PERSONS home is THEIR CASTLE...then we are each being SIEGED by people whom seek our destruction. Our Freedom turned into servitude, our treasuries pilfered, our dreams looted. No matter your color, your religion, to whom you are married to... You are an American National Citizen with Self Evident Rights, and of these enemies they see this as a THREAT to their aspirations of TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP GRANDEUR.
A wall is made up of individual blocks; each of these may be easily swept aside; but, when they are joined together with the mortar of a COMMON BOND... NONE SHALL PASS, and the Armies of TYRANTS SHALL SPLINTER into Oblivion.
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