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Spellcards for Pathfinder 1e made by /u/Arcusico

2019.10.17 17:07 Arcusico Spellcards for Pathfinder 1e made by /u/Arcusico

This is a subreddit where Arcusico posts about his 'Spellcard' project. This project is a non-profit endeavor. The goal: to make every official 1e Pathfinder spell into a free to use and print format. After that, perhaps onto 2e!

2023.04.02 08:40 tonnie_taller The Ancient Life History of the Earth by Henry Alleyne Nicholson

Language: English
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2023.04.02 08:40 SurrealJay Why do boxing fans skirt around the question "who would win in a real fight, MMA fighter or boxer?" by refusing to answer in a straightforward manner?

No shame in admitting the MMA fighter would win in a street fight. Common defenses from boxing enjoyers:
1) Deflecting by saying "It doesn't matter, the boxer wins in a boxing match, while the MMA fighter wins in a MMA fight".
Answer: SURE BUT THATS NOT THE POINT, dummy. The debate has always been about who would win in a no holds barred. MMA fights simply have fewer rules and is therefore a closer simulation of a real fight. This argument from boxing fans is like if I said "who would win an informal game of basketball played in the streets, the NBA professional or the professional of a hypothetical sport called Free Throws, where the sport is all about whoever shoots the best free throws?", and the boxing fan equivalent would answer with "The NBA player wins in the NBA, the Free Throws player wins at free throws". YES DUMMY, but that's not the freaking point. MMA incorporates wrestling, boxing, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai, and a tons of other arts. Boxing is a single aspect of fighting. There isn't a single move or attack in boxing that is outlawed in MMA. Virtually everything in MMA is outlawed in boxing.
2) They start mentioning how real fights have guns, weapons, eyepokes, nutshots, etc
Answer: As soon as they start using this as an argument, you realize that you've won for obvious reasons. This is simply moving the goalpost by suggesting that its pointless to find out who the better unarmed fighter is, because weapons exist. If it's not of everyone's interest to find out who the best fighter is, why is unarmed combat so interesting to everyone? Why have boxing as a sport, and why is it so popular? Why have MMA as a sport, and why is it gaining traction every year? Why isn't paintball, a weapons based hobby, a popular sport? People want to see who the best fighter is, and it just turns out that MMA is a newer sport of boxing that more closely answers the question.
The difference between the arguments of a MMA fan and a boxing fan are that MMA fans speak with regards to the actual fight e.g. the MMA fighter will take down the boxer easily and submit him, or simply kick them to win the standup. The arguments from boxing fans are always hypotheticals and deflections
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2023.04.02 08:40 Any_Collection3025 Where can I look for a relationship that doesn't include bars, clubs or online dating?

I have had exactly one girlfriend in my life and it didn't last very long. And even that was some years ago. I've tried online dating and I simply don't want to try anymore. I don't drink and personally I'd rather avoid bars and clubs. But I also am fearful of being "another guy who bothers a girl" while she's at a cafe or shopping for records or something, which is something I frequently do myself. What about bookstores? Libraries? Gyms? I have a very high interest in history, especially film and music history. I also wouldn't mind developing new skills like drawing or painting. But that can also be a lot of money, and I guess my main goal wouldn't be to learn to paint so I'd probably be going for the wrong reasons anyways.
I've had some people tell me that it's best to start off as friends for awhile. I have a few problems with that based on my own experience, which is the friends I've had never really want to go further. I've literally always been "friend zoned" and I'm tired of it. I think I'm an overall good guy but I also think I struggle with trying too hard.
Finally, I've also heard "maybe you should focus on yourself instead of trying to find a relationship." Which, again, I've had plenty of time to work on myself. No I'm not perfect and I'll always be working on myself, but at the same time I feel like you can prepare for relationships as much as possible but it's different when it actually happens. Sort of like a simulator vs driving an actual car on the highway at 60 mph.
People tell me I'm young (I'm in my mid-20s.) But I don't want to turn 30 and still be single. 30 turns into 40 and 40 turns into 50. If I turn 40 and I don't have a loving woman by my side, I suppose I will feel like I've lost. Ever since I was a young child, I think my idea of "success" was being able to have a family and at this point I just feel undesirable.
I'm sure there's tons of thinking errors in here, and I'm not afraid of them being pointed out. I want to be better, I want to think in healthy ways. Just please don't make me feel like shit about it either. There's probably a ton to unpack here, I'm just so conflicted.and I'm really starting to feel hopeless.
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2023.04.02 08:34 petr3pan I don't know who's still awake from my part of the world, but if you are, I'm sorry, haha. This might help? It's a really old ancient affirmation I think is actually about trauma. [intentional] Hebrew/English

I don't know who's still awake from my part of the world, but if you are, I'm sorry, haha. This might help? It's a really old ancient affirmation I think is actually about trauma. [intentional] Hebrew/English submitted by petr3pan to asmr [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 08:30 The_Real_Mr_House Neverafter just feels kind of boring at this point [Spoilers]

I still enjoy the episodes for the humor, but that humor has also kneecapped every single attempt to introduce stakes. I don't think it's an unpopular opinion to say that this isn't really a horror season, but I struggle to define what it even is beyond that it's a Brennan Lee Mulligan vehicle where a collection of funny characters bumble through a plot until they resolve it.
The terrifying witch with ancient/cosmic knowledge who we saw in the episode that introduced the Stepmother as a character is reduced to a kind of funny old woman who's constantly pissing because Brennan can't commit to having a truly malevolent character in a meaningful way. The Big Bad Wolf mostly managed to pull that off, but even that wasn't absolute. Murph has talked before on NADDPOD's Short Rest that he struggles to keep characters threatening when they're exposed to the players because the players like to make jokes so much, but I simply can't believe that every single cosmic entity the intrepid heroes meet has to turn into a laughingstock within three minutes. I went into The Trials of Baba Yaga expecting the ancient, Eastern European witch that we saw in the flashback scene. Instead we got "vaguely threatening Yoda" who's also trying to extort you for great conceptual costs.
The meta-plot is exactly the type of too-smart, overly complicated stuff that I love when it's written out on the SCP wiki for me to read through and parse, but in this season it just makes it painfully obvious that Brennan is (as always) meandering the players through a narrative too complicated for them to control. There are at least three (maybe five or six?) antagonistic forces at play, and the best clue we seem to have on how they'll be dealt with is that Mother Goose has a magical book of "resolve the plot" that'll come into play if they beat the princesses. At this point, the rest of the season seems like it's just going to be episode after episode of boss fights where the players push their enemies into the book to get rid of them. The plot is just way too big and way too conceptual for any of this to feel like it matters. Either the players are going to miraculously defeat the huge enemies they're facing, or else
I also just don't see where any of the characters have to develop to. If this is a season where no one is going to end up happy, fine, but it feels like what buildup there is in the season is towards "Mother Goose is going to give everyone freedom to rewrite their story" and I just don't think that resolution fits with how bleak all of this has been getting lately.
tl;dr: I just feel burnt out on how this whole season is high concept melodrama that feels like it's working towards a cliche ending where everyone gets to choose their own future and be happy. I could be wrong on that, but it just feels like every real threat is getting undercut constantly.
As a bonus, here's my list of possibly antagonistic forces: - The Gander - The Princesses - The Authors? - Baba Yaga? - The Stepmother I swear to God there was at least one more that I thought of that I've now forgotten.
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2023.04.02 08:26 ChicoSuaveIII HOLIDAYS: EASTER graphic 10

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2023.04.02 08:16 Longjumping-Paper-28 Adventure anime suggestion required

Different group or people adventuring or travelling to eventually meet each other at some point. The reason of adventure can be anything treasure hunt, search for someone, common purpose etc.
Some examples--
1- Mushoku Tensei
2 - Rage Of Bahamut Genesis
3 - Chaika the coffin princess
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2023.04.02 08:16 nz8drzu6 Party found both the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and Sunsword at level 5 and is too strong.

I didn't stack the deck because I wanted to leave the treasures in the hand of fate, and the party already found both legendary weapons: one in Madam Eva’s encampment and another in the Burgomaster’s mansion.
They beat the 6 vampire spawns in the coffin maker's shop by dodging and healing while having sunlight active. I had Strahd come to intimidate them and they almost beat him too if it wasn't for his legendary action movement to escape! How should Strahd plan against them next time?
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2023.04.02 08:15 WeaknessDependent am I aromantic?

ok so i’ve literally never posted on reddit before so sorry if anything is weird or messed up. I just sort of had a huge realization and i’m freaking out a bit
I always knew I didn’t experience “crushes” on people very much if at all. and any time I wanted a relationship it was more out of a desire for someone new to talk to or like someone to do new things with. and I know i’m not asexual but I don’t really seek out relationships for sex either. but I sort of just realized that I have always been okay with not being in a relationship. I have never desired one for actual romantic reasons. I am perfectly fine with and deeply treasure my platonic relationships in my life. and I have considered being aro before but always brushed it off without thinking about it super in depth
I guess i’m just struggling with this. maybe I shouldn’t be. but i’m sort of feeling shitty because I can’t believe i’ve gone this long (i’m 21) without realizing. i’ve just been on so many first dates and just never enjoyed it. I haven’t felt anything resembling romantic attraction in years
i’m fine with being aro if that’s what I am. I guess the anxiety in me is just worried that all my friends will one day all be in their happy romantic relationships and I will be alone bc I valued the platonic relationships so much but none of them valued them as much. I can be content with platonic relationships but i’m worried those people will leave me as people often value romantic attraction more. even my best friend does and it hurts because i’m realizing i’m totally content with everything as is but she wants so much more from life and her relationships
idk. i’m just ranting I guess but if anyone reads this and has any advice they can think of after reading this mess, I would appreciate it. I know everything will be okay but I just feel kind of alone right now. i know a lot of people are aro but I don’t know any in my personal life. I hope nothing I said was upsetting to anyone and I hope this is the right place to post this
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2023.04.02 08:15 LoveMangaBuddy Read ENNEAD - Season 2 Chapter 127 - MangaPuma

The once peaceful land of Egypt has been stained with blood under the tyrannical rule of Seth, the god of war. Horus, son of the god Isis but not yet one himself, rises to challenge the throne and put an end to the chaos and destruction. Although the confrontation between Seth and Horus began with hatred, in time it becomes blurred by obsession and desire... The ancient mythology of Egypt comes to ... Read ENNEAD - Season 2 Chapter 127 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/ennead/season-2-chapter-127
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2023.04.02 08:11 occasionallywriting Oh you know, just typical mid life crisis things…

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2023.04.02 08:11 TheDeathOfAStar Anyone know of a mod that automatically regrows the environment?

I love every biome in Valheim, it has been one of the crucial selling points to me; A beautiful, procedurally generated voxel exploration game that offers a stunning cinematic for every turn of the camera. I've always loved the saplings and mini-trees that make the forests feel dense and alive, and at the same point, knocking natural paths into the picturesque landscape.
I do know there are mods that let you regrow the dense mini-trees and bushes by hand with the cultivator, but I would instantly add a mod that automatically regrows vegetation by hand. A great example of a method of doing this would be an algorithm that prioritizes growing the small plants in dense, patchy sections close to large trees to some arbitrary total limit to simulate nature reclaiming sun-lit landscapes.
That being all said, it is asking a lot for a single mod, so I doubt it already exists especially in that description. However, if anyone knows of a mod that plays a similar role/function or know of mods that automatically modify the environment over time and in a unique way then I would much appreciate it!
P.S.: Just for clarification, I'm not talking about adding interactible saplings that share a function similar to raspberries, mushrooms, etc. I'm talking about regular and typically non-regrowable saplings, small trees, bushes and shrubs.
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2023.04.02 08:10 lovewithdonut How to Find the Best Donuts in Perth Australia?

How to Find the Best Donuts in Perth Australia?
Is it true that you are a donut darling looking for the best donuts in Perth, Australia? Look no further! Perth is a city that is wealthy in culture, food, and obviously, donuts. With such countless choices to browse, finding the ideal donut can be an overwhelming undertaking. Yet, relax, we take care of you! In this article, we'll direct you on the most proficient method to track down the Best Donuts in Perth, from famous donut shops to unlikely treasures.

Research On the web

The most vital phase in finding the best donuts in Perth is to do your examination on the web. With a fast inquiry on Google, you can track down a lot of articles, web journals, and surveys that can assist you with reducing your choices. Web-based entertainment stages, for example, Instagram and Facebook can likewise be incredible assets, as they permit you to see photos of the donuts and read audits from different clients.

Ask Local people

Local people in Perth are known for their well-disposed nature and love for good food. Make sure to around for suggestions on the best donut shops nearby. You can ask your lodging staff, cab drivers, or even start up a discussion with a neighborhood at a bistro or eatery. Their proposals can give you an insider's point of view on the best donuts in Perth.

Visit well known Donut Shops

Perth is home to numerous well known donut shops that are a must-visit for any donut devotee. One such shop is Mary Road Bread kitchen, which is known for its innovative and special flavors like peanut butter and jam, passionfruit curd, and crème brûlée. Another well-known donut shop is Top Dup Donuts, which offers a scope of exemplary and imaginative flavors like maple bacon, Nutella, and lemon meringue.


Attempt Unexpected, yet invaluable treasure Donut Shops

Notwithstanding famous donut shops, Perth is additionally home to a few unexpected, yet invaluable treasure donut shops that are ready to be found. One such shop is Sherbet Bistro and Prepare Shop, situated in Maylands. Their donuts are newly prepared every day, and they offer exceptional flavors, for example, chai latte, lavender, and rosewater. One more unlikely treasure is Greatness Opening Donuts, situated in Northbridge. Their donuts are made utilizing hands down the best fixings, and they offer flavors like salted caramel, blueberry cheesecake, and Nutella cronut.

Go to Donut Occasions

On the off chance that you're a significant donut sweetheart, going to donut occasions can be an extraordinary method for finding very interesting flavors. Perth has a few donut occasions consistently, like the Perth Sweet Celebration and the Perth Donut and Lager Fest. These occasions unite the best donut shops in Perth, offering you the chance to test various flavors and track down your new most loved donut.

Think about Dietary Limitations

In the event that you have dietary limitations, you can definitely relax, Perth has a lot of choices for you too. Vegetarian and without gluten donuts are turning out to be progressively well known in Perth, and numerous donut shops currently offer these choices. A few well known shops that offer veggie lover and sans gluten choices incorporate Whisk Creamery, The Little Posy Co, and The Sweet Cure Bistro.


Perth is a city that has a donut search for everybody. Whether you're looking for exemplary flavors or special and imaginative manifestations, Perth has everything. By doing all necessary investigation, asking local people, visiting well known and unlikely treasure donut shops, going to donut occasions, and taking into account dietary limitations, you can find the best donuts in Perth that fulfill your desires. So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Get out there and begin your donut experience today!
Read More: Donut Delivery In Perth
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2023.04.02 08:09 NeTiFe-anonymous There's a historical precedens for Rhaenyra concieving her children legitimately with a help of different father

There's a historical precedens for Rhaenyra concieving her children legitimately with a help of different father
Also, all that should legaly matter was that the boys were claimed as legitimate by their father and both grandsires
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2023.04.02 07:58 GuyNamedTruman [PC] [Probably mid '10s - early '20s?] Napoleonic battle simulator

I recently found a video of a Napoleonic battle simulator looking very reminiscent of the RŌBLOX game with a title along the lines of "Blood of Iron". The game in the video looks like it's right down my alley.
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2023.04.02 07:56 Junior_Dinner_9952 Arab has a shittier FG % than Ben Simmons from behind the arc after shooting his shot at more than a dozen schools

Intended Major(s): Finance/Economics
Standardized Testing
  1. State Vice President for Business CTSO
  2. Finance Club President
  3. Class President and Student Council Executive Board Member
  4. Associates Degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Islamic University
  5. CS/Engineering Internship at Public University studying the cause and effects of progressive collapse on buildings (blowing them up wasn't one of the things that were studied)
  6. Volunteer at Local Mosque
  7. Model UN; 3x Most Outstanding Delegate, 2x Honorable Mention
  8. Varsity Soccer
  9. Philosophy Club Treasurer
  10. 4 year Feminism Club Member (gotta have the jawns thinking that I support their rights)
  1. National Entrepreneurship Competition for CTSO (1st place)
  2. 1st place in State Personal Finance Competition ($2500)
  3. AP Scholar
  4. AP Capstone Diploma
  5. Chinese Honor Society
Letters of Recommendation
  1. Econ Teacher (10/10): THIS GUY WAS THE MAN!!! Never suppressed my personality, taught him what rizz was, and he was just overall a badass mf. Genuinely one of the nicest people ever, and extremely supportive, even when would get in trouble for bs at school this guy had my back!!! Counselor mentioned that it was one of the best recc letter he has ever seen.
  2. ELA Teacher (10/10): Taught me 3 AP classes and was strange at first. Once you unlock his personality tho, he was a menace. Bro was an avid UFC fan, and we would chop it up about Khabib, Jon Jones or our personal favorite KHAMZAT!!!
  3. Counselor (8/10): Told me I wasn't going to get in anywhere and once recommended I apply to Northeastern and Stevens. Even though in those instances he pissed me off, he was really good guy. Felt like he was constantly giving 100%, and me and him would sit there talking for 2 hours straight about anything really. Was able to create a connection with him, and the letter definitely showed that.
Additional Information
All in all I would say my college admissions process was interesting to say the least. I definitely regret not applying myself more through high school, because I know if I had put in the same hours as the try hards at school I would have gotten a 1550 and a 4.0. "If you think the cost of winning is too high, wait until you get the bill of regret", and as corny as it may be after Ivy Day I received the bill. I still have some nice options under my belt though, so if anyone has any advice on where I should go please feel free to mention it. Is it worth it to go to UMich if I am not at Ross, or should I just go to UT?
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2023.04.02 07:55 perfectpencil "Anti-Magic Crystals" saved my sanity as a DM.

I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I thought I'd just share my experience with this idea and why you might want to try it out in your campaign. Even if just as something added to a random room and let players interact with it.
So I DM online and at a local tabletop shop and in my experience trying to run mysteries, horror events or anything aside from a straight dungeon crawl can be difficult to build suspense. Every room players enter they cast half a dozen spells to find every little secret. It is cute at first, but after a while it makes the sessions feel very monotonous when a PC casts counterspell on a NPC magician entertaining NPC children. Or they finally get to meet the king and before anything is said, someone casts Sleep on every NPC in the room and they strip every NPC naked. It's all very murder-hobo-esk, but then there are the plot hole issues my players find which also bother me. A PC druid wildshapes into a nat and crawls through a crack in the wood and circumvents 45minutes of planned puzzles. He then returns to the village of druids and chews them out for not doing the same. I have to agree with his logic. They should know.
So enter a simple world object that fixes everything. The "Anti-Magic Crystal". A football sized quartz crystal that when placed inside a room projects a permanent Anti-Magic field. The crystal itself is indestructible and (usually) immovable. Oh, and I make them emit a soft yellow/orange candle light for looks.
My players now look for these crystals everywhere. Any place I would deem needing to be "safe" gets a crystal. The princess's bedroom, as an example. A druid attempting you wildshape into a Tardigrade now can't get inside this room. But crystals aren't free, or cheap. I explain them as being ancient relics that only royalty can afford. So finding a random hag in the woods with one becomes a plot point for the players.
I also had a little fun with a "damaged" crystal that has a visible crack down the center and instead emited a cold blue light. Players can cast spells but in a very body horror kind of way. Dancing lights now starts under the skin in your palm and forces its way out like glowing marbles, shredding the flesh in your palm as they exit your body. They still act like normal, but you take 1d6 piercing and I describe the gruesome sight in just enough detail that it feels scary. Adding a lot to a horror themed session.
It's let me strike a fantastic balance in my games. Rooms that need to feel secure actually are. In a world where everyone has magic, the existence of such crystals feels like a necessity. Castles can't be secure without such a thing.
My barbarian player now interacts with the world outside combat instead of waiting for someone to cast enough spells to open the door. It creates opportunities for less rolling and more player thinking. That same barbarian is now searching for buttons among the bricks or a special book in a bookshelf. The next room though, doesn't have a crystal, so the wizard can do their thing to solve whatever is inside.
It's a fun little thing I'm sure most of you have thought of, but I was just seeing so much success with it, i wanted to share just in case.
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2023.04.02 07:54 Ronaldstewart635 digital marketing identifies your brand audience

How Digital Marketing Helps Identify Your Brand's Target Audience

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is identifying their target audience. Not every product or service is meant for everyone, and marketing to the wrong demographic can be a costly mistake. That's where digital marketing comes in. Here are some of the ways digital marketing can help you identify your brand's target audience.
digital marketing identifies your brand audience

Analyze Website Analytics

Website analytics are a valuable tool for identifying your audience. By tracking website traffic, you can find out what demographics are visiting your site, where they're coming from, what pages they're visiting, and how long they're staying. From this data, you can gain insight into your audience's interests, needs, and behavior.

Conduct Social Media Research

Social media is a treasure trove of information about your target audience. Using social media analytics, you can find out who's following your brand, what they're saying about it, and what content they're engaging with. You can also look at your competitors' social media channels to see who's following them and what they're interested in.

Utilize Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. They take into account demographics, behaviors, interests, and pain points. By creating buyer personas, you can better understand who your target audience is and tailor your marketing efforts to them.

Test and Refine

Digital marketing provides many opportunities to test and refine your marketing campaigns. A/B testing, for example, allows you to test different marketing strategies on a small scale to see what resonates with your audience. By continually refining your marketing efforts, you can better target your audience and achieve better results.
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2023.04.02 07:50 Koivosto The tags were full of finns lamenting they didn't get any this year

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2023.04.02 07:46 bakejosh Does break-in period apply to offroading?

Owner's manual:
"For the first 1,000 miles, avoid driving at high speeds, heavy braking, aggressive shifting or using your vehicle to tow. "
I'm at 250, and was thinking of taking my daughter and dad up to this offroading ranch/park ~30 minutes outside of town.
No big deal if I need to put that off for a few weeks , but u right it's see what y'all think.
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2023.04.02 07:44 Z-lion-who-nvr-eats How popular is the name Agazi in Eritrea? also what is the historical significance of agazi from ancient time to present ?

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2023.04.02 07:39 Jayshua ReShade and Farming Sim 22 Issues! Anyone else?

I have a post on the ReShade forums about this and have a few others with similar issues! Was hoping to find folks with the issue and maybe those without and find some common answers to OS / API / Filename and other infos.

The issue is that with the Giants Store version and now with Steam since we rebought all our copies...
ReShade works fine in-game.
However on startup 70-80% of the time it will crash to desktop before making it into the game. After enough tries it finally will work!
No info in the Log files!
Only Errors are in the Event Viewer related to " The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) may arise because the DLL (Dynamic Link Library), which supports the running of the software, is incomplete, not signed, or corrupted. DLL files are used by Windows programs to perform various functions on the system. "
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