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2018.08.07 04:40 Dylan_OVA She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an American animated web television series developed by Nate Stevenson and produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, tells the tale of the teenager Adora's rebellion against the evil Hordak and his Horde.

2023.03.30 03:50 Cutiesaurs Coach me if you can, has one the worst character ever

So I watched a cartoon on YouTube called coach me if you can. And it has one of the worst characters ever fectoni if I’m saying it right. He’s unlikeable he’s there along with max from Temtem. Now I don’t mind jerks. Rick, Bender, Kuzko. But what made Fellini so unlikeable is because you are forced to side with him him even when there are more likeable people around him. That why he’s terrible. Of course so then the cartoon be considered “woke” according to midnight edge, the quartling and clownfish tv alongside Henry Danger and Fate the Winx saga.
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2023.03.11 04:58 Cutiesaurs I blame Willow for the cancellation of the owl house

Why? Because Lucasfilm wanted to force people to watch a show based on a movie that just exist. Because of game of thrones. Now people would blame Disney for this. Ah yes blame Amphibia, Gravity falls, SVTFOE and the Owl house on bland settings which you can find in Forspoken, the live action Winx show, Witcher Blood origin and many more. If you guys listen to fools like clownfish tv or midnight edge or filmeto keep in mind they want something like Willow to succeed because game of thrones will gain more viewers than vox machina even though lucasfilm is poisoning Disney without you knowing.
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2023.02.25 01:11 AgeOfReasonEnds31120 Where in any of these does it say "woke"? These aren't even political channels; they're nerd channels.

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2023.02.04 01:02 Hector_john I'm tired of this

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2023.02.01 22:46 damegawatt EXCLUSIVE: Frosk Reveals the Truth Behind G4TV's Collapse: Proves Her Innocence & Exposes Shocking Corruption and Incompetence of Comcast Spectacor? (ClownfishTV)

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2023.01.27 16:17 Master_Megalomaniac Do any of the Fandom menace YouTubers ever say anything positive about anything?

Do any of the Fandom menace YouTubers ever say anything positive about anything?
I seen channels like Clownfish TV just complain all the time about everything, the only time they say something positive about something is when they are comparing it something they don't like, like comparing the Sonic the Hedgehog movie to the Birds of Prey movie in 2020.
These channels never talk about good shows like Andor, Sandman, Arcane, Invincible, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, etc. I like podcasts like "We Hate Movies" that rip apart bad movies, but they also review movies they like. These Fandom Menace channels seem exhausting with their negativity.
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2023.01.23 16:54 TerenceTheTroll Velma is Now Officially The Worst Show On TV!! See The Clownfish TV Video and Atlantic Article HERE:

Top Headline and Video NOW:
Get Woke Go Broke News .com
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2023.01.21 03:02 Cutiesaurs The effects of Terrible Youtubers

I've blacklisted some youtubers that have made the entertainment industry much worst.
-Steve Reviews
-Clownfish TV
-The Quarterling
-Midnight Edge
Animat, Valiskum 64, Nicktendo, Jhonny 2 chellos, Cell Spark are okay
They want to push the narrative to shows corporations want you to see and like. This has lead to great ideas like...
-The cancellation of the Owl House so Lucasfilm can promote Willow
-HBO Max Purge
-Cancellation of Inside Job and Paranormal park
-Corprate meddling of Oddballs
They consider shows too successful that aren't what these people who I blacklisted are "anti-Woke: like TTG or Family Guy. Here's a list of "Anti Woke" things.
-Fate the Winx Saga
-Magical friendship squad
-Saints Row Reboot
-Thundercats Roar
-Fairly Odder
-Big Mouth
I know what you're thinking wait some of those things you listed people were saying were "Woke". That's because they're throwing a red herrings so they can keep you in the dark so when a creator is watching it they won't refuse of taking a few ball from manatees. And questioned it. There's a reason why they always used the Family Guy and TTG fomula.
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2023.01.20 14:43 dark_iiii interesting content

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2023.01.19 18:49 Berret25 How do I get/create a graphic/overlay that shows, for example, social media links or just in general to separate the camera from a screen capture? Also a semi introduction.

Hi everyone. I've been wanting to create a YouTube channel for quite a while now, and I'm really trying to get ready to actually do so. I want to make videos along the lines of YellowFlash 2, Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost, Clownfish TV, and Tim Pool(Timcast). I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just really like and admire their channels, and are my inspiration for wanting to do this.
Yellowflash's would the simplest to emulate, as he simply has a five-second animated intro of his channel name, literally nothing but screen capture of various websites/articles he's talking about, and then an outtro talking about ways to follow him.
Clownfish TV has an animated intro of the channel name, followed by screen capture of various websites/articles, and animated caricatures of the one or two hosts that kind of grow bigger and smaller throughout the video and displays "This is Kneon" and "This is Geeky Sparkles" based on who is narrating the video.
Tim and Ryan's would be more difficult to emulate, because video of each is also included showing them talk about various articles while elsewhere on the screen, and I'm not 100% I want to do a face channel just yet. Tim's video of himself is just an overlay of the camera, seems simple enough, but Ryan's is separated by a nifty graphic that has an animated lighting animation that goes down it throughout the video, as well as also giving his social media information as well.
I know this is a lot, I'm just giving the names of the channels I'm interested in modeling my channel after and while I don't feel I should link to them based on how I read NewTubers rules, I gave the name in case you wanted to watch samples of their videos.
I have downloaded OBS Studio and have been playing around with it, so for what I want to do I think it's the best to use, but I'm totally open to suggestions. Also, how does one learn to do the various graphics, like the animated background that separates Ryan's video/screen, or the caricatures like in Clownfish TV's videos? I've tried to Google search for it but I don't know exactly what they're called. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. I'm motivated, but I want to do it right and, even if I do it faceless, make it have more flair than just a simple screen capture. Thank you everyone.
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2023.01.11 04:27 Cutiesaurs The sad truth about animation

So animation is being mistreated left and right. I have an explanation. Now YouTubers like Midnight Edge, Clownfish TV, And The Quarterling will blame , Wokeness, Femmist or Disney but those are red herrings and they’re actually defending the actual things that they have a stock in like illumination, TTG, or fan service, SpongeBob, and Game of Thrones which is why I speculate the reason that’s why the Owl House was canceled. Because Lucasfilm wanted Willow to be more successful and banking on it because it’s similar to Game Of Thrones. Yes it’s Lucasfilm because they own the rights to Willow. The reason why copying game of thrones is a problem because Game of Thrones is too grounded if you don’t think that’s a problem imagine using game of thrones on Berserk. That’s why I don’t blame the writing on the saints Row reboot on something that doesn’t even exist. But on something you might not expect like the Orville which is the reason your a mean one exist.
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2023.01.09 02:05 Cutiesaurs I’m forming a army

I watched LSmark video about YouTube and he’s right. YouTube is pushing corporations agenda at us and defending the source of the problem while blaming something that isn’t or is imagery like “woke” culture, China or Disney. Which isn’t true but they are forcing that and look what’s happening. Culture is being destroyed. So that’s why I decided to formed a team to take down these corporate loudspeakers. Here’s a few I know are that.
-The Quartling -Clownfish Tv -Nostalgia Critic -Wisecrack -Heelvsbabyface -yellowflash2 -Midnight Edge
These YouTubers are defended by YouTube because they will persuade public opinion and defend the source of the problem. They’ll won’t get demotized. So decided to form a team to go after these corporate loudspeakers this is why I writing this here.
-LSmark -Hats off entertainment -Cellspark -Jhonny2cellos -Quinton reviews
You’re either with me or against me. If you refuse to join well I hope you like seeing culture destroy and let every studio think Nickelodeon strategy on overlying on one thing thing is good business practices
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2023.01.08 18:00 SettTheCephelopod B(r)uh the exsecs literally said they canc(ul)l(e)d it because they didn't think a girls' cartoon could sell. WTF else can you blame it on at that point???

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2023.01.07 03:43 WaspArt10 Specific Examples of The Ways Female Animal Characters Are Portrayed in Media Smurfette Principle (1)

[[folder:Films -- Animation]] * In ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'', the ratio of male to female was originally going to be 4:1, in other words, a straight example of Smurfette Principle. The character Cera was originally going to be male, thus being a basic rival for Littlefoot, while Ducky would have been the only female and a fairly stereotypical one at that. However, CreatoGeorgeLucas realised that Cera's gender had no real bearing on the plot and asked if Cera could be a female, but keep the character's personality exactly the same. The result was a memorably less clichéd female character and an unusual (for the time) male/female rivalry. * The ''WesternAnimation/AllDogsGoToHeaven'' TV series episode, "All Creatures Great and Dinky," featured an ActionGirl female mouse named Moxie among its main protagonists. But she was one of only three female characters in the episode (8 male: 3 female). Another episode, "Free Nelly," featured a female elephant named Nelly among its main protagonists. Another one, called "Miss Guidance," showed Sasha with Charlie on equal footing with each other in a battle of the sexes. The ''WesternAnimation/AllDogsGoToHeaven'' movies, special, and all the other episodes of the show play this trope as straight as most other works featuring animal characters, however. * Most of the [[ funny side characters and sidekicks in Disney movies, especially Disney Princess movies, who are animal characters are male]]. One major exception to the male animal side character and sidekick (comical or otherwise, major or otherwise) rule is Dory the Pacific regal blue tang from ''WesternAnimation/FindingNemo''. The role of Dory was written as a male, but Ellen Degeneres was so funny that they cast her. They did not have to make any changes to the script though because it was a gender-neutral role. ** A few other exceptions to the male animal side character and sidekick rule include Cleo the goldfish from ''WesternAnimation/{{Pinocchio}}'' (a movie that has only one other female character), Dumbo's mom and the other elephants in ''WesternAnimation/{{Dumbo}}'', Miss Bunny, Bambi's mom, and Thumper's sisters and mother from ''WesternAnimation/{{Bambi}}'', Mary, Suzy, and Perla the mice from ''WesternAnimation/{{Cinderella}}'' and Pom Pom the cat (love interest, but also side character) from the sequel, Dinah from ''WesternAnimation/AliceInWonderland'', Nana from ''WesternAnimation/PeterPan'', Peg the dog and Si and Am from ''WesternAnimation/LadyAndTheTramp'', The two female squirrels in ''WesternAnimation/TheSwordInTheStone'', Winifred the elephant from ''WesternAnimation/{{The Jungle Book1967}}'', Abigail and Amelia the geese and Frou Frou the horse from ''WesternAnimation/TheAristocats'', Lady Kluck, Mother Rabbit, and Tagalong from ''WesternAnimation/RobinHood1973'', Kanga from ''WesternAnimation/TheManyAdventuresOfWinnieThePooh'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Winnie the Pooh2011}}'', Big Mama the owl and Vixey (love interest, but also side character) from ''WesternAnimation/TheFoxAndTheHound'', Rita and Georgette from ''WesternAnimation/OliverAndCompany'', Joanna the goanna and Marahute the eagle from ''WesternAnimation/TheRescuers Down Under'', Shenzi from ''WesternAnimation/{{The Lion King1994}}'', Vitani from the sequel, and Timon's mom from the midquel, Stacy from ''WesternAnimation/AGoofyMovie'', Atta, Dot, the Queen ant, Rosie, and Gypsy from ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'', Kala and Terk the gorillas and Sabor the leopard (villain, but side villain) from ''WesternAnimation/{{Tarzan}}'' and Mama Gunda the gorilla from the interquel, Sylvia and the Beret Girl from ''An Extremely Goofy Movie'', Pearl the flapjack octopus, Deb the four-striped damselfish, Coral the clownfish, Peach the starfish, and the anglerfish (technically) from ''WesternAnimation/FindingNemo'', Audrey the hen from ''WesternAnimation/HomeOnTheRange'', Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey from ''WesternAnimation/ChickenLittle'', Anda and Kata the moose (love interests, but side love interests) from ''WesternAnimation/BrotherBear2'', Mittens from ''WesternAnimation/{{Bolt}}'', and Kevin from ''WesternAnimation/{{Up}}''. *** Of all those female side characters and sidekicks the only truly comic ones beside Dory are Abigail and Amelia the geese, Lady Kluck the hen, Timon's mom, and Terk and Mama Gunda the gorillas. And the only female animal side characters at all who show up in a Franchise/DisneyPrincess movie are Mary, Suzy, and Perla the mice and Pom Pom the cat.
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2022.12.29 05:18 Cutiesaurs Why your a mean one exist!? Blame the Orville

The Orville is a Star Trek “Parody” which both this and Your a Mean One loosely use. Because they don’t have the rights. You can’t use Disney as a excuse for it. Which Wisecrack lied to you about them and Many other YouTubers use as a excuse and love using Woke as a red herring . While in actuality it’s shows and movies and games people plays. Like The Mandloridan or the Orville. People who praise it are just puppets defending the excuses. If you see anything people talk about the mandloridan is “woke” or something that means it’s a red herring only to defend the show or film more without you knowing it. I don’t do that because I actually think and like I say I consider “woke” as a excuse. People like midnight edge and Clownfish TV and Filmeto want to push people to find the most whales with little money on the film like Pooh Blood and Honey. And I hate that. They also want cartoons to be like TTG or one big Toy commercial. And I hate that. I don’t like people as puppets and I have autism keep that in mind. These YouTubers want toxic fans because toxic fans are like whales to filmmakers keep that in mind. Why do you think no one watching Andor?
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2022.12.03 23:17 Derek_FoxWit Oh no, How Could the Director of Terminator and Aliens get SO WOKE(tm)?!

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2022.11.26 18:13 TerenceTheTroll Woke Disney Film "Strange World" is Disney's WORST RATED Animated Film EVER!! Total Flop!! (ClownfishTV Video and Article):

Get the video and article right here:
Get Woke, Go Broke News . com
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2022.11.26 18:02 TerenceTheTroll Woke Disney Caught Lying About Disney Plus Numbers!??? Read All About it Here and See the Video from ClownfishTV!!! Click Below!!

Here it is on the very Top Headline and Video:
Boy... Disney just sucks now!!!!
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2022.11.06 22:00 cesariojpn Comicsgate 2.0? Kneon of ClownfishTV mentions an anomaly between Blue Twitter Checkmarks and recently minted comic book creators.

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2022.10.05 18:01 KIRI_Enoshima_44 Now that’s a title

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2022.09.30 10:20 MiserableBrush12 Daily Horoscope, 30 August 2022 Check Today's

Matched Content: Daily Horoscope, 30 August 2022: Check todays horoscope predictions for aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio,
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2022.09.29 02:32 ChaosMagician777 TFM is upset at M&Ms again.

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