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2014.12.03 23:07 myrddinwylltemrys Entitled Parents

/entitledparents is a place you can put all those wonderful stories of moms or dads thinking that because they have kids they are entitled to everything. Stories about spoiled children with their entitled parent(s) are also welcome.

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For serious gossips with a great sense of humor. No bores, no bullies. Come for the gossip, stay for the analysis & community.

2023.06.05 09:10 Sufficient_Bid4293 Politicians’ transactions and bank statements should be made public

Given what’s happened in Bihar, and as it is not the first time, it is pretty obvious that a good portion of the money donated to them was gone into the pockets of politicians rather than the building of the bridge.
That’s why I believe that all real time bank statements of politicians should be shown to the public. If any inflows are not tax-payer authorized, or proven to be outside of these statements, it should warrant an immediate removal from office.
Politicians are our servants as they are paid using our money. They should do exactly what the taxpayers want them to do. Otherwise they are just thieves, which is the case right now.
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2023.06.05 09:09 Silent-Sale-9803 Just need to get this off my chest

Currently in the process of a sexual harassment situation in the workplace. A coworker took advantage of me in a very vulnerable state and it took me a while to report because of how disgusting it made me feel. I can hardly get out of bed or function now. I feel like having to recount the details of the day of the physical harassment to complete strangers over and over again have completely drained me. I feel completely alone in all of this. I really don’t have a support system for going through this. I have five siblings, and one of them has checked in. I’ve pushed mostly all of my friends away because I just can’t deal with life right now. I’m afraid to leave my house because I’m afraid to see the guy that did this to me. I was given the option to allow him to “bend me over his desk and let him f*ck me” or “blow him.” Every single day I over analyze what I could have done differently. Why this is my fault. All I can think about is how stupid I feel for “allowing” this to happen. I try to be gentle with myself. I’ve been in recovery mode for two years now after I made an attempt on my life and moved back to my hometown from St Louis so I could be around family and have support. This has thrown me right back to square one. Right now I hate everyone involved in this whole situation. It seems like everyone I’ve tried to talk to about it blows it off as a ‘this sounds like a you problem.’ I’ve had coworkers come to me at different places of employment and tell me something like this happened to them, and I fought with and for them. Idk, maybe I just care about other people far more than other people care about me. I feel like I’m having a pity party for myself over this and I hate it. I hate being victimized. I hate feeling weak. I hate being this angry, because it’s really not who I am as a person.
And I don’t know how to dig myself out of this rut.
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2023.06.05 09:09 FamiliarSale9125 AITA for setting boundaries/ reaching out to my friends for mental help?

this happened a while ago but i still want other options about it. so basically a little while ago me and one of my best friends at the time, got into an huge argument because they kept making mean jokes about me and personally subjects surrounding me and i was feeling super insecure about it. i am autistic and i have a hard time sending tone in some especially over text and for a while we had been using tone tags to communicate better. for a while they would forget to put tone tags on these “jokes” so i would take them seriously a lot of the time. when i talked to them about this and they said the it was simple and “when it’s a joke i don’t put a tone tag” when that is literally the point of the tone tags. i got really angry because they weren’t understanding where i was coming from. we continued arguing and it ended up with us just not talking anymore because the conversation was getting nowhere but one of our mutual friends helped us communicate better by just saying to each other what we wanted to say. i ended up getting screenshots from them saying that they hadn’t really liked me for a while and that their reasons were that i send the irrelevant things that they don’t care about/“my entire personality was autistic” (this is referring to me sending them videos and talking about hyperfixation and my special interests) and that i’m a manipulator. the manipulator part really hit me hard they said that i was threatening my life if they didn’t help me which is not true or not what i was meaning to do at all. i would post rants in a group chat that was literally named “rant channel” and i would ask for advice and help. i would always put a tw and add an effect so that you could only see the text if you wanted to. i would rant about how i’m lonely romantically and also about my extreme mental health at the time but i would never force anyone to do anything about it i just wanted some honest advice. i feel horrible that anyone would think that and i am so sorry and i was not meaning to be mean if i was. so i just wanted to know AITA?
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2023.06.05 09:09 JobsinQ8 Current Job Vacancies, Technician, Coordinators in Kuwait, Alghanim Vacancies

Current Job Vacancies, Technician, Coordinators

Technician – Maintenance

Location: KW
Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

Performs the delivery & installation of HVAC System to various customers

Job Responsibilities

Performs the delivery & installation of HVAC• Perform or check the material code & parts number of the item based on the STS / Delivery list. • Delivers & installing of the HVAC systems and equipment. • Operating a variety of hand and power tools needed for HVAC installation. • Ensuring all HVAC systems remain compliant with industry standards and regulations • Perform related duties that may be assigned.

Candidate Requirements

Candidate Requirements: • Skilled in electrical works and be knowledgeable of varying mechanical layout. • Familiarity with all tools and equipment necessary for HVAC installation • Good communication and customer service skills • Must be physically fit
Education: Candidate must have a High School Diploma


Apply now »
Online Job Vacancy, HR Officer, Underwriting Officer, Multiple Jobs Alghanim iiQ8
New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain

Current Job Vacancies, Technician, Coordinators

Distribution Coordinator

Date: 5 Jun 2023
Location: KW
Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

Distribution Coordinator is responsible for handling the orders, the routing, the returns, the re-scheduling, the cancellation, the complaints and the refunds to Customers. He/she is also responsible in coordinating some activities with the OPA (Order Processing Agents), the Showroom Storekeepers and labourers. He is responsible of the dispatch with internal teams and 3rd parties. The coordinator serves the purpose to be the point of contact between the customer and various departments for correspondence related to the above

Job Responsibilities

•Maintain distribution schedules to ensure proper fleet capacity utilization and delivery lead-time. •Establish correspondence with the customer via email in order to follow-up, inquire and update about information related to orders & customer complaints •Manage correspondence with various departments for order fulfilment, customer complaints and returns •Handling customer complaints and resolving within identified Company’s KPI. •Following up with the 3rd party delivery agents through calls and the tracking system. •Solving the picking in short cases, after informing Call center throughout SAP QM based processes, by putting all the required information in the SAP QM ticket. •Helping the Showroom Storekeepers in handing over cash on daily basis and supporting the preparation of related documents. •Sending daily performance reports for orders dispatched, cancelled, pending and not dispatched. •Process the deliveries, customer complaints, customer returns & order cancellation requests in multiple systems •Ensure accuracy & correctness of information while processing any documents and/or updates in the systems •Print system documents related to each order and customer complaints •Point of contact between customers and various departments for correspondence related to orders, customer complaints and returns •Log information in systems regularly with necessary updates related to orders, deliveries, customer complaints, order cancellation and returns •Plans work effectively to fulfil the responsibilities on time and without delay •Checking Payment on Delivery Outstanding-ageing list received by Finance Colleagues. •Coordinating and supporting local and central colleagues in sending Email to vendors for any stock at vendor case on daily basis and supporting Showrooms Storekeepers to arrange picking and delivery for the same. •Processing Order Cancellation and Returns.

Candidate Requirements

•1 to 3 years’ experience in similar roles •Fluent in Writing and communication skills. •Good coordination and process handing skills •Team Player with Positive attitude and will to stretch limits •High school •Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree is preferred


Apply now »
Accountant, Nurse, Purchase Jobs in Kuwait – Dubai
Kuwait Job Vacancy, HR Jobs, Admin, Procurement Jobs in Alghanim
Current Job Vacancies, Technician, Coordinators

Warehouse Coordinator

Location: KW
Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

Warehouse coordinator assigned in coordinating different warehouse operational processes, coordinate with clearance team, showrooms and system processing of inbound / outbound documentation for operations
Monitor system clearing of pending Stock transfer / putaway and follow-up on clearing variances in system

Job Responsibilities

•Support the Supervisor’s In-charge in all system transactions reports / activities •Creating and maintaining different stock related reports using databases of SAP •Coordinate with clearance team to prepare notification of arriving containers to warehouse for creation of advance shipping notifications •Receiving and printing of Goods receipt vouchers •Creating and printing of put-away lists •Creation and confirmation of out-going transfer orders •Clearing inbounds of customer and showroom returns •Minor level Administration of warehouse network and troubleshooting of both hardware as well as software related problems •Handling of Customer picking and printing of Driver’s Job •Support the Supervisors in follow up with Showrooms for Pending STS •Preparation of Distribution on special requests from Product Managers / Showrooms •Preparation of reports for checking of Picking / Put-away •Performing Post goods issue and handling of BU requests •Create and maintain an Inbound Shipping Schedule to be updated as and when required and transmitted to the business team on a basis as determined by the Service Standard •Create and maintain KPI’s on Service Standards for Inbound Containers. All relevant dates to be logged and a monthly report to be published. •Update ASN’s on arrival of the containers with the Bin Locations, Movable Units and quantity received. On completion of update send a Stock Receipt Confirmation to the buyer, which will detail any shortages / excess or damage to the stock received •When required, will assume /do other warehouse role / activities as per Management / Superiors

Candidate Requirements

•1 to 3 years of experience in similar role in operating in high volume distribution operations. •Highly PC literate (MS Office applications) •Understanding of KPI reporting and control procedures •Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. •Able to interact confidently with different parties (internal & external) •Highly customer focused with a personal commitment to Quality and attention to detail •Team Player who can earn respect and is comfortable working in a results originated environment •High school as minimum •Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree is preferred


Apply now »
KSA Jobs Latest, NBTC Job Vacancy Multiple Jobs available in MNC Company in Saudi Arabia
New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain
Current Job Vacancies, Technician, Coordinators
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2023.06.05 09:08 Not_wun_wun Need some outside opinions on whether the treatment facility is to blame

Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue with 1 positive lymph node. He underwent surgery (no positive margins) followed by 30 rounds of radiation. Having completed his radiation just about 3 weeks back, he was recovering well until we saw the doctor about a sudden swelling in his neck. They ordered an immediate neck ultrasound and now they are of the opinion particular lymph node (supraclavicular fossa or SCF) might have metastasized. He’s also complaining of a back pain and has been asked to undertake a full body PET scan and an FNAC (biopsy of the SCF).
When I asked then if the SCF area on the neck was radiated on, they said no because apparently it didn’t show any cancer signs on the planning CT done right before radiation.
My question is if there was nothing right before radiation, how can it have metastasised so quickly and during radiation? Do they not do weekly imaging to monitor surrounding areas (not being radiated on) for signs of cancer? The other bigger question is could it involve lung metastasis? Pre surgery MRI scans showed indicated lungs and bones were clear. I had asked for PET scans earlier but they always told me ‘there was no indication of a PET scan’.
Are they to blame here? How should I proceed in case of positive lymph nodes or distant metastasis?
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2023.06.05 09:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - India moving ahead with clear roadmap on environment, climate change: PM Modi Times of India

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2023.06.05 09:08 orlandoturbotint Understanding Turbo Tint: Benefits and Applications

Turbo tint is a popular type of window film that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a high-performance window film designed to provide optimal heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection. Turbo tint is applied to the interior of the windows of a car, building, or home, and it offers a range of benefits for the occupants of the space.
In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of turbo tint and how it can enhance the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your car or building.
Benefits of Turbo Tint
  1. Heat Rejection
One of the primary benefits of turbo tint is its ability to block out heat from the sun. Turbo tint can reject up to 75% of the sun's heat, making it an excellent choice for people living in hot climates. By reducing the amount of heat entering your car or building, you can enjoy a cooler and more comfortable environment while also reducing your energy bills.
  1. Glare Reduction
Another advantage of turbo tint is its ability to reduce glare. Glare can be a major issue, especially when driving or working on a computer. Turbo tint can reduce up to 90% of glare, making it easier to see clearly and reducing eye strain.
  1. UV Protection
Turbo tint can also provide excellent UV protection. UV rays from the sun can cause skin damage and fading of furniture and upholstery. Turbo tint blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, providing a layer of protection for the occupants of the space.
  1. Increased Privacy
Turbo tint can also offer increased privacy. By reducing the amount of light entering the space, it becomes more difficult for people outside to see in. This can be especially beneficial for people who live in busy areas or those who have valuable possessions inside their car or building.
Applications of Turbo Tint
  1. Automotive
Turbo tint is commonly used in the automotive industry to provide a range of benefits for drivers and passengers. By reducing heat, glare, and UV rays, turbo tint can provide a more comfortable and safer driving experience. Additionally, turbo tint can improve the appearance of a car by giving it a sleek, professional look.
  1. Commercial
Turbo tint is also used in commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. By reducing the amount of heat entering the building, it can reduce the load on air conditioning systems and lower energy bills. Additionally, turbo tint can increase privacy and security for businesses by making it more difficult for people to see inside.
  1. Residential
Turbo tint is also an excellent choice for homeowners who want to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes. By reducing heat and glare, turbo tint can provide a more comfortable living environment, while also reducing energy bills. Additionally, turbo tint can provide increased privacy and security for homeowners.
How Turbo Tint is Applied
Turbo tint is typically applied by a professional installer. The process involves cleaning the windows thoroughly and cutting the turbo tint film to the appropriate size. The film is then applied to the interior of the window using a special adhesive. The installer will smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles, ensuring a clean and professional finish.
Turbo tint is a versatile and high-performance window film that offers a range of benefits for cars, buildings, and homes. By reducing heat, glare, and UV rays, turbo tint can provide a more comfortable and safer environment while also reducing energy bills. Additionally, turbo tint can provide increased privacy and security for occupants. If you're considering turbo tint for your car or building, be sure to work with a professional installer to ensure a quality and long-lasting application.
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2023.06.05 09:08 boltropeoakum Is it possible for me to live with my LDR girlfriend?

Hey Reddit community,
I'm a 19-year-old [M] in a long-distance relationship, and my girlfriend [19] and I are facing some tough circumstances. We come from unsupportive families, and both of us belong to the lower-middle class. The problem is, we really want to live together, but our current financial situation makes it seem impossible.
Neither of us has a college education, and while I have a full-time job earning $12 an hour (in Texas), it's barely enough to afford a studio apartment—if I wanted to. She does not work as her family doesn’t allow it yet, but we don't want to spend several years apart before finally being able to live together because she is my love.
We've considered the idea of me working until I can afford an apartment and then having her move in and find a part/full-time job to contribute, but even that seems unviable considering the cost of living. We're wondering if there are any government assistance programs or resources available for housing or any other ideas that we could explore.
Thank you for reading!
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2023.06.05 09:08 Normal_Essay4467 Advice needed on projector and screen

Hi guys, as an dutch student i am moving to sweden next year for an gap year. I am looking to buy an beamer for watching movies / relaxing at night in my studio. I have found this (deal?) on acer:
i was thinking about pairing it up with this projecter, is it any good?
I have to say my knowledge about projectors is quite poor but i would love to hear some recommendations. I just need an cheap projector which i can connect my macbook or iphone to and stream some content to relax and chill.
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2023.06.05 09:08 DyingFootie The signing of Harry Kane to Real Madrid be the era defining moment for us. This transfer hinges the entirety of Real Madrid future.

Anyone considers the signing of Kane an era defining moment?
If Harry Kane (29yo) comes (rumored fee is 100M + 450K wages), then he will play striker for atleast 3-4 years. This will have very big ripple effects in world football.

Ripple Effects:

1. Erling Haaland
2. Kylian Mbappe


Amongst all this, United is being bought by Qatar. If they land Mbappe anyhow (PSG, United under same ownership) and with Haaland on City, they will be the defacto new duopoly that once Madrid and Barca was meaning neither of Mbappe or Haaland will move for their prime playing in same league against two big rivals with state owned investment

Real Madrid won't be able to compete against those two clubs in PL with unlimited cash backing. (fielding Mbappe and Haaland against one another with the narrative of new Messi/Ronaldo).

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2023.06.05 09:08 vseanruled Is it a good idea to ship a PC and monitor in a flight case via sea?

I'm moving to Japan from Malaysia next year and I'd really like to bring my gears with me. I was thinking about putting them in their original box (with original paddings and some extra packing bubbles) and put them in a custom made flight case to minimize the chance of damage.
Well the flight case itself is weighing 30kg and my gear would probably weigh another 30-40kg (PC, monitor, some recording equipment), and it is quite expensive to check it into my flight, so I'm thinking about shipping the whole flight case separately via ship, but the thought of it not being with me kind of worries me.
Are flight case going to be able to protect them if shipping via sea? Or should I just pay more and take it with me on the flight?
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2023.06.05 09:08 Dry_Journalist_6982 Media Server in a WiFi only home

Hey guys, A media server newbie here. I recently moved into a new apartment where the WiFi is free (Ask4Wireless) and provided by the management agency. The issue here is I don’t have access to the router to connect a NAS/USB Drive via Ethernet. There are no Ethernet ports in the apartment either. I get a user account where I have to login and register my device’s MAC ID to get access to WiFi on that device. Is there a way where I can setup a personal media server where I don’t have to keep a PC or laptop running 24/7?? Maybe like a WiFi only NAS or something similar. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 09:07 PocusFR 2nd time I lost my tier II hammer

This feels suspicious, I lost one, and wondered how (no backpack to get back and it is not in my inventory nor any chest) and like one hour later, after crafting another it is gone again.
Is there something special about hammers that make them go away? Or I'm just crazy...
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2023.06.05 09:07 JobsinQ8 New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain

New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain

Business Analyst – Finance

Location: KW
Company: Alghanim Industries

Job Summary

Job Summary
The Business Analyst purpose is to maintain and organize existing dashboards, develop new dashboards and supporting various functions through analysis and analytics. The role involves handling diverse data sets, including inventory, customer, sales, cost data.
Job Responsibilities
Candidate Requirement


Apply now »
Online Job Vacancy, HR Officer, Underwriting Officer, Multiple Jobs Alghanim iiQ8
Company vacancies, Sales Executive, Service Advisor, Analyst – Projects

New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain

Sr. Internal Auditor – Saudi Arabia Riyadh

Location: SA
Company: Alghanim Industries

Job Summary

Reporting to the Sr. Manager – Internal Audit, the incumbent is responsible for performing governance, risk management, and controls assurance and review’s related activities at Alghanim Industries’ Business Units and other engagements as may be directed by the Internal Audit Management. In performing the reviews and assurance activities, the role holder will follow guidance from the Internal Audit Management and the testing procedures in the Group Internal Audit Department’s control framework in engagement planning and execution (working papers preparation, documentation of findings, and analysis of information from relevant Finance and Operations Units and past Internal Audit and Investigation reports). Under the supervision of the Sr. Manager – Internal Audit, the incumbent will also undertake statutory compliance audits and fraud investigations as may be needed. The role holder will be expected to always represent the department in a professional manner, abide by professional standards and the code of ethics as laid down by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and seek every opportunity follow the principles articulated in the department’s vision, objectives, operating manual (procedures), and Alghanim Industries’ code of conduct.

Job Responsibilities

• In consultation with the Internal Audit Management, design test plans and independently perform substantive audit procedures as per defined test plan. • Deliver engagements including the mandatory statutory compliance audits with minimal supervision. • Prepare working papers in accordance with departmental procedures and best practice. • Prepare clear and concise audit, statutory compliance, and investigations reports to articulate engagement findings. • Perform special audits, including the investigations of suspected incidents of fraud. • Provide support in companywide risk assessments activities for the preparation of the annual audit plan.

Candidate Requirements

Preferred Education & Experience: • Graduate in Accounting, Finance, Psychology, Sociology or Criminology, and qualified accountant such as CPA, ACCA, CA, or CMA. • Certifications such as CIA, CISA, or CFE will be an added advantage • Minimum of 5 years of experience (accounting, finance, internal and external audit) with 3 years of internal audit experience. • Experience in retail industry is preferred. • Some line responsibility or project management experience will be an added advantage. • Knowledge of local language is preferable.
Technical Knowledge • Proficient with recognised standards such as International Professional Practices and Competency Framework for Internal Audit Activity, International Financial Reporting Standards, etc. • Knowledge of relevant accounting standards • Internal control theory and practice • Risk assessment methodologies and mitigation techniques • COBIT and other Computer Audit methodologies • COSO
Apply now »
Accountant, Nurse, Purchase Jobs in Kuwait – Dubai
Online Job Vacancy, HR Officer, Underwriting Officer, Multiple Jobs Alghanim iiQ8

New Job Recruitment, Finance, Internal Auditor, Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Officer

Location: KW
Company: Alghanim Industries
Position Overview
Catering to overall freight management requirements & will be integral part of the operations team providing clear, accurate and insightful business/financial analysis. The job holder will also contribute to business planning, will be included in project work and reporting of all operational activities like KPI, business volumes growth, process changes, etc.
Essential Job Roles:
Skills, Knowledge & Experience Required
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2023.06.05 09:07 AhmedFarrassiK Introducing Myself - Your Dedicated Personal Real Estate Agent in Dubai!

Greetings, fellow Redditors!
I am thrilled to join this fantastic Reddit community and introduce myself as a personal real estate agent specializing in the vibrant market of Dubai. It's important for me to adhere to all community guidelines, including the policy on self-promotion. Please note that this post is solely intended as an introduction, and I will refrain from engaging in any promotional activities that violate the rules.
With a deep understanding of the Dubai real estate landscape and a passion for assisting individuals and families in their property endeavors, I am committed to providing you with personalized and professional real estate services.
As a real estate agent, I prioritize your needs, goals, and preferences above all else. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in properties, I am here to guide you through every step of the process.
While I cannot engage in self-promotion, I am more than happy to offer insights, answer your questions, and participate in meaningful discussions about real estate in Dubai. My aim is to contribute valuable information and foster a positive environment within the community.
If you require advice, have inquiries, or wish to discuss relevant real estate topics, please feel free to reach out to me through private messages or by mentioning me in relevant threads. I am here to provide assistance and share my expertise while respecting the guidelines of this community.
Thank you for welcoming me to this Reddit community, and I look forward to connecting with you all!
Best regards, Ahmed Farrassi Kalathingal
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2023.06.05 09:07 H0757uffn07r3411y Decisions for myself

I (19F) have decided to get a place far from my mom, grandparents, aunt, and younger sister. I feel bad/guilty, though, because I currently live with my mom, younger sister, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather, the place of living being my grandparents' house. Living with my grandparents and aunt isn't a healthy environment. It takes a toll on my mental health, as well as my mother's and younger sister's.
I have managed to find a place for myself that a high-school friend and I will rent. Though I feel like I am continuously psyching myself out and guilt-tripping myself. The possible reason is that I am leaving my mother and sister in a toxic environment. Though, I don't trust my mother and her decisions.
For context, my sister, mom, and I moved away from her "ex-boyfriend," who got extremely drunk on New Year's and got physical with my sister, mother, and me. My mother still talks to him to this day and sends him pictures of places we look at for the three of us (my sister, mom, and I). I know she wants him here with her, but I don't like nor trust him. For him to get physical and sh*t-faced drunk like that is unacceptable and dangerous.
I don't even trust my sister staying with our mother, but I can't do anything about that since I can go to jail for taking my sister. So I ask, is there a way to stop this feeling? Or should I talk to a professional?
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2023.06.05 09:07 ConfusedAboutDating7 Modern dating vs arrange marriage

Background: Tried dating apps and met a few interesting people out of which was really connecting with one person and we used to talk 3-4 hours every day and everything was going on well. Met 3 times and then he had his exams coming up so couldn’t meet but still used to talk but not as much as before which was ok. Now post his exams, it reduced even further because he was super busy with work and was soon going on an international trip for 2 weeks. So after this kept on continuing, I checked with him if we’re on the same page cause I was the only one making efforts to talk post his exam and he seemed not sure about certain things saying that he does not know whether he’ll do justice to me, he is attracted but not sure if this will move forward to a stage of liking and he wants time to clear his head till his trip. Asked him if this is specifically because of his trip and he said no. I think he is honest about al of it. But I did say if he needs time to clear his head which is basically for 3 weeks or so and we’ve known each other for 2 months only, it’ll completely fade away for me. And he said he understands but he would need some time to clear his head. And since then we have not spoken and he is on his trip now.
Now coming to boy 2, who I again matched on a dating app. On paper he seems to match all my preferences, have been speaking with him only for 10 days or so but I feel he is too much of an introvert which should be ok if he initiates conversations too but he doesn’t initiate it. He does respond well but even his responses are short which do not help in continuing a conversation
Now coming to boy 3, talking to him through a matrimonial app - seems good on paper but a little bit too innocent or dull for my liking (not sure how to express it better). Also, he is really short but so am I.
Now, I feel really confused about all this and don’t know how to go about further. I don’t have a good opinion about arrange marriages plus the people there seem too weird or boring and people on dating apps seem too casual
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2023.06.05 09:07 dsouzarony06 QC Kinetix Hillcrest

QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) is a cutting-edge medical clinic specializing in regenerative treatments for joint pain and musculoskeletal conditions.
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2023.06.05 09:06 frtdzdr Best Hait Transplant Clinic at your service

📣 Exciting News! 🎉
Dear Family and Friends,
I am thrilled to announce that I have started a new journey in the world of medical tourism! 🌍✈️🏥
I have joined an incredible clinic that specializes in aesthetic dental operations and hair transplant services, offering a comprehensive range of treatments to help individuals achieve their dream smiles and boost their confidence. 💫✨
What sets our clinic apart is our dedication to providing a holistic experience. We believe that medical tourism should be more than just a procedure; it should be a complete package of care and comfort. That's why our services include not only top-notch medical treatments but also hotel accommodations, transportation, and personalized attention from our skilled doctors and staff. 🏨🚗💙
If you or anyone you know is considering dental aesthetics or hair transplant procedures, we are here to offer a seamless and remarkable experience. Imagine combining a transformative treatment with a relaxing stay in a beautiful location! It's the perfect opportunity to enhance your well-being while exploring a new destination. 🌴🌞
Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you'd like more information. I am here to provide guidance and support throughout the process. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities! 💖
Help me spread the word by sharing this exciting news with your friends and family around the globe. Our clinic is ready to welcome patients from all corners of the world, ensuring they receive the highest quality care and an unforgettable medical tourism experience. 🌎🌟
Thank you for your continuous support, and I can't wait to embark on this amazing journey together! Let's make smiles shine and confidence soar! 😄✨
With love and gratitude,
Firat Dizdar
Dm for contact if you are interested
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2023.06.05 09:06 pawsrite New update coming

New update coming
Taken from Archero's FB.
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