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Growing the Good: Cultivating Mental Health

2013.08.22 23:22 Diogenes71 Growing the Good: Cultivating Mental Health

Growing the Good is a subreddit created for those who have contributed to a gardening project in Riverside, CA to allow residents living in a locked psychiatric facility to engage in therapeutic recreational activities.

2013.01.19 01:36 DNAllenIGN Infinite Crisis: Fight to save the Multiverse!

This is the official Reddit community for the late DC Comics MOBA, Infinite Crisis! Discuss your thoughts on the game, Champions, strategy, lore and more here with your fellow Protectors!

2014.03.22 07:27 vvyn Band Together

A subreddit for the Fox series, Red Band Society.

2023.06.09 15:55 beefstewforyou Does anyone else feel we were born at the worst possible time?

I was born in 1988.
If I had been born earlier, I would have had way better economic opportunities. Boomers were notorious for being able to support a family one one income of a very basic job. I was born too late to experience that.
If I was born later, people would have been much nicer. Society has become far more excepting of different people once I was a kid. I’m mildly autistic and growing up was awful. I was treated terribly and had boomer parents/teachers that didn’t care and just told me how good I had it and I would get in trouble for being sad. I feel like an autistic kid born around 2000 probably would have gotten proper support and no one would harass him or her. I’m not gay but I vividly remember extreme homophobia was the norm until after I graduated high school. In my 20s, I was a substitute teacher for a while and I remember being pleasantly surprised by how nice most kids were. I even told kids this and said, “if I was your age, I’d be far less screwed up.”
Being born when I was, I received the hatefulness of boomers with the economic opportunity of generation z. It’s like I got the worst of both worlds.
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2023.06.09 15:54 Lee_Reer An encounter I had with a femboy

This was long ago and I decided to post it while I was reminiscing. Might delete this later because it might be too revealing (my friends might find this) but during my junior year of high school I had a major glow up where I was actually proud of how I looked, I dyed my hair this bluish white color, I cut my hair in this pony tail with bangs sort of look similar to cnblue’s bassist lee Jung shin when he was younger (I was in my punk rock phase) got my ears pierced, and started wearing cuter clothes like cardigans with collared shirt and slacks. I lost a bunch of mass during summer after my bulk so I was doing pretty good. I bought a sport motorcycle and started riding it to school too. I wasn’t exactly popular but I started getting approached more (not to brag but particularly girls).
During the summer I learned how to do manicure because I was bored and I started this thing in school where for five dollars I clean nails, cut the cuticles and calluses, aswell as paint nails. It started with my friends who were all just dudes because I wasn’t confident doing it to girls yet.
I started getting a lot of attention because people started seeing me in the library during lunch with all these tools like a drill bit and working on nails and stuff, also since I kept giving deals like “if you pay 5 dollars for me to do your nails the next one is free” This one sophomore femboy came up to me who’s usually very shy (I’ve never heard him talk) and asked for a manicure.
I’ve noticed him my sophomore year because a bunch of people talked behind his back about him being weird for wearing a skirt to school. He wore the typical hoodie, thigh highs, skirt fit with a mask on. He wasn’t exactly bullied, but there was alot of talk about him, not necessarily because of him being trans but because he kind of didn’t listen to teachers 😅 and acted weird he also used the girls bathroom. Also because it was people’s first time seeing someone irl wear a skirt and it was on a male. We would exchange glances every time we saw each other in the hallway because I kind of thought he was cute. I don’t know why but i kind of fell in love with him when I saw him was petting a dog on his way home after school.
My junior self was embarrassed because I was kind of a mess in my sophomore year, some big kid in a man bun who only wore athletic hoodies and shorts to school (I guess we were somewhat similar in a way because all he wore was hoodies and skirts everyday) because I always went to the gym after school and didn’t want to carry gym clothes with me.
Anyways, I said yes and told him he didn’t need to pay for his first manicure and we set a date because I only had time for one appointment every lunch. When the day came I was pretty scared if I was going to screw up, I explained to him what I was going to do first, cut nails, file, cuticle, blah blah blah. And he seemed really excited while I was cleaning his nails and said it was his first time and he was really impressed how much prettier his nails got. I offered to paint his nails for free since we had time left and he said yes so I did and after I packed all my tools I kissed his hands and ran off as fast as I could.
After school he came and found me getting on my motorcycle and asked me for my number. I gave it to him and then asked if I could take him home. I gave him my jacket and an extra helmet I had just in case and he sat behind me. We hugged after and he gave me a kiss on the neck )because he was too short for my cheeks) and ran into his house. I can’t explain how happy I was. The only relationship I had before this was during 4th grade so I was real excited. Might post a part 2 of this, we weren’t together for long and we kinda knew it was going to be like that but I believe we made the best out of the time we had. Excuse any mistakes I’m pretty new to Reddit and English isn’t my first language.
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2023.06.09 15:53 vikesguy4ever I saw them in St. Paul last night and frankly, live videos will never properly do them justice

I am not the biggest fan but some of their hits have been may favorite songs at a certain point, if that makes sense. Like I don’t always care for their deep tracks but “Just Like Heaven” has been a top 10 song for me since I was a kid. I also like the Pornography album and all of the usual suspects.
Anyway, holy shit, how is it possible for a 64 year old man to sing that good? He’s literary as advertised on the record but arguably better. He sounds exactly as good as he did recording these songs in the 80s and seems incapable of singing a bum note.
The band itself is a force. It was an unreal experience. I came in with “yeah wow it’s a good band I’m sure it’ll be good time” and left truly astonished.
Best part? I had literal nose bleeds and they sounded that good.
If you’re a fan and you’re on the fence about going, please go see them. You will not regret it.
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2023.06.09 15:51 Late_Violinist6815 40yo rookie 6 months in..

40yo rookie 6 months in..
I got into hvac by happenstance over the winter. I had recently left working for tier 1 auto parts manufacturer doing tool inspection and gage repair for nearly 15 years. I have small children and working 6-7 days a week second and third shift just wasn’t working for me anymore. Well my rental house furnace blower was acting up and it had been replaced less than a year ago. I knew the guy who I had do the work before through a friend. So he sends out his apprentice to replace it and while I’m chatting with him he informs me that it was his last day and that he had just got his degree in logistics and was moving on. I called up his boss man and asked to take his spot. Citing some of my skills and capabilities in learning the trade. I started the next Monday and I’ve really enjoyed most of it so far. It’s just the two of us. Boss man is 10 years my junior and I think that dynamic of him having the skill, knowledge and eagerness to help and teach while also working hard as the young guy he is with the life experience and knowledge I bring seems to work really well for us when coming up with solutions to problems and overall just working together. He gets a lot of really good work. He’s in with the lake community so we’re on all the new builds and servicing all these rich people. We do some smaller commercial stuff. A few restaurants and gyms. Set a few roof tops and such. I feel like because it’s just the two of us I do get exposed to alot of different things. I feel like I’ve been wildly lucky most of the time with service calls because often it’s the first time I’m encountering the issue, but somehow I always figure it out. Its a good feeling when that unit fires up after not 100% knowing if your diagnosis was right. I do enjoy when a customer is fully expecting to have to replace their equipment and when you walk out 30 minutes later, everything is running and they are so happy to be paying that $400 they tip you $100. Anyhow got sent out to do 90% of an install on my own the other day. Did everything but braze and charge the system. (Just haven’t learned those yet) House didn’t have ac prior so new circuit and all. Anyhow I’m really liking the work. But unfortunately I’m often not getting 40 hours. I get extra for service calls which is nice and makes up the difference sometimes. But as of now I’m at $20/hr and no sort of benefits. I felt it acceptable when I started as I knew little. Like I said I have kids and a family to support and I’m needing more. I’d really hate to jump ship and go to another company. Has to be a dozen I could count off the top of my head. But I almost feel like by this time next year I could be leading installs with my own helper and potentially work it out to make some good money. I love the area we work in and our clientele are great. I meet some really awesome people on the lake and even had my son with me on a call after picking him up from school last week. The lady took him down to the lake and played with him while I diagnosed and replace a capacitor. It’s those kind of days that keep me here over looking elsewhere. So I’m trying to do my best to make myself valuable enough to ask for more. I really don’t know what the pay is like for my position anywhere else. But I’m feeling like $25 isn’t to much to ask for. Especially once I learn the refrigerant side of things. For reference I’m in Michigan servicing the Fenton/Grand Blanc area primarily. Just south of Flint. I guess just looking for a little advice. I’ve considered doing the hvac bootcamp class and get my epa cert. it’s like $1500 but I know some local companies hire guys and pay for that class for them. What would you guys do? Stick it out with the smaller guy and try to grow with or jump ship for more stability and benefits?
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2023.06.09 15:51 MetalK30 Car cleaning

Want to know if anyone could recommend a good upholstery cleaner for the seats of my car. My 6 years old made a right mess, chocolate milk and other kid shit. Just want to know what my best options are from halfords or other places?
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2023.06.09 15:49 baka-tari My first box of doorknobs

I started my military career in June of on Sand Hill at Fort Benning. I can still tell you the unit I was in for Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), and the names of my Drill Sergeants . . . this knowledge is embedded in my DNA, it's like a cheap tattoo etched inside my eyelids. I will know I'm senile when I can't pop out those details at the drop of a hat.
It was in my 13 weeks of Basic Training and Infantry AIT where I first got acquainted with the wide range of colorful people I'd encounter in the Army. In my platoon we had delinquents who could barely get moral waivers that were battle-buddied with college boys who'd lived charmed lives; we had "old men" of 30 wanting to do their patriotic duty that were battle-buddied with kids so young and green they shaved twice a week whether they needed to or not. We had Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves and even a couple of MOS reclasses.
On top of all that, we had Waters.
Private Waters was born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). His mom simply could not turn off the tap while she was pregnant with him - he carried that burden throughout his life. Folks with severe FAS have a look about them. Just as you can unfailingly recognize a person with Down Syndrome, you can look at a person with severe FAS and know it immediately.
Go ahead, take a minute to do a google image search on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - you'll see what I mean.
♫ . . . . . the girl from Ipanema goes walking . . . . . . . ♫ . . .
Welcome back. See any features you recognize on someone you know? Explains a lot, doesn't it?
Severe FAS can result in problems with learning, memory, attention span, communication, vision, or hearing, among other things. Waters definitely had issues with the first four on that list.
Here's the thing, though: Waters wanted to be there at Infantry school. He volunteered to join the Army. He mustered enough concentration to take - and at least minimally pass - the ASVAB. I don't know what his score was, but it was enough.
Whenever someone gives me shit about soldiers being brainless, I have a canned response that's based in bitter personal experience: Yep, soldiers can be stupid, but you have to pass a test to get into the military. Any dumbass motherfucker can be a civilian.
We all knew that Waters needed some extra guardrails, and all of us in that basic training platoon stepped up to help him through. This could be a problem sometimes. For example, Private Tentpeg would walk past Waters in the morning and remind him to make his bunk before heading to formation. So Waters would start making his bunk. Then Private Snuffy would walk past, see Waters was making his bunk (and think to himself "Yay! Waters remembered to make his bunk today!") - then he'd remind Waters to square away his wall locker before heading down to formation.
Do you see where this is going?
Hearing Snuffy, Waters would go start to square away his wall locker. If you asked him in that moment if his bunk was good to go, he'd tell you it was, because he remembered that he had started to make it. He just couldn't remember if he had remembered to finish it. If he was then distracted by something else while working on his wall locker, he'd also insist that his wall locker was squared away, and for the same reason. If he looked at any of those items again, he might realize he needed to finish them, but he didn't operate well without either a really obvious visual cue or someone directing him. The latter usually produced better results.
He wasn't much better physically. To see Waters run, do pushup or situps, try jumping ja- . . . er, "side straddle hop" - or even march, tbh - the only phrase that came to mind was "like a monkey fucking a football." So. Much. Uncoordination. The final PT test almost sank his timely graduation.
In one instance, Waters came to me complaining that he was missing a button from his BDU blouse (BDU's? Fuck, I'm old). It wouldn't button up correctly, and could I give him a hand? I looked at it for a couple seconds and could see that he'd started with the wrong button in the bottom button hole. I calmly explained this to him and helped him correct his mistake. I'd learned early on it didn't do any good to get upset at Waters - he couldn't help it and yelling didn't fix the problem. He got a sheepish look on his face as I adjusted his buttons, was a little embarrassed, and said simply "I'm sorry, I get like that sometimes."
Me: I know, Waters. It's okay, we've got your back.
And that's just the thing - he knew. All his life, Waters knew he was a little short upstairs. But that didn't stop him from trying. He asked for help, he accepted the help, and he worked hard to overcome his limitations. On top of that he was a team player and he didn't shirk hard work. It was because of his attitude and commitment that the rest of us helped him along. We pushed, and pulled, and coached, and looked after him all the way through 13 weeks of Infantry training. In the end Waters met the standards - on his own and just barely - but goddamnit he graduated with the rest of us and didn't get recycled.
We weren't thinking about it at the time, just being fresh in the Army ourselves, but looking back I'm pretty sure there was a Squad Leader, a Platoon Sergeant, and a First Sergeant who were cursing us and our Drill Sergeants when Waters showed up at his first assignment. I never knew if, or how long, he lasted on active duty.
Sure, he was about as sharp as a box of doorknobs, and definitely frustrating sometimes, but he was our teammate and as long as he kept trying we weren't going to let him fail. That lesson of teamwork and cohesion stuck with me through 27 years of service, and I carry it still. I've known a lot smarter people who can't be bothered to put in half the effort that Waters did. I don't have time for them, but I will always help someone who is working hard to help themselves.
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2023.06.09 15:48 Majestic_Midwest Two questions regarding THE DOOMED CHANGEUP

  1. Can you get away with drafting a kid that has a 35/80 changeup if he has 4 overall pitches. Drafting a kid with only 3 pitches means they HAVE to have a developed change the moment you draft them (conventional wisdom says so at least). But what about a kid with 3 good pitches and a lackluster change? Anyone have experience with this?
  2. There is a rumor that pitching coaches who specialize in finesse help the changeup along. But numerous editions of OOTP have been out for forever... if this was true wouldn't we know for sure by now?
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2023.06.09 15:44 krotoff [FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 24. Season #8 28/29. A solid ground

[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 24. Season #8 28/29. A solid ground
Hello FM Community!
I am finishing the season with Curzon Ashton and my challenge is finally started: all my players are our own youngsters or trained in the club 3+ years before their 21.
Here is my intro (and posts archive at the end):
[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 1. My new career and old-new challenge.
Previous chapter:
[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 23. Season #7 27/28. Here we go again
We finished 8th in the Sky Bet League One, won Papa John's Trophy (made from pizza for sure) and are looking in the bright future!


A big slap by Hull gave us good motivation on the start.
Pretty good November, with only one lose in 9 games (easy schedule, huh?) and big drop next month.
Not so bad January, not so good February, and awful last two months, excluding pizza-cup.
As a result, we fell out from playoff zone. But anyway, this is the highest club place in history.
Not the best attacking season from us, but for this level pretty good, I guess.
Our defending play as usual is not good, but even with that we got the result.

Transfers In

To be honest, this season is one of the best for me from the start of this save. We brought some pretty good kids, and they dived into the squad flawlessly.
  • Ally Shannon (M (LC), ST) - 17y.o. from Man City for free.
    • Hardworking attacking player with decent technical skills, but it didn't become a limit for him to reach great stats this season.
  • Alexander Stone (AM (R)) - 18y.o. from Southampton for free.
    • Fast and agile winger with good technique. Played a big part of games, but missed almost a half of the season due to injuries.
  • Gabriel Bashir (AM (RL), ST) - 18y.o. from Burnley for free.
    • Hardworking dribbler. Played a half of games normally.
  • Kevin East (M (C)) - 18y.o. from Bournemouth for free.
    • Well-balanced box-to-box with great passing. Played a half of games pretty well.
  • Yaw Mensah (D (C)) - 18y.o. from Southampton for free.
    • 202cm of great jumping and tackling. Played pretty good in one-third of games.
  • Alex Evans (AM (RL), ST) - 18y.o. from Man City for free.
    • Fast and Furious brave attacking player. Played some games in a decent way.
  • Paul Gallagher (M/AM (R)) - 18y.o. from West Ham for free.
    • Fast and agile winger. Played some games not so good.
  • Eddie Hadley (M/AM (R)) - 18y.o. from Everton for free.
    • Fast and agile winger. Didn't play for the Senior squad.
  • Craig Cole (D (RLC)) - 18y.o. from Man City for free.
    • Smart defender with good jumping. Didn't play for the Senior squad.
  • Andrew O'Hanlon (D (R), DM, M/AM (C)) - 18y.o. from Man UFC for free.
    • Smart universal midfielder. Didn't play for the Senior squad.
  • Nick O'Hanlon (M (RC), AM (R)) - 18y.o. from Tottenham for free.
    • Fast and agile universal midfielder. Didn't play for the Senior squad.
  • Jayden Jones (GK) - 18y.o. from Oxford for free.
    • Sweeping keeper with good potential. Didn't play for the Senior squad.
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Ally Shannon 30(4) as M(L), ST 18 2 20 7.00 5
Alexander Stone 28(12) as AM(R) 5 5 10 6.81 1
Gabriel Bashir 26(8) as AM(RL), ST 4 5 9 6.77 1
Kevin East 31(1) as M(C) 1 11 12 7.00 1
Yaw Mensah 21(7) as D(C) 1 0 1 7.06 1
Alex Evans 11(9) as AM(RL), ST 3 1 4 6.80 0
Paul Gallagher 0(4) as AM(R) 0 0 0 6.65 0

Transfers Out

Not big deals, but big amount:
  • Mark Kerr (D (RL), DM, M/AM (C)) - 18y.o. to Millwall for 275K + bonuses.
    • Mark is our own youngster. He played very good last season (even was top-4 of the club by average rating), but on the start of this season his attributes dropped extremely fast.
  • Rhys Thompson (GK) - 24y.o. to Huddersfield for 9K.
    • Rhys was bought for 12K from Shrewsbury 6 seasons ago. Sometimes he was our #1 almost full season, sometimes he played really a few games. But this season he played nothing, because our Andy McDermott played all 61/61.
  • And 5 our own youngsters, which never played for the Senior squad, summed for 160K + bonuses.
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Mark Kerr 35(8) as D(RL), M (C) 4 7 11 7.21 5
Rhys Thompson 137 as GK -214 0 0 6.94 1


I never did this part, but this season we lost our legend, Matty Waters. So I decided to add it. More than, after all my tries to bring him back (the answer always was "I want a new challenge"), he spent this season as a free agent and finally retired from football at 31. And for me, this is a huge pity, because I would be happy to bring him back as a staff member.
Also, Max Woodcock, one of our first purchases and our biggest spending yet (16.75K), decided to leave. He retired as well.
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Matty Waters 262(38) as D (RL) 45 121 166 7.58 45
Max Woodcock 124(30) as AM (RLC), ST 39 29 68 6.85 6


Best Goalscorer - Will Lankshear (33)
Look at Lankshear! Even more than in a league below!
  1. Will Lankshear - 33
  2. Ally Shannon - 18
  3. Ryan Miskimmin - 13
  4. Saja Manafa - 8
  5. Ciaran Thompson - 7
Best Assistant - Louis Easter (19)
  1. Louis Easter - 19
  2. Kevin East - 11
  3. David Hibbert - 8
  4. Lucas Cooper - 6 in 32 games
  5. Will Lankshear - 6 in 52 games
Best by Goals+Assits - Will Lankshear (39)
  1. Will Lankshear - 39 (33+6)
  2. Louis Easter - 23 (4+19)
  3. Ally Shannon - 20 (18+2)
  4. Ryan Miskimmin - 18 (13+5)
  5. Saja Manafa - 13 (8+5)
Best by Average Rating - Louis Easter (7.48)
  1. Louis Easter - 7.48
  2. Niall Wilson - 7.21
  3. Will Lankshear - 7.15
  4. Ciaran Thompson - 7.13
  5. Vangellis Loukis - 7.11

Awards and Records

  • Henry Cartwright:
    • Worst Discipline in the league: 16 yellow and 2 red cards
  • Will Lankshear:
    • Best club goalscorer of all times: 122 goals
  • Niall Wilson:
    • Fan's Player of the Season
  • Club:
    • The club biggest number of league draws: 16
    • The club highest position in League 1: 8
    • The Papa John's Trophy biggest number of goals: 23
    • The Papa John's Trophy biggest number of consecutive wins: 8


We should be confident, that solid ground under our feet is really solid. The next season will show, was this season result an accident or not.
That's all for today. Thanks for reading!
Share your thoughts, love football and win all games!
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2023.06.09 15:43 Kallameet-318 Praying for other people

Ive (Im a convinced Atheist) been just asking theists questions recently. Not because im doubting but im curious in a not shaming or judging way. And often when ppl tell me "They are going to pray for me", I usualy reply that they realy shouldnt its a waste of their time. I say that not only on reddit but in rl aswell, cause i feel that there are ppl who, if god is real, need his help more than me. Im not doing so bad, I have issues but the worst part of my life is long past. I own a house, i have good work and I have met the love of my life who ive been with for 6 years now. Sure anything could go wrong at any moment and I do worry a lot, as past has taught me to be pessimistic and realy only trust in myself and my closest friends. But other than that Im sure I did all I could with what i have been given in my life and you can call me unthankfull but I credit noone but myself and ppl who helped for getting here. (It probably doesnt help that I credit surtain ppl of faith and my former own faith for those issues I deal with. SA, Degradation, being told Im only here to have kids, or that my feelings dont matter, that im a failure, etc...)
Im not putting all theists in the same boat, you just dont cause I still have friends who are realy chill and nice ppl and realy most theists are good ppl aswell.
Idk why that is how i feel, but Im not comfortable anymore when ppl, friends or not, tell that they will pray for me. I just cannot realy relate to it anymore, like at all. Im realy detached from the idea to pray for someone. Ppl have issues always, noone is perfect, but I care about them as ppl not there "soul". I care about their worldly well being and i try to helpthem in this life, not the next.
Sorry for my rambling😅 Would you stop praying for a person if it makes them feel easier? I know that "feeling easier" is realy not the way of christ, but Im very comfortable in my "failure" i gues.
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2023.06.09 15:43 dinaga9 Throwback to the good, old Quake 2 days

I just wanted to reminisce about Quake 2, one of my favorite games ever. I played it through and through when I was a kid, just enjoying the sheer variety of weapons blasting through the Stroggs as I beat those dark, atmospheric levels one by one. The rocket launcher and super shotgun were so damn fun to shoot around with.
And the OST! Quake 2 has the best metal OST I ever heard in a video game, and yes that includes the modern DOOM soundtracks (which are still amazing btw.). There's just something about the sheer aggression and the industrial feeling in every track.
Those were also the times when I used to actually play local couch coop with my friends. The TV I had was so small, and with 4 players in the split-screen, it got even smaller. But we didn't care! We had lots of fun, and I remember playing the MP maps so much I literally knew where the spawn points are, giving me an advantage in the matches.
Nowadays I don't play shooters anymore. I mostly play single-player 3rd person action/adventure games. And they are awesome! But still, there's something about those old-school shooters that I miss sometimes, and in those days I usually resort to listening to the soundtracks of these games and remembering the good, old times. This is one of those days, I guess.
Long live Quake 2!
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2023.06.09 15:42 Kallameet-318 Praying for other people

Ive (Im a convinced Atheist) been just asking theists questions recently. Not because im doubting but im curious in a not shaming or judging way. And often when ppl tell me "They are going to pray for me", I usualy reply that they realy shouldnt its a waste of their time. I say that not only on reddit but in rl aswell, cause i feel that there are ppl who, if god is real, need his help more than me. Im not doing so bad, I have issues but the worst part of my life is long past. I own a house, i have good work and I have met the love of my life who ive been with for 6 years now. Sure anything could go wrong at any moment and I do worry a lot, as past has taught me to be pessimistic and realy only trust in myself and my closest friends. But other than that Im sure I did all I could with what i have been given in my life and you can call me unthankfull but I credit noone but myself and ppl who helped for getting here. (It probably doesnt help that I credit surtain ppl of faith and my former own faith for those issues I deal with. SA, Degradation, being told Im only here to have kids, or that my feelings dont matter, that im a failure, etc...)
Im not putting all theists in the same boat, you just dont cause I still have friends who are realy chill and nice ppl and realy most theists are good ppl aswell.
Idk why that is how i feel, but Im not comfortable anymore when ppl, friends or not, tell that they will pray for me. I just cannot realy relate to it anymore, like at all. Im realy detached from the idea to pray for someone. Ppl have issues always, noone is perfect, but I care about them as ppl not there "soul". I care about their worldly well being and i try to helpthem in this life, not the next.
Sorry for my rambling😅 Would you stop praying for a person if it makes them feel easier? I know that "feeling easier" is realy not the way of christ, but Im very comfortable in my "failure" i gues.
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2023.06.09 15:42 Paiman55 Wish I wasn't born like this!!

It's so hard for me I live in a country that these things doesn't consider as normal many don't even know what trans means and all those things and it's ruining my life I'm 24 and never really enjoyed anything fully because of this since I was a kid everyone was looking at me weirdly saying like is that a boy or a girl it's the thing that I hear most of the times when I go out even know even if they don't say it I can still see it the way they're looking at me.. I just wanted a normal life like everyone else and to have the body that goes with my feelings and my mind but no it's not the case and I can't do anything about it i was going through some posts here about some of you guys doing surgery and being on T and got so jealous lol because I'll never be able to do any of those things I can't even have a haircut that I want I'm trapped in my own body I have a really bad gender dysphoria and I wasn't even be able to tell my online gf about any of these things like me being trans because that will be so hard for me if I do I'll always overthink about everything and the way she think about me even if she accepts me the way I am because yeah that happened with my ex I told her everything and she accepted me the way I am but after that I could see the changes like I couldn't be myself after her knowing this fvcked up version of me like this is not the real me when I'm acting and talking like a cis male that's me.. I'm being confusing lol and my english is not helping too but it's my first time talking about these things so yeah.. And sometimes I feel so bad about not telling her that but still if I do that'll make me so anxious I don't want her to know that.. I'm muscular so I'm sure if I take t or do bottom surgery and those things it will be so good for me like I've send her pics of myself too many times but it just goes normally but it's my voice that makes me so insecure I don't know what to do sometimes I just tell myself like just wait it's not like you'll live forever it'll end one day it's like God hated me that's why he didn't give me a body that's compatible with me and the way I am deep down...
There are many things to say but I should stop here lol this sounds embarrassing and yeah english is not my first language so there can be mistakes in my writing
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2023.06.09 15:42 Kallameet-318 Praying for other people

Ive (Im a convinced Atheist) been just asking theists questions recently. Not because im doubting but im curious in a not shaming or judging way. And often when ppl tell me "They are going to pray for me", I usualy reply that they realy shouldnt its a waste of their time. I say that not only on reddit but in rl aswell, cause i feel that there are ppl who, if god is real, need his help more than me. Im not doing so bad, I have issues but the worst part of my life is long past. I own a house, i have good work and I have met the love of my life who ive been with for 6 years now. Sure anything could go wrong at any moment and I do worry a lot, as past has taught me to be pessimistic and realy only trust in myself and my closest friends. But other than that Im sure I did all I could with what i have been given in my life and you can call me unthankfull but I credit noone but myself and ppl who helped for getting here. (It probably doesnt help that I credit surtain ppl of faith and my former own faith for those issues I deal with. SA, Degradation, being told Im only here to have kids, or that my feelings dont matter, that im a failure, etc...)
Im not putting all theists in the same boat, you just dont cause I still have friends who are realy chill and nice ppl and realy most theists are good ppl aswell.
Idk why that is how i feel, but Im not comfortable anymore when ppl, friends or not, tell that they will pray for me. I just cannot realy relate to it anymore, like at all. Im realy detached from the idea to pray for someone. Ppl have issues always, noone is perfect, but I care about them as ppl not there "soul". I care about their worldly well being and i try to helpthem in this life, not the next.
Sorry for my rambling😅 Would you stop praying for a person if it makes them feel easier? I know that "feeling easier" is realy not the way of christ, but Im very comfortable in my "failure" i gues.
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2023.06.09 15:41 AJhlciho Best friend (29 F) disclosed abuse from a family member to me (29F) and not sure how to proceed with her family

Trigger warning: CSA
One of my best friends from college disclosed to me while we were still in college that she was molested by a “close family member” when she was a child. She didn’t tell me who it was; I only asked once and she said she wasn’t comfortable telling that, so I never pushed about it after that. I just supported her the best ways I knew how, cried with her after her therapy sessions and did my best to take her mind off it when she was tired of processing it.
That was a decade ago, and now we both have young children and are still good friends. She had moved across the country right after college, but recently her parents and brothehis family moved to my city (her brother got a new job, her parents moved with them because they’re retired and take care of her brothers kids). Well she was tired of raising kids without a support system so she and her husband moved to my city too, which I was super excited about!
It’s been awesome having my best friend close by again. She’s a SAHM, i freelance WFH part time so we have a lot of freedom to do things together. She relies on her family heavily for support with her kids, and they are all very close so often when I come over her brothers kids and sometimes her brotheparents are at her house or she’s at theirs and asks me to meet there.
Up to this point I’ve never really thought about her college confession. She said once that she hated when people (our other roommate) brought it up without her initiating the conversation, basically making her relive the trauma without her consent, so I never mentioned it outside of when she wanted to talk. But the other day I brought my kids over to her house and her parents were there. My 18 month old had just fallen asleep, but my 3 year old desperately wanted to play at the park that’s a 5 minute walk down the street. Her mom said she could keep an eye on the 18 month old while we took the older kids (my friends baby was napping too) and she would just call us when the babies woke up. It was like I heard a record screech in my head as soon as she said that and my memory of my friend’s CSA instantly replayed in my mind. So I looked at my friend to see what her reaction was and she said that sounded good and started to get the older kids shoes on. I said I thought we should wait until they woke up and then all go together. My friend and her mom both said it was no big deal and it would be easier to only take the big kids anyways.
I was torn, because on the one hand I trust my best friend to not put my kid in an unsafe situation and also her own kid was in the same situation, but on the other hand I’m never going to take any kind of risk or chance on that front. I was saved from making an awkward stand against my friend and her mom by my toddler waking up and coming to the playground with us anyways.
I didn’t bring it up to my friend in the moment because our kids were with us the rest of the afternoon, and I haven’t seen her since then. She never even confirmed that “family member” meant someone in her immediate family, and I also wonder if she would be as close to her family now if that were the case because they all spend so much time together. For all I know it could have been an uncle or grandparent or someone like that who she never sees now.
Would I be out of line to insist she tell me who assaulted her as a kid? Idk how I would feel about the entire relationship if it turns out it was someone in her immediate family who we see all the time. I’m just not sure that it’s my business at all especially because I’m not going to leave my kids alone with them regardless. I don’t want it to seem like I’d be “discriminating” against her or shaming her for disclosing her abuse to me so long ago, because I know that was a big barrier to her telling anyone before she told me (the idea that people would see her differently or think she was “tainted” in some way).
It’s just a super delicate situation and I’m not sure if there’s a way to protect my kids (which I’m going to do no matter what) while also being sensitive to my best friend of over a decade who has suffered a lot
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2023.06.09 15:38 oktravis [For Sale] Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Cure, Deftones, Kendrick, Kanye, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Tool, The Strokes, MCR, QOTSA, Taylor Swift, Korn, Good Charlotte, The Used, The Weeknd, more

Some new, some old w/ lowered prices. Continually trying to help family catch up on endless medical bills. As usual if anything seems to pricey, just ask.
Free shipping please keep that in mind with prices. US only, shipping from California, deal for bundles.
Last go round I had some a few shipping delays-if you're one of those and want something make sure to remind me for the deal.
The Cure - Wish (30th anniversary) * sealed * $38
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The Get Up Kids - Something To Wriite Home About * sealed * $25
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[Taylor Swift - Midnights]]( all 5 of the standard US color releases * sealed * $23/each
Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor’s Version - 4xLP red) * sealed * $32
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The Used - self titled (red oxblood & bone white split) * sealed * $38
v/a Lost Highway soundtrack * opened/never played * $25
v/a End of Days soundtrack * opened/never played * $40
The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness) * sealed * $38
The Weeknd - Starboy (blue) * sealed * $25
30 Seconds to Mars - self titled) * sealed * $26
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2023.06.09 15:38 Playful-Sort-8368 Looking for community to discuss actual teaching practices

Is there a good sub for teachers that actually talks about education practice, methods, strategies, etc.? This sub seems to be a place for teachers to vent about admin, kids, and other issues. I’m all for a place like this, so it’s not a criticism. I would just like to also see something substantive about the practice of effective teaching. Does that exist? Thanks and happy summer!
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2023.06.09 15:38 AndersIsHorny The Secret - Part Seven

The Secret - Part Seven
Here is part seven of a story that I wrote AGES ago. My writing style was pretty rough back then, so be kind. Love you all and hope that you enjoy! You can find all the other parts here.



When I got to Erin’s house I noticed that her brother’s car wasn’t there. He must have decided to be nice and give her some time alone with me. She met me at the door and we got comfortable at her dining room table. The project wasn’t nearly as daunting as it had originally seemed. After getting to work, we managed to finish it up in an hour or so. As we were nearing completion, I snuck a text message to Dmitri. Now.
A minute later my phone rang. I apologized to Erin and answered the phone.
“Oh hey.”
Dmitri apparently decided to get in character so that I didn’t fuck it up. “Hey sweetie, what are you up to?”
“Oh not much. Just at a friend’s house working on a school project.”
“I miss you.”
I shot a nervous glance at Erin, “I miss you too.”
“I had a great time at the movie last weekend.”
“Yeah, I had a good time too. You want to go to the movies again next weekend?”
“Yeah. That would be fun. Don’t try to make out with me during the movie again though or I’ll give you a slap.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at his statement. I might have blushed slightly too. “I won’t, I promise.”
“Ok, I’ve got to run. Want to call me later?”
“Yeah, I’ll call you tonight.”
“Love you.”
My heart skipped a beat. Dmitri had never said that to me before and even though we were acting, his voice sounded sincere. My mouth was suddenly very dry and my palms got clammy. “I.. I love you too.” He hung up.
I smiled bashfully and sat back down. Erin was trying her best to play it cool. “I didn’t realize that you were dating.”
“Yeah, I’m kinda… bashful so I don’t talk about things like that at school.”
“You shouldn’t be so bashful. You’re a sweet guy.”
I smiled at her compliment. “Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea last night. I just assumed that there would be no way that you were interested in me. If you even were.” I managed to make it suddenly awkward.
She recovered gracefully, “So how long have you been dating.”
Oh shit. Lying on the fly. Even though I’d been living a lie for so long, lying on the fly was not my specialty. “Well we’ve known each other for a long time but we only started dating recently.”
“Well it sounds like things are going well.” She was referring to the phone call.
“Yeah, we’re basically best friends so we really enjoy spending time with each other.” I was just describing my relationship with Dmitri. I realized that I was playing the pronoun game. I hoped she didn’t notice.
“Well you seem like you’re really happy, I’m glad for you.” She seemed genuine.
We finished up the project and then Erin made us some cold drinks to enjoy by the pool. After a while we got talking and soon discovered that we had quite a bit in common. We both loved spaghetti westerns, were addicted to crime novels, and surprisingly enjoyed the same music. Her music choice the day before had been an attempt to please me. I told her that I was offended that she thought I was the type of guy that would enjoy that kind of music. We quickly lost track of time.
“Shit what time is it?” she picked up my phone and swiped it on to look at the clock. She suddenly had a confused look on her face.
“Your last call was from Dmitri Novak.”
My heart froze. I nodded. Fuck.
“You and Dmitri are dating?” she sounded pleasantly surprised.
“Umm… yeah?”
“Oh my God! I had no idea you were gay!” She seemed excited by the revelation. Holy shit, I’d just told Erin that I was gay.
“Erin, nobody knows! You can’t tell ANYONE!”
“Why not?” She seemed confused.
“Seriously Erin!” my voice cracked and my eyes started to tear up. “Nobody can find out!”
She sensed my panic. “It’s okay Jasper. I won’t tell anyone.”
“You promise?”
“Yes, I promise. Okay? Calm down, you’re scaring me.”
“I would die if people at school found out.”
She spent the next ten minutes assuring me that my secret was safe with her.
I finally managed to calm down a bit. Luckily my stomach was still empty so I didn’t have to worry about getting sick in front of her. I tried my best to compose myself. “What time is your brother going to be back?” I asked nervously. The last thing I needed was them to walk in and see me in this condition.
“Oh he had to go back to college this morning. His girlfriend had some paper or something she had forgotten about so they went back to school.”
“Oh.” I sounded slightly disappointed. I wondered why Riley hadn’t texted me to let me know. I guess I was just some random high school kid that he didn’t really care about. The thought of that didn’t do much to help me regain my composure.
“I’m going to make you dinner.” Erin stood up and collected our empty glasses. “Unless you have other plans that is…” she looked at me.
“No, I was just going to hang out with Dmitri later.”
She suddenly got an idea. “Invite him over! I’ll make you both dinner.”
“I’m not sure if he has plans for dinner…”
“Well, call him silly!”
I reluctantly picked up my cell. How the hell was I going to get myself out of this one. If Dmitri found out that Erin thought we were dating he was going to be furious. He picked up on the first ring.
“Did she buy it?”
“Hey, it’s me… yeah.”
“Nice, I told you she would.”
Erin looked at me expectantly.
“Hey, Erin wanted to know if you’d like to come over and have dinner with us.”
“Wait, does she think you’re talking to your girlfriend or to me?”
I chuckled nervously. “Dmitri you’re such a clown sometimes.”
“She actually wants me to come over for dinner?”
“That’s ok, I figured you’d have plans.”
“No, I don’t have plans. I’ll come over.”
“Oh, ok. Do you need a ride?”
“No, I’ll be over in a few minutes.” He hung up. Fuck.
Erin seemed pleased. “He’s coming over?”
“Yup he’s on his way.” I made a feeble attempt at a smile.
“Do you both like Mexican food? I was thinking of making enchiladas.”
“Yeah we both do.” I was beginning to sweat.
She instructed me to stay put as she went inside to begin dinner.
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2023.06.09 15:37 TheAskewOne How I told a customer to go f... themselves, but they had my back and saved my job.

Guess who nearly got their ass fired?
So... the last few days have been tough for reasons not related to work, I'm on edge, and my trigger is shorter than the usual. I'm nearing the end of my shift, I'm tired, we're understaffed, my back aches, there are long lines at the registers, a kid is having a tantrum, it's chaos, aaaaand that's the moment when my manager decides to pull me away from the customer service desk because there's been a spill and Bradley is new and doesn't seem to be able to clean it by himself. Thing is, I'm alone at the customer service desk running returns that won't process for no reason, there are four people waiting and they look like they're pissed (and rightly so, we've been so understaffed lately that customer service has been crap).
There's a guy who is in the line, and has been for at least 10 minutes (that's how good our customer service has become). He overhears my manager asking me to take care of the spill.
Customer:"Hey, what about you don't ask the special needs guy to clean, it's going to take forever."
That's when I hear myself answer: "Hey, what about you go fuck yourself?"
A few very long seconds of deadly silence, my manager looking at me in horror, and I'm just here with my mouth still open and dying inside.
Customer: "fair enough".
Me: "I'm sorry I don't know what possessed me I apologize. I'm really really sorry."
Customer: "no, fair enough, I shouldn't have called you special needs. It was very inappropriate. I deserved it. That wasn't a thing to say. Actually I apologize. Don't worry about it, we all have a short fuse at times. Actually that was rather funny."
Me: "Well Sir I can just say, it's not how I do customer service usually. Again I apologize."
Thankfully his wife/girlfriend who waiting nearby found the situation hilarious too, that helped defusing everything. The customer went to talk to my manager (who seemed to be under shock) and asked him not to chew my ass because he had said something inappropriate first and we all make mistakes. Needless to say I thanked him profusely. My manager sent me to clean the spill then called me to the office, I got a write-up but I'm not being fired.
We all write complain about bad customers, so I thought it was only fair to mention how a good customer saved me from my own fuck-up. And now I'm going to work on understanding why being called "special needs" made me irrationally angry.
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2023.06.09 15:36 JadedFlea How a character would meet a god of chaos

Tell me if this is a good for the main character to meet a god of chaos. After arriving in a strange magical world and finding that his grandfather and father being a wizard. He enrolls in his new school and tries to awaken his dormant magic ability, but faces some difficulties along the way. He wonders how he can be able to awaken his powers. He soon meets a strange man offering his services to help him awaken his abilities. He considers his offer, but is stopped by his grandfather. He tells his grandson that he is a god of chaos who is notorious for his services that have caused further issues to various mortals. He tries rebuke that saying he has helped a lot of good people along the way. Though his grandfather rejects that claiming
"I've heard about your previous jobs in some of the parallel universes such as the destruction of the entire inhabitants of a town, causing further conflicts for human society, and the causing of social collapse of an entire reality"
"Oh come on most of it had a good warrant, I mean an alien race tried to replace all of humanity by impersonating other people, androids enslaving humankind and a plague was wiping out all of humanity. I mean isn't that the job for us gods".
"You know the rules, that's been given by you by the higher gods themselves".
"Oh please some of the world leaders in those universes needed help, I offered them my services and I did what I was told by them, safe and sound".
"Really then I suppose the same can be said for that alien planet that you supposedly "helped" such as allowing two planets to be invaded".
"Oh come on now I was practically doing them a favor, I mean if I didn't help those little ant size humans, grow to be as normal as the people on earth, they would have gotten squash from the beginning, sure they got attack, but at least they were able to win in the end at least even though 98 percent of their population was lost. And besides one of my wishes did work well in the end. I helped a man in another universe who started shrinking ant size after being expose to some radiations by those flying saucers in Washington DC of 1952. Even though it was kind of enjoyable seeing that go through a lot of chaos in his life such as his wife leaving him for someone else, and no longer an employee at his job, which made it harder for him to manage his life by himself, and besides I practically wanted to see how humankind would use those new tools from the androids if they won. But at least he was still okay, so come on already let me give the kid my services".
"I'm sorry, but no means no".
"Gosh what a Scrooge you are", he said smirking at him before disappearing.
"Man as if this place couldn't get any weirder than this", he thought.
So what do you think about it, let me know in the comments below?
/uj same exact text as OOP
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2023.06.09 15:36 TaijiKnight Is it that difficult to care a little about your product?

The premise I'm coming from - not many seem thrilled about the slew of 'new' characters that are just reskins / re-dos (SL Annihilation, Infinity War Thor, Big Time Spider-Man, etc.). Well good ol' Scoples can only reskin a character model so many times to make it look like a different character, so to me the lazy way out is using costumes as new characters. That combined with things like the Knowhere team making little to no canonical or even MSF story sense, has led me to once again feel like the only real thing they're focused on - character releases - is muddy and boring and forced.
But what really shows is that they care nothing about their game - not quality assurance, fairness (Blue ISO-5 bug anyone?) and certainly not fun. They can't even handle or care about their IP license, the real thing that's kept this game alive.
Knowhere should have had a new character or 2 and reworks (still don't need new character models for that, but oh no it'd be cheaper for the player base!) that had much better synergy with Guradians Vol. 3. Then if you want to force reskins down our throats as new characters and one was going to be a Thor Infinity War and a Spider-Man anyway, how about an Infinity War team there Scoples? Thor, Iron Spider - then yes we don't need another Iron Man OR Cap (but WWII Cap shouldn't be a thing anyway) - a Nanotech Iron Man, Cap Infinity War (with black suit and Wakandan shield) and then take your pick ; a blonde Black Widow, Infinity War skinned Starlord (instead of pointless Annihilation) or Scarlet Witch or Vision or on and on.
Yes it's more glut of repeated characters but you know what - it'd be exciting and make sense and because of that I wouldn't care. They used to piggy back heavily off the MCU, many of their players are fans and it'd damn sure get me grinding. Hell it's a ready made counter potential to your temporarily buffed Black Order in war - oh look more synergy and story sense and reason for Krakens to buy buy buy. Just think a little Scopley - I mean even their laziness is lazy.
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2023.06.09 15:34 sinsofasaint257 My journey, struggle

My journey with Mounjaro has been up and down. Since January, I've gone from 363 to 323 or so. While I'm pleased I've had progress, some issues have caused me to not fully "enjoy" or experience the benefits of it, if you will.
1.) Availability: mounjaro hasn't been available or I've had to wait weeks to get a new dose. I'm on a wait list right now at a pharmacy because it is pretty hard to find. Because of that, it leads to
2.) A lack of consistency. If I'm out of shots, that just makes it a bit more challenging.
3.) Insurance companies. These blood sucking nutsacks are terrible. The changes to the protocols for approval were awful. I was once declined for approval because the insurance said I needed a history of showing I used the medicine before. I told them they should have those records because they approved it before. Insurance said that didn't matter and I needed to prove something else. I provided proof and then they moved the needle. My online doctor finally called them and got it approved.
4.) Stress. I work full time, was studying for a certification as well that was a bit of a challenge and just finished a graduate degree, and I have kids under the age of 3. All of that made everything so much harder.
5.) Not being able to consistently workout. This week I've been finally about to do 3 days of strength training. Not being able to physically move like I should has sucked.
Most of these issues are my fault but hopefully things will change now that I have more time and less work, school stress.
The 5.0mg shot was ineffective for me. 7.5 was slightly better. 10 seems to work now so hopefully that'll be good for me.
Just looking for ways to add to the effectiveness of the medicine
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2023.06.09 15:33 pan2706 My husband finally appreciated my efforts on trying to build him up

Husband(33) and I(32) have been together for five years and we've had our major ups and downs.
We both have had emotional damage from our dysfunctional families. All these years he has supported me and I have supported him through everything. But we also have let our demons wreck havoc in our lives.
Yesterday, he came home late after a work engagement and expressed how much he loves and appreciates me. And also that- even though I pull him down sometimes, I want to mainly build him up. It made me emotional and appreciated and I wanted that with people here. I have pushed/helped him to go back to university, I have helped him be more accepting and open to our friends and now we have friends that call us their kids and friends who are family, and more importantly I have helped him realize that his shitty childhood was not his fault (long way to go still on the last part).
This guy had to basically raise himself after his father left his family and his mother was focusing more on chasing money and men. He has suffered being disowned, assaulted, financially and mentally abused by his only parent he has known. It is hard for him to trust someone and be vulnerable in front of anyone. I'm so happy that he acknowledged me.
All this is just to say that people coming from a broken and dysfunctional family or someone with a person like this, growth maybe slow, and it may take every ounce of patience you have. But if your partner is a good person and you love them, keep trying ❤️
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